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Singapore Zoo Tickets highlights

  • Visit the open-concept zoo in Singapore and see wild animals from over 300 species, including giraffes, orangutans, and elephants.

  • Explore 12 unique themed zones including Wild Africa, Fragile Forest, Treetops Trail and RepTopia.

  • Learn about the zoo's conservation efforts and initiatives aimed at protecting wildlife and promoting sustainability as you explore the zones.

  • Enjoy interacting with animals at the Kidzworld zone and get to know more about the animal world.

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Singapore Zoo
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Singapore Zoo
80 Mandai Lake Rd, Singapore 729826

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Singapore Zoo Tickets overview

About Singapore Zoo:

Singapore Zoo, formerly known as the Mandai Zoo, is a world-renowned zoological garden spanning an area of 28 hectares. It is home to over 2,800 animals from more than 300 species, including elephants, giraffes and rhinoceroses. The zoo has 12 zones including Primate Kingdom, Australasia and Elephants of Asia. Enjoy interactive exhibits, educational presentations, and feeding sessions that provide insight into animal behaviour and conservation efforts.

About Singapore Zoo Tickets:

  • Visit Singapore Zoo, a world-renowned zoological garden and see over 2,800 animals from more than 300 species.
  • Get up close to amazing animals. Feed giraffes and elephants, or dine alongside orangutans and watch informative keeper talks during feeding sessions.
  • Learn about the breeding programs for the conservation of endangered species, such as the white tiger, Sumatran orangutan, and Asian elephant.
  • Hop aboard the tram for a guided tour around the zoo, offering a convenient and informative way to explore different zones and learn about their inhabitants.
  • Kids can explore Rainforest Kidzworld, a dedicated play area with interactive exhibits designed to educate and entertain.

How to Reach?

  • By Car: Singapore Zoo is located 12.7 km from the city centre. It will take 17 minutes to reach the zoo via the Upper Thomson Rd route.

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Singapore Zoo Tickets faqs

What are the best things to do in Singapore Zoo?

1. Feeding the Animals: Engage with the wildlife and experience token feeding sessions using your Singapore zoo tickets. Interact with the zoo animals on exhibit as you make friends with the furry creatures. Let your imagination run wild as you explore the rich natural world of Singapore Zoo. Get up close to the animals with the keeper talks or meet them on your own terms during free-range animal encounters and supervised animal feedings.

2. Wildlife tours: The exclusive VIP Wildlife tours at the Singapore Zoo will take you on a unique wildlife adventure. Get an opportunity to learn about the amazing adaptations that reptiles have as well as the dangers they encounter. See the animals up close and get VIP treatment with special show seats and personal buggy wildlife experiences on the RepTopia Tour.

3. Exciting Special shows: By using your Singapore zoo tickets, you will get a chance to witness specialised animal shows and can also see the highly trained animals' astonishing talents and tricks. The shows take place twice a day, each lasting 15 to 20 minutes. Among them are Splash Safari, Animal and Friends, Elephant Presentation, and many others. These shows are both a fun way to spend the time and a fascinating method to connect with animals.

4. Interacting with keepers: Learn more about the zoo's animals from qualified zoo keepers who have the most up-to-date and specialised expertise on each one. Learn about the zoo's intriguing peculiarities and features by interacting with the keepers in an interactive programme. You can take part in regular feeding sessions with the keepers.

5. Shows and sessions for kids: The Singapore Zoo has a variety of interesting activities and displays for toddlers and children. Interact with adorable tamed and abandoned animals in the Animal Pals presentation. Enjoy a vintage-styled animal carousel ride with tigers, rhinos, and even dinosaurs, as well as the thrills of a rope course, in the wet play area.

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Which are the best shows to watch at Singapore Zoo?

1. Splash Safari: Enjoy one of the amazing shows which is a two-hour splashy display with sea lions executing various feats such as throwing and balancing balls that will enthrall you. The adorableness and delightful pranks of the marine companions at the Splash Safari will not fail to delight you!

2. Animal Friends: Whether in the wild or at home, most of us forget to acknowledge and thank our animal companions for the joy they bring us. As a result, this show is devoted to domestic pets, who perform incredible acrobatics such as the classic cat and mouse chase, as well as dogs exhibiting their varied abilities and antics. This show will leave you with a warm heart and a smile on your face!

3. Rainforest fights back: The animal kingdom has a wide array of various species. Most of us will not have the opportunity to see most of these animals in our lifetimes, especially in the wild, as it is not a good habitat for people. This show will take you on a tour of the rainforest, introducing you to numerous species and explaining their living conditions.

4. Elephant Presentation: Get a chance to witness the quirks of the delightful giant herbivores. This show helps you witness the interaction between the elephants and the keepers as the keepers also explain their different qualities and personalities.

What makes Singapore Zoo so special?

