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About Singapore Flyer

Experience the breathtaking views of magical Singapore from one of the most massive observation wheels in Asia. No matter whether you are a local resident or a tourist here, there’s only one place to embrace the elegance of the entire city through a bird’s eye view. Singapore Flyer will take you to a great height from where you can capture some astounding panoramic views of the whole island city. 

Rising as high as 165 metres from the ground level, Singapore Flyer gives you a liberty to marvel at the unique beauty stretched miles across. To witness the 360-degree iconic feast, you need to head towards Marina Bay where this giant observation wheel is located.

Singapore Flyer comprises of 28 safely enveloped glass capsules to take you to its maximum height. Each capsule is fully air-conditioned to make your 30-minute journey to be a refreshing one. You can plan your visit to the Singapore Flyer either during the day or night. The best time would be sunset, as this iconic island city dazzles as the sunlight undergoes. As it darkens slowly, the entire town illuminates in the twinkling lights of unique edifice.

As soon as you reach its maximum height, you can capture some beautiful views of the Singapore River, Empress Place, Merlion Park, Padang and the Raffles Park. If the weather is clear, and if you are fortunate enough, you can even spot on all those landmarks that stands at a distance of around 45 km.

If you are not satiated with these, there’s something more in store for you. Do not miss on the chance to witness the magic of State-of-the-art XD theatre. Here, you can enjoy the first 6D motion ride of Singapore. If that doesn’t work for you, head towards Flight Experience to witness the charm of real 737 simulators. To be at any of these locations, you need to climb to the second floor of the terminal building of your Singapore Flyer.

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Essential Information:

Location: 30 Raffles Ave, Singapore 039803

Timings: Singapore Flyer is functional on all weekdays and weekends from the morning at 08:30 am to the night at 10:30 pm. 

Price (for locals and for foreigners): Price of entry ticket to Singapore Flyer varies in accordance with the different age groups:

Singapore Flyer Sky Dining: INR 16779 for two / S$328.90

Singapore Flyer First Barbie Flight: Adult - INR 3520 / $69
                                                              Child (aged 3 to 12) - INR 1582 / $31
                                                              Private Capsule -  INR 90069 / $1765.50

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How to reach Singapore Flyer from Airport? 

There are basically two ways to reach the Singapore Flyer from Singapore Airport – 

Subway – This is the most recommended one to reach Singapore Flyer from Singapore Airport. You will first have to board a subway from Changi Airport, which will drop you to Expo within 5 minutes. From Expo, catch a Downtown Line (Blue) to drop you at Promenade within 40 minutes. Singapore Flyer is at a distance of around 7 minutes walkable distance from Promenade. Your entire journey through this route shall cost you around 103 to 273 INR per head.

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Line Bus – To catch a line bus from Changi Airport MRT Station, you first need to walk for 3 minutes to reach Changi Airport PTB2. From Changi Airport PTB2, catch a Line Bus, which will drive you to the Opp The Ritz-Carlton Station within 49 minutes. From here, walk for 4 minutes to reach your final destination, i.e. Singapore Flyer.

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Things to Do in Singapore Flyer 

If you are enthusiastic and fun-filled at heart, Singapore Flyer has a lot of things for you to do. Here’s a glimpse of how you can enjoy quality time at the Singapore Flyer Retail Terminal –

Enjoy at Joyscoot at Level 1 – 

From Joyscoot at Level 1, enjoy the scenic beauty of the vastly stretched Marina Bay. As soon as you scoot to all the nearby attractions of Marina Bay, gather fun throughout your touring experience. There are e-scooters to e-bicycles to hoverboards for your enjoyment. Pick up anyone and ride over it effortlessly. There’s also a complimentary lesson for you to reap out the best from your adventurous trip. For the best experience, make sure to be throughout the working hours of Joyscoot, i.e. from 09:00 am to 09:00 pm.

