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Best Time and Season to Visit Singapore

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6 Nights Singapore Malaysia Honeymoon Package

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5 Nights Singapore Honeymoon Package with Cruise

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  • Let your heart decide the best time to visit Singapore and let the voyage begin. To determine your trip to mystic Singapore is less tricky because of its all-year-round hot and humid weather. Closer to the equator, this island-country-city experiences consistent rainfall with an average temperature of 90 F/ 31 C. The foodies, the explorers, the thrill-seekers or the ones luring for peace and tranquility, Singapore has something for everyone.

    With a blend of multi-cultural diversities, this place will never let you leave resentful of your time because of an array of festivities around the year making each time the best time to visit Singapore. With the largest percentage of foreign workers in the world, Singapore encompasses a medley of traditions, letting you experience diversity in one place.

    Though you can add this larger than life experience in your itinerary at any time of the year and it will be the best month to visit Singapore as certain months fit for certain activities to do in Singapore. Escapade in June- August at the Sentosa Islands, the magnificent Chinese new year festival in January or February, shopaholics delight - the Great Singapore Sale or the enticing Singapore food festivals, you need to find your best season to visit Singapore as the acrobatic city never seems to rest. Not to worry, our tour guide solves it all for you. Dive in!

    Best Time to Visit Singapore

    - Best Time for Sightseeing

    A perfect destination of the breath-taking scenic natural beauty, Singapore has photographers and nature lovers flocking in throughout the year. The picturesque view of the early morning marks as an escape from the scorching heat and humidity of the daytime. Though there is no particular season for sightseeing, you must avoid visiting the island between May and September, being the hottest months of the year laden with the smoke from clearing fires in Sumatra causing throat eye and throat irritation.

    Do not get discouraged by the persisting rains during the winter season for it adds beauty to the place qualifying for an ideal destination for sightseeing.  The eye-feasting plethora of this tropical island has a lot to encounter! 
    With the balanced contrast of indoor and outdoor activities to do in Singapore, the weather can never be an obstacle to your successful Singapore trip.

    You can always head to the air-conditioned malls like Ngee Ann City when the heat pricks you or let loose at the Singapore Zoo or Jurong Bird Park when it cools down. Get drenched in the vibrant nightlife of Singapore to experience a night never like before and venture the liveliest after-dark areas illuminating the night.

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    - Best Time to Ride the Singapore Flyer

    Around 550 feet high, Singapore Flyer is one of the world’s largest observation wheels offering a 360-degree panoramic view of the Marina Bay and beyond. As high as 42 stories, this 30-minute magnificent spin will make you marvel at the stunning day and night scenes. The dusk amplifies the rewarding experience beyond words, with the sun setting and the darkness of the night emerging from the golden glow of the sky making it the best time to visit Singapore.

    The gleaming light of the skyscrapers illuminates the darkness of the night. Grab the ticket and feel the bird’s-eye view of the F1 circuit and witness the astounding layout of Singapore. Relish the mouth-watering fine-dining along with innovative cocktails and champagne in the air-conditioned capsule of the Singapore Flyer. An unmissable destination for thrill-seekers has all the scope for that adrenaline rush they crave for.

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    - Best Time for Honeymoon in Singapore

    Dive into the stream of romance and let your budding bond build up in the picturesque view of Singapore. Honeymoon is the first and also the best part of someone’s life where you get to know each other and weave memories of it forever. Considered as one of the best honeymoon spots in Asia, Singapore lets the newlyweds stroll through all the spheres of interest whether it is shopping, partying, cruising or other adventure activities of Singapore . From the Singapore Zoo to Night Safari, Botanical Gardens, Sands Skypark, Singapore Flyer and whatnot, this city will never leave you out of things to do here with your beloved.

    The best time for honeymoon in Singapore ranges from February to April when the weather is pleasant to explore. The grand lifestyle and entertainment of this place is a thrill to experience with the one you’re beginning a new phase of life. 
    Rush to the finger-licking dishes from Chinese, Indian, Malay, and various diverse cultures with your better-half to rejoice the never had before flavors. From street food to upscale fine-dining, Singapore has everything in the store to bring out the best of your honeymoon.

    - Best Time for Shopping

    Acclaimed as shoppers’ heavenly kingdom, Singapore has the most number of malls per square mile in the world. The best time for shopping here is during the annual Grand Sale with tempting discounts flooding around bringing in flocks of compulsive shoppers from all over the world. Stay indoors and stroll through the air-conditioned malls and hop on all that you desire without burning your skin in the tropical heat. Apart from the luxurious malls, the streets markets of Singapore to have a lot in store for the ones who wish to encounter the traditional markets.

    China Town, Little India, and are some of the markets that will give you a fun-filled shopping experience you cannot miss. The time of the year matters a lot when it comes to shopping. The dazzling light and the touting stalls selling a variety of households, pottery wares, and clothes, are a feast to eyes only to be experienced in January or February before the Chinese new year. The exclusive street dishes delivering the flavors of authentic China are also an add on if you’re craving for something new.

    - Best Time for Enjoying the Beaches

    Who would miss loitering on the beach sand when in Singapore? The tranquility and the scenic beauty of the beaches in Singapore are heavens for the beach lovers giving them a chance to sit by the water and hear the waves splash. Get that beautiful sun-tan and rest on the sand beds to let that excitement of the beach brink off at Singapore. November to early March - the best time for enjoying the beaches in this season encompasses all the enticing luxuries of swimming, beach games and ravishing parties at the Singapore beaches.

