Mega Adventure Park Overview

True to its name, the Mega Adventure Park Sentosa is an adventure arena loaded with activities and thrilling adventures for the daring ones. From ziplining to rock climbing, this place has numerous adrenaline rushing activities which can be enjoyed by almost anyone. The fact that all the activities here are carried out in a safe space has made visiting here even more fun.

At the heart of Singapore lies the famous Sentosa Island on which the Mega Adventure Park Sentosa is situated. It is considered as one of the main attractions of Singapore city. The Adventure Park includes multiple tourist attractions and hosts various activity zones for people to forget their boring routine and indulge in some fun.

The whole Adventure Park gives a sensational blend of nature incorporated into joyrides that refresh your mind. The adventure park also includes Asia's no. 1 zipline course that sways you all across Sentosa Island, giving you a glimpse of everything the Adventure Park has to offer, making it an ideal destination for those seeking Singapore tour packages from India.

This place is not only for joyride junkies but has an environment for friends and families to bond over recreational activities as well. Surrounded by natural habitat, the Mega Adventure Park Sentosa has many hotspots for people to explore and enjoy.

The Universal Studios Singapore and S.E.A. aquariums are 2 such popular hotspots and would generally be packed with tourists across the globe. With food stalls and mini restaurants dispersed all across the park, a person is never bound to leave hungry.

Access to Golf carts, Bicycles, and Segways to commute within the park is hassle-free and convenient. Every ride at the Mega Adventure Park Sentosa comes with safety guidelines and regulations for the goodwill and protection of the visitors. The staff of Adventure Park is well trained and equipped to help those in need.

CCTV cameras, Health centres, Help desks, and Park maps are located at several points of the Mega Adventure Park for tourists to get across to every help they need and ensure the safety of their loved ones.

Souvenirs and gift shops provide official merchandise for visitors to take a part of the adventure park back home. Each moment at the Mega Adventure Park, Sentosa releases endorphin hormones that make visitors feel happy and acts as escapism.

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• The adventure park has joy rides and activities surrounded by natural habitat.
• The zipline is termed Asia’s no. 1 zipline course and gives a complete aerial view of the Adventure Park.
• The Adventure Park has personal commute systems like Golf Carts and Bicycles to travel within the adventure park easily.
• The park provides food stalls and mini outlets to satisfy the hunger needs of a visitor.
• The Park has a souvenir shop that lets visitors take home official Adventure Park Merchandise
• Around Mega Adventure Park, there are various tourist spots to check out.
• Every ride has precautionary measures.
• The staff is well equipped and trained to help out visitors.

How To Reach

Local Bus: To reach the Mega Adventure Park Sentosa, one can take the Bus C from their nearby stop and can visit the stop near the desired location. 

MRT: An MRT is the most convenient means of transportation available in Singapore and can be availed from almost every location.

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Best Time To Visit

If you wish to enjoy activities and adventures without much crowd then the morning hours are better for you. However, if you want some crowd to make the place even more lively then choose the evening hours.

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Other Essential Information

Here is the list of best Places to Visit near Mega Adventure Park Sentosa:

1. Universal Studios Singapore: Universal Studios Singapore is a theme park on the Sentosa Island of Singapore. The theme park includes 28 rides and various shows in 7 different themed zones. It is titled a one-of-a-kind theme park in Asia.

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It is a 20 hectares theme park having themed zones like Hollywood, New York, Sci-fi City, Ancient Egypt, The Lost World, Far Far Away, and Madagascar.

2. S.E.A. aquarium: The S.E.A. Aquarium resides on Sentosa Island, covering a part of 8 hectares. The aquarium has a total volume of 45,000,000 litres of water that houses 100,000 marine animals with more than 800 species.Book Now S E A Aquarium Singapore Tickets

The aquarium comprises 10 zones divided into 49 habitats. It has a conservative group named "Guardians of S.E.A.A." supporting educating, researching, and awareness to protect the marine environment.

4. Adventure Cove Waterpark: The Adventure Cove Waterpark includes 7 water slides and is known for having the hydro-magnetic coaster called Riptide Rocket. It also includes the world’s longest 650-meter lazy river and has 13 tropical-themed jungles. The Adventure Cove Waterpark rides include one off the famous Bluewater Bay and a wave pool.

