Singapore Zoo Overview

Home to 300 different species of Animals, Singapore Zoo is a perfect place to enjoy a day out with your loved ones. This zoo has the world's first free-ranging orangutan habitat. The zoo has a bird park, a river safari area and also hosts night safari sessions for the ones who are interested in some thrill. The zoo is so big that exploring it will take more than 5 to 6 hours in a single go.

Do you wish to have a wondrous ecological experience with around 2800 different animals gathering more than 300 different species? Well, then get set to explore the adventures in Singapore at this magnanimous zoo that leaves you, awestruck while you, witness the lifestyle of multiple species that inherit from the tropical rainforests. Renowned in the whole world, Singapore Zoo is one of the rarest wildlife conservation centers that follow the ‘Open Concept’. The place holds a very strong position in conserving wildlife and the breeding programs at the international level.

Stretched across 28 hectares of the land area one should take a while away from all the glam of the city of Singapore and take a day to experience nature's paradise that is kept treasured in the wildlife reserves of the Singapore Zoo. It has provided a home to many species of animals including pandas, giraffes, kangaroos, orangutans, elephants, lions, sea-lions, tigers and koalas of which 30- 40 percent are threatened. The animals are sheltered here in a spacious and landscaped area, keeping in mind the natural habitat that gives them a homely feel. If you're interested in exploring this stunning wildlife reserve, consider checking out Singapore tour packages from India for a seamless travel experience.

Flaunting over 40 animal feeding sessions it is a place where you get to bond with the animals. In addition to that, one can also enjoy the photography opportunities, rides and the in house shows which add up to the fun.The zoo has over time evolved to be a one of the best places to visit in Singapore as it became more about learning and interactions to enhance the education of all exhibits. It encourages people to know closely all about wildlife conservation and species of animals in a more engaging manner.

The zoo arranges many different kinds of shows and tours like the splash safari, animal friends show, the circle of life tour, buggy tour, etc. where people get a chance to see and interact with animals. One should surely check out the lush green tropical rainforest conserving the wildlife with all the love and care while you feed the animals and bond with them at the Singapore Zoo.

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• Singapore Zoo houses over twenty-eight thousand animals from over three hundred species of birds, mammals, and reptiles.
• It is one of the best rainforest zoos in the world, situated in twenty-eight hectares of area. The zoo authorities have taken many conservation initiatives to prevent the vulnerability of the species.
• At Singapore Zoo, you can go on a night safari that gives visitors a unique nighttime look at more than a thousand nocturnal animals from around the world.
• The zoo complex looks like a tropical jungle with lush green shrubs, soaring leafy trees, and colorful flowers everywhere you look.
• Most animals in this zoo are not kept in cages but housed in enclosures with waist-high fences.
• Singapore Zoo runs 4 four shows - Splash Safari, Elephant Presentation, Rainforest Fights Back, and Animal Friends Show.
• The zoo features seasonally-themed exhibits like Rainforest Lumina, an audio-visual display that tells interesting stories about rainforest animals.


• Wheelchair Accessible

How To Reach

MRT: The MRT or the Mass Rapid Transit is one of the best ways of travelling in Singapore, stations of which are located near every famous landmark. You can easily find one and buy its ticket to reach the Singapore Zoo. 

Taxi: Taxis are readily available at different locations near the major tourist places, hence hiring those is comparatively easy. This means of transport can be a bit expensive, however can be easily found, takes less time and is private.

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Best Time To Visit

The best time to visit the Singapore Zoo is as soon as it opens. The early hours experience the least rush, hence make the course more clear for you to indulge in activities and other sightseeing. 