Witness the magic of Flight Experience – 

What if I tell you that you can fulfil your dream to be a pilot at least for a day? Yes, its Flight Experience to rotate its magical whip to bring your dreams to life. A day at Flight Experience gives you complete liberty to be a pilot and fly a real commercial airliner. If there’s something to bother you about flying, do not panic as there are instructors to guide you throughout. There’s a cockpit in the flight simulator which is equipped with fully operational avionics and computer systems. You have a choice to opt for any of the 24000 airports to fly your simulator in and out. These simulators have approval from the New Zealand Civil Aviation Authority for the purpose of pilot training. Flight Experience is there for your entertainment from morning 10:00 am to the night at 10:00 pm.

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Magical XD theatre – 

Get ready for some multi-sensory experience at the one and only one Magical XD theatre. Here, you will be witnessing the bliss of racing through the snow-capped mountains or blast through Arctic’s glacial landscapes. If this doesn’t sound pleasing to your eyes, head towards the 10-seater motion simulator for a real experience. Magical XD theatre operates from the afternoon at 12:00 pm to night at 09:00 pm. Avoid Wednesdays, as XD theatre remains closed for weekly off on Wednesdays.

Flyer Lounge – 

For a perfect business meet, there’s no best place to gather except the Flyer Lounge, which is located on the third floor of Singapore Flyer building. It serves both coffee and other drinks to keep the momentum of your professional meeting. You can try a hand at a broad range of cocktails while sitting amidst a contemporary atmosphere. For a quick refreshing time from your long and tiring meet, do not forget to gaze at the Marina Bay.

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Best Time to Visit Singapore Flyer

It is always better to climb at the highest elevation of the Singapore Flyer when the dawn is sweeping the sun’s light. Schedule your Singapore Flyer visit exactly between 05:30 pm to 06:30 pm to embrace the elegance of iconic island city in different transitionary phases of sunlight. You will surely have a lot of mesmerizing views to capture and collate in your Singapore Flyer diaries. However, if you want to enjoy either at Joyscoot (Level 1) or at Flight Experience (Level 2) or at the Magical XD theatre (Level 3), it is best to reach early. In this case, you can enjoy Joyscoot first, then take on your Singapore Flyer experience and finally, head towards the Level 2 for entertainment at Flight Experience and Magical XD Theatre.

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Places to visit near Singapore Flyer

While you need to reserve one entire day to reap out the best experience at the Singapore Flyer, there are many other things and places to enjoy within its vicinity. Here are some of them

Rejuvenate your mind, soul and body at Kenko Spa – 

Nothing sounds as refreshing as pampering yourself with a rejuvenating spa therapy at the Kenko Spa centre. You can either opt for an acupuncture therapy to relieve the tension build up on your muscles or go for a natural exfoliation treatment with a fish spa.

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Spend some quality time at the Tourist and Transit Hub – 

Well-known as one of the excellent tourist stop points of Singapore, Tourist and Transit Hub You can enjoy strolling along the Marina Bay’s water edge and admire the views that surround you. 

Captain Explorer DUKW Tour – 

Enjoy like you never did before at Captain Explorer DUKW Tour. This is the one-of-its-kind adventurous tour to watch both land and water amphibians. Your trip will be an audio-guided tour to introduce you with some fascinating facts of the city’s famous landmarks such as Supreme Court, War Memorial, Esplanade, City Hall and Padang. For every sixty minutes, there’s another ride ready for you.

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A mysterious world awaits for you to mark your presence – 

Have you been to the Cloud Forest? If not, make sure that you schedule your visit here. The breathtaking mountain views are surely going to leave you spellbound. Everywhere, you can find diversified vegetation with hidden floral gems. It is the best way to learn more about the rare floral species and why are they signing off so soon from our Planet.

Gardens by the Bay –

If you ever happen to witness the magical waters of Marina Bay, make sure that you do not forget to visit Gardens by the Bay. Cherishing yourself with the beauty of a premier horticulture attraction is in itself a relaxing thing to do near the Singapore Flyer. You can witness the amalgamation of three different waterfront gardens here at Gardens by the Bay – Bay East, bay South, and bay Central.

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1. How do I get to Singapore Flyer?

Getting to the Singapore Flyer is convenient either through an MRT or a taxi or by car.

By MRT (Mass Rapid Transport) – 
For travelling through MRT, you need to head towards The Promenade Station. Get down either at Downtown Line DT15 or Circle Line or a CC4. A walk for around 8 minutes through Exit A can lead you directly to the entrance of Singapore Flyer if you follow the blue pedestrian signs religiously. 

