Battle Box Overview

Popularly known as the Fort Canning Bunker, the battle box in Singapore provides an insight into the historically important Singapore battle with the invading Japanese army. This historically significant place, is now a pivotal museum with remains of the British rule in the South Asian countries. To get an insight into the happenings of world war II, the place and its reality will definitely intrigue you.

An integral part of the Japanese invasion and the battle of Singapore during the world war II, this underground bunker known as the Battle box was extensively used as bomb proof commanding headquarters by the Singapore army for protection against the Japanese invasion.

This bunker, although considered to be extremely congested, played a vital role for communication during the 20th century war, and helped the then Singapore army hold their stance.

The bunker was also used by the Britain reign and lastly was handed over to the Singapore army in 1968. In today’s date, this bunker has been turned into a beautiful and aesthetically pleasing museum with, important collection of pieces representing the critical war situation of the 40s. 

Hidden under the port canning hill, this museum holds World war 11 artefacts, wax models, historic photographs and iconic wall hangings with a tour guide bringing the entire picture into a narrative reality for all visitors. Visitors can easily use the 75 minute tour guide which will take them around the underground bunker with a descriptive detail highlighting the importance of this world war II relic. For those seeking the best Singapore tour packages, this immersive experience is a must-visit.

At the exit don't forget to shop at the gift store and purchase the bestselling world war books and learn about the underrated Singapore battle full of intriguing revelations.

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• This underground bunker turned museum is located 30 feet below the famous Fort canning hill and is a beautiful underrated museum consisting of world II artefacts and photographs which are lesser known around the world.
• The aesthetically pleasing yet historically pivotal fort canning hill stands right above the bunker and was the central hub for all decisions made during the Singapore surrender to Japan in the 60s, a historical tale worth knowing about.
• Battle Box is surrounded by large trails of verdant gardens which are a picturesque picnic spot, some of which are Pancur Larangan, Artisan’s Garden, Sang Nila Utama Garden, Jubilee Park and First botanic garden.
• The best highlight of the tour is the guided tour of 30 minutes which takes you around the museum and features a descriptive detail of the Singapore battle and Japanese invasion through videos and unseen photographs.

How To Reach

By Train - Use the Singapore metro services to reach Fort Canning MRT station Exit B. Thereafter, a little walk past the Jubilee Park is where you will spot the directions to the underground bunker.

By Bus/Taxi - Use the public transport or private shuttle to reach the famous Hotel Fort Canning. A 15 minute walk through the fort will take you to the underground bunker turned museum easily.

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Best Time To Visit

The best time to visit this aesthetic museum is during the afternoon hour to avoid the tourist rush. The guided tours are available every 30 minutes, and tourists can easily book for them in their online portal window.

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Other Essential Information

Places to visit near Battle Box

  1. Fort Canning - During the Japanese invasion of Singapore, and amidst the crisis of World War II, the British rule and the Singapore army appointed this 11th century old fort as their military and communications headquarter which later became a historically pivotal location for all war made decisions. The fort canning is surrounded by large verdant gardens which give insights into this military headquarters. 
  2. Fort Canning Park - A verdant valley stretching up to a large terrain, this fort canning park holds the famous fort canning hills which is today considered a historically pivotal location for all the decisions that created Singapore's history during the British and Japanese invasions. Perfect for a picnic expedition under the tropical sun, this park has walking trails, large trees and comfortable seating areas promising you a splendid time surrounded by the untouched nature.
  3. Battle Box guided tour - A guided tour visiting from 30 minutes to 75 minutes, is the best way to learn about some intriguing tales from World War II. This bombproof command centre features unseen video and photographs, wax models, scriptures, and artefacts that have been rediscovered and put on display for the public to learn about the Singapore battle and its surrender to Japan. Learn how an underground bunker achieved a milestone during the clinical invasion by opting for the 30 minute guided tour.
  4. Jubilee Park - Take a break from your hustling itinerary and head onto Jubilee Park from a fun time with your family. With a myriad of amazing slides and swings, your toddlers and kids are sure to have a great time here. Tourists can find a tree house, log scramble and sand pits that will bring out the kid inside them. Feast upon delicious snacks at TBB bakery, and add stars to your vacation venture.
  5. Raffles House - What might seem as a single storied building is actually one of the first residential buildings in Singapore that was constructed in a neoclassical style for the then governor of British rule. With majestic stairs leading up to the building, this house provides an outstanding view of the Singapore river on one side and the most talked about fort Canning on the other.  
  6. Keramat Iskandar Shah - This beautiful tomb is dedicated to Iskandar Shah, who was considered as one of the greatest and also the last Singapore king of the 14th century. Although this tomb holds no evidence of actual burial of the ruler, the locals believe that this golden ruler and his essence can still be felt. With a burning incense stick dedicated to the dead, this place is a must visit in your Battle Box venture.

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Tips for visiting the Battle Box

Infants below the age of 7 are not advised to enter inside the Battle Box museum under the government rules and procedures.

It is advised to pre book your tickets and guided tour visits to avoid the rush at the counter.

Wear light clothing and bring water bottles to stay hydrated.

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Battle Box FAQs

Is battleBox Singapore worth visiting?

Yes, Battlebox Singapore is an excellent location to visit if history and revelations about world war II intrigues you. This bunker turned museum has a wide collection of artefacts, wax models, unseen photos and videos from the past that are worth exploring.

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What are the places near BattleBox to visit?

Elgin Bridge

The Elgin Bridge, which spans the Singapore River, is a traffic bridge in Singapore. It connects Singapore's Downtown Core to the Singapore River Planning Area, which is located in the Central Area of the city-state. Elgin Bridge was built in 1862 to replace an existing wooden bridge. Elgin Bridge is an iron bridge named after Lord Elgin, Governor-General from March 21, 1862 to November 20, 1863. The current bridge is a reconstructed version of the 1929 Elgin Bridge. The first bridge erected across the Singapore River was the Elgin Bridge. Because of the bridge's popularity, the two roads that connect to it were given the names North Bridge Road and South Bridge Road.

Clarke Quay

Clarke Quay, in Singapore's Singapore River Planning Area, is a historic riverfront quay. The quay is located upstream from the Singapore River's mouth and Boat Quay. Clarke Quay is regarded for having some of the top restaurants and nightlife establishments in the city. Because there are so many restaurants, there are also so many great pubs and bars, making it difficult to select. Its colourful riverbank location undoubtedly attracts the attention of both locals and tourists

What is the best time to visit Singapore?

The best time to go to Singapore is during the months of December till March. During the time, the average temperature is low and allows the tourist to experience the best of all attractions.

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Why am I not allowed to take photos/videos inside the Battlebox?

Tourists are not allowed to take photos/videos inside the Battlebox in order to ensure a smooth flow of guided tours for all without any disruption as well as due to some legal obligations that are in action to safeguard the copyrights of photos and other materials. 

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What is the Battlebox?

Battlebox refers to Fort Canning Bunker which was the headquarters of Malaya Command Operations Bunker. It was built beneath Fort Canning Hill as the emergency bomb proof centre. 

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