Singapore Botanic Gardens Overview

The Singapore Botanical Garden is known for being a 156 years old tropical garden. If you are a nature lover and wish to spend some time away from the hustle and bustle of the city then this place is perfect for you. The Botanical Gardens have several different plant species and nursities which has made it one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The Garden consists of several gazebos which can be a perfect place to plan a picnic.

Renowned as Singapore’s first UNESCO’s site, and one of the best places to visit in Singapore, The Singapore Botanical Gardens features a natural tropical habitat. Marking its existence since 1859, Singapore Botanical Gardens forms a hub for plant research and preservation. Stretched across a land cover of around 85 hectares, Singapore Botanical Gardens features 10000 plus floral species. With such an extensive range of floral species, it claims itself as a perfect research zone for botany and horticultural activities. Visitors find this place an ideal suit for their jogging, lazing, or dining activities.

There is a mosaic assembly of numerous interconnecting gardens in the Singapore Botanical Gardens. The entire botanical garden is bifurcated into six main exhibit zones: Tanglin Entrance, Tyersall Gallop Entrance, Nassim Entrance, Bukit Timah Entrance, Heritage Trees, and Sculptures. Within these major zones, there are other interconnecting exhibits to explore. Singapore Botanical Garden’s authorities schedule monthly guided tours for your complete family and friend’s edutainment, making it a great addition to your Singapore tour packages from India.

Make sure to add it to your places to visit in Singapore this Weekend because every Saturday, they schedule nature awareness programs aimed at promoting the preservation of the tropical ecosystem. Besides, they have their own research staff, and hence, you can explore their extensive plant research collaboration. Although it makes a right edutainment zone, Singapore Botanical Gardens is nowhere behind in terms of shopping and dining options in Singapore. Bees Knees at the Garage, Botanico at The Garage, Casa Verde, Corner House, Food for Tots, JUJU, and The Provisions are some of the major food and beverage points here. 

While returning back from here, do not forget to visit their Garden’s shops located at Nassim Gate, Tanglin Gate, National Orchid Gate respectively. Key chains, fashion accessories, tote bags, t-shirts, botanical paintings are some of the things which you can buy here. 

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• The most visited Botanic Gardens in the world, the Singapore Botanical Gardens is a favorite among travellers and local pedestrians alike.
• The Garden is separated into four zones or ‘Entrances’, each one boasting of a host of attractions of its own.
• The Bonsai Garden displays a range of 21 different Bonsai plants from across the world
• The Swan Lake is one of the major attractions here, and is home to two mute swans that are known for their elegant charm
• The Keppel Discovery Wetland, a restored freshwater wetland, can be quite fun to explore on foot
• The National orchid Garden here is home to over 3000 species of the eponymous flower
• The Learning Forest offers boardwalks suspended across trees for visitors to traverse and explore the natural wealth of the Gardens on their own accord
• Several museums and art galleries pay homage to the natural flora and fauna of Singapore through time capsules, exhibitions and other modes of display
• The Jacob Ballas’ Children’s Garden is the world’s first children’s garden, and is a great way for the younger crowd to interact with and learn more about the plant life here

How To Reach

By Bus: You can easily avail the service of SBS Transit. 7, 105, 123, 174, 174E. SMRT. 75, 77, NR8 which has one of its destinations as the Botanical Gardens. 

By Train: The tram service to the Orchard MRT Station using a North-South Line (Red) will take you closer to your desired destination. This is the closest station to the Botanical Gardens and the remaining distance from here can be covered on foot.

By Taxi: One can easily find a taxi or hireable car from which will further help them in the process of Pick-Up and Drop-Off at Botany Centre.

By Car: If you are planning on bringing your own vehicle, you can park it in the basement car parking at Botany Centre. The Parking here stays open from 5am to 12am daily and has an occupancy of 224 cars in total.

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Best Time To Visit

If you want to experience the best of nature then the morning hours are the best. However, if you'd prefer some hustle and bustle while exploring the garden then make sure that you visit here in the evening. 