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5. Marine Life Park: The Marine Life Park resides on the Sentosa Island of Singapore in Resorts World Sentosa. The 8-hectare marine life park hosts 2 of the most famous attractions of Sentosa Island, S.E.A. Aquarium and Adventure Cove Waterpark. Getting to the park is easy, and a visitor can use the Sentosa Express and M.R.T. to get to the park quickly.

6. Singapore Cable Car: The Singapore Cable Car connects the main Singapore city to Sentosa Island and hovers across the Keppel Harbour. Apart from the traditional aerial cable car system, this works on a gondola lift system. It provides a magnificent view of Mount Faber. A roundtrip on the cable car costs S.G.D. 25 for Kids and S.G.D. 35 for Adults.

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7. Trick Eye MuseumThe Trick Eye Museum is an optical illusion museum where visitors can get themselves clicked in various optically advanced environments. It is considered Singapore’s 1st 3 Dimensional Augmented Reality based museum and is located at the Resorts World Sentosa. The museum is open from 10 am to 6 pm on all days. Book Now Trick Eye Museum Singapore Tickets

Places to Eat near Mega Adventure Park Sentosa

While the Mega Adventure Park Sentosa has various food stalls and eateries within the park, people can indulge in good quick snacks from there itself. But some would prefer tasting the authentic cuisine of Singapore which may not be truly fulfilled inside the park. People can explore nearby restaurants like:

1. Di Wei Teochew Restaurant: This restaurant is mainly known for its incredible Teochew cuisine like the Cold Crab, Fried Pomfret, and Honey Glazed Pork. The restaurant can comprise a total of 140 people and remains open for public gatherings and occasions.

2. My Spice Affair:  Started as a street food chain that comprised Malay cuisine, it converted itself into a restaurant after popular demand. The cuisine is authentic Malay and uses traditional methods of cooking and serving at a reasonable rate.

3. Coastes: For all those in the mood for light food and casual drinking, Coastes is a beachside dining restaurant serving the best burgers, pasta, and beach bites in the whole Sentosa Island at a great price for family and friends.

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Places to Stay near Mega Adventure Park Sentosa

1. Resorts World Sentosa- Hotel Michael: According to Singapore standards, this hotel is considered hygienic and is 0.2 km away from Mega Adventure Park Sentosa. This hotel provides an excellent view of the sea and has many facilities for visitors to access in the hotel premises.

The hotel has a free cancellation policy, and visitors can reserve now and pay when they stay. The hotel includes many other amenities for the comfort of its customers.

2. Shangri-La Rasa Sentosa: This hotel is 0.2 km away from Mega Adventure Park Sentosa and has beneficial policies like free cancellation, complimentary breakfast, and the option for visitors to reserve now and pay later.

The hotel also has a private beach with beach sports that are free of charge. Visitors can spend time as per their desire and indulge in various beverages and beach snacks provided by the hotel.

3. Amara Sanctuary Resort Sentosa: This resort is 0.6 km away from Mega Adventure Park and can offer free cancellation and reserve to pay later. The resort comprises a green sanctuary so customers can wake up to the sound of nature and hear natural habitat sounds like calls of roosters, hornbills, Brahminy Kites, and many more.

Access to the Green Sanctuary is open for customers anytime except after 11 pm. The hotel also offers personal vehicles on hire with a charge per hour.

4. Resorts World Sentosa- Beach Villas: This hotel is located 0.4 Km away from Mega Adventure Park on the west side of Resorts World Sentosa and consists of idealistic Beach Villas. This hotel offers a mesmerizing view, natural surroundings, and personal villa reservations. It provides free access to the pool and exclusive access to Jacuzzi.

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Tips for Visiting Mega Adventure Park Sentosa

- Tickets to the Mega Adventure Park Sentosa can be purchased at the venue itself. No prior reservation is required.

- It is better to reach the Adventure Park earlier than usual as the activities slots get occupied. Reaching early to the venue would prevent standing in long queues and extend your waiting.

- Every activity at the Mega Adventure Park Sentosa comes with certain safety regulations and guidelines. It is recommended to read them and adhere to them before indulging in any activity for your safety.

- While booking online, the Q.R. code redemption must be done within 90 days of purchasing tickets. The ticket counter at the Park will provide a physical wristband and tickets accordingly.

- For traveling to the Adventure Park from the main Singapore city, using public transport services like Sentosa Express, M.R.T. and monorails will help you save up on your budget and explore the sites even more.

