Trick Eye Museum, Singapore: How To Reach, Best Time & Tips
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About Trick Eye Museum

One of the most popular attractions in Singapore City the Trick Eye Museum is a unique gallery franchise that allows one to experience paintings and installations as live action through the use of optical illusion. The museum is separated into six zones by themes, each zone containing artwork and optical illusion tricks adhering to their respective themes. Unlike most museums, the regular warnings of “no photography” or “no touching” are not issued against visitors in the Trick Eye Museum.

Spectators are allowed to feel through the exhibits that 
demand all five senses to be used in order to fully experience the illusion tricks. This unique experience is made even better through the museum’s newly launched XR app, that transforms the static experience of art-browsing into a fairly dynamic one. This XR App is an augmented reality app, which, when kept on video mode, would create a live digital version of the paintings viewed throughout- one can experience the live underwater creatures swimming about in the Mermaid exhibit, or experience the melting lava in the Trick World installations.

The Trick Eye Museum primarily offers a fantastic setting for imaginative photo shoots that would be out-of-the-box and fun to experience. Their world of illusion stretches from climbing into life-sized versions of paintings by famous artists, such as Van Gogh's Starry Night, to giant props that can be posed with, to completely immersive exhibits in the Fairy tale or Fantasy zone, where spectators get a chance to enter into the world of magic.

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Essential Information:

Resorts World Sentosa, 26 Sentosa Gateway, 01-43/44, Singapore 098138 

The museum is open on all days from 10.00am to 09.00pm. Entry is stopped at 08.00pm.

Entry ticket for the trick eye museum is free for children below 4 years. The price division of tickets for 4 or above is as follows:
           Adults (13-59) - SGD 25
           Children (4- 12 years of age) - SGD 20
           Seniors (60 years and above) - SGD 20

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What are the various attractions pass types?

The Attraction Passes in Singapore allows tourists to purchase packaged tickets at a discount for the various attractions or sightseeing spots, scattered across the city and the neighboring island. 
Each Attraction Pass is unique and provides a packaged entry to multiple places. Once an Attraction Pass is purchased, one need not pay cash for entry to any of the attractions listed under that specific Attraction Pass.  Some Attraction Pass that allows entry to the Trick Eye Museum includes:

Sentosa Fun Pass: The Sentosa Fun pass is the best attraction pass to avail if one decides to tour Sentosa Island specifically. The pass has three different versions to it- 55 tokens, 80 tokens, and 120 tokens. The higher the number of tokens specified, the more attractions can one avail with that specific pass. All three Sentosa Fun Passes provide entry to the Trick Eye Museum, among other attractions. Book the ticket to Sentosa Fun Pass!

The Singapore Flexi Attractions Pass: The Singapore Flexi Attractions Pass is a customizable Attraction Pass, allowing the user to choose from three to five attractions from the 32 listed under the pass. The Singapore Flexi Attractions Pass is not merely restricted to Sentosa Island but covers the entire city of Singapore. The card is valid up to five days until its issue and comes with a free guidebook and map to all its listed attractions.

Singapore Unlimited Attractions Pass: The Singapore Unlimited Attractions Pass is the most expensive of its type, but also has the most benefits. This pass allows the user to choose between 2, 3 or 5 attractions of their choice from the 35 attractions listed under the pass and includes complimentary entry to the Universal Studios on Sentosa Island.

Apart from this, combo tickets such as the following may be availed:

Trick Eye Museum x Singapore Cable Car Skypass Combo: This Combo ticket allows unlimited rides on the Faber Peak and Sentosa Island  Cable Lines, along with an entry to the Trick Eye Museum

Trick Eye Museum & 4D Adventureland Combo: This ticket allows the user to enjoy the Museum as well as four rides from the 4d Adventureland Park-Extreme Log Ride, Desperado, Journey2: The Mysterious Island and Haunted Mine Ride 4D

The Trick Eye Museum and Madame Tussaud’s Combo: This pass allows entry to not only Madame Tussaud’s and The Trick Eye, but also the Spirit of Singapore Boat Ride, The Images of Singapore, and the Marvel 4D Experience.

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    Places to visit near the trick eye museum

    1. S.E.A Aquarium: A part of the Sentosa Resort World, the S.E.A Aquarium houses nearly ten thousand marine animals of nearly 80 species. The open habitat features walk-through corridors with open windows showcasing various animals. The museum also offers fun experiences such as dome-shaped caves that allows the spectator to go closer into the aquarium, or the Open Ocean habitat that allows one to doze off amidst the exhibits. Book the tickets of 
    S.E.A Aquarium.