    Get a whiff of solitary exploration and rejuvenating camping at the eastern coast beaches or dance through the night with live DJ playing vibrant music and unleash the party beast in you at Sentosa islands, do whatever that suits you. Find your best pick as you move through the seamless water and pristine natural seashores with an array of things to do at the Singapore beaches.

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    Best Season to Visit Singapore

    High Season (November through early January, June, and July)

    With the rain flattering Singapore in the high season, a major flock of people tends to visit Singapore during this time due to the festivities, winter holidays and the regular business traffic. Though finding a place to reside gets tough and with no negotiable discounts, expensive too but it does not decrease the count of the visitors coming in this season.

    The smoke and haze produced from the clearing fires is another obstacle that irritates the eyes and throat left defeated because of the indoor Grand Singapore Sale filling shopaholics to their fullest capacity. Grab an umbrella and experience the best time to visit Singapore.

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    Shoulder Season (mid-January through May)

    Grab your sunnies and get in your linen and cotton clothes to beat the heat experienced in this season. Don't forget to use sunscreen and hats to save yourself from the blazing sun overhead.  If you’re a person not in awe of crowds then this is the best time to visit Singapore for you.

    No public holidays and the high heat and humidity ceases the visitors to come here which makes it a better time to avail of negotiable discounts at the luxury hotels in Singapore. With the temperature being the same throughout the year, the fluctuations don’t make much of a difference.

    Low Season (August through October, except mid-September)

    The low season is marked by a noticeable decline in the tourists mostly because of the temperature slightly higher, than the rest of the year, with less rainfall and more humidity due to the arrival of the Southwest Monsoon. Though the Singapore Grand Prix in the mid-September makes it for the tourist traffic yet the low traffic makes the hotel prices even more negotiable and favorable.

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    Best time to Visit Singapore by Month


    The Northwest Monsoon decides the fate of the climate in January with its prevalence. If it makes an early exit, January can be quite dry else it is one of the wettest and windiest months in Singapore. Grab your raincoats and umbrellas to be on the safer side and not to forget the losses and comfortable clothing to let not rain hamper your rewarding experience at Singapore.

    The rain brings the heat down making it more bearable for enjoying the outdoor activities after the fall ceases.

    Average Max temperature: 27 degrees Celsius.

    Average Precipitation: 238mm 

    Temperature Range: 23- 30 degrees Celsius.

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    February marks as the month of love and celebration due to the Chinese New Year and Valentine's week. Clubbing up to the best honeymoon destination place to visit in the world, February is the best month to visit Singapore with your beloved. The temperature rises a little high on account of the farewell of the Northeast Monsoon bringing the least amount of rainfall experienced in the year.

    Make sure you apply sunscreen to protect your skin from the harmful rays of the parching sun, carry a hat and get into loose cotton fabrics. Not to forget a cardigan to carry if your planning to stay indoors at the freezing air-conditioned malls.

    Average Max temperature: 28 degrees Celsius.

    Average Precipitation: 165 mm 

    Temperature Range: 24- 31 degrees Celsius.


    Yet another month of the scorching Sun, March is a little less wind lest of the thunderstorms that occur often. The exit of the Northeast monsoon leaves the placed dry and warmer than the other months. In spite of the dry weather, it is advisable to keep an umbrella handy, for the late exit of the Northeast monsoon could make the showers little but long-lasting.

    Pack light and comfortable clothes along with cardigans to make sure you face no discomfort when indoors or outdoors. 

    Average Max temperature: 27 degrees Celsius.

    Average Precipitation: 175 mm 

    Temperature Range: 24- 31 degrees Celsius. 

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    Though counted among some of the shoulder seasons of Singapore, April is the driest month of the year making it the best month to visit Singapore to let loose outdoors. Engage in the thrill activities and glaze your visit on the beach near the seashore. 

    With light rainfall for over 20 days, this is an ideal month for the explorers to loiter their way to the streets of Singapore. Not to forget the Singapore Jazz Festival with the international singers and performers raiding up the night and the vibrant music by world-class DJs, what more do you want for an exciting April? 

    Average Max temperature: 27 degrees Celsius.

    Average Precipitation: 166 mm 

    Temperature Range: 24- 31 degrees Celsius.


    While the temperature remains the same as that of March and April, May is the hottest month of all due to the smoke and haze from the Clearing fires that burn in Sumatra.  The clearing fires tend to add an extra tinge of heat to the already hot weather.

    It also causes throat and eye irritation making this month, not an ideal month to visit Singapore if you have asthma or respiratory tract issues. Make sure you carry along with face masks, especially if you have kids along. The comfortable and light clothing with an umbrella and hat goes along as usual as it is not at the best time of year to visit Singapore.

    Average Max temperature: 27 degrees Celsius.

    Average Precipitation: 171 mm 

    Temperature Range: 25- 31 degrees Celsius. 

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    With the Southwest Monsoon Season starting to downpour, the momentum of the rainfall gradually increases during this month. June is the best month to visit Singapore if you’re a water enthusiast.

    The watersports are at their zenith in this month, coupled with warm and pleasant air outdoors. The pre-dawn experiences little showers and thunderstorms that do not last more than an hour. The smoke haze still prevailing, do not forget to carry your face masks to stay safe and protected, and let your sunnies rest in your bag to keep them handy during your Singapore visit.

    Average Max temperature: 27 degrees Celsius.

