Port of Lost Wonder - 2020 (Photos & Reviews)

About Port of Lost Wonder

The port of lost wonders, also known as POWL is the perfect location for your next summer vacation. Suitable for both the little ones and their parents, the waterpark cum activity centre has an array of activities designed for kids along with an enormous open space for parents to relax and enjoy the warm sun.

 A picnic spot or a fun place with family - bubble parties, storytelling sessions, and themed birthday parties are just a glimpse of the range of bonding and jolly venture the park voyages into. A space filled with fun with a slit of education, this theme park is a clubhouse for children with exciting thrills including the Curiosity Island for curious minds, Tree of Wonders for nature lovers, Pots and Planks and more.

Weekend tickets or an annual pass, the place is open all year round, and yes, the pirate ship can hijack the kids into a day filled with adventure at every shore. Oh! And you better get your swimwear because you cannot slide out of this place without getting yourself soaked in water. In short, if you have a kid, this place is a must-visit.

Essential Information:

Location: Port of lost wonders, Sentosa, 54 Palawan Beach Walk, Singapore 098833.
Timings: Open from 10:00am to 6:30pm (admission closes after 4:30pm) 365 days.

Port of Lost Wonder Attractions Pass Types

On weekdays the pricing is as follows:

-Between 7:00 am and 11:59 am - SG5 (taxi) - SG6 (car)- Early birds can enjoy a blissful breakfast at the restaurants. After a light breakfast, the adventure begins with the wildly fun, Pirate Ship. With long slides and a bucket full of water splashing on kids, left, right and center, the little ones are in for a blast from the start. 

-Between 12:00 noon and 2:00 pm -
SG2 (taxi/car)- As the morning breeze fades, the day gets hotter and with your kid’s adrenaline slowing, the pirate ship can get excessive and a softer replacement is required. The park offers a number of recreational activities on the “Curiosity Island”. A gardening program with “Plots & Planks” or an engaging bird program with “Teach Us Wild”, these activities help kids garner some much required educational benefits. 

-Between 2:00 pm and 5:00 pm -
SG5 (taxi) - SG6 (car)- The sun starts to set and the temperature starts to drop making it perfect for kids to have a bit of fun in the water at the pirate ship or just an insightful adventure near the sand craft area.

-Post 5:00 pm until 6:30 pm, the park is free to enter. The Ship stops to sail after 6:00 pm but the restaurants are still open to grab a quick bite.

During Weekends:

Between 12:00 noon and 2:00 pm - S
$6 - S$7 and S$3 from 5:00 pm to 6:30 pm- The park lights up with cheers and joy of kids on the weekends. So, it is important that you suit up to get down and dirty with your kids on the Pirate Ship. The kids can also enjoy the weekend special – “Bubble Party” on the “Curiosity Island”.

Experiences at Port of Lost Wonder

-The perfect way to gift your child a dose of thrill and escapade is the Pirate Ship. Warning: Water splashes ahead. The ship is an assembly of exciting slides, over the top water rides and tones of space for your kid to run, jump, climb and more. 

-Apart from the joyous ride, the park is also occupied with a number of insightful activities for your kids that make learning equally fun as sailing on a pirate ship. Its “Curiosity Island” is where it all begins.

-At the “Tree of Wonders,” the kids can indulge in an exciting art project to create a beautiful piece of design from materials provided. 

-“Bubble party” is a weekend special. Again, more water! For the bubbly kids, the party is filled with bubble water for them to enjoy a fizzy time. 

-Packed with a number of outdoor activities, “Playchute” incorporates teamwork and social skills.

-Book lovers would love the “Play Den”.  Away from the water and the noise, the den is for kids to enjoy some time in solace.

-A more dry option for kids to play around and have a good time, the “Hatch Patch” is an extravagant turf.

-“The Deck” completes your family trip. A picnic spot for families, various fast food options are available here.

Rides & Attractions at Port of Lost Wonder

-The highlight of the park and the pride of the park is the Pirate Ship. A giant ship that accommodates small and large water rides and giant slides. This ship is all about water splashes and an intoxicating time.

-Kids generally never want to learn but with “Curiosity Island”, the kids will want to learn with fun. In an effort to enlighten the little ones to love and respect nature, there are tons of activities they can partake in. 

-“The Deck” is another spot where families can enjoy a fun time snacking. It is also the perfect spot for picnics and outdoor treats with loved ones.

-There is also the “Pots and Planks” project that allows children to plant a tree and maintain it. All activities are an initiative to devour the knowledge and importance of nature upon the kids. 

-During the weekends there are additional activities like the “Bubble Party” that the kids can enjoy. 

-The Port of Lost Wonders is also the perfect sport for kids birthday parties and other celebratory functions.

Places to visit near Port of Lost Wonder

-Universal Studios Singapore – There are many exciting places to visit near POLW, one of which is the movie-themed park, Universal Studios. From Hollywood to Sci-fi city and Madagascar, the themes of this park are enticing and exciting. A perfect place to hang out and chill, the place is filled with flabbergasting activities and toothsome eateries.

