Airzone Singapore Overview

Airzone is a suspended play area filled with ball pits in a six-storey mall. Covering the atrium of the mall, the nets here cover from level 2 to level 6 and the levels are connected by slides to reach from one point to another. This open play area has various activities for you to enjoy, hence visiting here is truly worth it. 

The world's first concept, 'AIRZONE' is situated in Singapore. The playzone is located in the City Square Mall with a suspended area filling up the atrium with nets to walk, giant bouncy falls to jump and long slides to get excited.

The AIRZONE attraction is an elevated playground with distinct themed zones offering unique games, providing a totally unique experience for both young and old. Explore the ball pit, relax and play with your friends in the transit area, get lost in the maze, or go all the way to LVL 6 and enjoy the slide.  If you're planning a getaway, consider exploring Singapore tour packages from India. So come see for yourself and experience the thrill and fun!

Airzone is a levelled-up replica of the playgrounds we used to play on when we were kids. As you bounce and slide around here, you'll feel like a carefree kid all over again. It is one such that in Singapore which will take you back in the timeline back to your childhood days. You will get to enjoy a wide range of exciting indoor activities with a feeling of being carefree in zero gravity.

This place is designed and crafted to the top notch industry standards giving you a chance to enjoy till you are not tired without worrying about the safety issues. It also has a dedicated lounge area where participants can rest, chill, and relax when they are tired indulging in the activities. 

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• Airzone Singapore lets you enjoy zero gravity in its suspended playground filling the atrium of City Square.
• Release the child within you and explore the 3d Maze that will challenge your stamina.
• Moonwalking is no longer a far fetched fantasy as you will get to enjoy the feel of being weightless.
• It offers an elevated ball pit and giant slides that are all held up in the air to give you a chance to jump into with thrill.
• The ball pit has got about 50000 giant balls hanging across level 3 gives you a chance to jump straight into it. You will completely find yourself submerged in the ball and there is no need of finding the perfect balance.

How To Reach

By MRT: Take a MRT to Farrer Park MRT Station and as soon as you exit it, you will find the City Square Mall in front of you. 

By Road: The Airzone Singapore is located in City Square Mall which is well connected to all the major hotels and famous tourist attractions. You can hire a taxi or book a cab to easily reach here in no time. 

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Best Time To Visit

The best time to visit the Airzone Singapore is during the opening hours when the crowd is less. If you are travelling in a group, you can avail the morning slot so that you can get more space to yourselves. 

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Other Essential Information

Here is the list of best places to visit near AirZone Singapore:

1. Marina Bay Sands Singapore: Marina Bay Sands Singapore happens to be one of the iconic hotels in the world that features ultimate luxury for its guests. With one of the largest rooftop infinity pools, shopping destinations, entertrainment options, and award winning dining facility. The rooms of the hotel are very much spacious and are known to offer picture perfect views of the cityscape.

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2. Gardens by the Bay: The Gardens by the bay is a wonderful nature park that is spread over an area of 101 hectares in the Central Region of Singapore. The garden is located adjacent to the Marina Reservoir and it has got three waterfront gardens in total - Bay South Garden, Bay Central Garden, and Bay East Garden.

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3. Singapore Flyer: Singapore Flyer is a giant observation wheel that stands amidst the skyscrapers within the Singapore skyline. If you wish to get the magnificent views of the city, then this is one of the go-to attractions. The Singapore Flyer takes you around 165 meters above the ground to almost 42 storeys so that you can marvel at the spectacular scenery below.

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4. National Museum of Singapore: Visiting the National Museum of Singapore, you will get to know more about the traditional values and culture of Singapore. The Public Historical center of Singapore lets you witness the captivating story of Singapore in a way that is both fun and fulfilling.

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5. ArtScience Museum: ArtScience Museum is one of the most sought after museums in Singapore that is located within the integrated resort of Marina Bay Sands. The ArtScience Museum has been host to some of the renowned exhibitions in the past that have actually pushed the boundaries of Science, Knowledge, and Technology.

Apart from all these, the museum is home to one of the largest collections of Abyssal creatures ever showcased in Southeast Asia.

