Pulau Ubin Overview

Nestled just off Singapore's northern coast, the little island of Pulau Ubin is where nature and history coalesce together into one. Home to former granite quarries, the island offers a window into the country's past. Most travellers come to the island for its natural bounty and are not disappointed. Pulau Ubin's Chek Jawa Wetlands is the largest wetland system in Singapore, and is home to a fantastic range of wildlife and tropical landscapes.

Pulau Ubin is a small island located in the northeastern side of mainland Singapore, in the Straits of Johor. The island can be reached on a bumboat from Changi Point Ferry Terminal, and the ride takes roughly ten minutes. Pulau Ubin means "Granite Island” and it sits on abandoned granite quarries.

The island is also known as 'tsioh sua’ in the Taiwanese Romanization of Hokkein, which means "stone hill". The island forms a part of the Ubin-Khatib Important Bird Area and is known to house various different species of migrant as well as resident birds, many of which are threatened. Pulau Ubin is one of the few areas of Singapore that has been sheltered from real estate development.

Its wooden house villages, wooden jetties, uncultured wildlife, and abundance of natural wealth make it the last standing manifestation of the old 'kampong' Singapore. The island of Pulau Ubin prides itself on its variety of flora and fauna. Its star attraction, the Chek Jawa wetlands, is an ecological gold mine and houses over ten ecosystems at one place. For those seeking adventure and nature exploration, Pulau Ubin offers an unparalleled experience, drawing travelers from around the world to explore its rustic charm and pristine landscapes, often included in Singapore travel packages.

Its rich wildlife has made Pulau Ubin a site for a number of ecological projects such as the Hornbill Conservation Project and the Seahorse Monitoring project. Pulau Ubin is home to one of Singapore's most popular mountain bike trails, the Ketam Mountain Bike Park.

The trail is well marked throughout its stretch by indicating the difficulty level at each section and covers a wide range of terrains from open Meadows to thick forests.

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• Take a cycling or mountain biking Tour around the photogenic island, soaking the mesmerizing beauty of the rolling meadows and lush forests.
• Unwind and relax with your loved ones amidst the uncompromised natural scenery and enchanting melodies of the chirping birds.
• Go on a serene, unforgettable kayaking trip amidst the thick, beautiful mangroves and get a chance to spot unique wildlife including pink dolphins, otters, and jellyfish.
• Take a chance to enjoy overnight camping in the calm settings, soaking in the spellbinding panorama of the shining starry sky.
• Engage in bird watching, trying your luck to spot Oriental-pied hornbills, white-bellied sea eagles, and black-capped kingfishers.
• Hike the majestic Puaka Hill and soak in the breathtaking views of Ubin Quarry from the summit.
• Visit the famous Chek Jawa Wetlands, which is a fascinating amalgamation of forests, mangroves, sandy & rocky shores, a coral area, and lagoons.

How To Reach

Being an island, the only way to reach Pulau Ubin would be to take a bumboat ride from Changi Point Ferry Terminal.

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Best Time To Visit

Pulau Ubin can be a great visit throughout the year, although it would be best to avoid the months of December and January, when the rainfall here is maximum.

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Other Essential Information

Here is the list of Restaurants in Pulau Ubin

a. Ubin First Stop Restaurant: A short walk from Pulau Ubin jetty, Ubin First Stop Restaurant is located on the East Coast Seafood Centre. This restaurant offers a laid-back al fresco dining experience and provides outdoor as well as indoor seating options.

Known for its value for money, Ubin First Stop offers a variety of seafood dishes, made from fresh catches, at a relatively low rate.

b. New Ubin Seafood: As is made evident by its name, this restaurant specializes in seafood dishes. New Ubin Seafood initially started as a family-owned restaurant on the northern shores of Pulau Ubin. Their menu offers traditional Singapore seafood dishes with a twist, and over the years, many of their dishes have become a part of Singapore's tze char tradition.

c. Ubin Kitchen: Nestled in Greenwood Avenue, Ubin kitchen, Ubin Kitchen is popular for its traditional recipes and old school dishes, such as Kong Back Pau- braised pork bun, prawn rolls, and yam paste. This indoor restaurant also serves contemporary Singaporean dishes, savory and sweet alike.

d. Saanjha Chulha: A popular name around the world, Saanjha Chulha serves vegetarian food that is North Indian, Kashmiri or Mughlai in origin. The food at this restaurant is well-priced and portioned handsomely. The restaurant has indoor, air-conditioned seating options only.

e. Season Live Seafood: One of Pulau Ubin's most popular waterfront restaurants, Season Live offers a wide range of seafood dishes on its menu, complemented by the backdrop of the open sea. Specialty dishes of this restaurant include fried squid, butter prawns, and the sambal sweet potato leaf.