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Other Essential Information

Zones at Singapore Zoo:

  1. Australasia: This popular exhibit is home to Goodfellow's tree kangaroos, grey kangaroos, agile wallabies, a cassowary, and magpie geese. It is situated on the western side of the Singapore zoo and is known as the land of marsupials. The kids can enjoy the Kangaroo-Wallaby feeding session where these animals eat from the visitors' hands. 
  2. Fragile Forest: This is a twenty thousand cubic meter biodome that replicates a tropical rainforest habitat. Fragile Forest houses wildlife species from different equatorial rainforests in the world. You can spot Frogs, Toads, Rhinoceros Beetles, Stingrays, Butterflies, Lemurs, Sloths, Crowned Pigeons, Iguanas, Malayan Flying Fox, etc.
  3. Great Rift Valley of Ethiopia: The Great Rift Valley exhibit showcases the rich biodiversity of Ethiopia's dry savannah bioclimatic zone. This zone has diverse species of animals from East Africa, including Banded Mongoose, Hamadryas Baboon, and Nubian Ibex. You can also see here authentic Ethiopian-style huts that will teleport you to Ethiopia.
  4. Primate Kingdom: It is situated near the "Australian Outback" section of the Singapore zoo and houses thirty-nine species of primates. You can see here various primates such as Patas Monkey, Douc Langur, Javan Langurs, Spider Monkey, Lion-tailed Macaque, Sulawesi Crested Macaque, Colobus Monkey, Brown Capuchin, etc.
  5. Rainforest KidzWorld: Rainforest KidzWorld is a large Children's Wet Play Area where you can get closer to the animals, slide in water slides and splash water. You can also enjoy activities here like a rope course, water playground, and pony rides.
  6. Reptile Garden: Learn more about the lives of dinosaurs that have been around for centuries at Reptile Garden. Some of the reptiles that you can spot here include False Gavial, Rhino Iguana, and many snakes like Reticulated Python, King Cobra, and RattleSnake.
  7. Reptopia: This is one of the best exhibits of the Singapore zoo that houses over sixty species of amphibians and reptiles from four geographical zones. The reptiles are divided into various sections- Indo-Pacific, African Jungles, Neotropical Rainforests, and Deserts of the World. You can find here weird-looking lizards like bearded dragon, Gila monster, and skink, and several species of chameleon.
  8. Tortoise Shell-ter: The exhibit houses critically endangered and extremely rare species of tortoises and other animals coexisting with them. You can see elongated tortoises, Indian star tortoises, red-footed tortoises, yellow-footed tortoises, Burmese star tortoises, and many other species here. Here, you can learn about 'shell-ebrities'- the world's rarest tortoises - and conservation efforts taken by the zoo authorities to increase their numbers. 
  9. Treetops Trail: Treetops Trail replicates a rainforest habitat, and you can spot here animals such as Tamarin, False Gavial, Lemur, White-faced Saki Monkey, Siamang, etc. It also has a beautiful pond that is frequented by these rainforest animals to drink water. 
  10. Wild Africa: Experience the splendors of African plains by visiting the Wild Africa zone that features animals that hail from the African continent. You can spot here animals like red river hogs, cheetah, African elephant, Southern white rhinoceros, and African Wild Dogs. The kids can feed animals here and learn more about the diverse African species.

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Places to eat & shop in Singapore Zoo:

1. Pollen: If you wish to have an elegant dining experience, you must visit Pollen, renowned for its fantastic food and wonderful ambiance. It is set within a Mediterranean garden, and you can enjoy modern interpretive cuisines here. The epicurean journey is led by chef Michael Wilson, whose menu draws inspiration from nature's bounty, evolving with seasons.

Some of the tasty dishes that you must try here include lettuce gazpacho with burrata, cucumber, Espelette pepper, whey granita, and beef heart tomato marigold with sheep's curd, and black garlic balsamic.

2. Majestic Bay Seafood Restaurant: If you're looking for the best place for seafood indulgence with your family and friends, Majestic Bay Seafood Restaurant should be your ideal destination.

It is the first seafood-themed restaurant of the Majestic Group, offering a buffet, four-course meals, desserts, and appetizers.Pan-seared Chilli Crab Meat Buns, Baby Pork Belly Ribs, and Steamed Lobster with Ee-fu Noodles Are the specialty of this restaurant.

3. McDonald's: Spice up your dining experience by visiting McDonald's, which is a fast-food chain that features everything from burgers to breakfast menu items and more!Whether it's a perfect power lunch, energy-boosting breakfast, or delectable dinner, you can visit McDonald's any time of the day to enjoy a culinary treat.

It is best known for its cheeseburgers, french fries, burgers, chicken items, sodas, milkshakes, sweets, and wraps.