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6. Clarke Quay: Located on the traditional centre close to the banks of Singapore River, Clarke Quay happens to be a wonderful place that is ornamented with a beautiful colonial era architecture and its boisterous transformation after the sunset. You will come across some of the thriving nightclubs here where you can have a great night time with your friends.

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Places to Eat near Airzone Singapore

1. Waterfall Ristorante Italiano: Waterfall Ristorante Italiano is a very popular eatery in Airzone Singapore as it offers fresh seafood and homemade pasta to the guests. You will also come across an extensive wine collection in this place and if you are a coffee lover, then there is good news for you. The Baristas are trained to brew the perfect Illy cuppa throughout the day for coffee lovers.

2. Stuff'd: Stuff'd is a fast-food restaurant in Singapore serving a mix of Mexican and Turkish food. Some of the most popular recipes of this place are Burritos and Tacos. 

3. Itacho Sushi: Itacho Sushi serves an array of true Japanese sushi that gives you a chance to relish the freshness and herbal sweetness in their top-class sashimi. The chef adds a minimal seasoning to the Sushi in order to give you flavour of the herbal umami.

4. The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf: The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf is one of the world’s leading roaster and retailer of specialty coffee and tea Leaf. Visiting this place, you must try out the Royal Tea as well as an all-day tea special. If you are coming over to this place during the festive season, then you can enjoy some special festive holiday beverages.

5. The Line: The Line buffet is simply extensive and beautiful from all corners. With numerous live-cooking stations, The Line has buffets available for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

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Tips for Visiting Airzone Singapore

- You are not allowed to re-enter the Airzone with a single ticket.

- You need to put on long sleeve tops that can be tucked in when required. You should also wear sturdy closed toe shoes and shorts.

- Children under the age of 5 must be accompanied by an adult

- The maximum allowable weight of the participants must not exceed 120 kg.

- Indulging in the activities of Airzone Singapore is not at all suggested for expectant mothers and individuals who are wearing casts. 

- You are not allowed to eat and drink inside the premises of Airzone. 

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Day Wise Timings
Open Today
Normal Timings:
11:40 AM to 08:40 PM
Normal Timings:
11:40 AM to 08:40 PM
Normal Timings:
11:40 AM to 08:40 PM
Normal Timings:
11:40 AM to 08:40 PM
Normal Timings:
11:40 AM to 08:40 PM
Normal Timings:
11:40 AM to 08:40 PM
Normal Timings:
11:40 AM to 08:40 PM
Point of Interest for Airzone Singapore
Moon Walking

Moon Walking

The first sensation you will have is walking on the floaty, bouncy nets, which can best be described as a cross between walking on the moon and walking on water. The delicate nets make you feel as if you're walking on water at first, however the elasticity of the nets will pull you up as you take your next step. Every step is an odd combination of sinking and bouncing! So, don't forget to try this out when you get a chance to visit Singapore!

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Lying On The Nets

Lying On The Nets

If your legs are still wobbly, you can simply lie down and rest. The most incredible sensation you'll have on AIRZONE is simply lying down on the netting. This is a hammock unlike any other, hung up to five storeys in the air.

Turn over and look down through the nets to below for those who are more inquisitive and accustomed to a birds-eye view. This activity is equally enthralling and interesting!

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Swim In The Floating Ball Pit

Swim In The Floating Ball Pit

The floating ball pit, the world's only hanging ball pit, is perfect for kids and the young at heart. You may roll around with the balls, but be careful; if you make a big enough ‘splash,' you could end up having to fetch the balls for hours.

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Kick-off On The Net With Our Inflatable Goal Post And Giant Ball

Kick-off On The Net With Our Inflatable Goal Post And Giant Ball

The Giant Inflatable Soccer ensures that you have a good time no matter where you are or where you go! Grab some friends and head to AIRZONE for a 3 storey high, gi-normous game of soccer.

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Take A Selfie

Take A Selfie

When you tell your folks you're strolling 5 storeys in the air in the centre of a shopping mall atrium, they won't believe you. Nobody! Despite the fact that there are over 100 net playgrounds throughout the world today, they are all located outside. In a retail mall atrium, AIRZONE is the world's first suspended netting playground.