    2. Universal StudioThe greatest attraction in Sentosa Island, Singapore, Universal Studios is a theme amusement park featuring 28 rides. The park has movie-themed attractions such as Battlestar Galactica and Transformer rides, the Jurassic Park Rapids adventure as well as live-action shows and other entertainment features like fireworks display. You can also Buy the tickets of 
    Universal Studios.

    3. Headrick VR: Headrick VR is the biggest VR Park in Singapore. This Virtual Reality Park invites its visitors to experience multiple adventures, sometimes bordering on extremes, through digitally created realities. This larger than life experience includes friendly arcade gaming, virtual adventure sports like archery, or even daunting rides like the Skyscraper which virtually drops the rider from the very top of a building.

    4. Wings of Time: The Wings of Time in Sentosa is an outdoor night show telling the story of a prehistoric bird, Shahbaz, and his adventures, through fountains, lasers, music and light manipulation.  The Wings of Time holds one show daily, between 7.40 pm and 8.40 pm, and is experienced that cannot be missed once in Sentosa. Book the ticket of Wings of Time.

    5. Butterfly Park and the Insect Kingdom: Presenting an ecological aesthetic, the Butterfly Park and Insect Kingdom in Sentosa Island is an interactive museum housing various species of butterflies and other insects. This fun adventure park not only has museums for educational purposes, but also provides a multi-sensory experience with butterflies fluttering around the visitors in the outdoor conservatory.Buy the tickets of 
    Butterfly Park and Insect Kingdom.

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    Things to do in the trick eye museum

    1. Take a trip through the Museum: The six zones of Museum offers an experience that is both unique and increasingly minds boggling. The Museum invites its visitors to recreate images within the four-dimensional space, by offering 3D and 4D paintings as well as art installations, that invites the spectator to walk through the artificially constructed virtual space and experience it with all their five senses by touching and feeling around through it. The museum offers a unique photo-taking experience through their near-to-life exhibits, and also provides the additional feature of adding augmented reality to the static pictures.

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    2. AR Feature: The Museum offers its own XR app, which adds an augmented reality to the exhibits to pose and take pictures or videos with. In the video mode, the app allows one to experience the reality of the exhibits through live actions, and one can witness live creatures moving around.

    3. Educational Feature: Under the Educational feature of the Trick Eye Museum, the museum provides activity booklets and guides upon request, which can convert the experience from one that is purely fun to something educational as well. 

    Attractions inside the trick eye museum

    The Trick Eye Museum in Sentosa is divided into six themed areas- the world of Masterpieces, Excitement, Supernatural, Fairytale, Fantasy and the Trick World.

    1. The World of Masterpieces: This area is the first zone one encounters when they walk into Trick Eye, and features themed rooms such as Media Art, Ames or the Dining Table. The spectators are allowed to walk through the rooms, touching and feeling through the interior and the objects placed within it, to discover the secret of the four dimensional space. 

    2. Excitement Zone: True to its name, the excitement zone offers an array of thrilling 3D and 4D paintings and invited the spectator to be a part of the space by fitting themselves into the pictures. The picture scenes displayed includes those of circus elephants, anaconda attacks, images of adventure sports and many more. 

    3. Supernatural Zone: The Supernatural Zone in Trick Eye is filled with images of horror and supernatural creatures. This areas invites the spectators to overcome their fears by exploring friendly paintings of the supernatural, accompanied with eerie music.

    4. The Fairytale zone: If you love fairy tales, the Fairy Tale zone in Trick Eye is the place for you. No matter what your age is, the Fairy Tale zone allows spectators to recreate specific moment from popular fairy tales through paintings, including Aladdin, the Little Mermaid and Frozen.

    5. The Fantasy Zone: The Fantasy Zone in Trick Eye takes a trip into the world of imagination, offering fantastic and illusory paintings of magical realms for the spectators to experience and be a part of. 

    6. The Trick World: The Trick World is the most visited and well-loved zone in the Trick Eye, and brings together realistic paintings and art installations to create an illusory world that can be felt by all 5 senses. The Trick World is the last zone in the museum, and promises to deliver an experience of all the "impossibilities of reality."

    What is the best time to visit the trick eye museum?

    The best time to visit the trick eye museum in Singapore would be before 12 noon on weekdays, and after 05.00pm in the weekends, when the crowd is comparatively lesser. It would also be advisable not to plan a visit during mid-October, when the Museum is usually under renovation and not under the best visiting conditions. 

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    How to reach the trick eye museum from the airport?