6. Coachman Inn Restaurant: Housed inside the Changi sailing club, Coachman Inn restaurant offers an alfresco, waterfront dining experience, serving both Asian and Continental cuisine.

The restaurant looks out to the South China Sea and is perfect for both romantic dine-outs and family dinners. The portions served are of a considerable size, and specialty dishes include Ribeyes, steaks, and curries.

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Tips for Visiting Pulau Ubin

- Mosquitos and infestations are common in Singapore and especially rampant in this island filled with forest cover. It would be advisable to carry a mosquito or bug repellant.

- Once you enter the island, there is no place to buy food or snacks, except at the very entrance of the island. So have a hearty meal before you go, and don't forget to carry sufficient snacks and water along.

- The island gets considerably crowded towards noon, so it is better to start one's day as early as possible.

- Being a tropical island, Pulau Ubin experiences light to heavy rainfall throughout the year. It is advisable, therefore, to carry an umbrella or raincoat along while traveling.

- Exploring the island requires a lot of walking, and the temperature is usually high. Donning of comfortable footwear, loose clothing, caps, sunglasses, and sunscreen is strongly recommended.

- Singapore has a strong rule against littering. There are plenty of dustbins stationed at regular intervals and should be used to keep the island clean.

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Point of Interest for Pulau Ubin
Chek Jawa wetlands

Chek Jawa wetlands

The Tanjong Chek Jawa cape is a 100-hectare wetland located in the eastern tip of Pulau Ubin Island. Among the last few places in Singapore housing a natural rocky shore, Chek Jawa houses about a dozen different ecosystems, ranging from coastal forests to lagoons.

The Chek Jawa wetlands offer a 1.1km long boardwalk along the shore, allowing visitors to enjoy its rich plant and marine life at close proximity, and a 21-meter-tall watchtower which is ideal to enjoy sunsets or watch birds.

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House No.1

House No.1

A quintessential example of pre-war architecture in Singapore, House No.1 is a Tudor-style, two-storied building in the island of Pulau Ubin. It is believed that this house was initially built in the 1930s as a retreat for the then Chief Surveyor of Singapore, Langdon Williams, and is now converted to a Visitor Centre for the Chek Jawa wetlands.

Fitted with its own jetty, House No.1 offers a great view of the Pulau Sekudu and mainland Singapore and houses the only working fireplace in the country.

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German Girl Shrine

German Girl Shrine

Nestled within a wooden yellow hut beside an Assam tree, the German Girl Shrine is perhaps the most interesting haunt in Singapore and is invested with a unique history. The Shrine houses an altar to the daughter of a German coffee plantation manager, who fell into a quarry behind her house while escaping some British officers during World War 2.

The girl's body was found the next day, and the shrine was built in her tribute. Over the years, the spirit of the German Girl is believed to have become a Taoist deity by the locals. To this date, the altar of the shrine is littered with a number of unique trinkets offered to the deity, including multiple bottles of nail polish and other items.

Must Checkout

Embark Kayak through the mangroves

Embark Kayak through the mangroves

If you are a thrill-seeker and love adventure, you might want to explore the mangrove tides by kayaking through them. Offered by Adventure by Asian Detours, these kayaking routines are divided into three main difficulty levels, costing between 79-95 SDG for adults.

These expeditions last up to four hours, and are beginner-friendly ones, offering guides and mentor for those inexperienced in the sport.

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Take a Bike Tour

Take a Bike Tour

Stretching across nearly four square miles, the island of Pulau Ubin is perfect to be explored in a day-whether on foot or bike. The mixture of flat and rough terrains, the long coastlines and photogenic views of the sea make a biking experience along the Pulau Ubin coast a treat to the senses. Bikes on the island can be rented for an entire day for a nominal fee of 7-10 dollars.

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Pulau Ubin FAQs

What is Pulau Ubin famous for?

