South Ridge Singapore Overview

South Ridge hike is a 10 km walking trail meandering through open greeneries, not so steep tracks that connect Mt. Faber Park, Kent Ridge Park, Hort Park, TelokBlangah Hill Park and Labrador Nature reserve. It is one of the best places to view the panoramic landscape of Singapore City, covered with a blanket of plants and flowers.

Southern Ridges is a 10 km stretched open-air bridge surrounded by lush greenery, offering a serene hike on a lazy afternoon. It's a must-visit for anyone looking for a natural escape from the city hustle and bustle. This destination is popular among both locals and tourists alike. The bridge connects five major parks of the city, including Mt. Faber Park, Kent Ridge Park, Hort Park, TelokBlangah Hill Park, and Labrador Nature Reserve. With our budget-friendly Singapore tour packages, you can experience the breathtaking aerial view of all these parks as you stroll along the manicured pathway of the Ridge.

This place has been a renowned bird-watching spot, where you can witness different species of birds' habitat inside the five parks. Divided into seven different trails, the place offers a unique backdrop to its visitors at every turn. Henderson Wave is one of the most famous trails of Southern Ridges as it offers a rare wave design which is located at the height of 36 meters above sea level. Because of this design, the place has been a hotspot for all photographers, seeking some unique frames to capture. The Henderson Wave also makes it to the top of the highest pedestrian bridge in Singapore. 


• Witness five popular parks of Singapore as you walk through this open air bridge.
• Explore the seven different trails offering a natural backdrop filled with local Singaporean flora and fauna.
• One can discover the unique architectural designs of Henderson Wave and Alexandra Arch, popular among photographers, for capturing different aesthetic moments.
• Enjoy a lively night at the place, as all seven of the trails are lit up in different shades of colors, matching the theme of Southern Ridges.
• A 10 km long hike surrounded by lush greenery, offering scenic 360 degree views of Singapore’s Skyline.

How To Reach


Singapore is very well connected with its MRT connections, and the nearest MRT stop to reach Southern Ridges is LABRADOR PARK MRT STATION (CC27). Reach this station and walk for around 860 meters to reach your destination. 

By Bus

There are around three bust stops present near Southern Ridges, which are located under 300 meters of range. Purchase a ticket for the following Bus stops- 

ISS INTL SCH- 197 meters away from Southern Ridges Singapore

The Interlace- 226 meters away from Southern Ridges Singapore

BEF Telok Blangah Hill PK- 281 meters away from Southern Ridges Singapore

By Car

If you are traveling by your own car, you can find car parking around 500 meters of range of the destination including-

Acacia Medical Clinic- 327 meters away from Southern Ridges 

Telok Blangah CC- 652 meters away from Southern Ridges

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Best Time To Visit

The best time to visit Southern Ridges Singapore is during early evening, where you get to witness the scenery change of the place. Here you get to see the raw natural beauty of the place, and also the colorful lights that lit up the whole Singapore Ridges during the night.

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Other Essential Information

Where to start your journey from

  1. Kent Ridge Park: if you want to experience a full fletch journey of 10 kms hike, then start from Kent Ridge Park, offering an easy detour in the famous Labrador Nature Reserve, latter leading to the standard hiking route. The total duration of this hiking route can be approximately 9 hours. 
  2. Labrador Park MRT: If you have less time on your plate, you can start from Labrador Park MRT, where you will get to see the diverse trails, so that you can experience almost all types of things this place has to offer. It will take you approx 5 hours or more to complete the hike through this route, leaving Kent Ridge Park and HortPark behind. 
  3. Alexandra Arch: Offering the smallest hiking route, start your journey directly from the Alexandra Arch leading straight to Telok Blangah Hill Park in approx. 2-3 hours. 
  4. Mount Faber: If you want to conquer the hard part first then start your journey from the Marang trail leading from Mount Faber. It is suggested to end your hike here as you get to see the sunset through the Mount Faber Cable Car system.

Trails in Southern Ridges Singapore

1.Marang Trail: A beautiful trail, offering peaceful sounds of the secondary forests, where you can explore various species of local flora and fauna. Walk through the tranquil path dotted with turp tuip trees, which are nestled with cicadas, and enjoy a relaxing time in nature.