By Car – 
If you are planning to drive a car to Singapore Flyer, you shall be reaching your final destination within 5 minutes from Central Business District; 10 minutes from Orchard Road; and around 20 minutes from Changi Airport. There’s a multi-storey car parking lot at Singapore Flyer to park approximately 284 cars. Free lunch parking facilities are available on weekdays from 12:00 pm to 02:00 pm in the afternoon.

By taxi – Flag down for a taxi service to drop you at the Raffles Avenue of Singapore Flyer. For this, you need to alight at the taxi stand where there is specific pick-up and drop points for you to board or alight a taxi.

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2. How long does it take to go around the Singapore Flyer?

It takes approximately 30 minutes to complete one entire round in the enveloped capsule of the Singapore Flyer.

3. How tall is the Singapore Flyer?

Singapore Flyer is around 150 metres in its diameter and approximately 165 metres in height. You can co-relate the height of Singapore Flyer to match the elevation of a 42-storeyed building. 

4. Is it safe to sit?

Yes, it is entirely safe to sit while you are on board in the enveloped capsule of the Singapore Flyer.

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5. Where it is located?

Singapore Flyer is located at 30 Raffles Ave, Singapore 039803

6. How much does it cost to go on the Singapore Flyer?

Entry ticket prices to Singapore Flyer varies in accordance with the different age groups:

Singapore Flyer Sky Dining: INR 16779 for two / S$328.90

Singapore Flyer First Barbie Flight: Adult - INR 3520 / $69
                                                              Child (aged 3 to 12) - INR 1582 / $31
                                                              Private Capsule -  INR 90069 / $1765.50

(Please note: Senior citizen tickets charges apply only to the citizens of Singapore. You can also avail a senior citizen ticket if you hold permanent citizenship of Singapore and are aged to be 60 years or above).

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7. What is the maximum capacity of each Singapore Flyer capsule?

Each fully air-conditioned and enveloped capsule of Singapore Flyer can accommodate a maximum count of 28 heads per rotation.

8. What safety features have been incorporated into each capsule?

- Firstly, every single capsule of Singapore Flyer is enveloped to protect you from the extreme weather conditions.
- To maintain an optimum temperature, these capsules are fully air-conditioned. 
- Every capsule has a door with a mechanical spring equipped with a safety catch. To operate this, you need to stand on the opposite end of the capsule. Throughout the operations, you won't be able to access easy opening of capsule door through this mechanical spring.
- There two customized anchor points equipped within each capsule of the Singapore Flyer. These anchor points are to be used during the sudden onset of emergency situations.

9. What is inside each capsule?

Each enveloped and fully air-conditioned capsule of the Singapore Flyer is equipped with the following –

- Four small detachable benches to sit during your trip. 
- To ensure the security of their guests, Singapore Flyer authorities have installed two security cameras within each single-capsule unit. 
- There is one fire detector, one smoke detector and one intercom system for ensuring complete visitor satisfaction.

10. Is there air-conditioning in each capsule?

Every single capsule of the Singapore Flyer is fully air-conditioned to maintain an optimum temperature for guest comfort.

11. What are the other sightseeing spots I can see from the wheel?

World’s largest observation wheel allows you to stare long for the stunning sights of Marina Bay to the vastly stretched Singapore River. Besides, you get an opportunity to witness the beauty of Raffles Place, Empress Place, Padang, and Merlion Park. If the weather supports your luck, you can even capture the scenic beauty of Changi Airport, Sentosa islands. If you are fortunate enough to gaze at these far-off points, strain your eyes a bit to find parts of Malaysia and Indonesia.

12. Is there any age criteria to get into Singapore Flyer?

There are no such age criteria to restrict your entry to the Singapore Flyer. 

13. Can senior citizens get into it?

Senior citizens are allowed to enjoy at the Singapore Flyer by purchasing senior citizen ticket, costing you around 24 US dollars.

14. Can I take food from outside?

You won't be allowed to have your food or beverages once you are in the capsule of the Singapore Flyer. It is, therefore, better not to carry anything or drop it at the ticketing counter.

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