4. Satay by the Bay: Feast on the must-try delights of Singapore while enjoying the breathtaking views of the waterfront by visiting Satay by the Bay. It gives you a feel of the old Satay Club, and you can enjoy here succulent seafood to tender chunks of satay and delectable desserts.

5. Fennel Cafe Active Garden: Situated along the Waterfront Promenade alongside Reservoir Marina, Fennel Cafe Active Garden is a spacious ninety-seater restaurant with indoor and outdoor seats.

This restaurant offers a unique Barbeque experience, and it features customized 4 tonnes, oven-fired with apple and almond woods, and three elevation grills. You can enjoy light bites like pastries, sandwiches, croissants, cakes, and drinks like coffee, beers, wines, and tea.

6. Cafe Crema: Take "chilling with friends" to an entirely new level by visiting Cafe Crema, renowned for its unbeatable food, world-class service, and electrifying ambiance. It is an Italian-inspired cafe where you can enjoy fine espresso-based drinks and gourmet light bites that are skillfully and passionately handcrafted by experienced baristas.

7. The Social Kitchen: This is the first social enterprise cloud kitchen in Singapore that provides employment to people with special needs. This restaurant was opened to encourage consumers to adopt a more plant-based lifestyle by eating less animal meat.

Bringing popular food brands under one roof, this restaurant is the perfect place to grab a quick breather or even catch up with your friends over local favorites. This restaurant gives a unique vegetarian spin to your nostalgic meat favorites without compromising on taste or texture.

Some of the classic delicacies that you must try here include- seafood hor fun, seafood mui fun, laksa, miso salmon, and no beef rendang shepherd's pie.

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For an amazing shopping experience: From a great variety of momentos inspired by the beautiful nature to an array of toys in abundance, one can find many unique things to take home as souvenirs that will give you the memory of a visit to this lovely Singapore Zoo. One can locate these shops in the zoo:

- Zoo entrance (Main Outlet)

- Shaw Amphitheatre

- Rainforest Kidzworld

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Places to Visit near Singapore Zoo

1. River SafariIt is a gorgeous zoo with the theme of the river and aquarium. A great place to visit surely near the Singapore Zoo as it is nestled in between the zoo and the Night Safari. Renowned as Asia’s only and first river theme park, it is a fun and relaxing place to spend a vacation with your family.

The place offers you fun boat rides that prove to be the main highlight that takes you around the park and make you witness the 10 different ecosystems with around 300 species of animals. The timings to visit this place is 10 am till 7:30 pm. Get the tickets of River Safari

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2. Rainforest Kidzworld: When looking for places to visit near the Singapore Zoo then the highlight is the Rainforest Kidzworld. Meant for the young ones it is themed to be an enthralling animal wonderland. The kids can have fun and participate in the endless list of tasks at this place.

Activities like petting goats, feeding the animals, or hopping on a pony for a ride will keep the little ones entertained. Also, there is a water playground too where they can head over to have a splash and go look around for the cute furry little animals.

3. Night Safari: Considered as one of the most famous tourist spots in Singapore it is the world’s first-midnight zoo. One should absolutely check out this night zoo offering you tram rides and also walking trails that take you through those magnificent rainforests past the elephants, leopards, and the royal tigers.

It shelters home to around 900 animals out of which 41% are endangered. The timings to visit this place are from 7:15 pm up till midnight. The Night Safari regularly features cultural performances, tribal dances, and blowpipe demonstrations also. Book the tickets of Night Safari at flat 28% off

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4. Jurong Bird Park: Enjoy an intimate encounter with the avian species at Jurong Bird Park, the largest aviary in Asia. Covering an area of 20.2 hectares on the western slope of Jurong hills, this bird-themed aviary offers both dry and wet play zones along with a game room for kids and a multi-purpose pavilion.

It houses a collection of over five thousand birds from four species, and the main attraction of this bird park is the Waterfall Aviary, one of the largest walk-in aviaries in the world. Get a chance to be acquainted with some of the most beautiful birds during their feeding session or enjoy lip-smacking delicacies while watching different types of parrots.

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Tips for Visiting Singapore Zoo 

- You can book your tickets online for the Zoo visit prior only so that you don’t need to wait in the queue at the ticket counter.