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Other Essential Information

Places to Eat & Shop at Singapore Botanic Gardens

1. Botanico at The Garage: Head towards Botanico at the Garage to try their European cuisines with an Asian inflection. This place is best known for its seasonality-focused cuisines. 

2. Casa Verde: This Italian greenhouse is known for its wood-fired pizzas and some traditional Italian pasta. 

3. Corner House: Experience the allure of a multi-layered dining experience at the Corner House at Singapore Botanical Gardens. Gastro Botanica, which is a France-inspired contemporary cuisine, is a popular delicacy of this place.

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4. Cluny Food Hall: Cluny Food Hall serves you some jaw-dropping Singapore cuisines and delicacies. Try out their chicken noodles, eggs, and traditional toasted bread. 

5. Food for Tot’s Café: This café is one of the best cafes in Singapore and is situated amidst a lush green landscape and features a 40 -seater dining zone and serves all-day brunch stuff. 

6. Forest Pavilion: Gourmet sandwiches, freshly baked pastries, and ice-creams are some of the outstanding delicacies of Forest Pavilion.

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7. Fusion Spoon: Grab some Western or Asian or Japanese platter at Fusion Spoon. Besides, this place also has a kiosk named Waffle and Korean Bingsu Ice Kiosk where you can head for a little treat.

8. Halia Restaurant and the Villa: Standing beside the Ginger Gardens, Halia Restaurant and the Villa is well-known for its fusion cuisine type where you get to taste a blend of European and Asian spices and flavors.

9. Juju: This is a takeaway café of Singapore Botanical Gardens where you can try some light snacks and a wide array of refreshing drinks. 

10. The Provisions: The Provisions are located at the entrance of Ginger Gardens. Here, you can try some homemade delicacies and cuisines.

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Places to Shop

1. Garden’s Shop (Nassim Gate): The ambiance of this shop itself will leave you spellbound. This shop at the Nassim Gate homes to a wide array of souvenirs to pick up for your close circle. Pretty floral designs, fashion accessories, and other Singapore delights form unique attractions here.

2. Gardens Shop (Tanglin Gate): This particular shop is a reader’s paradise where you have a myriad of books to explore. Either pick an educational kit or a picture book, your child is going to love his gift for sure.

3. Gardens Shop (National Orchid Garden): This shop features some exciting home décor items, curated merchandise, souvenirs, and fashion accessories. Key chains, t-shirts, tote bags, and local treats are some add-ons here.

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Places to Visit near Singapore Botanic Gardens

1. Orchard Road: Orchard Road is considered to be a shopper’s paradise. Right from luxurious shopping articles to finest quality international cuisines – you’ll get everything here. Try ION Orchard, Orchard Central, Ngee Ann City, Tangs, and Far East Plaza for shopping. 

2. National Museum of Singapore: This is Singapore’s oldest museum in Singapore, which is a hub for inspirational stories of Singapore. Gallery 10, History of the National Museum of Singapore, Growing Up, Modern Colony, Singapore History Gallery, and Story of the Forest are some of the main exhibits of this museum.

3. SAM at 8Q: SAM 8Q is a museum which is entirely dedicated to some of the prominent exhibits related to contemporary arts of Singapore. More or less, it is nothing less than incubator where the local, regional talented art forms are preserved under supervision.

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4. Hong San See Temple: This is one of the most beautifully preserved architectural attractions of Singapore where you get to witness the magical aura of Chinese artistry. Axial planning, walled enclosures, courtyards, and beam-framed structures are some of the noteworthy attractions here.

5. Fort Canning Park: Fort Canning Park is recognized as a green space which is encircled by gateways dating back to the 18th century. Also, there are gazebos where you can spend some relaxing time by indulging yourself either in classical music concerts or live stage performances.

6. Little India in Singapore: This is a traditional wet market of Singapore where you can buy Indian stuff. Right from fresh meat to dry fruits, groceries, and vegetables, you have it all here. This place is best visited during Deepavali festival.

