Lazarus Island, Singapore: How To Reach, Best Time & Tips
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About Lazarus Island

Are you one of those who consider themselves as a beach lover but always end up falling for the man-made, artificial beaches? Then maybe it's time for you to look out for the simply beatific, Lazarus Island as your next beach vacation. This island offers you the magical serenity, cleanliness and the freshness that can’t be compared to any of the islands or beaches. Away from all the glam and glitz of the city of Singapore, Lazarus Island is still considered to be a complete wallflower, that was once an undiscovered island but when fast-forwarded to the present day, you come to see a couple of people visiting the place.

It is still known to be Singapore’s best-kept secret. One might find it fascinating to know that the place was once prison confinement shed back in the 19th century and that historical event led to the foundation of this island. The Lazarus Island is a natural beauty that covers not more than 48 hectares of land area sheltering the marine species. The island also proves to be an ideal beach getaway as the majestic hills and palm trees will rejoice your soul away from the chaos of the city. The jaw-dropping Lazarus Island is located at just a 15-minute ferry ride away from the Marina South Pier and a 10-minute walk away from Saint John's Island.

This beach paradise is one among the cluster formed by the eight little islands forming the southern islands of Singapore. Though, reaching Lazarus Island is not an easy task but when one gets there, it is worth all the effort as this port of call is known to be the best beach of Singapore. One can choose numerous activities to do at this perfectly designed beachfront like swimming, fishing, camping, picnicking with family and friends, throwing a yacht party and enjoying the barbecue time. Not just that, one can also spend some time with the pretty little feline creatures and can go for a good long run as the place is not crowded at all. One should surely visit this pristine beach location as this secret affair of Singapore will make you fall in love with the idea of a beach holiday.

Essential Information

Location: Lazarus Island is located to the south of the main island of Singapore. It is found 450 meters away from Saint John’s Island and from there it is a 2-5 minute walk. One can reach the Saint John’s Island from the Marina South Pier through a ferry.

Timings:  Lazarus Island has no definite hours to be visited. One can visit this heavenly place at any time of the day. The suggested hours to visit this beach are morning till evening.

Price (for locals and foreigners): Entry to the island is free of cost, although there is a ferry to reach the Saint John’s island that will charge you approximately 18 SGD that is INR 923 including the return journey.

Places to visit near Lazarus Island

Wondering about the places to visit near this hidden gem? Then get ready as more of these heavenly places await your presence near the Lazarus Island.

1. Sentosa Island: The island that redefines the meaning of a classy day out. One should visit the Sentosa island as it has quite a range of fun and activities you might be looking for at a beachy destination. One can also travel around via monorail, luge rides, and cable cars.

There are plenty of shows to entertain the visitors but one should surely check out The Wings Of Time Show. The place offers you amazing panoramic views stretching far towards Indonesia. It is a must to go place while visiting  Lazarus Island in Singapore.

2. Kusu Island: Located in the south of the main island of Singapore at approximately 5.6 km away from the chaotic hustle of the city, Kusu Islands are a treat to rejoice in nature’s arms on a lazy weekend. The meaning of Kusu was defined as ‘Tortoise’ or ‘Turtle’ Island.

One who wishes to enjoy a visit to this place can plan their day trips to this island as late-night camping is not permitted. One can also visit a Chinese temple that has a wishing well and multiple holy shrines, and rejoice in the heavenly beauty of this place.

3. Saint John’s Island: Initially it came to be known as the Pulau Sakijang Bendera. This port of call is placed approximately 6.5 km south of main Singapore and just a few minutes to the Lazarus Island linked by a paved bridge.

Away from the glam of the city, the island provides you with the piece of peace you were searching for. A perfect place for a weekend getaway with your friends and family. So carry your picnic baskets and get going!

Things to do in Lazarus Island

1. Spend time with the lovely cats: If you are one of those who is adored by the sight of cats, then Lazarus Island offers you these pretty little felines. One may also get to find and see the highly known one-eyed cat also called the Pirate Cat. So be prepared to feed some stray cats you find on your way to the island. 

2. Get those kites and fly them high: Get a kite with you and try the fun adventure of flying kites at this peaceful and windy island. One can enjoy the kite flying times with their friends and family with no disturbance as the place offers you nothing but peace and serene.

3. Pack that basket and go for a picnic: Every beach visit is incomplete without a picnic so grab those picnic baskets and carry your food and essentials to this serene Lazarus Island. The island is lined up with multiple coconut trees so you can easily find a shaded spot and enjoy your blissful picnic time with family and friends.

4. Enjoy the yacht party feels: Feeling extravagant? Then book a yacht and throw a party at the yacht out in the sea. Sing to those Karaoke songs and make good use of the grill on the barbecue. Dance off the worries amidst the sea and enjoy the luxury of cruise feels.

Best Time to Visit Lazarus Island

Looking out for the best time of the year to check out this enticing beach? Well, just grab your beachwear and go for it as the island will provide you peace and magical serenity at any time of the year. Singapore is observed to have a moderate climate throughout the year, but still one should be careful about November till January as those are considered to be the months of heavy rainfall and so it is advisable not to visit the island at that time of the year.

Tips for Visiting Lazarus Island

1. Never forget to tag along with your sunscreen plus a hat. The beach place is never a tan free location and also the sun gets scorchingly hot during the day time on Lazarus Island.
2. One should be all packed up with the essential food and drinks required. The island has no shops or cafes to sit and dine, not even the vending machines. 
3. One should not rely on the tap water on Lazarus Island as it is not potable so do check to bring your drinking water with yourself.
4. It is advisable to keep track of the ferries from the Marina Pier to  Saint John’s Island. The ferry is available twice a day on weekdays, one in the morning and the other in the evening.
5. You can find ferries on weekends running more frequently but the amount of crowd during that time is more compared to weekdays so try to buy your tickets to ferry in advance.
6. Although it is a short distance that can be covered by walking from the Saint John’s Island to the Lazarus Island if one wishes to explore the island, you can also get some wheels in the form of a scooter or a cart to make it easy.

