Haw Par Villa, Singapore: How To Reach, Best Time & Tips
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About Haw Par Villa

Haw Par Villa is a culture park of Asia. Formerly renowned as Tiger Balm Garden; Haw Par Villa is a treasure trove encompassing culture, philosophy, religion and historical significance of Asia. This place is well-known as the most extensive outdoor gallery in Singapore to be claimed as the last of its kind creativity. Dating back to 1937, Haw Par Villa reflects minute aspects of Chinese mythology.

People visit here with their children to inculcate a sense of proper conduct and Chinese morality. You can be a part of either their Daily tour or Weekly Twilight Tour to explore the Villa entirely. Your entry into the Haw Par Villa shall be from the main gate which lies in the direction of Haw Par Villa MRT Station. As soon as you step in through the entrance of the Haw Par Villa, there’s a red brick road leading through a majestic archway.

The main attraction of Haw Par Villa is the Ten Courts of Hell, which is known to possess spiritual significance. As you keep on moving through these ten courts of hell, you need to be careful about your children as some places might be a little creepy for them. Besides the ten courts, Haw Par Villa has got around 1000 statues lined across its 150 dioramas. The most significant of all the dioramas illustrates the White Snake Legend’s story, which in turn reflects one of the four great folktales from China.

Another small diorama presents an old lady breastfeeding from another woman who is younger to her. This wonder reflects the deep passion of Boon Haw for Chinese mythology and culture. Moving ahead, there are statues of giant crabs, armed monkey brilliantly carved with a human face. You have tigers, dragons and leopards lurk all set in one corner while the rolling caves and hills at the other end.

All of them combine to evoke a great reflection and contemplation of Chinese mythology and its greatness. Elsewhere in the park, you will find a random distribution of the replicas of giant lobsters, goats, pandas, crab lady, and gorillas. Entrance Archway, Madam White Snake, Sumo Wrestlers, Jade House, Garuda, Statue of Liberty, Eight Immortals, Signature Pond, Pagoda Pond are some of the chief attractions here.

Their prime facilities are inclusive of Haw Par Villa Visitors Centre, Vending Machine, Fish Feed Section, Toilet, Carpark, Bus Stop, and Train Station. In the end, do not forget to visit the memorials as there are only four of them – Parent’s Memorial, Aw Boon Par Memorial, Aw Hoe Memorial, and Aw Boon Haw Memorial. To sum it up, Haw Par Villa offers a great blend of Buddhist, Confucian, and Taoist concepts which perfectly depicts sin, hell, and finally the punishments. This is no less than a scary theme park, yet it is worthy of bringing in your children here for all the honest depictions.

Essential Information 

Location: 262 Pasir Panjang Rd, Singapore 118628

Timings: Haw Par Villa opens sharp at 09:00 am in the morning and closes down by 10:00 pm at night.
               If you are desperate to visit the Ten Courts of Hell, you need to walk in between 09:00 am to 06:00 pm.

Prices: For Daily Tour, an adult ticket will cost you around 10 Singapore Dollars (512.70 INR) and a child ticket for 5 Singapore Dollars (256.35 INR). 
            A Weekly Twilight Tour would cost you around 20 Singapore dollars (1025.39 INR) per adult and 10 Singapore dollars (512.70 INR) per child. 

Events at Haw Par Villa

Haw Par Villa keeps on scheduling different competitions and activities for entertainment and engagement of their visitors. Ninebots Experience is one of these events to introduce you to the mysterious world of Eclectic Cultural Park. For corporate bonding and school groups, you have something called ‘Journey to the End and Back Escape Game.’ This event will be full of riddles and puzzles distributed throughout the park. Outdoor sunset yoga, Tai Chi sessions, Kombi Van Rides, Urban Sketchers, and Vintage Carnival are some of the critical features of Haw Par Villa Fiesta.

If you desire for some creative food and music, head towards the Noise Invasion Festival. Signature Pond, Experimental Music Workshop, Face Painting, and the Great Wall of Art are some of the key attractions here. Besides, there are many live concerts and performances scheduled by the Haw Par Villa officials. Feast Zones and Art Market are yet other worthy events to be a part of. Also, do not forget to keep track of their different workshops to boost your creativity and feed your desires.