    Average Precipitation: 163 mm 

    Temperature Range: 24- 31 degrees Celsius.

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    Marginally drier than the other months of the year, July still experiences the heat and humidity as the climate throughout the year. The rainfall is experienced only for a shorter period, bringing down the temperature while it rains.

    Bring a portable umbrella and stay dry for the unexpected July rain can drench you in rain at any time without even giving out proper signs. Do carry the face masks for the smoke hasn't ceased yet making it yet another difficult month for people with asthma and respiratory tract issues not being the best season to visit Singapore.

    Average Max temperature: 27 degrees Celsius.

    Average Precipitation: 150 mm 

    Temperature Range: 24- 31 degrees Celsius. 


    With tropical climate prevailing all around the equator, August experiences not much variation in the temperature other than frequent flash thunderstorms. Though the rainfall is as that of in July you cannot predict about them making it a little tough to escape.

    Yet the Grand Singapore Sale is a feast for all those shopaholics ready to adapt to survive the hot and humid climate along with the drizzling rains making it one of the best time of year to visit Singapore. The festivals along the month invite a flock of tourists an insight into the traditions and culture of this multicultural place. Also, the Clearing fires still pose a threat, so beware!

    Average Max temperature: 27 degrees Celsius.

    Average Precipitation: 171 mm 

    Temperature Range: 24- 31 degrees Celsius. 

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    Preceding the shoppers’ delight - Grand Singapore Sale, September brings with it the National Day, one of the grandest festivals of Singapore. Plan your best time to visit Singapore  before because this month brings a lot of tourist traffic hiking the accommodation prices.

    Bidding farewell to the Southwest Monsoon, September experiences less rain and mist along with the year long-prevailing hot and humid climate. The climate compels you to stay indoors in the cool indoors with a light cardigan in such heat. Singapore has so much in store for the outdoor indoor activities that you never land up in boredom.

    Average Max temperature: 27 degrees Celsius.

    Average Precipitation: 163 mm

    Temperature Range: 24- 31 degrees Celsius.

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    Bringing relief to the hot blazing weather, October is marked with a cool sea breeze with storms that occur in the evening. The heavy rains let you remain indoors and explore the magnificent and futuristic indoors claiming it to be one of the best month to visit  Singapore .

    The storms hit in the evening, making in more than compulsory to carry a portable umbrella and light comfortable fabrics that dry easily. An array of festivals of Singapore adds up an extra flavour to the trip.

    Average Max temperature: 27 degrees Celsius.

    Average Precipitation: 191 mm 

    Temperature Range: 24- 31 degrees Celsius.

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    You may get soaked in the rain so make sure you keep your gadgets and other valuable items including watches, cash, spectacles, mobiles, laptops, and books in a waterproof bag. The sudden heavy rain and hot humid climate just like October last only for a short time.

    The pre-Northeast Monsoon brings about a slight drop in the temperature that goes unnoticeable with the rainfall. Make sure you plan to visit the art galleries and astounding museums of Singapore this month as staying indoors will be a better option when it rains. And not to forget the Singapore Grand Prix if you're an F1 race fan!

    Average Max temperature: 26 degrees Celsius.

    Average Precipitation: 250 mm 

    Temperature Range: 24- 30 degrees Celsius. 


    Dripping in the festivities of Christmas and New Year, December marks for the wettest and the coolest month of the year. Give rest to your sunscreen as the sun shines less bright but don’t forget the umbrella as they will be your perfect alley for the best month to visit Singapore.

    The Northeast Monsoon begins in December making it a high season for tourists to visit this place.  Pack along the easy to dry clothes and cardigans or two to make your visit to Singapore a wholesome treat.

    Average Max temperature: 27 degrees Celsius.

    Average Precipitation: 269 mm 

    Temperature Range: 24- 31 degrees Celsius.

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    Best time to Visit Singapore for Events and Festivals

    New Year’s Day

    The New Year's Day is the much-celebrated occasion in Singapore and a national holiday too. It is important to the extent that if it falls on Sunday, January 2 will be declared a public holiday. The families enjoy sumptuous feasts celebrating the beginning of the year with the mouth-watering delicacies along with all the members of the family as it is a day off school, work and some restaurants too( open after some time). This is indeed the best time of year to visit Singapore.

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    Thaipusam is a two-day Hindu Festival that brings with it beautiful colors of joy, anchoring a large holy communion. The Eve of Thaipusam is considered as the first day where the main event starts with the chariot procession carrying the statue of Lord Murugan in it, beginning from the Sri Srinivasa Perumal Temple at Serangoon Road to the Layan Sithi Vinayagar Temple at Keong Saik Road. the devotees of Thaipusam spent an entire month of spiritual preparation  giving up on non-vegetarian food completely. 

    The belief of making the body and mind free of worldly desires and enduring pain for the completion of the sacred task is instilled deeper in the devotees. The ceremony starts with some devotees carrying milk pots and wooden kavadis and some balancing peacock feathers and flowers decorated kavadis over their shoulders with their tongue pierced with skewers inflicting pain.

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    Singapore River Hong Bao

    Celebrated since 1987, the Singapore River Hong Bao festival is part of the Chinese New Year featuring the most popular God of Fortune and the 12 animals of the Chinese Zodiac. The larger-than-life experience of Chinese myths and legends brings along a varied range of tourists from all over the world. This extravaganza includes an array of shows put together by the top local and regional artists ending up with the beautiful fireworks show, illuminating the night. 