How to reach Lazarus Island from Airport?

To reach Lazarus Island from the airport is a long route to cover. While one searches for the conveyance and the routes to choose for arriving at this magnificent destination there is a suitable route available for you:

- Take a Subway that will give you a ride from Changi airport through the Tanah Merah and Raffles Place and will drop at the Marina South Pier.
- Hop on to the Ferry at the Marina South Pier that will take you through the Singapore waters from where you reach the Saint John’s Island.
- Later on, you can walk a short distance through the paved bridge connecting the two islands and there you go reaching for the bewitching Lazarus Island.


1. Is there any yacht available at Lazarus Island? If Yes, Can we take it on rent?

If one wishes to throw a yacht party and experience the fun of being on a yacht then one can rent it from various kinds of yacht rentals like the White Sails or SG Boat Charter from Sentosa Island's One Degree 15 Marina Club and take a stroll in the ocean with your friends and family. One can take the yacht party to the Lazarus Island and groove in the fun while breathing in the fresh air of this heavenly island. One cannot rent a yacht at Lazarus island itself as the same is still wallflower and no such facilities are made yet available. One may rent it at the prices mentioned by the different yacht rentals in Singapore and lead it towards Lazarus Island.

2. How do I get to Lazarus Island?

To reach for the divine Lazarus Island one will have to go through the Saint John’s Island from Marina South Pier as it is not a simple way out to reach directly to the beach.  Lazarus Island is 450 meters away, i.e. almost 2-5 minutes walk on the paved road from the Saint John’s Island. One can reach the Saint John’s Island through the ferry rides available from the Marina South Pier. The ferry will charge you in total 18 SGD(923 INR) including return journey.  

3. What is Lazarus Island famous for?

The gorgeous Lazarus Island is called to be a part of the eight islands that design the Southern islands of Singapore. This ravishing island is best known for it being Singapore’s best kept secret island as the Lazarus island is still today one of the rarest beach lands that provide you tranquility and serenity along with refreshing cleanliness. Known for the glitz and glam, and the crowds of urban lifestyle in the city of Singapore, this charming island is considered to be an amazing getaway.

4. Is fishing allowed at Lazarus Island? 

Yes, fishing is allowed at Lazarus Island. One can even get themselves trained for fishing skills. The island holds a “My Fishing Frenzy Academy‘s Beginner’s Angler’s Course” on weekends from 9 in the morning till 6 in the evening with 10 students in each class. It is also known that the Lazarus Island is one among the rare locations found in Singapore sheltering the healthy coral reef, so one should surely dip there fishing rods in the sea to find playful reef fishes. You can also find the beautiful sea fans, and the spiky sea urchins swimming through the crystal water of the beach.

5. How long does it take to visit and view the entire Lazarus Island?

Lazarus Island is known to be a small and secret port of call of the Singapore city. Not much is there to discover on this island except peace and serene. One can spend approximately 4-5 hours at this beach location and do tasks according to their wishes. Whether it’s flying kites, taking a fishing class, spending some quality time picnicking, having yacht party or just taking a swim in the sea. One can do a lot of fun and explore in those hours.

6. Are daily lockers available for rental?

No, one may not find the basic lockers to keep your essentials at the Lazarus Island. The island is not yet made much available to a large amount of population and thus lacks in some of the few facilities. Though one may find a few large shelters with benches attached where you can place your bags and other imperative stuff. Also one should beware of the ants as the place is covered with an enormous amount of ants hence one should take care of their essentials.

7. What the timing of the ferry of Lazarus Island?

One can find ferry services to reach for the Lazarus Island in Marina Pier at the Singapore Island Cruise Services Private Ltd. They will provide you with the ferry ride tickets at the price of 18 SGD i.e. INR 923  from the Marina Pier to Saint John’s Island for a two-way journey. The ferry starts from Marina Pier at 10 am for Saint John’s Island and from there it is a 15-minute walk on a paved bridge to reach the Lazarus island.

8. Are there any washrooms available at Lazarus Island?

Yes, the facility of washrooms is made sure to be available at Lazarus Island. The above also includes a shower facility that is made available for people who prefer for a bath after taking a dip in the sea or after a sunbath. The only drawback one may find is that there is no such facility of hooks to hang your clothes while taking a shower. One will not find any troubles with the washroom facility though as they are all clean but one should carry their own toiletries for their own personal hygienic benefits. 

9. Can we do camping at Lazarus Island?

Yes, one can spend the night camping at the beach with friends and family on Lazarus Island. Although, one must be all packed up with the essentials as the Lazarus island is mostly girdled by the sandflies during the evening and night hours. It is advisable to carry mosquito repellants and lotions for such kind of events. Camping at Lazarus Island is a prominent approach but as the availability of facilities is still a bit less in number so one should keep in mind all the pros and cons before planning to camp at this place.

10. Do you have a wheelchair and stroller rental?

As known, Lazarus Island is a complete wallflower and so the basic facilities you find at the place are that of washrooms and shower amenities. Renting a wheelchair or a stroller is not an available means at this port of call and neither at the neighboring islands of Saint John's or the Kusu Island. If one wishes to carry a wheelchair or a stroller then you will have to rent it at the Marina South Pier itself and carry with yourself through the ferry ride.

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