2.Faber Walk: Passing through the great Mount Faber Park, this trail offers a peaceful and well manicured path to hike through. While hiking through this sloppy trail one can witness a panoramic view of Mount Faber park along with the famous Merlin Sculpture. 

3.Henderson Waves: One of the most popular trails of Southern Ridges Singapore is Henderson Waves, known as the highest pedestrian bridge of Singapore. The place offers a unique wave-like design, making it a popular place to jog and explore different migratory birds. 

4.Hilltop Walk: Passing through Telok Blangah Hill Park, this trail offers a easy hike upto to the downhill Terrace Garden, offering a 360 degree view of the Singapore skyline. Filled with lush greenery the place is perfect for a relaxing walk through the decks of bougainvillea. 

5.Forest Walk: The forest walk offers two types of trails for you to experience the serene beauty of Singapore, one known as Elevated Walkway, made with a metal bridge dotted with lush flora and fauna, and other known as Earth Walkway, for more rugged and raw experience. 

6.Alexandra Arch: A 80 meter long bridge connecting Forest Walk to Floral walk, offering a smooth path ending at beautiful HortPark. This trail is famous for its creative architecture, which looks like an open leaf decorated with a 70 degree tilted curve. The curve lit up during night, showcasing different shades of colors complimenting the nearby parks.

7.Floral Walk: Known as the gateway to serene HortPark, this trail is dotted with blooming floral species. Around 100 different species of flowers are present in this small trail, where you get to hike in this pretty scented manicured path with your loved ones. This is the second end of the Southern Ridges Singapore, where one can end their beautiful 10 km journey or they can also start their journey from here and move towards the Marang Trail.

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Tips For Southern Ridges Singapore 

  • Almost all the hiking trails are well paved and smooth, hence no special hiking equipment is needed here, so pack light. 
  • A hiking stick can be used during Mount Faber journey.
  • It is a long stretch of hike, hence good quality hiking shoes will be advisable to wear. 
  • Dress comfortably as the distance is long.
  • Carry enough water to stay hydrated, but don’t overload your backpack with water, there are few vending machines practically located on the route.

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Point of Interest for South Ridge Singapore
Mount Faber Park

Mount Faber Park

 Known as the most famous park of Singapore, Mount Faber is situated on the second highest peak of the city, offering a panoramic view of the forest. The place is filled with lush green beauty and is home to one of the Southern Ridges trails offering amazing views amidst a natural bliss. 

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One of the most well maintained parks of the city, the place offers a combination of well manicured gardens, offering a perfect space for picnics for all its visitors. One can enjoy an aerial view of this beautifully landscaped park through the Southern Ridges Singapore, as they hike through this open air attraction.

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Labrador Nature Reserve

Labrador Nature Reserve

A famous WWII site, offering 11 species of butterflies, 70 different species of birds and a variety of towering trees, Labrador Nature Reserves welcomes all nature enthusiasts to explore.

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Kent Ridge Park

Kent Ridge Park

The place has been one of the best spots to explore different species of birds, surrounded in the dense local vegetation. The place is very popular among locals as well as eco-tourists, offering an aerial view of the place through Southern Ridges Singapore. 

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Telok Blangah Hill Park

Telok Blangah Hill Park

A spacious park is popularly known for its serene setting, perfect for a couple's photoshoot. Hence, making it the photographer's first choice for pre-wedding and post-wedding shoots.

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South Ridge Singapore FAQs

How long is Southern Ridges Singapore hike?

The Southern Ridges Singapore is a 10 kms hiking trail, with seven different themed hiking trails offering different experiences and park scenery as you pass through this open air bridge surrounded by nature.

How do you walk up to Mount Faber?

Hike up to the top of Mount Faber through Malang Trail, offering an upward slope surrounded by dense forest and beautiful species of flora and fauna. Or for a short cut, start from the famous Henderson wave and enter the Mount Faber trail to reach the cable car system.

How much time does it take to complete Southern Ridges Hike?

It depends on the person to person, but an approx of 6-9 hours can be allocated to hike your way through this 10 kms long hiking route.

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