Jurong Bird Park, Singapore: How To Reach, Best Time & Tips
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Jurong Bird Park Tours & Activities

About Jurong Bird Park

Renowned as one of the famous family attractions of Singapore, Jurong Bird Park features more than 5000 birds representing more than 250 bird species. Stretching over a land cover of around 202,000 sq. m. This place is a real heaven for bird lovers. African Penguin, Black-winged Myna, Bali Myna, Great Blue Turaco, Blue Crowned Laughing Thrush, Humboldt Penguin. Great Hornbill and King Penguin are some of the species found here.

African Waterfall Aviary, Lory Loft, Jungle Jewels Flight Aviary, and Southeast Asian Birds Aviary are some astounding specialties of this location. Hornbill and Toucans Exhibit, Parrot Paradise, Pelican Cove, Royal Rumble, Swan Lake and World of Darkness are some noteworthy exhibits here. Penguin Coast, Heliconia Repository, Birdz of Play, Bird Discovery Centre, are add-on entertainment.

Jurong Bird Park is known for all the shows and activities it hosts for complete entertainment of the visitors. King of the Skies and High Flyers Show forms the two most important shows to be a part of. 
Spending an entire day won’t go in vain as there are myriads of things to enjoy – Wildlife tours, birds feeding, birds interaction session, kids play section and camping.

Set aside everything else, which makes this park a worthy investment for your time is that you can have lunch with the colorful Avian species here. Songbird Terrace of Jurong Bird Park schedules a 30-minute interactive show wherein you can lick on your favorite Asian food while the Avian species exhibit their natural skills and talents. Hawk Café, Curry Gardenn, Birdz of Play, Lory Loft Café, Pizza Hut Express, and Waterfall Café are some other food outlets.

After you are done with your Jurong Bird Park exploration, make sure to purchase a few souvenirs either from Bird Park Entrance or Birdz of Play (Birdz & Wormz). These memorabilia are surely going to replenish all your happy times spent at Jurong Bird Park.

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Essential Information:

Location: 2 Jurong Hill, Singapore 628925

Timings: Jurong Bird Park opens sharp at 08:30 am in the morning and closes by 06:00 pm in the evening.

Price: There are 2 types of prices for public and non-public holidays mentioned below:

During Public Holidays 

                  Singapore Resident              Non-Residents

- Adult              28.50$                                  28.50$
- Child                19$                                       19$
Senior              14$

During Non-Public Holidays

                  Singapore Resident              Non-Residents

- Adult              25.50$                                 27$
- Child                 17$                                   18$
- Senior               14$

Senior citizen tickets can be availed by residents of Singapore who are standing above 60 years of their age. This ticket is inclusive of complimentary tram rides.

You can either purchase your tickets through the ticketing counter. The ticketing counter of Jurong Bird Park is located at its main entrance. Alternatively, you can also reserve your tickets online and save up to 15 percent on your ticket expenditure.

Planning a visit to Jurong Bird Park? Grab your tickets here at 20% discount!

Jurong Bird Park Attractions Pass Types

Here are the available pass types to be a part of Jurong Bird Park Attractions – 

For Bird Discovery Tour: Adult – 38 Singapore dollars
                                           Child – 25 Singapore dollars

For Bird’s Eye Tour: Adult – 98 Singapore dollars
                                   Child – 65 Singapore dollars

Private Buggy Tour: 250 per hour

Sleep with the Penguins Family Camp: Adults – 160 Singapore dollars
                                                                   Child – 130 Singapore dollars

2-Day Bird Quest Camp: Child – 220 Singapore dollars

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Zones at Jurong Bird Park

Here is the zonal distribution of Jurong Bird Park – 

Birds of Prey – This zone lets you experience the magnificent hunting birds closely. To witness the majestic aura of birds of prey, be a part of Bird’s Eye Tour and King of the Skies show.

Breeding Research Centre – This is the place where you can find nannies of the Jurong Bird Park caring for the eggs and chicks. Also, do witness an incubation room here where they take the abandoned eggs for improving their hatching process.

Flamingo Lake – Find the mud nest mounds where the flamingo eggs are incubated. You will have plenty of gorgeous pink-hued flamingos to capture in your Jurong Bird Park diaries. 

Flamingo Pool – Have you ever witnessed the beauty of Caribbean Flamingo? If not yet, Jurong Bird Park gives you this exciting opportunity to spend some time with them at their one and only Flamingo Pool.

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Hornbills and Toucans Zone – This is a 2000 m house homing to around 27 spacious aviaries which have about 19 hornbill species. You will be able to spot black hornbill here, which is one of the most difficult species to locate anywhere else.

