Singapore Zoo, Singapore: How To Reach, Best Time & Tips
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Singapore Zoo Tours & Activities

About Singapore Zoo

Do you wish to have a wondrous ecological experience with around 2800 different animals gathering more than 300 different species? Well, then get set to explore the adventures in Singapore at this magnanimous zoo that leaves you, awestruck while you, witness the lifestyle of multiple species that inherit from the tropical rainforests. Renowned in the whole world, Singapore Zoo is one of the rarest wildlife conservation centers that follow the ‘Open Concept’. The place holds a very strong position in conserving wildlife and the breeding programs at the international level.

Stretched across 28 hectares of the land area one should take a while away from all the glam of the city of Singapore and take a day to experience nature's paradise that is kept treasured in the wildlife reserves of the Singapore Zoo. It has provided a home to many species of animals including pandas, giraffes, kangaroos, orangutans, elephants, lions, sea-lions, tigers and koalas of which 30- 40 percent are threatened. The animals are sheltered here in a spacious and landscaped area, keeping in mind the natural habitat that gives them a homely feel.

Flaunting over 40 animal feeding sessions it is a place where you get to bond with the animals. In addition to that, one can also enjoy the photography opportunities, rides and the in house shows which add up to the fun. The zoo has over time evolved to be a one of the best places to visit in Singapore as it became more about learning and interactions to enhance the education of all exhibits. It encourages people to know closely all about wildlife conservation and species of animals in a more engaging manner.

The zoo arranges many different kinds of shows and tours like the splash safari, animal friends show, the circle of life tour, buggy tour, etc. where people get a chance to see and interact with animals. One should surely check out the lush green tropical rainforest conserving the wildlife with all the love and care while you feed the animals and bond with them at the Singapore Zoo.

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Essential Information

Location: As the local people call it, the Singapore Zoo is also known as the Mandai Zoo, as it locates itself on 80 Mandai Lake Rd, Singapore 729826 occupying the 28-hectare land area within Singapore’s forest central catchment area on the boundaries of Upper Seletar Reservoir.

Timings: The ideal timings considered to visit the Singapore Zoo is from 8:30 am till 6 pm. The weekend times are probably the busiest days and the crowd chooses to explore the zoo mostly in the late morning hours.

Price (for locals and foreigners): 
Price for children of age 3- 12 - INR 1742
                                                        Price for people of age 12 - 59 years - INR 2578
                                                        Price for senior citizens of age 60 and above- INR 1184

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Singapore Zoo Admission Pass Types

The Singapore Zoo is an enormous place to visit including many shows and activities being held inside it. For each place or activity admission, there are different types of passes with different price ranges. Few of them are:

- Singapore Zoo with Transfer and Optional Breakfast with Orangutans- INR 2925
- Private Tour: Morning Zoo tour - Jungle Breakfast with Orangutans Option- INR 8255
- Singapore Zoo Admission Ticket- INR 2194
- Zoo (Optional Breakfast with Orangutans) and 2-Way Safari Gate City Transfer- INR 2821
- Admission pass for the following rides have a separate range of prices, i.e. for adults or people of age 12 years and more price is INR 6824 and children of age 3-12 years price is INR 5445.
- Tram rides at Jurong Bird Park, Night Safari and Singapore Zoo
- Wild Animal Carousel ride at Singapore Zoo (child ticket only)
- Amazon River Quest and Reservoir Cruise ride at River Safari.
- Admission to Rainforest Lumina at the Singapore Zoo.

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Places to visit near Singapore Zoo

River Safari: It is a gorgeous zoo with the theme of the river and aquarium. A great place to visit surely near the Singapore Zoo as it is nestled in between the zoo and the Night Safari. Renowned as Asia’s only and first river theme park, it is a fun and relaxing place to spend a vacation with your family. The place offers you fun boat rides that prove to be the main highlight that takes you around the park and make you witness the 10 different ecosystems with around 300 species of animals. The timings to visit this place is 10 am till 7:30 pm. Get the tickets of River Safari at flat 17% off

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Rainforest Kidzworld: When looking for places to visit near the Singapore Zoo then the highlight is the Rainforest Kidzworld. Meant for the young ones it is themed to be an enthralling animal wonderland. The kids can have fun and participate in the endless list of tasks at this place. Activities like petting goats, feeding the animals, or hopping on a pony for a ride will keep the little ones entertained. Also, there is a water playground too where they can head over to have a splash and go look around for the cute furry little animals.

Night Safari: Considered as one of the most famous tourist spots in Singapore it is the world’s first-midnight zoo. One should absolutely check out this night zoo offering you tram rides and also walking trails that take you through those magnificent rainforests past the elephants, leopards, and the royal tigers. It shelters home to around 900 animals out of which 41% are endangered. The timings to visit this place are from 7:15 pm up till midnight. The Night Safari regularly features cultural performances, tribal dances, and blowpipe demonstrations also. Book the tickets of Night Safari at flat 28% off

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Things to do in Singapore Zoo

Wish to explore the wide-ranging outdoor fun? Then get ready to experience the unique and thrilling time in the Singapore zoo that will entice both the old and young.