Pulau Ubin is famous for showcasing Singapore, just like it was, in the 1960s. It is one of the only remaining rural areas that can be spotted in Singapore apart from being the second-largest offshore island in the country. The island comes under the areas marked as Ubin - Khatib Important bird Area since it provides habitat for several species of birds, including some threatened ones. Earlier, after the British founding of Singapore, Pulau Ubin was famous for its stock of granite but since the 1970s, the quarries are no longer in function.

They have transformed into places for a scenic view from the island, namely the Ketam Quarry, Kekek Quarry, Ubin Quarry and Pekan Quarry. It is marked by its gravel roads, abundant forests and plentiful wildlife.The island is home to a wide range of flora and fauna that include over 700 species of plants, 200 species of birds and 30 species of mammals. Apart from its natural attractiveness, Pulau Ubin still preserves its antiquated kampong (village) houses, which gives all visitors a glimpse into Singapore's olden times.

The island's main attraction remains the Chek Jawa Wetlands comprising of coral reefs that shelters a vast range of marine wildlife, from sea squirts to cuttlefish. Another crowd-pleaser would be the Fo Shan Ting Da Bo Gong Temple. Of late, it has also been reputed because of housing one of Singapore's mountain bike trails, Ketam Mountain Bike Park.

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What does Ubin mean?

Ubin is supposed to be a Javanese term for "squared stone". The title of Pulau Ubin literally translates to "Granite Island" in Malay, because of the plenitude of granite quarries on the island. These granite rocks would be utilised to make floor tiles in the past and named as Jubin, which later got shortened to Ubin.

How long is the boat ride to Pulau Ubin?

The boat ride to Pulau Ubin is 10 to15 minutes long from Changi Point Ferry Terminal. These boats depart only when they have been filled with 12 people, thus the departure times can be a little irregular. If one is in a hurry, they have to pay the amount of all 12 passengers, (roughly, 36$) in order to leave before the remaining seats have been filled. They are available for service from 5.30 am to 9 pm at night.

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How long does it take to visit and view the entire Pulau Ubin?

It takes roughly 40 minutes in total to get to Pulau Ubin from the Singapore mainland. If one is planning to view the entire Pulau Ubin on foot, by either jogging or walking, it will take more than 1 day to cover the expanse. However, if one is prepared to bicycle across the island, then 1 day suffices to explore the entire area. There are also NParks - Organised Tours of two types that the visitor may join.

The first option is that of the Walking Tours that include the 2-hour tours, namely the Rustic Reflections tour that promises one a full knowledge of Pulau Ubin's history, ecology and antiquity and the Kampong tour that gives the traveller an experience of the island's rich natural and cultural heritage. The other option offered by NParks is the 1-hour intertidal flat tour to view the marine life at Chek Jawa Wetlands.

Is Pulau Ubin worth visiting?

Yes, Pulau Ubin is totally worth visiting for all kinds of travelers, including nature lovers, photographers, and adventure junkies. This place offers visitors a chance to indulge in a umpteen varieties of fun and thrilling outdoor activities.

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What can you do at Pulau Ubin?

There are a number of fun and exhilarating activities to engage in Pulau Ubin including camping, hiking, kayaking, mountain biking, and bird watching. You can also go meet the fascinating marine wildlife at Chek Jawa and interact with the local fishing villagers on the island to learn about the rich past of the country.

Pulau Ubin Reviews

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If you’re in Pulau Ubin, I’d definitely recommend exploring the island on a bike. It was such an amazing experience to do in Singapore.
Claudio Piacentino
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If you're looking for a weekend getaway, this tour is for you. Thanks to my family for reserving through Thrillophilia, we had a guide to aid us. We also had a bumboat trip and visited the Chek Jawa Wetlands while we were there.
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Reviewed: 03 Apr 2022
Kayaking in Pulau Ubin is a truly therapeutic experience. Navigating a kayak is fairly easy, so you don't need prior experience. The mangroves are absolutely stunning during the monsoon season, so that would be the best time to go. Thanks Thrillophilia for this amazing experience!
Ashish Sharma
Reviewed: 16 Mar 2022
The kayaking experience in Pulau Ubin is so fun and amazing. And we found the best package for this on Thrillophilia. The professional guides helped me and my friends, and we also learnt a lot about the mangroves and marine life here.

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