National Orchid Garden Overview

Take a stroll inside the UNESCO World Heritage site listed National Orchid Garden, located on the topmost hill of Singapore’s Botanical gardens. Feel charmed looking at more than 2000 varieties of beautiful displays of flowers, hybrids and species in its four separate zones spread over 8 acres. Learn more about the different species of plants in the garden as you wander around.

The National Orchid Garden listed on the World Heritage site list of UNESCO is located on the uppermost hill in the Botanical gardens of Singapore. The Garden houses more than 2000 varieties of hybrids and species residing here.

It has a beautiful display of flowers extremely well-kept and spread over 8 acres and divided into 4 separate colour zones. The spring zone has orchids that are bright and vibrant like yellow and gold. For a memorable experience, consider indulging in Singapore tour packages to witness these breathtaking floral displays.

The summer colour zones are made up of orchids that are dark reds and pinks that catch your attention. The White colour zone has orchids that are mainly blues and whites that complement the winter weather and the autumn colour zone is full of orchids which are made up of mature colours.

The orchard has the rarest of the varieties and in different sizes and shapes. Every year new flower varieties are added which makes a repeated visit here completely worth it. The garden is a great place to educate yourself about the different orchids and under what weather conditions they are grown.

This is a lovely place to indulge in nature walks or take part in nature walking tour that will take you through all the varieties in its 90-minute span. The tour teaches the hybridisation process and the methods of pollination in different seasons for the ones who are extremely interested in knowing.

The garden is wheel-chair friendly and has signposts at vantage points to enable easy and swift tour. There are many activities and places you can see within the garden to enrich your experience here.

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• Pay a visit to the mesmerizing 8 acres National Orchid Garden, the earliest declared UNESCO World Heritage site in the entire Singapore.
• Soak in greenery and nature as you take a leisure stroll through the postcard-perfect National Orchid Garden.
• Explore more than 60,000 breathtaking orchids, spread across various zones themed according to the four seasons.
• Get to learn about the various species of orchids that grow in this garden, including 1000 pure species and 2000 hybrid species.
• Shop your heart out for amazing souvenirs and books on orchids from the Gardens shops.
• Pay a visit to the VIP garden and see orchids named after famous personalities.
• Visit Celebrity Garden and witness orchids named after film stars like the Bollywood superstar Shahrukh Khan.
• See the national flower of Singapore, Vanda Miss Joaquin, a hybrid orchid.
• Spot the rarest types of orchids at Tan Hoon Siang Mist House.
• Visit the highest point in the garden, the Burkill Hall.

How To Reach

  • By Train: In order to reach the National Orchid Garden, you would need to catch the train from your desired station and then get down at the Botanic Gardens Station. You would then need to walk for about 25-minute to reach the National Orchid Garden.
  • By Bus: If you are traveling by bus, then you can take bus number 7, 77, 75, 106, 105, 123, and 174 and then get down at the Napier/Holland Road. The National Orchid Garden is at a walkable distance from the bus station. 
  • By Car/Taxi: Traveling by a cab or a self drive rental can be considered as one of the best suited means of transport to reach the National Orchids Garden. The nearest parking to the garden is at the Tyersall Entrance. 

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Best Time To Visit

The best time to visit National Orchid Garden would be from the month of March to the month of May when the climatic conditions remain moderate letting you enjoy your activities comfortably. You can indulge in a wide range of things to do in the outdoors without any issue. 

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Other Essential Information

Zones at National Orchid Garden

1. Spring Zone: The Spring Zone of the National Orchid Garden is home to lively and bright colour orchids. You will primarily find cream, yellow, and golden coloured orchids in this zone of the garden.

2. Summer Zone: The Summer Zone of the National Orchid Garden mostly shelters orchids in pinks and deep red colours.

3. Autumn Zone: You will see orchids in muted or more matured shades in the Autumn Zone of the National Orchid Garden.

4. Winter Zone: The Winter Zone of the National Orchid Garden mainly houses cool blue and white colour orchids.

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Best Places to Dine at National Orchid Garden

1. Bee’s Knees at the Garage: Drawing inspiration from the bees, this place is surely known for its waffles, fruit bowls, Pizzas and Pasta. The visitors at the park can make a pit-stop here for small hunger.

2. Botanico at the Garage: A modern-day bistro with the delightful and divine interiors, the Botanico is popular for its seasonal delights packaged and cooked from the heart.