Attractions at Haw Par Villa

Haw Par Villa is bundled with heaps of attractions. Here is what you are going to witness at the Haw Par Villa:

1. The Main Archway: As soon as you step in at the main entrance of Haw Par Villa, there’s a red brick road with a majestic archway. People capture some architectural beauty of this archway to collate memories of Haw Par Villa

2. Laughing Buddha: As you move further, there’s a big laughing buddha statue towards your first left, which forms the primary attraction of this place. It is in the sitting posture and has great spiritual importance in Chinese culture.

3. Sumo Wrestlers: Moving ahead, you can witness two sumo wrestlers in wrestling position and ready to beat each other and win the competition.

4. Mermaids: Next, you have mermaid exhibits which might be interesting for your children to learn about them.

5. Ten Courts of Hell: Although last to appear, Ten Courts of Hell is the vital attraction of Haw Par Villa. Every court here has got some significance underlying its contribution in the afterlife phase.

6. Horse Face and Ox-Head: These two are considered to be the guardian of the Ten Courts of Hell. Both of them have a human body; however, the Horse Face owes a face of the horse while the Ox-head owes the head of an Ox. According to Chinese mythology, these two are the first beings which a human soul encounters on its journey in the afterlife.

Besides those mentioned above, Hell’s Museum, 5-storey Pagoda, Sun Wukong, Vices & Virtues, and Memorial are other attractions here.

Tours & Programmes at Haw Par Villa

1. Tours: Haw Par Villa organizes two different tours – Day tours and exclusive evening tours.

- Day tours: Finding your Tao in Haw Par Villa and Cultured Leopard, Rising Tiger are two-day tours here. The first one allows you to explore culture, religion, history, and philosophy of Asia. This tour lasts for an hour and will cost you around 10 Singapore Dollars per adult and 5 Singapore Dollar per child. The second tour is Cultured Leopard, Rising Tiger. This tour lasts for around 2. 5 hours and will cost you around 25 Singapore dollars per adult and 12.50 Singapore dollars per child.

- Exclusive Evening Tour: Journey to the Hell is a unique evening tour organized at the Haw Par Villa. It introduces you with the concepts of death, and what happens after it. This tour will last for around 2 hours and will cost you around 20 Singapore dollars per adult and 10 Singapore dollars per child.

2. Team Bonding Program: The Great Haw Par Villa Heritage Race is an exclusive program celebrated here at the Haw Par Villa. Here, you can challenge, talk, or quiz your fellow companions to win the race against you. One racing event will last for a duration of around 2 to 2.5 hours.

Hotels near Haw Par Villa

Here are some best hotels near Haw Par Villa to accommodate yourself:

1. K2 Guest House: K2 guest house is the best place to stay when it comes to customer satisfaction and affordability. Rooms here are quite spacious, with an attached bathroom and essential amenities.

2. Fragrance Hotel: This is an outlet of economy hotel chains of Singapore. Their quality and affordable services and accommodation rate them amongst the budget hotels in town. Through their official website, you can check the availability of their hotel rooms during your visit to Singapore.

3. Park Hotel Alexandra: To accommodate yourself here, you need to visit backdrop of the Southern Ridges. They have a fully-equipped fitness center to ensure that you do not run out of your exercising schedule during your Singapore visit.

4. Santa Grand: Santa Grand Hotel in Singapore promises you a luxurious stay at affordable pricing. Accommodating yourself here secures both your comfort and convenience. They do have their online room booking facility and a section wherein you can browse through their different offers.

5. Park Avenue Rochester: This hotel is all over surrounded by lush green beauty to soothe you perfectly during your tiring hours. The pubs and café’s here are especially adored by all the visitors landing here. You can choose amongst their vast array of rooms – superior rooms, deluxe rooms, executive deluxe, executive premier, and two-bedroom suite. Like others, they do have promotional offers scheduled occasionally.