Getting a tour of the wildlife- Take a tour around the wildlife, it will show you the ways how the animals are fed and taken care of. There are general tours like:

Circle of Life Tour: There is a specially held ‘circle of life tour’ edition, that gives you unforgettable experiences. You meet several species of the Pride Land and get a chance to feed animals like the Rhino, Cheetah, and not just that it makes you go on a journey to experience the strength of the king of the jungle, ‘Lion’. You can book a tour only for children of ages 3-12 for 65 USD and adults 95 USD.

Wild Discover Tour: Book a buggy and hop on to go round the places through this ride and let the guide show you the variable living beings in this pure and natural habitat of their own. You also get a chance to know the animals and feed some of them like giraffes and rhinos. It will charge you 38 USD for adults whereas for children of ages 3-12, 25USD.

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- Experience the fun shows and participate in befriending the animals- You can catch up with many shows that are held at the zoo. You can witness the animals along with their keepers presenting you some awesome talents at the shows like, 
Splash Safari show held for approx. 20 mins making you all wild and wet. The pretty dolphins will jump and splash water onto you while they show you new ways to play with a ball.

- Shaw Foundation Amphitheatre show held in the morning at 10.30am and in the evening at 5.00pm gives you a flash of the zoo and you come to know various fun facts about the animals and the zoo.

- Animal Friends show held for approx. 20 mins. where you are allowed to bond with the beautiful animals and play with them.

- Rainforest Kidzworld Amphitheatre show held in the morning at 11.00am and at noon at 4.00pm. It showcases different species of animals playing and showing their talents while the little kids enjoy the energy of animals.

- Elephant Presentation show held for approx. 20 mins and gives us the view of the majesty of elephants and the strength of his trunk. how playfully showing its skills.

- Elephants of Asia show held in the morning at 11.30am and 3:30 pm at noon displaying the brilliant species of elephants of Asia and how they bond with the visitors.

- Rainforest Fights Back show held for approx. 20 mins

Miscellaneous Activities: One can also choose to camp around the zoo. You can spend some quality time with your family while you look around at the beautiful animals. One can also opt-in the participation of feeding the animals to encourage the kids to learn about animals as the keepers share their side of stories.

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Best Time to Visit Singapore Zoo

The best time of the year to visit is observed during February and April. Though it is considered as a  destination that can be visited throughout the year it is ascertained that these months are found to be less hot and rainy. As for the people hunting for the best hours of the day to visit the Singapore Zoo,  it is a definite suggestion to visit the spot during the late morning hours, as that time is witnessed to be more crowded and filled with people around giving you company. One can also explore the different species of animals being active during those hours and also observe the sight of feeding them.

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Tips for Visiting Singapore Zoo 

- You can book your tickets online for the Zoo visit prior only so that you don’t need to wait in the queue at the ticket counter.
- For the people looking out for the bus service to drop you to the Singapore Zoo, they can book their seats on the Mandai Express. It picks you up in the morning from various locations and drops you at the zoo.
- People visiting with babies or young children can rent prams and wagons as the distance is a lot to cover inside the zoo.
- One should always carry a hat when visiting the zoo as the tropical weather of the zoo can become extremely hot.
- Carry your water bottles as the place aims to conserve water and so they suggest to bring your reusable bottles. They can be refilled at the water cooler provided at the Ah Meng Bistro.
- Animal shows are known to be a great part of visiting the zoo. After the show ends one should wait around and meet the animals. One can also get a chance to click a picture with them.
- One should bring swimwear for their kids when they visit the Rainforest Kidzworld in the Singapore Zoo as it is a water playground for kids.

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How to reach Singapore Zoo from Airport?

One can get through many different ways from Changi airport to the Singapore Zoo, like,

1. Subway:
It takes around 1hour and 27 minutes to reach the zoo charging you under the range of 157- 357 INR. The subway runs from Changi airport via Tanah Merah and City Hall and then drop you at Khatib from where you can hop onto the bus.

2. Bus:
The bus takes 1 hour and 18 minutes charging per person in the range of 103-354 INR. One can take the line 858 bus from Changi Airport PTB2 to Yishun Station 858 or can take from Khatib to Singapore Zoo

3. Taxi:
The taxi will take 28 minutes to reach the Singapore zoo charging you price ranging 1800-2200 INR. The taxi will pick you up from the airport and drop you at the Singapore Zoo directly.

4. Car:
 Driving by way of a car will also take you 28 minutes from the Changi Airport if you opt for the  Upper Changi Road route to reach with the expense of around 290-430 INR.

5. Shuttle:
The shuttle takes 28 minutes to reach at the price of INR 1066. The Singapore Zoo is 31.5 km from the Changi airport that can be reached by a shuttle car

6. Town car:
It also takes 28 minutes to reach if you take the Upper Changi Road route and will charge you only INR 2400- 3400.