3. Corner House: This is a unique multi-layered dining experience that not just satisfies your hunger but also provides a great sight and ambience to sit in. You can go for holding private events here where you can savour every bit of your meal in the lush garden.

4. Food For Tots Café: This newly developed garden resultant for children is a family-friendly place especially when you have kids and need a comfortable set up with yummy food catering their tastes. 

5. Juju: This is for light take-away and snack options where you can combine some low-calorie snack with frozen desserts and smoothies.

Don't forget to visit Marina Bay Sands which is just 14 mins drive from National Orchid Garden, and enjoy tasty plus lip-snacking food at several Restaurants in Marina Bay Sands Singapore.

Places to visit & Things to Do near National Orchid Garden

1. Universal Studios: One of the most famous theme parks designed by Universal Studios, the studio houses 28 rides, numerous shows, attractions and 7 areas designed according to different themes. The park is spread on a 20-hectare area and is a perfect getaway for people of all age groups. Book Now Universal Studios Singapore Tickets

2. Jurong Bird Park: Jurong is Asia’s largest Bird Park and an absolute haven for bird lovers. You will love to visit here chiefly because of the talent shows organised showcasing different skills of birds. Book Now Jurong Bird Park Tickets

3. HortPark: The HortPark, chiefly a connection between Kent Ridge Park and Mount Faber Park is a lush and rich green garden hub of Singapore. 

4. Gardens by the Bay: After visiting the National Orchid Garden if you have not had enough of parks, do pay a visit to this sprawling 101-hectare natural wonder. The architecture of the garden is inspired by Japanese Zen gardens and provides a wonderful horticultural experience to the visitors. Book Now Gardens by the Bay Tickets

5. Go Shopping: If you are a compulsive shopper then you should not lose your chance to visit the Orchard road. The Orchard Road is a great example of Colonial architecture which houses upmarket brands and tags. You will also find scores of pedestrian shopping zones and great coffee houses and cafes to complete your experience.

6. Visit Hong San See Temple: This magnificent temple is located on a tiny hill a few km away from the National Orchid Garden. The temple is a true example of Chinese architecture with engravings done in the local language.

7. Visit Singapore Botanic Gardens: This 52-hectare treasure trove of flora is Singapore's most luxuriant gardens. The best part about this garden is its division into a man-made garden on one end and the presence of natural forests on the other, which remains untouched. Book Now Singapore Botanic Gardens Tickets

8. A walk into Nature: Visit the Fort Canning Park and embrace nature like never before. There is a spice garden within the park, which is famous for its nutmeg and clove plants frequented a lot by visitors. 

These are some of the things you can do near the National Orchid Garden but within the garden too, there is a gamut of activities that you can engage in that we have listed:

- You can take different guided tours that are available for guests. These tours are intended to help the extra curious and those who love to learn about plant life. 

- Participate in various art and drawing contests organised at a regular level here.

- Go for a hike or take a cycle ride through the garden on a self-exploratory mode

- Enjoy and engage with Tai Chi groups in the garden. 

- If you love birds then you will surely be surprised at the number of birds that pay a visit to the garden on a regular basis.

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Tips for visiting National Orchid Garden

- If you keep in mind these tips we are sure that your visit will be delightful and experience memorable.

- By the entrance of Garden, there is a pavilion where different types of books and reference guides are stored. You can opt to buy these books and souvenirs on display. The rates are pretty reasonable hence the need for bargaining will be minimal.

- You can also bring a lot of eateries along with you, but the garden also has a lot of eat-outs where you can enjoy different cuisines. 

- Remember not to litter anywhere even if you bring along eatables.

- The garden requires a lot of exploring and it will be better if you are doing it in comfortable clothes and shoes that will make your walking tour hassle-free.

- Do not forget to bring a camera to capture the beautiful colourful sightings of the flowers.

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Normal Timings:
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Normal Timings:
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Normal Timings:
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Normal Timings:
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Normal Timings:
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Point of Interest for National Orchid Garden
Gardens Shops

Gardens Shops

Book enthusiasts, accessory lovers and souvenir collectors are in for a treat at the Gardens Shops located here. The shop has some of the best collections which entice every visitor to own something from here.