Restaurants near Haw Par Villa

Here are some must-to-try restaurants near Haw Par Villa:

1. Ju Shin Jung: Ju Shin Jung is a Korean restaurant wherein you can opt for one out of the three menus – West or Guillemard or Robertson Walk Menu. Korean Style Charcoal Barbeque is their top-rated local delicacies.

2. The Wild Restaurant: This restaurant serves fish, chips, burgers, and chicken wings. Burgers sold here are rated to be the best in town.

3. Michael’s Bar & Grill: This restaurant is open on all seven days of the week. You can take unique advantage of their gift cards and have your favorite local delicacies and cuisines. Michael’s Bar & Grill also offers catering services. In case you have any celebration lined up during your visit to the Haw Par Villa, plan your catering here.

4. Hooha Restaurant & Café: If your stomach craves for some mouth-watering fast food such as burgers, pasta or pizza head towards the Hooha Restaurant & Café. It’s the best of all fast food points in town. Nuggets, appetizers, garlic bread, and soups are some of the key dishes being served here.

Best Time to Visit Haw Par Villa

Haw Par Villa remains operational from 09:00 am in the morning till 10:00 pm at night on all seven days of the week inclusive of all the holidays. If you are an outstation visitor, it is better to plan your visit to the Haw Par Villa anywhere in between December to March. The weather in Singapore is pleasant during these months to have a stroll through the Haw Par Villa.

Tips for Visiting Haw Par Villa

- There are no admission fees to enter the Haw Par Villa. However, you need to pay a nominal fee to enter the Ten Courts of Hell. Also, there are charges for Daily Tour and Weekly Twilight Tour which you need to be aware of.
- If you want, you can hire a tour guide to be with you throughout your entire journey through the Haw Par Villa.
- You can book Haw Par Villa in case you need a venue for any events or celebrations.
- As Haw Par Villa is an open-air park, prefer to wear comfortable walking shoes.
- Haw Par Villa is dog-friendly. However, you need to lease your dogs. Muzzling of big dogs is mandatory as it will help the officials to ensure the safety of other visitors.
- You can inquire about the guided tours, great reads, and general information at the Haw Par Villa’s Visitors Centre.
- Haw Par Villa provides you with many facilities such as vending machines, toilet, train station, bus stop, car parking facility, and fish feed section.
- Before stepping in at the Haw Par Villa, you can go through the park map which is available on their brochure. For easy access to their catalogue, visit their official website. 

How to reach Haw Par Villa from Airport?

There are 8 ways by which you can make your way from Changi Airport MRT Station to Haw Par Villa:

Route 1 - Via Subway: Start your journey from the Changi Airport via SMRT and get down at Tanah Merah Station. From here, you need to board an East-West Green Line to drop you to Buona Vista. Every 5 minutes, there’s a new Circle line from here to take you to your final destination. Your subway journey will cost you around 100 to 275 INR per head.

Route 2 - Via Line Buses: First, you need to walk a bit until you reach Changi Airport PTB2. After every 5 minutes of wait, you have a Line No. 36 arriving to take you to the Pan Pacific Hotel. Again, you need to make your way to the One Raffles Link from where you will get a Line No. 10. Get down at Haw Par Villa Station. This journey might charge you somewhere between 100 to 300 INR per head.

Route 3 - Via Line Bus 24: First, reach Changi Airport PTB3 from where you have a Line No. 24 for Aft Tai Seng Station. Do not worry about its frequency, as you will get it after every 5 minutes of wait. Walk towards Tai Seng to board a Circle Line which will drive you to your final destination. Your one-way journey through Line Bus 24 might cost you around 100 to 300 INR per head.

Route 4 - Line Bus 36: Make your way to the Changi Airport PTB3. You will have a Line 36 bus arriving after every 5 minutes of waiting to take you to the Rendezvous Grand Hotel. Make your way to the Bras Basah MRT where you will get a Circle Line after every 5 minutes to drop you to your final destination. Your journey will cost you around 100 to 300 INR per head.