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Places to Dine & Shop in Singapore Zoo

Jungle Breakfast With Wildlife: Have you ever wondered how would it be like to have your morning meal with the species of Orangutan? If not, then you should unquestionably try out this beautiful place that gives you this kind of experience. Dining at this place will give you an unforgettable memory as you can also click pictures with the giant family of Orangutans. But do keep in mind the timings of animal appearances are from 9:30 am till 10:30 am at the Ah Meng Restaurant (terrace) to make your breakfast an enticing meal of the day.

Inuka Cafe: A gorgeous cafe with a very blissful ambiance is what one wishes for, amidst the greenery and delightful scenarios of the zoo. The cafe not solely offers you exquisite dishes to savour but also serves you with warmth. So dive in for some delicious dishes like the soft-boiled eggs, yummy kaya toast, and the tasty chendol and suffice your hunger. One can visit this cafe anytime during the day while it is open from 7 am to 8 pm.

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Ah Meng Restaurant:  Serving you with the best meals under a cool and casual ambience and a great variety of food items to choose from the Ah Meng Restaurant is an awesome food spot for you. One can enjoy western as well as local meals like fish & chips, biriyani and a lot more. The place opens at 10:30 am and closes at 4:30 pm.

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For an amazing shopping experience: From a great variety of momentos inspired by the beautiful nature to an array of toys in abundance, one can find many unique things to take home as souvenirs that will give you the memory of a visit to this lovely Singapore Zoo. One can locate these shops in the zoo:

- Zoo entrance (Main Outlet)
- Shaw Amphitheatre
- Rainforest Kidzworld

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Q1. Why is Singapore Zoo famous?

Ans. Singapore Zoo marks its world-famous spot because of being the first one to be known for its open zoo concept. Also, the successful development of the Night Safari in the zoo in 1994 made it grand as it allows people to watch and observe the animals at night time under their natural habitat. Not just that it is also famous for the animals living in landscaped and spacious natural habitat.

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Q2. How do I get to Singapore Zoo?

Ans. One can get to the Singapore Zoo by various means from the Changi Airport. You will be provided with many choices to opt for your conveyance. Availability of bus, subway, taxi, shuttle and a town car is there at the airport. One can choose accordingly considering all the points of price and time taken to cover.

Q3. How long does the Singapore Zoo take?

Ans. The Singapore Zoo begins at 8:30 am and is open till 8 pm. Well, if you wish to capture this magnanimous zoo plus the Night Safari, then the approximate hours to be thoroughgoing the entire zoo plus the Night safari will almost take 2 - 3 hours visiting each part of the Singapore Zoo. One can also enjoy several shows that are held in the zoo that includes animal feeding sessions too.

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Q4. What is unique about Singapore Zoo?

Ans. Singapore zoo is known to be unique for its grand and modern trend of displaying various species of animals in their natural and beautifully landscaped open habitats. Attracting over 1.7 million visitors each year it becomes a top-notch zoo in the world. With over 2530 number of animals and 315 different species, it is the most unique zoo. And what else makes it more extraordinary is that it holds the largest colony of the orangutans in the whole world.

Q5. Are there kangaroos in Singapore Zoo?

Ans. Yes, Singapore Zoo holds the species of kangaroos too. The Singapore Zoo contributes a part in the Global Species Management plan i.e. GSMP that is especially known for the Goodfellow's kangaroo. And so according to the current list of animals the Singapore Zoo now holds approximately five Goodfellow tree kangaroos from around fifty of them that are present in the whole world.They are kept under good care and support in the Singapore Zoo.

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Q6. Can I participate in the 'feed the animals' sessions?

Ans. Yes, one can surely participate in the ‘feed the animals’ session if you wish to. You are allowed to buy food from the site of the session itself and feed them by yourself. But keep in mind that you can feed the animals only on selected exhibits and not without the permission of the keeper.

Q7. Can I bring food into the park?

Ans. Yes, you are allowed to bring food to the park, in fact, it is suggested that you should get some food before arriving at the zoo. Many food outlets in Singapore does allow you the food ‘takeaway’ thing so that you can carry it along with you while you capture the enigma of the place and suffice your hunger at any time. So be all packed up before visiting the zoo as it will be a long day inside the zoo.

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Q8. What types of animals are in Singapore Zoo?

Ans. Providing shelter to more than 2800 animals it has become a home to 315 species. There are a lot of types of animals one can find here. It is home to approximately 300 species of animals like mammals, reptiles or birds. One can find Elephants, Orang Utan, Sun Bear, Crocodile, Mouse Deer, Reticulated Python, Malayan Tapir, etc and many other animals in the Singapore Zoo.

Q9. Can I bring my stroller or wheelchair into the park?

Ans. Yes, one can carry their wheelchair or stroller into the park. The only thing you should keep in mind that you will have to take care of that by yourself. Also, if you take the tram to the zoo then please keep a note that you will have to fold the wheelchair or stroller before boarding the tram.

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