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Tan Hoon Siang Mist House

Tan Hoon Siang Mist House

You will find here the most colourful and the rarest types of orchids you have ever witnessed. This is a great place to click photos and a wonderful place to rest and feel good about nature’s abundance near you.

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Cool House

Cool House

A Flora Conservatory where the temperature is kept cool to maintain the plants, the Cool house also houses a few varieties of Carnivores plants like the Pitcher plants. They are first planted here in the right conditions and taken back to the garden for further growth.

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VIP Garden

VIP Garden

This area of the garden is called so because here there are orchids named after VIP and top personalities like Ban Ki-Moon, Baroness Margaret Thatcher and many more. These beautiful and vibrant orchids are named after the rich and famous.

The name VIP garden then came about because it was kept in mind great people and their contributions. People love coming here to take fresh air and use this space for their routine exercise and jogging.

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Burkill Hall

Burkill Hall

You will love the Burkill Hall which is located at the highest point in the garden. It is named after Isaac and Humphrey Burkill who used this place as a residence and as a father and son.

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Celebrity Garden

Celebrity Garden

Apart from Foreign Dignitaries, popular movie stars including Shahrukh Khan have orchids named after them.

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Vanda Miss Joaquin Collection

Vanda Miss Joaquin Collection

Vanda Miss Joaquin is one of the Orchid hybrids and also the national flower of Singapore. Near the weeping willow, you will see a great collection of the Miss Joaquin orchids that blooms throughout the year.

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Heritage Orchid Garden

Heritage Orchid Garden

Home to a beautiful purple, yellow, and orange orchids, the striking Heritage Orchid Garden pays a tribute to the significance of orchids in the history and culture of Singapore.

The orchids present in the Heritage Orchid Garden have been named after renowned historical personalities. While the red and white striped Arachnis orchid is named after Maggie Oei, the yellow Aranthera orchid is named after Beatrice Ng.

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Yuen Peng McNeice Bromeliad Collection

Yuen Peng McNeice Bromeliad Collection

The Yuen Peng McNeice Bromeliad Collection happens to be one of the most important parts of the National Orchid Garden's Tropical Montane Orchidarium. It is named after the late Lady Yuen Peng McNeice.

The display area is about 620 square meters, and it is inspired by the neotropical woods of Central and South America. This attraction has been improved to resemble a Neotropical forest habitat at a mid-elevation of 650 to 1,000 meters, including a wide collection of orchids, bromeliads, climbers, and Neotropics.

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Tropical Montane Orchidarium

Tropical Montane Orchidarium

The Tropical Montane Orchidarium is one of the most sought after attractions in the National Orchid Garden that is famous for its dreamy trails that pass through a hidden ravine and a glass house.

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National Orchid Garden FAQs

What makes National Orchid Garden unique?

The National Orchid Garden is located on the highest hill of Singapore Botanical Garden. The most distinctive feature of the garden is the arrangement and display of plants based on four separate colour zones which are divided into spring, autumn, winter and summer zones and there are different species and hybrids denoting each zone. The colouring zones are carefully structured by combining different plant varieties and foliage and maintained by experienced horticulturalists.

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How many zones are there in the National Orchid Garden?

There are in total 4 seasonal colour zones in the garden. They are segregated chiefly based on colour and seasons which is a treat to watch. The spring zones have orchids which are vibrant and bright-hued to denote the spring season. The winter zone comprises of blue and white blooms. The summer and autumn zones have deep red with pink and multi-hued orchids respectively.

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What is there to do in National Orchid Garden?

The National Orchid Garden is a repository of hybrid Orchids and crafted by the experienced horticultural staff there. There are more than 1000 species and 2000 hybrids here on display. People love the gorgeous blooms which are vibrant and breath-taking. The garden is divided into 4 different seasonal zones that stratify the blooms based on colour and breed. The Garden also hosts guided tours that is an informative trip around the place.

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How big is the National Orchid Garden?

The National Orchid Garden located within the premises of Singapore Botanical Gardens was opened in 1995 and was developed on a 3 core concept. The Orchid Garden is spread on 3 hectares of land on the highest peaks on the Botanical garden comprising of more than 1000 species.

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How many species and hybrids are there in National Orchid Garden?

The display of orchids here is believed to be the largest display of orchids in the world. The locale currently houses more than 60,000 Orchid plants amongst which 1000 are pure species of Orchid and 2000 are hybrid varieties.

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