So snap a photo and share it on Facebook or Instagram, or your pals will never believe you! To do so, you'll need a phone holder, which you can get from the AIRZONE goods counter.The mobile phone holders will ensure that your phone does not fall through the netting as a safety precaution. It will also keep people walking beneath the atrium safe from dropping phones.

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Explore The 3d Maze

Explore The 3d Maze

The 3 dimensional net maze, with two levels of net, will demand a lot of crawling to go through, therefore it's a good kid's pastime. If you just want to unwind, you can burrow into your own personal maze ‘pod' and relax.

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Keep Moving To Get A Workout

Keep Moving To Get A Workout

Those who are more active and daring will naturally ascend to the highest level of AIRZONE, which is 6 stories high. You would have climbed the equivalent of more than four flights of steps in order to get there. Because the soft bouncy net is an unusual surface, walking on it is difficult.

Your thighs and calves will also benefit from the exercise. Try running; it's even more difficult.... It's almost as if you're doing lunges all the time! It's a wonderful way to stay in shape while having fun!

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Fall Over

Fall Over

Because the nets were created to catch fallen gymnasts, don't be frightened to fall on them; you can fall on them again and again. You can either fall on your bum and bounce, or you can fall on your sides and bounce. You can fall as much as you want without getting wounded in either case. You will not hit bottom while suspended over two stories in the air!

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The Big Slide

The Big Slide

Those who make it to the very top of AIRZONE will be met by a final net bridge to the ultimate top - the 'big slide.' Walking up one side and sliding down the other is all it takes. Don't worry, the huge slide's surface isn't overly slick for safety reasons, so it won't be a terrifying rapid descent, but it will still be an exciting and enthralling ride.

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Tourism Board Alliances

Airzone Singapore FAQs

What can I expect?

When you visit Airzone Singapore, you will surely get to expect a whole new feel walking on the moon as well as through some of the themed zones. You will get to crawl through the maze, chill out on the nets, dive and swim in the Airzone Ball Pit, and climb to the top and try out the slides.

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What are the opening hours?

The Airzone Singapore opens from 11:40 AM and closes at 8:40 PM on all days. The sale of tickets opens at 11:30 AM every single day and the last session starts at 7:50 PM every day.

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What are the age / weight / height restrictions?

As per the regulations, it is mandatory that the weight of all participants must be under 120 kg. There is however no restriction on the age of the participants. Anyone who is able to climb and walk on the nets properly without any kind of assistance can be a part of this amazing activity. Children visiting Airzone are to be supervised by an adult.

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Is Airzone safe for kids?

Yes, Airzone is completely safe for kids as every single thing is designed with high quality durable material so that you can have uninterrupted fun. The unique elevated playground is suspended by safety nets and all the industry standards have been followed when it comes to the amusement rides. It is at all times suggested that a supervising adult must accompany children below 5 years.

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Is It dangerous to hold too many people on the nets?

On the nets, at most 60 pax are allowed at a single time with 20 pax on each level. The nets have been made to the industry standards of safety and are over engineered to provide the best ever results. As per the safety guides, only 7 pax are allowed per square meters of the suspended nets.

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Can I bring my own food?

As per the guidelines, it is not allowed to consume outside food and beverages inside Airzone Singapore. You can head out to FreeTime Cafe, which is located in the nearby City Square Mall. You will get snacks, drinks, and a wide range of entertainment options as well.

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Airzone Singapore Reviews

Prem Asan
Reviewed: 01 Apr 2022
Airzone was like an indoor playground, but for adults instead of children. The ball pool was totally fantastic, but Airzone has a number of obstacle races as well. I visited with a couple of friends, and we had the time of our lives!
Chiranjib Das
Reviewed: 10 Apr 2022
We're glad we found this while looking for family-friendly activities on the Thrillophilia website. With Thrillophilia,we get such a amazing deal to this activity. we got good discounts and experince was good.
Kumar Ramamoorthy
Reviewed: 18 Jan 2020
While looking for the best things to do in Singapore…Airzone excited me a lot… After doing a little research, we found the best deals for tickets for this place on Thrillophilia’s website and booked it instantly. There are many things that we did here, from experiencing zero gravity and solving puzz... Read More

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