Lory Loft Feeding – Visitors visit this zone primarily to feed the Lory Lofts with the dry mix, honey, and water. Do capture some beautiful moments as these birds greedily eat and drink what you serve them.

Penguin Coast – Meet the most adorable sea creature of this planet at the Penguin Coast. This 1630 m indoor zone exhibits different penguin species such as Humboldt, Rockhopper, and Macaroni.

Pelican Cove – Spot on different Pelican species wandering here and there in this zone. American white, Asian spot-billed, African pink-backed, and Australian pelican species are worth endearing.

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Swan Lake – How about meeting a long-necked swan? Head towards Swan Lake or Swan Pond to watch the long-necked beautiful swans gliding through the free-flowing waters of the pond. 

Waterfall Aviary – Witness the magnificence of the world’s tallest indoor waterfalls at Jurong Bird Park’s Waterfall Aviary. What you can do here is simply capture some panoramic views of the surrounding beauty. If time permits, do hike towards the Hut to catch a glimpse of some of the reticent birds hovering all over your head.

Wetlands – Combined with the three essential elements of Earth – water, warmth and nutrients, Wetlands, is a bustling zone to halt and engage in bird-watching. 

Wings of Asia – Spot some birds from the land of Asia at Wings of Asia. Although the majority of these are endangered species, authorities of Jurong Bird Park ensure they are protected here. You can educate yourself with the different field conservation projects and breeding services run in this zone.

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Shows at Jurong Bird

There are two shows here at Jurong Bird Park – Kings of the Skies Show and High Flyers Show.

King of the Skies Show – This show features some of the mighty creatures such as Harris’ Hawk, White-tailed sea eagle, and hooded vultures. To be a part of this show, you need to head towards Hawk Arena either at 10:00 am or 04:00 pm.

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High Flyers Show – To witness the talents and high IQ of birds dwelling at Jurong Bird Park, mark your presence at High Flyers Show. Don’t be surprised to see Yellow-naped Amazon sign in three different languages. To be a part of this show, you need to head towards Pools Amphitheatre sharp at 11:00 am in the morning or 03:00 pm in the evening.

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Activities at Jurong Bird Park

Here are some of the fun-filled activities to try at Jurong Bird Park – 

Bird discovery tour – Be a part of one of the most exciting bird watching tours at Jurong Bird Park and unveil the diversified and endangered bird species here. Do not forget to miss on their Wings of Asia bird feeding session. 

Adult Ticket – 38 Singapore dollars
Child Ticket – 25 Singapore dollars

Bird’s Eye Tour – Entertain yourself by flying a raptor or snuggling the Hornbill or meeting a chick nanny as exclusive offers under this tour.

Adult ticket – 98 Singapore dollars
Child ticket – 65 Singapore dollars

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Private Tour – If you are in a group of more than people, do charter in your own personal buggy here at Jurong Bird Park. It is available for a nominal charge of around 250 Singapore dollars per hour.

Feed the Animals – You can simply get close to some of the exciting Avian friends here during their feeding session. Head towards Lory Loft (to feed Lories and Lorikeets), Waterfall Aviary (to feed birds), Penguin Coast (to feed Penguins), Flamingo Pool (to feed Flamingos) and Pelican Cove (to feed Pelican Cove).

Interact with the birds – Enjoying with myriads of birds here during different interactive feeding sessions will surely please you at some different level. Do not forget to be a part of either Birds feeding program, Penguin encounter, Hornbill Chit-chat, Flamingo feeding, and Pelican Chit-chat and learn the language of birds.

Kids section – Birdz of Play offers a multi-purpose pavilion for the children to enjoy their child-time inside Jurong Bird Park. There is a separate game section for kids of all age groups. 

Camping – Jurong Bird Park offers you two fun-filled camping options to enjoy with your family – Sleep with the Penguins Family Camp (Adult – 160 Singapore dollars and Child – 130 Singapore dollars) and 2-Day Bird Quest Camp (Child – 220 Singapore dollars). Both camping options will be guided tours and will give you a close encounter with the birds. 

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Places to Shop and Dine at Jurong Bird Park 

Shopping points of Jurong Bird Park – 

Do you wish to make your Jurong Bird Park visit a memorable one for you? Do make it a point to visit one of their gift shops to purchase a wide array of souvenirs sold here – 

- Bird Park Entrance (Feathers) – This point homes to many plush toys inspired by Avian. Also, there are other memorabilia like t-shirts, caps and so on, which makes it a perfect gift for someone special. This shop opens sharp at 09:30 am in the morning and closes down by 06:30 daily. It is operational on all operational days. 

- Birds of Play (Birdz and Wormz) – This zone is yet another worthy of visiting a collection of marvelous stuff to take back with you. On weekdays, you can walk in at any point of time between 11:00 am to 06:00 pm. During weekends and public holidays, the shop runs from early morning at 09:30 am to 06:00 pm in the evening. 