7. Merlion Park, Singapore: Stroll through yet another beauty of Singapore – the Merlion Park. If you happen to pass through the night, do mark your presence at the light and music show which is one of the best things to do in Marina Bay every night. Also, there’s 1919 Waterboat House to serve you some of the mouth-watering cuisines and delicacies with a tinge of European flavours. 

8. Mint Museum: This is the first-ever museum built exclusively for collating toys. You have both rare and unique varieties of vintage toys here. Do not forget to try a wide range of premium wines being served at the Museum’s boutique café of Mint Museum.

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Tips for Visiting Singapore Botanic Gardens 

- Make sure that you put on comfortable walking shoes, a hat, and dress in layers. 

- Pack some quick-to-eat snacks and plenty of water with you. 

- Apply sufficient sunscreen to your skin to avoid sunburn issues. Also, do not forget to carry one with you.

If possible, do include a plant identification guide in your backpack. 

- Also, include bug repellent in your backpack. It is a common scenario to have an encounter with the bugs once you step inside the Singapore Botanical  Gardens. Therefore, applying bug repellent will ensure your protection from bug bites.

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Normal Timings:
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Normal Timings:
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Normal Timings:
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Normal Timings:
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Normal Timings:
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Normal Timings:
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Point of Interest for Singapore Botanic Gardens
Tanglin Gate

Tanglin Gate

The main gate of the Singapore Botanical Garden is known as Tanglin Gate. CDL Green Gallery, SBG Heritage Museum, Botany Centre, Swan Lake, Bonsai Garden, Sun Garden, and Bandstand are the prime attraction beyond this gate.

- CDL Green Gallery: Interactive multimedia exhibits.

- Botany Centre: Visitor Information Centre 

- Swan Lake: Home of White Mute Swans

- Bandstand: Popular wedding shot

- Bonsai Gardens: Home to 48 different bonsai species

- Sun Gardens: Plants from arid regions

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Tyersall Gallop Entrance

Tyersall Gallop Entrance

This 8-hectare addition to the Singapore Botanic Gardens, which has extended the garden to 82 hectares, is worth a visit. The Gallop Entrance has two conserved buildings which have been refurbished to form several places. There is the Botanical Art Gallery displaying scientific documentation of plants in Singapore.

Visit the COMO Adventure Grove gives an opportunity to children to climb and play with trees. Next, you can visit the Forest Discovery Centre at OCBC Arboretum which will tell you about the Forest Ecosystem.

Visit the Mingxin Foundation Rambler’s Ridge to get a taste of adventure as you climb up a ridge with Spike Oak and Braided Chestnut lining on both sides of the path. If you want more adventures, go for a hike along the trail and then come down by rocky steps.

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Nassim Entrance

Nassim Entrance

Here’s what you can observe after entering the Nassim Entrance 

- Nassim Gate Visitor Center: You’ll get to witness the magnificence of Southeast Asian architecture here. 

- E J H Corner House: Black and White Colonial House.

- Evolution Garden: Journey through the evolutionary phase of plants.

- Healing Garden: Introduction to the healing qualities of different medicinal plants. 

- Rain Forest: Features climbers, herbs, ferns, and shrubs which are some exquisite remnants of tropical rainforest. 

- Palm Valley and Symphony Lake: Homes palms growing along a gently sloping valley. 

- Fragrant Valley: Features aromatic and fragrant variants of plants.

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Bukit Timah Entrance

Bukit Timah Entrance

This entrance features the following attractions

- Eco-Garden and Eco-Lake: Bird-watching and economically important plants. 

- Ethnobotany Garden: Outdoor garden featuring 300 floral species. 

- Foliage Garden: Ornamental Plants Exhibit. 

- Jacob Ballas Children’s Garden: Good point for children’s educational trip which combines the aspects of learning and discovery. 

- Trellis Garden: Climber exhibit.

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Heritage Trees

Heritage Trees

Take a look at some glorious trees of Singapore at Heritage Trees Point of Singapore Botanic Gardens, which is considered to be the natural heritage of the city and is known to be an important landmark for the preservation of mature trees. Look out for some of the well-known trees such as Baobab, Tekik, Pulai Basong, Purple Millettia or Tulang Daing, and many more such mature trees.