    Singapore International Jazz Festival

    The Marina Bay Sands entice you with three nights of vibrant jazz from the world-renowned artists to shake your leg. This newly instilled tradition brings along flocks of party lovers from all over the world. This is the best time of the year to visit Singapore if you wish to encounter the vibrant nightlife of Singapore.

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    Singapore Design Week

    One of Asia’s primer design festivals, the Singapore Design Week takes place for over two weeks in mid-March. This event is marked upon by an array of international and local trade shows, workshops, exhibitions, and conferences with their focus on design. The beautiful designs showcase the beauty of how good designs impact the economy, environment, society, and culture.

    St. Patrick’s Day Street Festival 

    Celebrated with dazzling live performances of folk music, dance and blazing Irish festivities, the St. Patrick’ Street festival was started on the account for the feast day for the Irish patrons. The Hardley-Davidson convoy leads the largest of its kind parade in Southeast Asia along the green-dyed Singapore River. The festival is an amazing experience to encounter.

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    Qingming Festival 

    Celebrated as a day to remember the deceased, this Chinese festival is on April 4, 2016.  People toss fake money as an offering to their ancestors at the Chinese cemeteries. It is also known as the “Ching Ming Festival” . This day has a huge religious emphasis over the Chinese culture and you will get a deep insight into their instilled values and love for their families, even the dead ones.

    Vesak Day

    Falling on the 15th day of the fourth month of the Chinese Lunar Calendar , Vesak day is a holy day celebrated by the Buddhists. Declared as a public holiday in Singapore, this festival is widely celebrated by the followers of Lord buddha carrying out the festivities at all the Buddhist Temples celebrating the life of Buddha. 

    The Lian Shan Shuang Lin Temple at  Jalan Toa Payoh and Buddhist Lodge at River Valley Road are some of the best locations to visit if you wish to drool in the Buddhist culture.

    Singapore International Festival of Arts

    Art lover's abode, the Singapore International Festival of Arts brings about loads of tourists seeking extraordinary art from all around the world. This annually held festival is organized in May with the wide celebration of theatre arts, music, dance and visual art all around the world. 

    This marks as a commingling of all the artists famous or raw to participate in the free and ticketed outdoors of the place. Do visit this festival if you have an eye for art and you would never regret your decision as this is the best time to visit Singapore.

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    Dragon Boat Festival

    Do you wish to try the delicious traditional rice dumplings? If yes, this Dumpling Festival is your must-go-to place. Celebrated on the 5th day of the 5th month of the traditional lunar calendar, this festival is marked up by the Dragon boat race at Bedok Reservoir. 

    This world-famous festival is an eye-feasting and thrilling experience to cater to. People from all over the world visit Singapore to be the audience as well as participate in the Dragon Boat Festival.

    Racial Harmony Day

    Commemorating the 1964 Race riots, Singapore adheres to celebrate the Racial Harmony Day on July 21, 1964, annually. With ethnic costumes and fashion parades, this day is often celebrated to encapture the variety of attires worn by the students to depict racial tolerance and peace.

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    Singapore Food Festival

    Singapore is all about the diversity of food from various cuisines. Be it the traditional dishes or the innovative delicacies, Singapore has something for everyone. This multicultural place has an astounding array of food varieties, giving reason to every foodie to fall for this place. The festival begins in July flocking in food lovers for this larger than life extravaganza

    Hari Raya Puasa

    Marking the end of Ramadan, this festival is widely celebrated by the Muslims of Singapore. The oil lamps lit at home starting from the 20th day of Ramadan continue to be lit until the end of the festival. The day is marked upon by the Muslims offering prayers at the mosque in the early morning hours and after that visiting the grave of their ancestors and loved ones.

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    National Day

    August 9 is celebrated as Singapore’s birthday on the account of the country’s independence from  Malaysia in 1965. This popular festival commemorates thrilling activities and celebrations bringing in a lot of tourist traffic at this time. The National Day is marked upon by the extravagant parade at the Padang or National Stadium along with fireworks and cultural performances.

    Hungry Ghost Festival

    Held on the 15th night of the seventh lunar month in the Chinese calendar, the Hungry Ghost festival is an astounding yet creepy sight to encounter. The festival lies in the belief of the gates of hell being open during this time resulting in the existence of the dead with the living. 

    This festival has its believers from the Chinese folk and Buddhists circling pushing off the deceased by burning joss paper, incense sticks, fake money, and candles. You’ll be amazed at the sight of the first row is left empty for the dead to watch the performances. 

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    Lantern Festival

    This festival is marked by children parading over the streets of Chinatown with their colorful lanterns to let them free in the sky. The sky is lit with the beautiful twinkling lanterns of all shapes, sizes, and colors. Held on the 15th day of the 8th lunar month, this festival is also known as the mid-autumn festival. 

    The seasonal moon cake pastries and the lion dances are the major highlights of this festival. The bridges of Jurong’s Chinese garden are flocked with the children and people dangling their beautiful lanterns ready to touch the sky.


    The festival of lights, this festival is one of the widely celebrated ones in Hinduism. The Sri Mariamman Temple is filled up with devotees to walk barefoot on the red hot blazing embers without reacting to the pain. Visitors from all over the world come flocking to witness this life. 