While checking out, do make an effort to contribute towards their plastic waste reduction initiative by buying non-woven bags (small-sized) at 0.30 Singapore dollars. Medium-sized bags are available at 0.50 Singapore dollars.

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Dining Points - 

- Songbird Terrace: Indulge yourself in a sumptuous Asian meal while the colorful parrots entertain you. They do host a 30-minute Avian interactive show where these beautiful birds will be exhibiting their natural talents.

- Hawk Café: For those who wish to satiate their taste buds with Singapore cuisines and delicacies, Hawk Café is an ideal point of halt. Hainanese chicken rice is their best-selling dish here.

- Curry Garden: Spice your visit to Jurong Bird Park with North and South Indian delicacies and cuisines. From veg to non-veg, there’s a flavor for every taste bud.

For some quick to eat munchies, you can explore the dine-in menus at Birdz of Play, Lory Loft Café, Pizza Hut Express, and Waterfall Café.

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Places to visit near Jurong Bird Park

While even a day is less to unveil the beauty of this magnificent Jurong Bird Park, there are myriad of places to visit near the park. Here are some of them – 

Jurong Point Shopping Mall – Singapore never falls short of shopping locations, and Jurong Point Shopping Mall explains why it is the best. Lying close to the Boon Lay MRT station, this is a one-of-its-kind point to visit. Right from section completely dedicated kid’s section to skincare for both men and women to food outlets, Jurong Point Shopping Mall has got it all.

Science Centre Singapore – This is a paradise for your child to learn, explore, and feed his brain with ample scientific stuff. Activities, workshops, competitions, exhibitions, science shows, demonstrations, Omni-theatre movies, and so on are meant for complete family entertainment.

Masego -The Safari Spa – For perfect relaxation, head towards the Masego – The Safari Spa. Essence facial, nature’s facelift, quick massage, herbal ball therapy, natural massage, prenatal massage, and postnatal massage are some of the services available here.

Jurong East Swimming Complex – This a public swimming complex offering the comfort of a lazy river, wave pool, and fun water slides to everyone at highly affordable pricing. Competition pool, kiddy pool, lazy river, wave pool, water slides, mushroom, and jacuzzi, are some of the central attractions of this point.

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Bukit Timah Nature Reserve – Experience the wildness of Singapore’s wildlife in 163-acred Bukit Timah Nature Reserve. You can simply stroll through the nature reserves or go for a bike trail – the choice is yours entirely.

Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum – A perfect place for history buffs to dwell in search of knowledge. This museum homes to references to birds, fish, mammals, echinoderms and other creatures.

Jurong Lake Garden – Jurong Lake Garden is a nature’s landscape where families and communities can come together and spend some quality time in Mother Nature’s lap.

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Best Time to Visit Jurong Bird Park

You can plan your visit to Jurong Bird Park at any point in time. However, May to August is the best season to visit Singapore for this park, when you can spot a wide array of different birds within the Jurong Bird Park. During this period, the park witnesses a temperature of around 25 degrees to 30 degrees Celsius.

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Tips for Visiting Jurong Bird Park

- As Jurong Bird Park is filled with a lot of things to do, it is always better if you could plan to spend at least half of your day here.

- Put on your sunglasses and apply sunscreen while visiting here.

- To ensure your self-protection from occasional rains, make sure to carry your umbrellas. If it showers heavily, you can simply head towards Hawk Café to find a perfect shelter overhead. 

- Applying insect repellent is always better to keep you protected from unexpected insect bites. 

- Wear some comfortable shoes while you are visiting here. 

- Remember to carry plenty of water with you to avoid suffocation due to dehydration. Also, there are water dispensers located at different locations within Jurong Bird Park from where you can easily refill your water bottles.

- In case you feel hungry, you have many food points to visit within Jurong Bird Park.

- For the assistance of any kind, approach Guest Relations Officer. You can easily find them roaming in and around the Jurong Bird Park.

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How to reach Jurong Bird Park from Airport?

Here are some of the options available before you to reach Jurong Bird Park from Changi Airport –

By Subway – Board a subway from Changi Airport which will drop you at Tanah Merah within 8 to 10 minutes. From here, board East-West green and alight at Boon Lay. Make your way to Boon Lay Int., and board a bus to finally drop you at your final destination – Jurong Bird Park. Your entire journey will cost you around 400 to 450 INR.

By Line 36 Bus – Walk towards Changi Airport PTB2 and board a bus to drop you at Somerset Station. Your journey will last for around 1 hour. Once you get down at Somerset Station, board another bus to drop you at Boon Lay Int. within 1 hour and 8 min. From Boon Lay Int., you need to board the third bus to drop you to your final destination – Jurong Bird Park within 9 minutes. Your entire bus journey will cost you around 500 INR.