    The trick eye museum can be reached from the airport via the subway, which is the cheapest transportation to the place and takes about 55 minutes to reach there. Alternatively, one can also avail direct buses from the airport, which takes a much longer time, ranging from 1 hour to 4 hours depending on the bus route. The shortest way to reach the museum from the airport would be to avail a cab or a taxi, which would take around 30 minutes to arrive at the destination.

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    Tips for visiting trick eye museum

    Here are some practical tips that must be kept in mind while visiting the Trick Eye Museum:

    - The XR App must be downloaded on one's phone before entering the museum. It enhances the experience of the optical illusions by creating an augmented reality effect.
    - Cameras should be carried along for taking photos. If a camera is not carried, one must make sure that their phone batteries are fully charged, as the continuous running of the XR App and the camera drains battery life considerably.
    - Look out for photo points marked out on the ground of the exhibits, for the best angle and shot.
    - Booking tickets online is recommended, as you get a discount


    Q1. What is ARV Feature in Trick Eye Museum?

    Ans. The ARV Feature or Augmented Reality feature in Trick Eye Museum is its XR Museum App. With the use of this app, one can bring to life the paintings inside the Trick Eye Museum, watch their stories and make intriguing photos and videos. This gives the audience a fuller experience than ordinary 3D art.  While viewing the water dragon, one can use the XR Museum App to make the encounter feel more realistic. To participate in an extra-dimensional audio-visual journey, one has to download the XR Museum App, scan the QR code, press "Allow", select the region and that's it. This app is an essential requirement before one visits the museum. 

    Q2. How long does it typically take to cover the entire museum?

    Ans. The time taken to cover the entire museum depends on pace and visiting time. It might take around 1 to 1.5 hours if much time is not spent on each of the art works. Since it is mostly about taking pictures while engaging with the installations, it may take 2 to 3 hours. The more entertaining videos are in the inner rooms, hence those who are short on time, should not remain for long in the main hall. It may take even longer than 3 hours when more people are visiting. Therefore, it is advisable to visit the museum in off peak timings such as earlier in the morning, before 12 pm or after 5 pm and also during weekdays.

    Q3. Is camera allowed in the museum?

    Ans. Yes, cameras are allowed in the museum. In fact, one should make sure that there is enough charge in their camera batteries. Visitors are allowed to freely interact with the displayed exhibits which includes clicking photos engaging with them. It is advisable, however, to download the XR Museum App in order to click more eventful pictures and record amusing videos.

    Q4. What makes Trick Eye Museum so special?

    Ans. The Trick Eye Museum uses the traditional art technique of Trompe- l'oeil which turns two-dimensional paintings into three-dimensional images through the use of optical illusions. Paintings on the walls, ceilings, and ground bring one into the setting of a scene and one can even become the part of an artwork. The paintings and illusions are such that the visitors can step inside them. There are 6 themed zones in the museum. The first zone is the World of Masterpieces in which there are four-dimensional spaces, where one can touch and feel the surroundings, like Media Art, Ames Room, and Dining Table. The Excitement zone gives a taste of thrilling sensations. One can become the lead in paranormal activities, befriend friendly ghosts and overcome their fears in the Supernatural zone. To swim like a mermaid or dance on the ice like Elsa or fly on a magic carpet-like Aladdin, one must visit the Fairy Tale zone. The Fantasy zone brings magical realms alive while the Trick World brings together all the well-loved exhibits. These features make the Trick Eye Museum so special. 

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    Q5. How many zones are there in the Trick Eye Museum?

    Ans. There are six zones in the Trick Eye Museum namely World of Masterpieces, Excitement, Supernatural, Fairy Tale, Fantasy and Trick World.

    Q6. What are the things Trick Eye Museum exhibits?

    Ans. The Trick Eye Museum exhibits artworks and installations that have been made using a 3D optical illusion technique. These paintings might enable one to appear as if hanging out of a frame on the wall or seem to be serving someone's head on a platter. The adventurous visual illusions can make one look like escaping a giant beast, riding a jumbo elephant's trunk, etc. Supernatural illusions might make one find himself or herself floating above ground level, the Fairy Tale zone offers visitors a chance to swim like a mermaid and the one can also venture into a dream land appearing to be riding on a beautiful flying horse. The 6 themed zones and the Trick World exhibit much more such extraordinary and engaging art pieces.

    Q7. Can I bring the wheelchair or baby stroller in the Trick Eye Museum Singapore?

    Ans. Yes, you can bring the wheelchair or baby stroller in the Trick Eye Museum Singapore. 

    Q8. Can I bring food into the Trick Eye Museum?

    Ans. No, you cannot bring food into the Trick Eye Museum

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