The Singapore Zoo is one of the most popular attractions since it offers a wide range of fun and informative activities for visitors of all ages. You may see a vast array of animals from all over the world with Singapore Zoo Tickets, making it an ideal location for animal lovers and nature enthusiasts alike, and making it an even more immersive experience than you expected! Its central location makes it convenient to see many of Singapore's other attractions. Among the attractions are an open-air aviary, a river boat, a children's section, and lion cages with a night walk for up-close views of these incredible cats that hunt largely at night.

Which are the different zones to visit at Singapore Zoo?

1. Australasia: Even though marsupials are most commonly found in Australia, they can also be found in other parts of America and Asia. Tree kangaroos from Papua New Guinea, as well as grey kangaroos and nimble wallabies from Australia can be seen in this zone.

2. Elephants of Asia: Elephants play an important role in Asian culture and religion. These massive herbivores are a big part of Asian culture, and this one-hectare zone is full of them. Learn about the extensive history and culture of these gentle giants in their natural habitats, as well as their long history and culture in Asian history.

3. Treetop Trails: This zone tries to exhibit the different species that live in the rainforest in different layers by replicating the rainforest habitat. The zone features a diverse range of rainforest animals in their natural habitats, beginning with a welcome song of booms and barks from a pair of Siamangs and continuing on to see animals such as the false gharial, greater mouse deer, and others.

4. Primate Kingdom: The primate kingdom, with their own designated territories, aspires to present a diverse collection of these predominantly tree dwellers in their native home of lush foliage. Witness the squirrel monkey, black-hand spider monkey, black and white lemur, and other primates for a once-in-a-lifetime encounter!

5. Reptile Garden: Get an opportunity to see real-life dragons in their own kingdom at RepTopia, Tortoise Shell'ter, and Sungei Buaya, as well as other zones. In their reptile gardens, you can get up close and personal with them while learning about their habitats and characteristics. Africa in its natural state. This zone gives you the opportunity to have a two-in-one experience by transporting you to the enormous African continent's fauna. This zone has a wide range of geography, including rainforests, deserts, and lush areas, as well as a diverse range of species such as the African Lion, African Cheetah, Fossa, Red River Hog, and many others.

6. Rainforest KidzWorld: If you're traveling with a family and children, take advantage of the opportunity to see wildlife while also allowing the children to enjoy the various rides available in this zone. Swing, hop, and jump your way through the park to see friendly creatures including Falabella, Akola cattle, beautiful cats, and more.

Which are the some best dining options available at Singapore Zoo?

1. Inuke Cafe: This is the greatest option for you if you get a little hungry. Snacks are always a good idea, especially when they're homemade! Hearty kaya toast, soft-boiled eggs, and chendol are all-time favourites; pair them with your favourite coffee or tea and you're good to go!

2. Chomel Bistro: Want to eat something quick but filling that is also local? Then you've come to the right place. Enjoy numerous Singaporean specialties such as nasi lemak, fried bee hoon, and laksa while taking in the splendour of this magnificent location.

3. Ah Meng Restaurant: Not sure if you want to keep it western or go local? It's no problem! Ah Meng restaurant offers a wide range of western and Chinese cuisine, including chicken rice, BBQ Half Spring Chicken, biryani, and much more! Grab whatever piques your interest and you're good to go.

4. Wild Dining: Are you up for a hearty breakfast with the family? Get an all-you-can-eat breakfast buffet near the Ah-Meng restaurant, which offers a variety of dishes such as Western Breakfast Platter, Nasi Lemak, Vegetarian Bee Hoon, and more.

5. Pandastic takeaway family meal: Hungry but don't really wanna dine in? No worries! This scrumptious panda-themed takeaway family meal menu has you covered. Prepare to be wowed by delectable meals such as Chicken Cutlet Gua Bao, Braised Beef Brisket with Shallots and Baby Carrots and Sundried Tomatoes, and Mushroom Aglio Olio Pasta, among others.

Can I bring my own food into the park?

Yes, although several food options are available at the park itself, if you wish to take your own food and water you can carry it with yourself without paying any additional cost for it. However, visitors are not allowed to litter anything and spoil the surroundings.

Is there any shopping facility available at Singapore Zoo?

Yes, there are numerous sustainable shopping options where you can find the ideal souvenir to commemorate your journey. There are a variety of promotional chances as well as online shopping channels where you can get the latest new selection of garments, key chains, plush soft toys, accessories, savoury things, and much more.

What is the best time to visit Singapore?

Singapore is a fantastic travel destination year round. With just over 60% humidity and rain, you can still get comfortable weather during your trip to Singapore. If you're looking for the finest hour to fly into one of the world's most popular and culturally diverse destinations, here are some of our favourite times:

1. March through September: The weather is at its most pleasant and the tropical city of Singapore lights up with festivals and festivities.

2. October through February: While it might not be perfect beach weather, it's not too hot — so your visit will be more comfortable when visiting some of the attractions that are air conditioned.

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