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  • If there’s one thing Singaporeans know, it’s great food and once here you’ll be overwhelmed by the choices and confluence of cuisines and cultures that contribute to the amazing delectable food.

    From the many hawker restaurants to gourmet venues spearheaded by Michelin star chefs, you’ll soon discover that food is a significant part of Singapore’s culture and that travelling to the other side of the island in search of a good meal is nothing out of the ordinary.

    With its rich multicultural heritage, Singapore has a variety of cuisine to cater for its diverse population – and is often considered to be the food capital of Asia. Local cuisine includes dishes from different parts of Asia, along with Malay food, southern and northern Indian cuisine, basically featuring a blend of flavors from China, Malaysia and Indonesia.

    International cuisine is widely available too, including Thai, Korean, Vietnamese, Mongolian and Japanese.

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    A rise in gourmet venues run by leading chefs in recent years has given way to a new style of eating out, here are some of the restaurants in Singapore you can’t miss. 

    Here are some Best Restaurants in Singapore:

  • 01Iggy’s

    It is known to be the best restaurant in Singapore and one of the finest in the world. It is the first restaurant in Singapore to enter in the S. Pellegrino List. The place is named after the renowned hotelier Ignatius Chan. It is quite difficult to categorize the cuisine as the menu is an array of different combinations of European, Western and Eastern dishes. Most of the dishes are created by the founder that has the flavours of Asian, European and Australian cuisines. The dishes have unusual names such as Bonito, Chlorophyll etc.

    Highlights: Winner of Asia’s best restaurant (thrice), Iggy’s boasts 8 unique and authentic coarse meals made with unusual combinations of flavours and spices.

    Signature Dish
    : Cappellini, Ingredients: Sakura ebi, Konbu and Shellfish Oil.

    Location: Hilton Hotel, Orchard Road, Singapore.

    Hours Open: 12 – 1:20 pm and 7 to 9:30 pm Monday to Saturday.

    Cuisine: European, Western

    Price: Starts at S $125 
  • 02JAAN

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    Another supreme in Singapore which has left its mark in S. Pellegrino List, Jaan is a dedicated French Cuisine restaurant. Stemmed from the Sanskrit word for ‘Bowl’, Jaan’s menu is handpicked and customised contemporary French gastronomy from the proficient himself, Chef de cuisine Kirk Westaway, winner of 2015’s S. Pellegrino Young Chef award in Southeast Asia. The eatery can accommodate 40 people and is architected with Murano Crystal and Silver free form Chandelier. The resto boasts a scenic backdrop overlooking the Singaporean landscape. The recipes have the roots of traditional French ingredients.

    Highlight: JAAN has exquisite world class wine collection featuring over 500 labels of old and new world wines. The menu is created using seasonal ingredients while developing a perfect balance of flavours and spices

    Location: Equinox Complex, Stamford Rd, Singapore.

    Hours Open: 12 – 2:30 pm and 7 – 11 pm

    Cuisine: French.

    Price: S $ 214 
  • 03Rhubarb

    If you are in the lookout for a delicate French restaurant which serves elegant yet subtle dishes, displaying French interiors accompanied by soothing music, then Rhubarb Le Restaurant on top of the Duxton Hill is meant for you. The place is owned by Brit Chef Paul Longworth and French Maîtred Jerome Desfonds and features two levels of dining, one for private dinner (12 seats) and the other is a 30 seated cosy dining. The restaurant also includes most sought after French Wines by Jerome.

    Highlights: The restaurant has an open kitchen where you can observe the chefs cooking. The lunch has 3 coarse set menus that have some mouth-watering dishes like Brasied beef with gem lettuce, Pork Tenderloin with Caramelised apples, Red snapper fillet with tomatoes and dill etc. Location: Duxton Hill, Singapore.


    Hours open: 11:45 am to 2:30 pm and 6:30 to 10pm.

    Cuisine: French (main), Western and European.

    Average Price: S $ 156

    It’s been only 5 years, yet the Restaurant André has melted hearts of many visitors. In the elite gastronomy worldAndrés sophistication, elegant dishes, unique character and philosophy has surpassed other 10 year old eateries’ reputation. The place is led by André Chiang who is also a chef here. The restaurant has lavish 8 course menu exclusive of wines, desserts and bouches that parades the chef’s proficiency in multi-faceted cuisine. The dishes’ main ingredients and techniques is dominated by French essence but is topped with Chinese, Taiwanese and European aromas and flavours.

    Highlights: Set in one of the shophouses of Singapore’s China Town, the restaurant also includes an array of artefacts for sale such as art pieces, handcrafts, French wines and handmade clay figurines by the master Chef Chiang himself.

    Location: BhukitPasohrd, Singapore.

    Hours Open: Monday to Sunday 7 – 11 pm and 12 – 3 pm (Wednesdays and Fridays lunch).

    Cuisine: French and Mediterranean.

