Pasir Ris Town Park Overview

A small town park, located in the Pasir Ris housing estate, making it a popular spot for locals to hangout and spend some quality time with their loved ones. The place is equipped with a beautiful Marine Pond, where you can sillup your fishing techniques and enjoy the lively atmosphere as you sit back and relax on lush green grass. 

An important lung for the city of Singapore, Pasir Ris Town park is a complete opposite vibe from Pasir Ris Beach park. This place is peaceful yet lively, where all can enjoy a great time having fun with their loved ones. If you're seeking a serene escape amidst the urban bustle, consider exploring Singapore travel packages that include visits to Pasir Ris Town park for a refreshing change of scenery.

The place has a special bond with fishing enthusiasts, as it features a clean and tranquil fishing pond, called Marine Pond. Here one can sit and patiently wait for their big catch while enjoying the serene sight of the clean blue water. Few staircases are situated there leading straight towards the pons, where you can just sit and relax or wait for your fishing bait to get caught. 

This is one of the two parks in Singapore that hosts a Hawkers center inside the area. Here one can try delicious local delicacies and more. Another cool feature this place offers is a cycling route, where tourists can explore the whole park as they balance their way around the park, enjoying the lush greenery surrounding them.

Stroll around the place or plan a short picnic with your friends and family, this park has a lot to offer to its visitors. Lay back and relax in the serene atmosphere offered by Pasir Ris Town park, Singapore. 

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• A popular hangout spot among locals and tourists, offering many activities for your entertainment.
• Marine Pond, a large pond filled with local fishes and surrounded by mature trees, offering scenic views.
• One of the most popular spots for fishing enthusiasts, offering tranquil space for you to sit and wait for your big catch.
• One of the only two Hawker markets inside a park in Singapore is situated here, offering amazing local dishes.
• Kids and adults both can enjoy their time cycling or skating around the park, as the park offers some smooth and well paved paths for you to enjoy.


• Wheelchair Accessible

How To Reach


As Singapore is well known for its MRT connectivity, Pasir Ris Town Park can also be reached by boarding an MRT train that will lead you straight to the Pasir Ris MRT station, which is a five minute walk away from the park. It is the nearest MRT station and one of the fastest and easiest ways to reach Pasir Ris Town Park. 

By Bus

Bus No. 89, 359 and 403 are three of the buses that will take you straight to the Pasir Ris Town Park and there are three nearest Bus stops where you can get down to reach your destination, which are-

771779- Pasir Ris Town Pk

77049- Pasir Ris Town Pk

77171- Opp Pasir Ris Town Pk

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Best Time To Visit

The best time to visit Pasir Ris Town park is during the early evening, when you can enjoy some fishing, followed by a beautiful sunset and ending with a lit night, where you can enjoy some snacks from the hawkers market as well. 

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Other Essential Information

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Point of Interest for Pasir Ris Town Park
Marine Pond

Marine Pond

Marine is a large pond offering a relaxful day to all its visitors, where one can enjoy the beautiful scenery with clean water surrounded by lush greenery. This place is a popular spot among fishing enthusiasts, where locals and tourists all can try their hand and get their bait taken by Singaporean fishes.

Surrounded by towering trees, offering a great shade for sitting under some shaded patches, one can try some book reading or painting as well. Many photographers visit this pond space and capture beautiful sky in different shades as the sun goes down and spread its rays around the sky. 

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The place is very popular among cycling enthusiasts, as the park offers a smooth pavement surrounded by lush greenery, to enjoy cycling. You can bring your own cycle or can also rent one from Bicycle Kiosk present inside the park. Enjoy a refreshing ride as you explore around the park and make new friends and memories.

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Marine pond is a large pond that offers a great spot for fishing. A group of stairs leading towards the pond offers ample space for you to sit and patiently wait for your bait to get caught by those Singaporean fishes. It is known as a popular fishing spot among locals and is enjoyed by many tourists as well. 

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Inline Skating

Inline Skating

The park offers a perfectly manicured route for inline skating enthusiasts. Show and sharp your skating skills as you explore around the park, feeling that pleasant breeze on your face.

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Pasir Ris Town Park FAQs

What is so special about Pasir Ris?

Pasir Ris is known for its unique and special history, along with being a beautiful beachfront town, the place has a lot to offer to its visitors. 

Where is Pasir Ris Beach?

The famous Pasir Ris Beach is located in Singapore, hence, justifying the name Pasir Ris, meaning Beach Bolt-Rope in Malay. The beach is known to offer different activities for you to enjoy with your loved ones. 

Is Pasir Ris Beach Park the same as Pasir Ris Town Park?

No, they both are different, but closely located. One can cover both the places in one go, where they can enjoy different activities and sceneries. 

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