    The temple is lit with lights and is bedazzled by the mouth-watering sweetmeat shops, brilliant henna artists and the picturesque view to all up to the package

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    Nine Emperor Gods Festival

    This nine days Chinese festival embarks the ceremony of welcoming the Gods into the temples, worshiping them and at the end of it, bidding farewell to them. Starting from the first day to the ninth day of the ninth lunar month, this is a major festival of the Chinese community in Singapore held during Aippasi. 

    It is an amazing view to look at the ceremonies being held for nine days and get drenched in the Chinese culture.

    Singapore River Buskers Festival

    Toasting to the walkways of Orchard Road, this festival is an opportunity for all the street performers including singers, musicians, dancers, magicians, comedians, sword-swallowers and whatnot to showcase their talent among the crowd. It is for ten days during November featuring such amazing amalgam of talents you cannot afford to miss! 

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    Christmas Day

    Celebrated all around the world, Christmas is a major festival in Singapore too. An enthralling time to shop, this place brings along the heaven down to the earth for all the shopaholics. The Christmas trees and jingle bells scatter over the Orchard Garden to celebrate the festival with the parade. Though it is not as big a festival, the shops remain and the city remains open all-day.



Universal Studios

If you are planning for some family outing along with your family then this place should definitely be on your bucket list. Universal Studio Singapore is a theme park which highlights a tempting choice of attractions, rides and stimulation for families and daredevil. Family holidays will never be this exciting ever. There are in total 6 roller coaster in this exotic theme park.

Highlights: While you are at the Universal Studio enter into the exciting universe of motion picture enchantment as you Ride the Movies on thrill rides and other motion picture-themed attractions. Be amazed and charmed by an immersive excitement encounter that breathes life into the silver screen.

Location: The Universal Studio Singapore is located at 8 Sentosa Gateway, Singapore.

Price: The approximate price for adult INR 3750/SGD 73

Night Safari

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to explore the wildlife during the night time? Sounds interesting right? Well then now is the time you should head out for the night safari in Singapore. Night Safari is the world’s first nocturnal zoo which is already a hit among the people all over the world.

The Night Safari right now houses more than 2,500 animals with more than 130 species, of which 38% are undermined species. The Night Safari is overseen by Wildlife Reserves Singapore. It is separated into seven geological zones, which can be investigated either by walking by means of four strolling trails, or by cable car.

Highlights: The animals of the Night Safari, includes from Indian rhinoceros to tarsiers, are made obvious by lighting that looks like moonlight. In spite of the fact that it is brighter than full moonlight by a couple of requests of greatness, it diminishes enough not to aggravate nighttime and crepuscular creatures' conduct. London based lighting originator Simon Corder made the lighting for Night Safari.

Location: The Night Safari is located at 80 Mandai Lake Rd, Singapore. 

Price: The cost is INR 
2030/SGD 40 

Singapore Flyer

When it comes to enjoying the 360-degree panoramic view of the pictorial country then Asia's largest giant observation wheel, the Singapore Flyer is the ideal destination and one of the best Places to Visit in Singapore.Located in Raffles Avenue, this giant wheel is positioned at a height of 165 meters from the ground and its about as tall as 42 storeys building providing a magnificent scenic view from the top.

It a magical experience of full 30 minutes with loads of thrill in one of those 28 fully air-conditioned glass capsules. Be it Raffles Palace, Singapore River, Merlion Park, Marina Bay, Padang and Empress Palace one can fetch a bird’s eye view from the Flyer. To have an experience of wine and dine in the clouds in Singapore Flyer in flight packages where one can yummiest food with coolest drinks.

Location: 30 Raffles Avenue, Singapore.

: 8:30am to 10:30pm

: The cost is INR 1700/SGD 33 

Gardens by the Bay

For those who love to spend some time in nature, then Garden by the Bay is a must-visit destination for you while in Singapore. Garden by the Bay is a nature stop traversing 101 hectares (250 sections of land) of recovered land in focal Singapore, contiguous the Marina Reservoir.

The park center comprises of three waterfront gardens likely Bay South Garden, Bay East Garden and Bay Central Garden. The biggest of the patio nurseries is Bay South Garden at 54 hectares.

Highlights: Bay South Garden is the biggest of the patio nurseries. Motivated by an orchid, the plan takes after Singapore's national bloom, Vanda 'Miss Joaquim'. You can't miss the monstrous Supertrees here. These tree-formed vertical greenery enclosures are between nine to 16 stories tall. Stroll on the suspended walkway between two Supertrees to appreciate a 10,000 foot perspective of the greenhouses. At night, get the sky show of choreographed lights and sounds at the Garden Rhapsody in the midst of the Supertrees.

Location: The Park is located at 8 Marina Gardens Dr, Singapore.

Price: The cost is INR 1210/SGD 24

Tiger Sky Tower

Ever wondered what it is to be like watching the half of Singapore from the tallest of a building. Well now here it is. Tiger Sky Tower is one of the tallest buildings in Singapore. As Tiger Sky Tower tenderly turns up to 131 meters above sea level, begin blazing out your cameras or take it easy in the air-molded lodge to relish 360-degree all-encompassing perspectives over Sentosa's renowned shorelines and attractions.

Be hypnotized by perspectives of Singapore's cityscape and discover a look at neighboring Indonesia and Malaysia too!

Highlights: The Sky Tower has a limit of 72 in its encased, aerated and cooled lodge. The day and night see from the tower guarantee to be both grand and amazing. Appropriate for all ages, the Sky Tower is a key purpose of intrigue and structures a particular point of interest as it delicately rotates to survey tallness of right around 50 stories over the encompassing regular greenery.