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While visiting the Singapore Botanic Gardens, you must explore the living gallery where you will find sculptures made of various materials by local sculptures and artists from across the globe. Take the help of the first published guide to explore the structures such as the BullFrog, Clock Tower, Chopin, Fan Palm Fountain and many such beautiful structures.

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Tourism Board Alliances

Singapore Botanic Gardens FAQs

What makes Singapore Botanic Gardens unique?

Here are some of the facts which makes Singapore Botanical Gardens unique from the rest botanical gardens:

- The Tembusu tree which you find at the backside of Singapore 5-dollar note is present here at the Singapore Botanical Gardens. It dates back to two centuries. 

- Swan lake – Singapore’s oldest ornamental water-feature is present within the Singapore Botanical Gardens.

- Singapore Botanical Gardens features a hidden pathway known as – The Dell. 

- There’s a mini rainforest inside where you can find around 300 tropical species of herbs, shrubs, and trees.

- Lastly, the late evening concert at Singapore Botanical Gardens ensures that you wind up your visit here with a relaxing evening. 

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What can we do in Singapore Botanic Garden?

1. Visit the Vanda Miss Joaquim Grove: Now regarded as Singapore’s National Flower, the Vanda Miss Joaquim grows in abundant groves at the Botanic Gardens. Close to the iconic Bandstand is the Miss Joaquim grove, paved with scenic walkways that pedestrians can amble through as they cut across the plants.

2. Walk through the Learning Forests:
One of the most sought after attractions at the Botanic Gardens, the Learning Forests offers the unique opportunity to get up close and personal with the trees here. Suspended boardwalks and elevated walkways stretch across the forests here, allowing one to traverse through and interact with the natural fauna. The Learning Forests is divided into two halves- the Keppel Discovery Wetlands and the Walk of Giants

3. Take a tour of the Evolution Garden:
A kind of a natural museum, the Evolution Garden traces the history of plant life in Singapore through natural exhibits. The Garden screens educational films as well.

4. Take a walk through the Rainforest:
As amazing as it may sound, the Botanic Gardens still retains some of the natural rainforest that existed here. Parts of it even date back to the 19th century, although most of it has been restored anew.

Why is the Singapore Botanical Garden important to Singapore?

Singapore Botanical Gardens stands third in the world and first in Asia to receive recognition from UNESCO. In the initial years, it contributed a lot to foster Singapore’s agricultural development. Today, it represents cultural, architectural, and historical pride of Singapore.

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How many types of gardens does Singapore Botanic Gardens have?

Singapore Botanical Gardens homes to around 13 different botanical gardens namely – Bonsai Garden, Sun Garden, Evolution Garden, Fragrant Garden, Healing Garden, Ethnobotany Garden, Foliage Garden, Trellis Garden. National Orchid Garden, Rainforest, Ginger Garden, Botany Centre and Tanglin Gate, Jacob Ballas Children’s Garden.

How big is Singapore Botanic Gardens?

Singapore Botanical Gardens measures around 85 hectares.

Why is Singapore Botanic Gardens a UNESCO site?

Singapore Botanical Gardens is claimed to be a UNESCO site due to its efforts and contributions in identification, protection, and preservation of the natural tropical site. Singapore Botanical Garden’s UNESCO listing highlights its phenomenal historical and cultural significance both to conservation and research.

How long does it take to walk through botanic gardens?

Owing to its space and the sheer number of attractions that it houses, touring the Botanic Gardens can take up a fair bit of time, maybe even a whole day. However, the time spent here will be determined entirely by how many attractions you visit, or which tours you decide to take.

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Are there places to eat near the Park?

Yes, there are many places within the Singapore Botanical Gardens where you can enjoy a wide array of delicacies and cuisines. Here are some of the most popular ones – Bee’s Knees at the Garage, Botanico at The Garage, Casa Verde, Corner House, Food for Tots Café, Cluny Food Hall, Fusion Spoon, Forest Pavilion, and Halia Restaurant and The Villa.

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