    Price: S$ 350 (dinner) and $ 198 (lunch) 
  • 05Les Amis

    Les Amis denotes ‘The Friends’ in French and is truly worthy of its name. The French Restaurant led by the head Chef Sebastian Lepinoy is one of the first independent fine –dining eateries in the region. The restaurant, inaugurated in 1994 by 4 buddies,which has recently gone through a magnum renovation by Tan Kay Ngee resulting in sophisticated French architecture. The restaurant is 2 storeys and thekitchen operates on meticulous French techniques with a slight tuning of Asian flavours.

    Highlights: 3 private rooms, and one Chef’s room overlooking the open Kitchen. The restaurant has two huge wine cellars with more than 3000 bottles of French wines. Also, if you need a place to party, the 3 private rooms can be changed into one huge dining space for such special occasions. It can accommodate upto 70 members.

    Location: Shaw Centre, Scotts Road, Singapore

    Hours Open: 12 – 2 pm and 7 to 9:30 pm. Sunday closed

    Cuisine: French 
  • 06Burnt Ends

    The ultimate Australian Barbeque is in Singapore. Led by Dave Pynt, this huge open kitchen dining space is an ideal haunt to hang around and enjoy some steamy and spicy Australian grilled cuisine. Dave Pynt apparently had a knack to play with fire and with the encouragement from André Chiang, he opened this fine dine. The place displays a unique Barbeque experience featuring customised 4 tonne, dual cavity oven fired with almond and apple woods and 3 elevation grills.

    Highlights: Each day new menu is been added or created but the signature dishes remain as it is and served every day. Also find Dave Pynt’s homeland special wines in the bar along with cocktails and beers.

    Location: Teck Lim Rd, Singapore

    Signature Dishes: Smoked quail eggs, crispy salmon, roasted quail and pulled pork with slaw

    Hours Open: Tuesdays to Saturdays – 6pm to 12 am / Wednesdays to Saturday 11: 45 am to 2 pm/ Sunday, Monday closed

    Cuisine: Australian  
  • 07Corner House

    The corner house will definitely remind you of the time period where pocket watches, bonnets, curricles, cigars and high tea were part of daily affairs. The corner house is set in a two storey bungalow built in the 1910s. The name is derived from the owner of the place, EJH Corner. The menu specialises in authentic European cuisine with a variety from French and western dishes as well. The 60 seated café is amidst the botanic gardens and the menu also pronounces the same elements.

    Highlights: The place vaunts four corners; The reading corner, a waiting area with bookshelves; Claret Corner, beverage area which can be converted into a private 8 seated room, the whispering corner perfect for a romantic dinner and the veranda, the open patio dining space.

    Location: EJH Corner House, Clunny Road, Singapore

    Hours open: Tues to Sat – 12:00 to 15:00 and 18:30 to 23:00 and Sundays – 11:30 to 15:00/ Mondays closed

    Cuisine: European 
  • 08Wild Rocket

    Wild Rocket has the ambience of Japanese wilderness mixed with beach side café. Chef Willin, the executive chef describes his Wild Rocket menu as Man Sin which means Modern Singapore. He believes that the essence of true cuisine lies in the street hawker’s food. This as a concept, the chef recreated few of the street foods further by adding his culinary touch and enhanced flavours.

    Highlights: The restaurant has a tranquillity of a hill side and striking resemblance of Japanese dining, tokonoma. The restaurant specialises in al a carte and 4 coarse menus, a wide variety of wines and finally, the signature menu, Omakese which is served only on reservation.

    Signature Dish: Omakese Menu (only at reservation)

    Location: Hangout Hotel, Mt. Emily

    Hours open: Monday to Saturday – 12:00 to 15:00 and 18:30 to 22:30 / Sundays closed

    Cuisine: Singaporean

    Average Price: Between S$ 100 to S$ 140 
  • 09Waku Ghin

    Waku Ghin, the dream come true of Chef Tetsuya, is the one of the most beautiful restaurants of Singapore projecting the values and cuisines of Japan. The colour silver dominates the entire place including its name, Waku meaning Arise (from hot spring) and Ghin denoting Silver. The Eatery features an in house bar, 3 private cocoon rooms and one huge dining hall. Chef Tetsuya’s management is excellent; he makes sure each room is allotted with a chef who personally oversees the requirements of customers.

    Highlights: The Bar specialises in Japanese cocktails and shakes that has the authenticity of the region. Waku Ghin’s cuisine celebrated their happiness after receiving a prestigious award recently; it was ranked 39th in World’s 50 Best Restaurants.


    Signature Dishes: Marinated Botan Shrimp with Sea Urchin and Caviar, and Wagyu with Wasabi and Citrus Soy

    Location: Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

    Hours open: Mon to Sun – 6 pm to 8:30 pm

    Cuisine: Japanese 
  • 10Gunther’s

    One of the Asia’s top 50 restaurants, Gunther’s Cuisine dominates the flavour of France followed by Asia and Europe . If you are looking for some subtle yet tongue tickling dishes that would take you to a trip in France, then you should hunt down Gunther’s and boost your mood and taste buds. A quirky ambience, friendly staffs and not too heavy on the pockets, Gunther is perfect for family celebration or an elegant business meeting.

    Highlight: Everyday, Chef Gunther adds a special menu to the cart which is not available in the main menu. The ingredients of the cart menu will also be displayed for your imagination. The weekday set lunch menu has a 3 coarse appetizing meal.