Location: Tiger Sky Tower is situated on Sentosa Island of Singapore.

Price: The cost is INR 925/SGD 18 for adults and INR 515/SGD 10 for children. 

Jurong Bird Park

If you are a lover of nature then and want to spend some time exploring the vivid flora and fauna then Jurong Bird Park is the perfect place for you. Jurong Bird Park is a standout amongst the most famous bird park with a portion of the biggest free-flying aviaries in the world.

In territories that mirror their naturalistic surroundings, Jurong Bird Park is home to the shades of the world, as Asia's biggest fledgling park with a gathering of more than 5,000 feathered creatures crosswise over 400 species.

Highlights: While visiting the park you can also indulge in some other activities. Climb into the wondrous and biggest stroll in an aviary, the Waterfall Aviary that houses more than 600 winged animals and additionally a 30-meter high waterfall.

Location: The Jurong Bird Park is located at 2 Jurong Hill, Singapore

Price: The cost is INR 1250/SGD 25

Singapore Zoo

While you are visiting Singapore this time make it a point to visit the Singapore zoo. Since 1973, Singapore Zoo has been known for having among the most delightful untamed life stop settings on the planet, where creatures wander unreservedly in open and naturalistic living spaces.

Highlights: The natural surroundings consolidate exceptional review elements, for example, raised stages to see our giraffe display, submerged exhibitions to see the watery universes of otters, pygmy hippos and mammoth estuarine crocodiles, and glass observatories to see creatures, for example, the savage cheetahs and lions.

Location: The Singapore zoo is located at 80 Mandai Lake Rd, Singapore.

Price: The cost is INR 1525/SGD 30

S.E.A. Aquarium

Lose yourself in the beauty of one of the most breath-taking aquariums of Southeast Asia - S.E.A. Aquariums Singapore. Just imagine, how amazing it is to venture through the fascinating underwater world to explore the oceanic realm of S.E.A. Aquarium.

With no doubt, this S.E.A. Aquariums is nowhere less than a magical marine world. Be thrilled to witness around 100,000 aquatic species coming from major oceans of the world. Authorities here, strive hard to recreate a natural habitat for their survival. So, marine researchers have surely got a lot of things to do here. 

There are around 10 zones with different habitats all wrapped within a large venue. 1000’s of aquatic species coming from the major marine ecosystems such as Bay of Bengal, Andaman Sea, Great Lakes of East Africa, and the Straits of Malacca will take adequate care of your engagement. Leopard sharks, squadrons, goliath groupers are some of the exotic marine varieties which you can easily find here.  Sometimes, they may even appear as if two-legged mammals ogle from the other end of the glass tank.

For those who wish for something more head towards Sharks Sea Habitat where you can stroll for long hours. Scalloped hammerhead and aggressive silver tip sharks are some common ones to find swimming in this zone. 

There’s also an Open Ocean Habitat precisely in the center of S.E.A. Aquarium. It resembles a humongous aquarium and gives you a feel like you are standing on a cavernous ocean floor. You can simply spend long hours here watching a sweeping ocean scenery running behind glass panels. For entertaining their visitors, in-charge here ensure that all the panels remain spotless. 

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Essential Information:

Location: 8 Sentosa Gateway, Sentosa Island, Singapore 098269

Timings: S.E.A. Aquarium Singapore opens sharply at 10:00 am in the morning and closes by 07:00 pm in the evening. However, the opening and closing timings of the aquarium are subject to change in accordance with the instructions from authorities. 

Price (for locals and for foreigners): 
Child ticket rates (Age group – 04 to 12 years) – 29 US Dollars
                                                              Adult ticket rates (Age group 13 to 59 years) – 40 US Dollars 
                                                              Senior Citizen ticket rates (Age group – 60 years and above) – 29 US Dollars 

You can redeem your online confirmation ticket from Sentosa Waterfront ticketing counter. Tickets shall be valid only for three months.

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How to reach S.E.A. Aquarium from Singapore?

If you have your MRT card, you can ride Sentosa Express from Vivo City’s Sentosa Station and get down at Waterfront Station. It is just one station away from your boarding point.

Alternatively, you can even travel through the cable car experience other sightseeing options. To board a cable car, head towards the Harbourfront Station and get down at Imbiah Station. From there, you need to ride a Sentosa Express and board off at Waterfront Station.

Once you reach comfortably at Merlion Statuette, you need to cross the bridge and get down at Maritime Experiential Museum. Your S.E.A. Aquarium is located within this museum.

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Things to do and Special Experience in S.E.A. Aquarium

Worried about what to do at S.E.A. Aquarium? Do not worry, as we are here to guide you what all you can do here – 

Enjoy at S.E.A.’s ocean fest – If you had the opportunity to visit S.E.A. Aquarium during its Ocean fest, do not miss it on. There are interactive installations to guide you through all the sounds (good or bad) made by our mighty oceans. Audiovisual experiences, live star performances, and the impactful sounds of marine animals will definitely leave you spellbound. 

Watch sea sharks swimming all over your head – As soon as you step in S.E.A. Aquarium, there are big tunnels lined up through both the entrances and exits. Don’t be scared to walk through them as a shark might scare you a bit from somewhere. From silvertip to the sandbar, there are around 100 different varieties of sharks that swim through both these tunnels.

Engage yourself with Moray Eels – The underrated sea creatures are surely going to interest you to capture some beautiful moments with them. Looking within their mouths, you will come to realize that Eels have been spotted there too. 