- Carrying light baggage to the Park helps you manage your belongings and have fun without stressing about them. 

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Day Wise Timings
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Normal Timings:
02:00 AM to 06:00 PM
Normal Timings:
02:00 AM to 06:00 PM
Normal Timings:
02:00 AM to 06:00 PM
Normal Timings:
02:00 AM to 06:00 PM
Normal Timings:
02:00 AM to 06:00 PM
Normal Timings:
11:00 AM to 06:00 PM
Normal Timings:
11:00 AM to 06:00 PM
Point of Interest for Mega Adventure Park


The Megazip is Asia's no. 1 zipline course. The 450m zip line spans over Sentosa Island, covering the jungle, beach, the sea, and descends at a speed of 60Kph, approximately as fast as an eagle.

The ride is open for all, but kids under the weight category of 30Kg require a parent or friend alongside. The zipline adventure is a 1-hour activity open till 6 pm on all days.

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Megaclimb is a 3-level treetop obstacle course that concludes with a 15m jump. This highly tactile and reflex-based course is open for all ages, but the requirements for safety include height above 1.2m and weight above 30Kg.

This is a fun-filled activity for friends and family which lasts 1-2 hours and can be repeated by paying certain charges. Megaclimb is open till 5:15 pm on all days.

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Mega Bounce

Mega Bounce

Mega bounce is a Bungee trampoline activity located at the Siloso Beach within the Adventure Park. People can jump as high as 8m, but it depends on the age. Adults can jump higher while kids enjoy a lighter bounce.

The minimum weight required to participate in this activity is 10Kg. The duration of this activity is 5 minutes but can be extended by paying a certain fee and remains open till 6 pm on all days.

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Tourism Board Alliances

Mega Adventure Park FAQs

What are the Mega Adventure Park Sentosa opening hours?

Mega Adventure Park Sentosa is open from Monday to Friday from 2 pm to 6 pm. On weekends and public holidays, the Park is open from 11 am to 6 pm.

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What sort of clothing/footwear do I need to wear?

Light clothing like breathable material T-shirts and shorts will help in staying comfortable throughout the Park Adventure. Sports shoes are recommended to assist in physical activities and avoid injuries by providing support.

Can we get our photos clicked at Mega Adventure?

For those visitors who cannot carry cameras, the park provides photographers who click on-site and charge a minimum fee. Even on certain activities, images are taken while performing the activity, and visitors have the option to avail themselves according to their wish by paying for them.

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How do I get to Mega Adventure Park Sentosa?

For visitors coming from the main Singapore city, multiple options are available, including:

1. Sentosa Express: The Sentosa Express takes you from the main Singapore City to the Sentosa Island by a train express that charges 4 SGD for the general public and 2 SGD for people with concession cards.

2. Mass Rapid Transit (MRT): The MRT takes you from Singapore City Stations to Sentosa Island with a charge of 15 SGD for adults and 10 SGD for Children. Mass Rapid Transit is a faster mode of transport that keeps commutes cheaper.

3. Bus The 123/RWS8 Bus takes you from Singapore City to Sentosa Island. The bus has a distance-based bus fare/ 1 SGD.

4. Private vehicle (Cab, personal vehicle) A Singapore Cab will get you to Mega Adventure Park Sentosa with a 2 SGD to 6 SGD island admission fee. Personal vehicles and cars can be hired at Hotels and local rental places that charge on an hourly basis. A visitor can expect a maximum charge of 20 SGD per hour for private vehicles. Public transport like Sentosa Express and M.R.T. help in commuting faster and save up the budget on travel.

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Is there any age limit?

The Mega Adventure Park Sentosa is open for all age groups to spend quality time with their family and friends. However, children under the age of 16 cannot enter alone. Every activity at the Adventure Park has a certain age, weight, and height restrictions and may not be open for visitors over or below the specified range.

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Mega Adventure Park Reviews

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Sachin Sharma
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Ziplining at Mega Jump was truly an experience. It was my first time trying, but I faced no problem at all. The park is thriving with forests, so the views are absolutely fantastic! Your safety guide will be taking you through all of the procedures and measures as well. All Thanks to Thrillophilia!!
Gemini Pothuvaal
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Reviewed: 25 Nov 2019
Thanks to Thrillophilia and their team, we all got a great offer for this package. The booking was quick and easy. This activity, on the other hand, is very adventurous, and we also definitely had an adrenaline rush after it.

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