    Signature Dish: Oscietra Caviar

    Location: Purvis Street, Singapore

    Hours Open: 12 to 3 pm and 6:30 to 10: 30 pm (Monday to Saturday) Sunday closed

    Cuisine: French, European and Asian

    Price: Starts at S$38 
  • 11Din Tai Fung

    Din Tai Fung is one of the most renowned chains of Taiwanese restaurantsin Singapore whose cuisines will take your tastebuds to a joyful ride. Din Tai Fung is an international brand and its franchise rights has been taken over by the BreadTalkGroup in 2003. Today the brand has 20 outlets in Singapore serving equal portion of love to its customer.

    Highlights: One of the busiest chain of restaurants (in spite of owning 20 branches), Din Tai Fung preserves the ultimate Taiwanese culture through its menu. Listed in the top 10 best restaurants by New York Times, Din Tai Fung specialised in dumplings and soups.

    Location: 20 Branches, oldest is in the Paragaon Shopping Centre

    Signature Dishes: Xiao Long Baos (steamed pork dumplings), chicken soup and braised beef noodles

    Hours Open: Mon to Fri – 11:00 to 22:00 / Sat, Sun and Public Holidays – 10:00 to 22:00

    Cuisine: Taiwanese (main), Chinese and Asian 
  • 12Skyve Wine Bistro

    Skyve Wine Bistro is the best wine bistro open all day at Singapore. The place boasts a European flair and fare. The bistro offers different menus for different purposes and time of the day such as al a carte, breakfast, brunch, lunch, bar snacks and takeaway menu. The restaurant also possesses different styles of catering for customers to choose from. The ambience is perfect, surrounded by lush landscape that also makes a perfect getaway with your friends.

    Highlights: Enjoy some amazing live music by local bands on weekends. The wine bistro has more than 70+ labels of good wine starting at $49. Enjoy lots of varieties in sea food, meat and veg, impeccable service and cosy atmosphere.

    Signature Dish: Spicy Kalbi Beef Short Ribs and wines of course

    Location: Winstedt road, Singapore

    Hours open: Monday to Thursday – 12 – 11pm / Friday to Sunday – 10 am to 12 pm

    Avg. Price: $70- 100 
  • 13NOX - Dine in the Dark

    Ok, now this is a very unusual place to dine and is highly recommended for the experience you will go through. The restaurant explains a very different concept – feel everything with your taste buds and not sight. The food is served by visually impaired hosts in complete darkness; it challenges you to surrender your sense of vision temporarily. The aim of the restaurant is for you to open your deeper conscious and mind by taking away the most dominant of all senses, sight.

    Highlights: Takes you on an expedition through taste, smell, touch and sound. You will be guided by trained blind staffs and is a lifetime experience where roles are reversed. Head Chef de Cuisine has prepared some fine yet interesting recipes with signature cocktails and exclusive wine collection.

    Location: Beach rd, Singapore

    Hours Open: 6pm to 12 am / Saturdays and Sundays- 5pm to 11 pm

    Cuisine: European

    Avg. Price: S$105 (includes a 3 coarse meal) 
  • 14Osteria Mozza

    OsteriaMozza is a well-known Italian Restaurant in Los Angeles which has now set its foot on Singapore. The eatery specialises in tantalizing Italian cuisine and the bar displays more than 700 varieties of wines exclusively obtained from Italy. The resto-bar is an American Styled Italian ambience offering three coarse pre-theatre menu of antipasti, main coarse and dessert. It has quite a few accolades under its name such as Asia’s 50 best restaurants and one of the 10 best restaurants in Singapore by the Elite Traveller.
    Highlight: The only authentic Italian resto-bar in Marina Bay Sands with a beaming mozzarella in the centre displaying an array of sumptuous pastries, mozzarella, burricotta and burrata cheese. The pastas are absolutely dreamy and creamy. Make prior reservation for better service.


    Location: Marina Sands Bay, Sinagpore

    Hours Open: 5 – 11 pm every day, Sunday Lunch at 12 pm

    Cuisine: Italian

    Avg. Price: S$ 150 
  • 15Carousel Buffet, Royal Plaza on Scotts

    It is one of the finest International brand Buffet Restaurants in Singapore catering to a wide variety of tastes, including 7 open halal certified kitchens. The menu contains sumptuous dishes from different parts of the world such as Asian, European, Japanese and Mediterranean. Carousal has won The Best Buffet Restaurant in Singapore for 6 consecutive years which made it to enter the Hall of Fame atAsiaOne People’s Choice Award.

    Highlights: Enjoy signature dishes from the Chef themselves. 12 sheer pleasure giving sea food menu on the card including Japanese Sushi and Shashimi, three urban dessert counters for the sweet buffs and delicious Teppanyaki selections. Prior reservations are also welcomed.


    Location: Royal Plaza, Scots rd, Singapore

    Hours open: BF 6:30 to 10:00/ Lunch-12:00 to 14:00/ High Tea- 15:30 to 5:30/Dinner – 18:30 to 21:30

    Cuisine: Buffet Asian and Mediterranean

    Avg price: Dinner starts at S$ 89.45