Route 5 - Taxi: For group travelers, taxi is always the safest and cheapest option to reach at one go. There are hire taxi’s available to drop you at Haw Par Villa, which is at a distance of around 29.1 km. Your one-way trip to the Haw Par Villa MRT Station will cost you around 1700 to 2100 INR.

Route 6 - Drive: If you have your own vehicle, you can drive your way to the Haw Par Villa at an approximate fuel cost of 250 to 450 INR.

Route 7 - Shuttle: Jayride provides shuttle services between Changi International Airport and Haw Par Villa. On average, you will be paying a figure of 1100 INR.

Route 8 - Towncar: There are Towncar services available to drop you to the Haw Par Villa MRT Station. A one-way Towncar ride shall cost you around 2300 to 3300 INR.


Q1. Can I take food inside the Haw Par Villa?

No, you won’t be allowed to carry any outside food or other beverage inside the Haw Par Villa. However, once you are done with your visit to the Haw Par Villa, there are food courts around where you can enjoy your favorite local cuisines.

Q2. Why it is called as The Horrors Of Haw Par Villa?

The Horrors of Haw Par Villa is usually a scary yet stunning journey. This is exclusively unique to the Haw Par Villa. How these statues are carved truly reflects fury, revenge, loss, and retribution. If you observe them carefully, you will find them to be carved out from wire mesh and plaster cement paste.

Q3. What are the safety measures for kids at Haw Par Villa?

Here are some safety measures you need to look into if you are bringing your child at the Haw Par Villa:

- Exhibits and displays at the Haw Par Villa might prove to be scary for children. Make sure that your child is enjoying and learning things instead of getting scared of them.
- Hold your child’s hands as you stroll through every nook and corner of the Haw Par Villa. This will make him feel protected.
- Ask them to wear comfortable shoes and clothing while you plan to visit this theme park.

Q4. What are the key highlights of Haw Par Villa?

Although Haw Par Villa is entirely engaging, it has got some key highlights which you should never miss on. Key attractions here are:

- Entrance Archway
- Sumo Wrestlers
- Statue of Liberty
- Madam White Snake
- Garuda
- Jade House
- Signature Pond
- Eight Immortals
- The romance of the Three Kingdoms
- Guan Yin
- Virtues & Vices
- Site of Former Villa
- Australian & African Corners
- Pagoda Pond
- Journey to the West
- Fu Lu Shou
- Hell’s Museum Complex
- Ten Courts of Hell
- Confucian Filial Piety

Q5. Are there nursing rooms and baby centers within Haw Par Villa?

For the nursing rooms and baby centers, you need to connect with the officials of the Haw Par Villa. They are the best ones to guide you with accurate details.

Q6. What are the things that I should carry to this place?

While coming to the Haw Par Villa, make sure that you carry sunglasses, sunscreen, water bottle, a hat, camera, and your valid identity card.

Q7. Is there any parking facility available here?

Yes, Haw Par Villa offers a car parking facility to all its visitors. There are 4 coach lots available at the parking facility of Haw Par Villa. For four-wheelers, you need to pay a sum of 5 Singapore Dollars whereas, for a two-wheeler, you need to pay 1 Singapore Dollars. Alternatively, there are parking facilities available at Science Park, West Coast Car-Mart, and Westway Shopping Mall. You may inquire for the same at the entrance of Haw Par Villa.

Q8. What are the restrictions of Haw Par Villa?

Although your visit to the Haw Par Villa will be no less a wonder, there are few restrictions here which you need to aware about:

- Smoking and littering here and there are entirely restricted. So, make sure that neither you smoke nor litter anywhere.
- You are not allowed to carry any outside food or drinks within the Haw Par Villa premises. However, you can bring your own water bottle and get it refilled from the water refilling counters.
- Haw Par Villa is not easily accessible to bicycles, skateboards, and personal mobility devices.
- Finally, make sure that none of your companions either climbs or leans or sits on any of the sculptures inside the Haw Par Villa.

Q9. Is Haw Par Villa suitable for toddlers?
No, Haw Par Villa is not suitable for toddlers as the exhibits here might prove to be scary to them.
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