Wonderworld of magical reefs – What makes coral reefs more appealing is the vast array of colour and shade they come in. Vibrancy and diversity of fishes swimming all around these mighty coral reefs give a soothing relief to your eyes.

There are Nemo and Dory for your entertainment – Do you love to play hide, and seek? Are you willing to rewind the best moments of your childhood? If yes, it's time to get down and search for Nemo and Dory. Although you can easily spot on Dory as it keeps on swimming around the tank, spotting Nemo is a bit troubling task.

Do not miss on Open Ocean Habitat – You can call it as the heart of S.E.A. Aquarium. It’s cavernous ceiling, and the floor aquarium leaves you puzzled as if you are diving at high depths of the mighty blue sea. The seafloor here is filled with nurse sharks and sawfishes and illuminates once the sunlight falls over it. 

Did you notice sea jellies there? – No one can stay away from being fascinated with the sight of sea jellies. You can find a plethora of sea jellies here such as moon sea jellies, and Japanese sea nettles.

You can actually touch a sea star here – S.E.A. Aquarium gives you a liberty to touch your favourite marine creatures only if you agree to follow their rules and regulations.

Finally, do visit the Maritime Experiential Museum - Once you reach towards the end point of S.E.A. Aquarium, you will see wax figures of historically significant personalities of Singapore. This museum is something different than the other museums where you can enjoy a wide array of touch-screen games right from designing your fabric all by yourself to dressing you up.

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Animals in S.E.A. Aquarium

There are more than 100,000 marine species here at S.E.A. Aquarium distributed around 50 different habitats. Every next habitat is more exciting than the previous one. To list a few of the top-rated species here are nurse sharks, hammerhead sharks, giant Moray Eels, Poison Arrow Frog, and clown fish. Reef Manta Ray, Sea Nettle, Giant Pacific Octopus, Indo- Pacific Bottlenose Dolphin, Goliath Grouper, Seahorse are some more add-ons to the list.

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Shopping & Dining in S.E.A. Aquarium

From shopping to dining, S.E.A. Aquarium has every bits and piece of entertaining you. Here’s what you can find here – 

Ocean Restaurant – Indulge yourself in the real flavours of Mediterranean and Californian style cuisines at Ocean restaurant. Having your favourite Mediterranean-Californian delicacy with the beauty of the underwater experience is a perfect way to seek relaxation. This ocean restaurant operates from 11:30 am to 02:30 pm for lunch and from 06:00 pm to 10:00 pm for dinner. 

S.E.A. Side Snacks – If you are hungry during odd hours, and do not want to have a full meal, head towards S.E.A.side snacks to pick some quick bites. Select from a wide variety of pastries, hot dogs, and some refreshing beverages. To quickly satiate visitors hunger, this place operates from morning 10:00 am to the evening at 06:00 pm.

Ocean bites – For some more munchies such as muffins, corn dogs or other light snacks and cakes, head towards Ocean bites. You can have your favourite side food here from morning 10:00 am to the evening at 06:00 pm.

S.E.A. Treasures – It is a perfect place to halt, and shop for someone special in your life. Be it someone’s birthday or a baby shower, do not forget to go through the plush toys, snazzy accessories, or adorable t-shirts for sale here. You can shop for anything here from 10:00 am to 06:00 pm. 

S.E.A. Wonders – For picking some eco-friendly merchandise, head towards S.E.A. Wonders from 10:00 am to 07:00 pm daily.

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Best Time to Visit S.E.A. Aquarium

It is always better to start off your day early when you are about to visit this one and only one magnificent underwater aquarium of Singapore – S.E.A. Aquarium. The crowd usually starts stepping in the afternoon i.e., from 12:00 pm onwards. So, if it works for you, try to make the best use of the first two operating hours to enjoy your visit peacefully here.

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Tips for Visiting S.E.A. Aquarium 

- You won't be allowed to carry any outside food or beverage along with you. Also, you are strictly prohibited from having something when you stand near any of the aquarium exhibits. There are areas or zones designated for enjoying your food.

- Smoking is strictly prohibited once you are inside the aquarium. If you want to enjoy it, there are zones reserved explicitly for smoking.

- You are allowed to click as many photographs as you want inside the aquarium. However, make sure that you do not use your camera’s flashlight.

- You are not supposed to accompany your pets or other animals inside S.E.A. Aquarium.

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Places to Visit near S.E.A. Aquarium

While S.E.A. Aquarium itself has a lot of things to keep you engaged, there is more to enjoy out. Let’s check them here – 

Resorts World Sentosa – Renowned as an integrated resort of Singapore, Resorts World Sentosa occupies a big slice of the island. This first attraction of the mainland Singapore homes to restaurants, shops, food courts, hotels, and a big dynamic casino. As there are lots of things to enjoy here besides good food, this is one of the most lively places to visit in Singapore. Taiwanese Dumpling Chain, Din Thai Fung serves the most outstanding variety of food.

Adventure Cove Park – Homing to a lot of water slides, kids water play zones, wave pools and so on, Adventure Cove Park forms the best-themed waterpark of Singapore. For some more enjoyment, you can share selfies with bottlenose dolphins at the Dolphin Island Marine Life Park. Be careful, as there are stingrays too. 

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Universal Studios Singapore – Yet another outstanding attraction of Singapore, Universal Studios stands unrivalled when it comes to seeking pleasure from your Singapore visit. What makes it more special to land here are themed areas, live shows, eateries, and other attractions.