- For the people looking out for the bus service to drop you to the Singapore Zoo, they can book their seats on the Mandai Express. It picks you up in the morning from various locations and drops you at the zoo.

- People visiting with babies or young children can rent prams and wagons as the distance is a lot to cover inside the zoo.

- One should always carry a hat when visiting the zoo as the tropical weather of the zoo can become extremely hot.

- Carry your water bottles as the place aims to conserve water and so they suggest to bring your reusable bottles. They can be refilled at the water cooler provided at the Ah Meng Bistro.

- Animal shows are known to be a great part of visiting the zoo. After the show ends one should wait around and meet the animals. One can also get a chance to click a picture with them.

- One should bring swimwear for their kids when they visit the Rainforest Kidzworld in the Singapore Zoo as it is a water playground for kids.

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Day Wise Timings
Open Today
Normal Timings:
08:30 AM to 06:00 PM
Normal Timings:
08:30 AM to 06:00 PM
Normal Timings:
08:30 AM to 06:00 PM
Normal Timings:
08:30 AM to 06:00 PM
Normal Timings:
08:30 AM to 06:00 PM
Normal Timings:
08:30 AM to 06:00 PM
Normal Timings:
08:30 AM to 06:00 PM
Point of Interest for Singapore Zoo
Splash Safari Show

Splash Safari Show

Get ready to have a wet and wacky time by enjoying a splash safari, an action-packed show starring an amazing sea lion. During this fantastic animal show, you can capture a sea lion doing a flip and splashing in the water, balancing a ball on its nose, doing summersaults, and catching the ball.

You can enjoy many other interesting activities that will tickle your bones and make you feel awe-struck seeing the talent of the animals.

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Animal Friends Show

Animal Friends Show

This is an amazing animal show featuring some domestic animals like cats and dogs that were once abandoned pets. The show is organized at Rainforest Kidzworld Amphitheatre, which is Singapore Zoo's children's area.

You can see here the classic cat-and-mouse escapade that you usually see in cartoons and watch the dogs making gravity-defying jumps. Your kids can interact with the animals and even click pictures with them after the show

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Elephant Presentation Show

Elephant Presentation Show

Elephant Presentation is a great show that gives you a chance to know about the unique personalities and quirks of five female Asian elephants. Come find out how friendly, intelligent, strong, and gentle these elephants are by attending this show.

During the show, you can watch five female elephants Komali, Gambir, Jati, Aprilia forage, and Intan, interact with each other and the keepers. The show promises to be an educational experience and aims to raise conservation awareness.

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Rainforest Fights Back Show

Rainforest Fights Back Show

This engaging and entertaining show features a diverse range of unique rainforest animals. You might even get a chance to get closer to a snake and click amazing pictures with them. Be awed as the birds jump and fly above and show their amazing skills and find out how these animals' lives have been affected by humans.

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Circle of Life Tour

Circle of Life Tour

There is a specially held ‘circle of life tour’ edition, that gives you unforgettable experiences. You meet several species of the Pride Land and get a chance to feed animals like the Rhino, Cheetah, and not just that it makes you go on a journey to experience the strength of the king of the jungle, ‘Lion’. You can book a tour only for children of ages 3-12 for 65 USD and adults 95 USD.

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Wild Discover Tour

Wild Discover Tour

Book a buggy and hop on to go round the places through this ride and let the guide show you the variable living beings in this pure and natural habitat of their own. You also get a chance to know the animals and feed some of them like giraffes and rhinos. It will charge you 38 USD for adults whereas for children of ages 3-12, 25USD.

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Tourism Board Alliances

Singapore Zoo FAQs

What is unique about Singapore Zoo?

Singapore zoo is known to be unique for its grand and modern trend of displaying various species of animals in their natural and beautifully landscaped open habitats. Attracting over 1.7 million visitors each year it becomes a top-notch zoo in the world. With over 2530 number of animals and 315 different species, it is the most unique zoo. And what else makes it more extraordinary is that it holds the largest colony of the orangutans in the whole world.

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What are the facilities available inside Singapore Zoo?

