Punggol Waterway Park Overview

Find solace in this nature’s paradise amidst the skyscrapers of Singapore to relax and unwind. Punggol Waterway Park, a riverside park, features several viewpoints to admire the natural beauty which are scattered throughout the four zones: Nature Cove, Recreation Zone, Heritage Zone and Green Gallery. You can enjoy bird watching while exploring the park and capture these surreal moments.

Punggol Waterway Park offers a peaceful escape into nature’s lap to Singaporeans. Located along Sentul Crescent of the longest man-made waterway of Singapore, this park offers delightful cycling routes and breathtaking views from several viewpoints to the visitors.

Punggol Waterway Park features massive water play and sand play areas specially designed for children in the Recreation Zone. If you're seeking adventure and memorable experiences, consider exploring the park as part of the best Singapore tour packages. You can indulge in fun activities including cycling around the park’s 26 km long exercise track or go by the lilyponds to have a delightful picnic with your loved ones.

The Heartwave wall at the Waterway point in the park offers historical insights about the Punggol region which has now become a popular tourist spot in Singapore. The park is segregated into four different sections, namely Nature cove, Recreation Zone, Heritage Zone and Green gallery each with distinct features that you will be able to appreciate on your visit.

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• Multiple viewpoints with benches are scattered throughout the park which offer breathtaking views to the visitors.
• Enjoy cycling through a 26 Km long trail being surrounded by lush green plants on both sides.
• Admire the flora and fauna of the longest man made waterway in Singapore, you will be able to spot rare birds such as White throated Kingfisher and Black-naped oriole. The park also features gorgeous plants like African Fountain grass and coral plants in its vicinity.
• Special play areas & an open gym in the Recreation zone offer one of the best experiences for children to enjoy and families to bond together.
• Learn about the history of Punggol town through the Heartwave wall at the Waterway point in the park.


• Wheelchair Accessible

How To Reach

By Car/Cab: You can reach Punggol Waterway Park from any of the following: ‘via Upper Thomson Rd,’ ‘via Yio Chu Kang Rd,’ ‘via CTE.’ It takes less than 25 minutes to reach the park from central regions of Singapore, depending on the traffic.

By MRT: The nearest metro station to the park is ‘Damai LRT Station’ which can be easily reached by taking a LRT from Punggol MRT Station. A brief walk will lead you to the heading to the Punggol Waterway Park.

By Bus: Nearest bus stops to Punggol Waterway Park are ‘Punggol Stn/Waterway Pt’ & ‘Bef Punggol Dr.’ The following buses will take you to your destination: 3, 136, 83, 62, 34, 43, 84, 82, 85.

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Best Time To Visit

Around the golden hour , i.e. sunrise and sunset, is the best time to visit Punggol Waterway Park as you will be able to capture the most surreal views during this time. Singapore being a year round destination generally has good weather to explore the place.

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Other Essential Information

Four Zones of the Punggol Waterway Park

  • Green Gallery: Housing a diverse flora and fauna, the Green Gallery of Punggol Waterway Park attracts visitors to admire the natural beauty of the place. You will be able to spot butterflies fluttering over Coral plants and African Fountain grass as you stroll through this area. Multiple species of beautiful birds are also a common sight.
  • Heritage Zone: You will get to learn how the Punggol Kampong transformed into the now Punggol Waterway Park paving the way for development. Learn interesting facts about the history of the region through the Heartwave wall in the Heritage zone while visiting the park.
  • Nature Cove: The Nature Cove is where you will be able to take in the most beautiful views of the waterfront from the promenade. A great place to enjoy some peaceful time in natural surroundings with your loved ones or by yourself, the Nature Cove is a bewitching place.
  • Recreation Zone: Ideal for having some fun, the Recreation zone features sand play and water play areas for children and an open gym for the passionate gymers. Bring your family along to enjoy a day out with them.

Things to keep in mind while visiting Punggol Waterway Park

  • Fishing is not allowed on the park’s premises.
  • Please be respectful towards the environment and do not litter your surroundings or damage the environment in any manner.
  • Make sure you wear comfortable clothing as the temperature during the day will rise.
  • Do not forget to keep your camera ready as you will get plenty of opportunities to capture the raw beauty of nature from the various viewpoints of the park.
  • Some areas are no flying zones, which restrict the movement of drones so make sure you keep away from these areas while using a drone.

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Point of Interest for Punggol Waterway Park
Cycling & Skating

Cycling & Skating

Explore the beautiful park as you glide over the well maintained pathways here. You can bring your own bicycle or hire one from the nearby shops to enjoy the delightful trail featuring breathtaking views throughout the park.

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Workout & Exercise

Workout & Exercise

Featuring an open gym in the Recreation zone along with a huge expanse for exercising, Punggol Waterway Park invites several locals to workout here regularly.

You can bring your family along to the park and bond with them while playing in the play areas for children. The fresh air and lush green plants surrounding you will surely make your mood brighten as you take a walk in this park.

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Offering one of the best spots for capturing the raw beauty of nature, Punggol Waterway Park features several viewpoints. Do not miss the captivating sunset view from the Promenade walk. You can even use drones to capture aerial views, except for a few restricted areas. The photographers amongst you will not be disappointed one bit on visiting this park.

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The beauty of Punggol Waterway Park is enhanced by the amazing creatures that call it home. Try spotting Black-napped oriole or White throated Kingfisher while exploring the park. The sweet chirping of birds will be your constant companion wherever you go inside the park.

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Tourism Board Alliances

Punggol Waterway Park FAQs

Are there any fun rides in Punggol Waterway Park?

No, Punggol Waterway Park is not an amusement park which is why there are no rides here. The park was designed with the intention of providing Singaporeans with a natural space to enjoy the beauty around the longest man-made waterway of Singapore.

Does Punggol Waterway Park have parking facilities?

Yes, you can choose any of the 2 car parks available here as per your convenience. First one is at Nature Cove with 18 +1 handicap lots and the second one is at the Recreation Zone with 15 + 1 handicap lots. 

Apart from these there are nearby car parking spaces available. Public Parking, located about 600 m away, is the closest parking to Punggol Waterway Park. If you wish you can also park your vehicle in the parking lot of Waterway Point Carpark, which is around 700 m away from the park.

Is Punggol Waterway Park worth visiting?

Yes. Whether you are an animal enthusiast, a passionate photographer, a fitness freak or just a nature’s admirer , Punggol Waterway Park has something for everyone.

You can bring your family to the park and enjoy a picnic with them after a fun session at the Recreation zone of the park or bring your partner for a romantic stroll through the most beautiful park in the region and watch gorgeous sunset views.

Where can I enjoy fishing in Punggol Waterway Park?

Fishing is not allowed in Punggol Waterway Park. You can head to the Punggol point, which is just a 5 minute drive away, to enjoy fishing with your loved ones.

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