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Butterfly Park and Insect Kingdom – Comprising of three different zones, Butterfly Park and Insect Kingdom is a place to dwell for butterfly lovers. You can stroll through either through the butterfly or bird aviary or engage yourself in spotting different bugs and crawling creepers at its museum.

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Tiger sky tower – Rising high at the height of around 131 meters from the sea level, Tiger Sky Tower stands as one of the highest observatories of Singapore. Climbing to the top of it can give you some beautiful views of the city that stretches wide.

Sentosa Merlion –
If you have some more time to spare, do visit this 37-meter tall structure which guards Singapore’s prosperity – Sentosa Merlion. Once here, do not forget to collect prosperity coins or ring a prosperity bell.


Q1. What is there to do in S.E.A. Aquarium?

At S.E.A. Aquarium, you have a plethora of activities to do. From being the biggest aquariums to being beautifully organized, S.E.A. aquarium has got it all to please your eyes. There are Moray Eels, Dolphins, Sharks, Jellyfishes, and stingrays in addition to the colourful fishes and a wide variety of corals. You can simply watch them swimming here and there, or take your DSLRs out and capture some beautiful moments with them. The choice is yours! Besides the marine life, food served here, and the merchandise available for sale is undoubtedly worthy of appreciating.

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Q2. How do I get to S.E.A. Aquarium?

If you have your MRT card, you can ride Sentosa Express from Vivo City’s Sentosa Station and get down at Waterfront Station. It is just one station away from your boarding point.

Alternatively, you can even travel through the cable car experience other sightseeing options. To board a cable car, head towards the Harbourfront Station and get down at Imbiah Station. From there, you need to ride a Sentosa Express and board off at Waterfront Station.

Once you reach comfortably at Merlion Statuette, you need to cross the bridge and get down at Maritime Experiential Museum. Your S.E.A. Aquarium is located within this museum.

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Q3. Is Underwater World and Sea Aquarium the same?

No. There’s a difference in between both Underwater World and Sea Aquarium. You will find Sea Aquarium to be located within Resorts World Sentosa whereas Underwater World is present on the other side of this Sentosa Island. However, Underwater World is now functionally closed. 

Q4. What does S.E.A. Aquarium stand for?

S.E.A. Aquarium stands for South East Asia’s largest aquarium presently under the governance of Chimelong Ocean Kingdom (Hengqin, China). Within its 45000 litres of water, it comes to around 100,000 aquatic animals of about 800 species.

Q5. How long does it take to visit and view the entire S.E.A. Aquarium?

A rough stay of 2-3 hours is fair enough to wind up your entire S.E.A. Aquarium visit. 

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Q6. Where it is located?

S.E.A. Aquarium is located at 8 Sentosa Gateway, Sentosa Island, Singapore 098269. It is situated near the Maritime Experiential Museum.

Q7. How many aquatic species are there in S.E.A. Aquarium?

S.E.A. Aquarium homes to more than 100,000 aquatic animals with around 800 different species.

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Q8. Is it allowed to take pictures in the S.E.A. Aquarium?

You are allowed to click pictures within the S.E.A. Aquarium. However, make sure that you do not use the flashlight of your DSLR camera or your smartphone devices while you click them. This might disturb the free movement of some marine species.

Q9. Is it necessary to book the tickets in advance for S.E.A. Aquarium?

You can buy your entry tickets to S.E.A. Aquarium on the day of your visit. However, as many of them are subject to their availability, it is always better to pre-book them so that you don’t run short of these entry tickets.

Q10. Can I leave and re-enter S.E.A. Aquarium?

With a valid redeemed ticket, you are allowed to re-enter the S.E.A. aquarium at any point of time throughout its operating hours on the day of your visit. If at all, you find yourself in such a situation wherein you need to step out and re-enter, make sure that you get a hand stamp. For this hand stamp, you are required to inquire at the exit counter. Your valid ticket and this hand stamp shall acknowledge your re-entry in S.E.A. Aquarium.

Q11. Will I be able to bring in food and drinks or eat and drink in S.E.A. Aquarium?

It’s a big No. You won't be allowed to carry any external food or drinks inside the S.E.A. Aquarium. However, baby formulas or food, and your diet food may be allowed on request. It is also essential to keep in mind that you won't be allowed to have anything once you enter the museum. In case you feel hungry in the middle of your visit, you are requested to approach the designated food outlets. For some quick foods, they have quick bite corner wherein you can pick up some munchies of your choice. For a complete meal, you need to head towards Ocean Restaurant to witness the magic of Mediterranean and Californian style food. We assure you that while you return from here, you will surely be licking your fingers and crave for some more. 

Q12. Can I bring a stroller into S.E.A. Aquarium?

Yes, you are allowed to carry strollers at the S.E.A. Aquarium. However, it is always good to bring a stroller which is small in size. The small size of the stroller won't interfere in your free movement within the S.E.A. Aquarium.

Q13. Are there places to eat within the S.E.A. Aquarium?

Yes, there are sufficiently good and hygienic places to eat within S.E.A. Aquarium. If you are willing to buy some quick bites, head towards S.E.A.side Snacks and Ocean Bites. For a complete family meal (lunch and dinner), you have Ocean Restaurant to serve you with the top-notch variety of food. For locating these food points, you can keep track of the S.E.A. Aquarium guide map and walk accordingly.

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