-S.E.A Aquarium – Amusing, exquisite and marvelous – 100,000 aquatic creatures of more than 1000 species from around the globe are preserved at this wondrous place. The S.E.A Aquarium offers an awesome marine experience in a creative way.

-Resorts World Sentosa – If one was not enough, there is a world full of resorts. From Halloween Horror Night to loads of fun with adorable dolphins on the dolphin island, the resorts are uniquely designed and carefully constructed to garner optimum fun.

Hotels near Port of Lost Wonder

-The Outpost Hotel By Far East Hospitality – At just 0.2 km, the hotel is closest to the Port of Lost Wonders. Outdoor pool, complimentary Wi-Fi, and free parking are some of the hotel’s highlight amenities.

-Village Hotel Sentosa By Far East Hospitality - One of the leading names in accommodation and hospitality, this hotel by Far East Hospitality is 0.25 km from the park or at a walking distance from Port of Lost Wonders. Its features include 24-hour front desk, Wi-Fi, gym and a grand pool. 

-Amara Sanctuary Resort – At just 0.34 km away from Port of Lost Wonders, the place includes a number of amenities like A personal safe, flat-screen TV, a 24-hour front desk and a view of the South China Sea. 

-Le Mèridien Singapore, Sentosa – Found at 0.36km from Port of Lost Wonders, the place is grand and features a list of amenities including a flat-screen TV, Wi-Fi, 24-hour desk and more.

Best Time to Visit Port of Lost Wonder

The place is open to the public all year round except public holidays and the best time to visit it is either early morning or late afternoon. This is simply because the middle of the day can get extremely hot. Also, the best time to plan your vacation to this wondrous place is between the months of October and May which is the summer and wintertime. 

Tips for Visiting Port of Lost Wonder

-Recommended for kids between the age of 3 and 10 years.

-No admission fee for adults accompanying children.

-Admission charges apply for kids under 12 years old. 

-Going into water requires swimwear.

-Tickets can be found online too.

-No discounts on online ticket booking.

How to reach Port of Lost Wonder from Airport? 

To reach, the visitors would need to first get to Palawan Beach. A bus from the airport for Beach station can take up to 1 hr 30 minutes. You can also choose a taxi service that will drop you right at the doors of Port of Lost Wonders. A more expensive but time-saving option is the shuttle that takes just 23 minutes. POLW is at a walking distance from the Beach station or Palawan Beach.


Can I take food inside the Water Park?
No. No food or drinks are allowed near the water play area like the pirate ship. However, there are restaurants in the premise where a good meal can be enjoyed. “The Deck” is also available if you want to ditch the food shacks and have a family picnic. You can carry your own food and enjoy it here. There are also a number of beverages available in the restaurant in the park which you can enjoy.

2. What are the safety measures for kids at the waterpark?
To start with, the kids need to be in their swimwear to be able to get into the water area. The recommended age for kids is between 3 years and 10 years. It is also preferred that adults should accompany kids into the water play area. 

3. What should I wear to Port of Lost Wonder?
If you plan on getting wet and soaked in water with your little one, a swimwear is highly recommended. However, if you want to relax outside the water park and enjoy other activities, casuals that you would probably wear in the outdoor are preferred but don’t wear anything made of cotton. Remember, it can get really hot during the day so dress accordingly.

4. Are there seating\rest areas for elder guests in Port of Lost Wonder?
Yes, there are shades all over the park. You can relax and enjoy a variety of beverages from the restaurants in the shades while watching over your kids. You can also choose your seating arrangement, the options range from wooden benches to foam mattresses on the ground or just a seat in the restaurants. 

5. Are there nursing rooms and baby centers within Port of Lost Wonder?
Yes, there are dedicated nursing rooms and baby centers in Port of Lost Wonders. These rooms are equipped with changing stations, hot water dispensers, sink and doors with locks. The nursing rooms are open between 10:00 am to 6:30 pm.

6. What are the things that I should carry to Water Park?
One of the major things you need to carry to the Water Park is swimwear. Kids or adults are not allowed inside the water without swimwear. Apart from that nothing more than a huge smile is required. 

7. Is there any locker facility available at water parks?
Yes, alongside nursing rooms are the lockers. To get access to the lockers, visitors are required to enquire in the “Just Wonder” area. The lockers are not huge but large enough to fit in small object and kid’s clothes. Also, the lockers are in limited numbers, so if it’s a crowded day you might not be able to get one. But don’t worry, there is a lot of shade where you can keep your stuff.

8. Can you hire towels at Port of Lost Wonder?
Yes, visitors can buy towels in the park if they forget to get one. However, these towels can cost you a fortune. So, remember to carry a towel. Especially, if you are planning to let your kids into the water park, carrying a towel should be in the list of things you need to get. 

9. Is Port of Lost Wonder suitable for toddlers?
There is no right answer to it. There are a lot of activities for babies and kids. Toddlers can enjoy the Water Park and activities in the Curiosity Island but only in the guidance of adults. However, the programs in the park are designed for kids above 3 years and 10 years. In other words, only kids in the above age category can have a jolly time at the park.
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