  • Room for nursing
  •  ATM
  •  In-park wifi
  •  First Aid
  •  Lockers
  •  Prayer Room
  •  Mobility Access
  •  Rain Gear
  •  Wild macaques
  •  Wheelchair assistance

What types of animals are in Singapore Zoo?

Providing shelter to more than 2800 animals it has become a home to 315 species. There are a lot of types of animals one can find here. It is home to approximately 300 species of animals like mammals, reptiles or birds. One can find Elephants, Orang Utan, Sun Bear, Crocodile, Mouse Deer, Reticulated Python, Malayan Tapir, etc and many other animals in the Singapore Zoo.

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Are there kangaroos in Singapore Zoo?

Yes, Singapore Zoo holds the species of kangaroos too. The Singapore Zoo contributes a part in the Global Species Management plan i.e. GSMP that is especially known for the Goodfellow's kangaroo. And so according to the current list of animals the Singapore Zoo now holds approximately five Goodfellow tree kangaroos from around fifty of them that are present in the whole world.They are kept under good care and support in the Singapore Zoo.

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Which are the Singapore's best selling activities you can book via Thrillophilia?

Can I participate in the 'feed the animals' sessions?

Yes, one can surely participate in the ‘feed the animals’ session if you wish to. You are allowed to buy food from the site of the session itself and feed them by yourself. But keep in mind that you can feed the animals only on selected exhibits and not without the permission of the keeper.

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Can I bring food into the park?

Yes, you are allowed to bring food to the park, in fact, it is suggested that you should get some food before arriving at the zoo. Many food outlets in Singapore does allow you the food ‘takeaway’ thing so that you can carry it along with you while you capture the enigma of the place and suffice your hunger at any time. So be all packed up before visiting the zoo as it will be a long day inside the zoo.

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Can I bring my stroller or wheelchair into the park?

Yes, one can carry their wheelchair or stroller into the park. The only thing you should keep in mind that you will have to take care of that by yourself. Also, if you take the tram to the zoo then please keep a note that you will have to fold the wheelchair or stroller before boarding the tram.

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What are the rules and regulations at the Singapore Zoo?

1. Don't venture into prohibited areas or try to harm the animals.
2. Do not tease the animals or throw stones at them.
3. Keep your hands and feet within the tram and stay seated comfortably while enjoying the rides.
4. The commercial use of photos or filmed footage is strictly prohibited in the zoo without official consent.
5. The zoo is smoke-free, so you can't smoke inside the park.
6. Switch flash photography in your camera while taking pictures of the animals.
7. Rollerblades, skate scooters, tricycles, and inline skates are not permitted inside the zoo.

Singapore Zoo Reviews

Krishna Gopinath
Reviewed: 03 Nov 2022
Once the vouchers are delivered , you can just directly walk in to the Zoo after scanning the bar code. Once inside the Tram is very convenient if travelling with kids as they might refuse to walk for longer time. Was able to spend some quality time with family in the Zoo.  Thanks Thrillophillia fo... Read More
Krishna Gopinath
Krishna Gopinath
Krishna Gopinath
Krishna Gopinath
Jani Lahde
Reviewed: 16 Jan 2024
All good!
Jani Lähde
Reviewed: 02 Jan 2023
Nice greenery snd animals
Chetana Hosamani
Reviewed: 11 Oct 2022
Zoo experience was good kids can enjoy here and it was easy for us to cover as we were having advanced tickets from this website but you need to download entrance ticket once your date and time confirmed or if not so crowd you can do it on spot as well
Chetana Hosamani
Chetana Hosamani
Manoj Ajgaonkar
Reviewed: 19 Jul 2022
Excellent day spent with our 10 year old daughter. The zoo is an outstanding experience for people of all ages and a mist visit while in singapore. Booking through Thrillophilia was an extremely seamless experience with prompt support on WhatsApp chat. PS: We paid extra for the team ride, however it... Read More
Akash Agrawal
Reviewed: 16 Apr 2022
Being able to book tickets to Singapore Zoo online with such great deals was what caught my attention. Had a great time amidst the wildlife and this deal even offers a team ride. Thrillophilia also provided assistance with a guide and transport in the deal. Great opportunity for a fun day.

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