By Bus, Subway – Reach Changi Airport PTB3 and board a bus to drop you at Opp Tampines Station/Int. It will take around 01 hours and 26 minutes for you to reach here. From Tampines, board an East-West green to drop you at Boon Lay. Walk towards Boon Lay Int. and get on a bus to drop you at Jurong Bird Park. Your entire journey shall cost you around 500 INR. 

By taxi – If you have a lot of luggage to carry with you, it is always better to go for a taxi transfer. It will take around 32 m for you to reach your final destination and will cost you approximately 2000 to 2500 INR.

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Q1. How do I get to Jurong Bird Park?

A Here are some options available for you to reach this Jurong Bird Park – 

-Public transport – Board East-West MRT line (Tuas Link). Get down at Boon Lay (EW27). From this point, board Bus No. 194 which will directly drop you at the entrance of Jurong Bird Park. 

-Direct Bus Services – 

-Safari Gate – 
One-way :  7 SGD
Two-way:  12 SGD
  (All 4 Parks)  Two way:  19 SGD

If you are in the city, you need to head towards Suntec City to board a Safari Gate. Here, Safari Gate services are available at 09:30 am, 11:30 am, and 02:00 pm. Your drop-off to the Suntec City will be scheduled either at 12:30 pm, 03:30 pm or 05:00 pm.

On weekends (Friday and Saturday), and Public Holidays evening, you can avail free transfers to Safari Gate from your place of stay. To know more about this, you can contact customer service support executive at their guest hotline.

-Singapore Attractions Express: One-way : Adult:  6 SGD   Child: 4 SGD
                                                       Two-way:  Adult: 11 SGD  Child: 7 SGD

-Star Island Travel: One-way :  Adult: 6 SGD   Child: 4 SGD

-Self-drive:  Jurong Bird Park is situated at a distance of around 30 minutes from the main city location. There are two different routes through which you can make your way to this park – 

- Route 1:  From Central Expressway (CTE):
To travel from Central Expressway, first you need to drive through AYE in the direction of Jurong Bird Sanctuary. From here, take Exit 17 towards Jalan Ahmad Ibrahim to reach your final destination. 

- Route 2: From Pan Island Expressway (PIE):
Drive through PIE in the direction of Jurong Bird Park; next take Exit 36 and turn towards your left at Jalan Bahar. Soon, you will find yourself moving in the direction of Jalan Boon Lay. Once you reach Jalan Ahmad Ibrahim, drive towards left to reach your final destination.

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Q2. How many types of birds are there in the park?

There are around 5000 different birds available within the Jurong Bird Park.

Q3. How long does it take to complete a visit to the park?

Visitors usually take around 4 to 5 hours to explore the Jurong Bird Park entirely. 

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Q4. Can I take unlimited tram rides around Jurong Bird Park with the tram ticket?

Yes, you are allowed to take unlimited tram rides with your Jurong Bird Park tram ticket. 

Q5. May I bring my own food into the park?

You do not need to carry your own food. There are many food options available within Jurong Bird Park. Hawk Café, Birdz of Play Café, Curry Gardenn, Terrace Kiosk, and Songbird Terrace are some of them. Out of all, Songbird Terrace allows you to have your food with your favorite parrots.

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Q6. How many types of species are there in the park?

If you are exceptionally good at bird spotting, around 5000 birds are coming from approximately 400 different species. Out of the total count, 29 species are classified under threatened species. Black-winged myna, Philippine Eagle, Blue-crowned laughing thrush, Greater green leafbird, Blue Macaw, and Great Blue Turaco are some of the birds found here. 

Q7. Can I bring my own stroller or wheelchair into the park?

There’s no need to carry your own stroller while visiting Jurong Bird Park. Park authorities provide mobility access to the needful. You can either rent a wagon or a stroller for your infant. For rental fees, you can visit the official website of the Jurong Bird Park.

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Q8. Do you have nursing rooms or diaper changing facilities around the park?

Yes, there are diaper changing facilities available around Jurong Bird Park. Jurong Bird Park entrance, Lory Loft, Waterfall Aviary, Songbird Terrace, Pools Amphitheatre, Birdz of Play, Parrot Paradise and Hawk Avena are some of them.

Q9. Are there places to eat near the park?

Yes, there are many places near Jurong Bird Park where you can have good food. Some of them are Curry Gardenn, Hawk Café, Sea Tripod Seafood Paradise, Bongo Burgers, TCC – The Connoisseur Concerto, Mc. Donald’s, Hee Kee Deserts, and Vivavox Café.

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