Adventure Cove Water Park, Singapore: How To Reach, Best Time & Tips
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Adventure Cove Water Park Tours & Activities

About Adventure Cove Water Park

 Playing with water is one of the best ways to beat the blues of routine life. There are many Beaches in Singapore where you can play with water. But what if you can get to experience thrills of marine life in a man-made water park where there is something for everyone from toddlers to the aged guests? The Adventure Cove Water Park in Singapore is one such adventure-packed aquatic zone which is ranked among the top ten water parks in Asia since 2015.

The water park fairly boosts of its thrilling water rides including the Riptide Rocket which is the first hydromagnetic coaster of Southeast Asia and the Adventure River which is the world’s longest lazy river stretching for about 650 metres. The water park is equipped with modern water sports gears and safety devices to ensure safety and adventure to the guests irrespective of age. The unique feature of the Adventure Cove Water Park lies in the array of marine experiences `including a close encounter with a host of marine animals.

The most highlighted water sport of the Adventure Cove Waterpark is the Rainbow Reef which offers guests snorkel amidst the beautiful reef in the company of more than 20,000 tropical fish. The Shark Encounter and the Ray Bay are the best-attempted sports for adrenaline junkies. For the fun in between the daring rides and cool splashes, you can chill out at the Bluewater Bay or take a tube and slide down the Adventurous River and give your guts a good try. In a nutshell, for a day of unlimited wet and wild fun, your ultimate destination is the Adventure Cove Water Park in Singapore.

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Essential Information

Location: Resorts World Sentosa, 8 Sentosa Gateway, Sentosa Island, Singapore-098269

Timings: The Park remains open all days in a week between 10AM- 6PM

Adventure Cove Waterpark Attractions Pass Types:

The Adventure Cove Water Park offers tours, season and annual passes to give you endless splashes and rip-roaring marine experiences for six months or an entire year. You can also enjoy invitations to special events and the privileges to member-only lounges and many more freebies. Check out the list of passes and book the one best suited for you:

Adventure Cove Water Park Family Annual Pass- Package includes 2 adults between (13-59) years and 1 child between (4-12) years. Additional Child Annual Pass at SGD60 per child (up to max 3 children extras). 

Adventure Cove Water Park Annual Pass- Unlimited admission for 12 months for adults (13-59) years, children (4-12) years and seniors (60 and above) years of age. Price of passes is SGD 98 (for adults), SGD68 (for children) and SGD68 (for seniors).

Adventure Cove Water Park Season Pass- Package includes unlimited admission for six months. Ticket prices for adults (13-59) years is SGD68, children (4-12) years is SGD58 and seniors (60 and above) years is SGD58. Valid for 30 days as one-time park entry.

Adventure Cove Water Park Student Season Pass- You can enjoy unlimited admission to the water park for six months at SGD58. Validity extends for 30 days for one time pass entry.

You can upgrade your daily ticket to Annual Pass or Season Pass at the Guest Service Counter of the water park before you exit.

Experiences at Adventure Cove Waterpark 

Adventure Cove Water Park is one of the best places to visit in Singapore. It offers you an array of marine experiences which take you close to an exciting world full of unique sea animals. Here is a list of experiences at the water park that will make your day out memorable and exhilarating:

Open Ocean Drive- It is home to more than 40,000 marine animals that include Goliath Groupers, Manta Rays and a varied species of fishes. The Open Ocean Dive gives you an extraordinary experience of encountering the marine giants.

PADI Advanced Open Water Diver- If you are already a certified PADI Advanced Open Water Diver This is a great chance of taking your diving skills to the advanced level. The 2 days diving course includes subaquatic navigation, deep water adventure (18mm to 30mm) and 3 other adrenaline-packed dives. The trainers will equip you all the skills needed for this program. 

Sea Trek Adventure- The Sea Trek Adventure gives you a rare opportunity to witness marine life at its closest. As you trek along with the underwater world you can experience the Manta Rays gliding past you. Also it’s a thrilling expedition to move around freely amidst the marine creatures in the unique aquarium.  

Shark Dive- Meet the ultimate predators of the sea- Sharks! Try your guts by diving right into the Shark Sea Habitat and meet about 100 sharks of 12 different species face to face. You can also swim along with the endangered Silver Tip and Hammerhead species of sharks. 

Scuba Diving Bay- For those who want to learn the basics of marine adventure, the Scuba Diving Bay is the best option for learning the basics and key skills of scuba diving under the training of proficient divers. In your maiden dive you will experience diving amidst more than 40,000 marine creatures in the sparkling clean water of the Open Ocean Habitat.

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Rides & Attractions at Adventure Cove Waterpark 

Whether you are a thrill-seeker or a chill seeker, Adventure Cove Water Park has everything to cater to your needs and dreams. What are you waiting for? Check out for the best rides and attractions from the list given below and get set go for them:

Riptide Rocket- It is best experienced if you are riding on this rocket with a partner as it accommodates two in a ride. This is the first hydromagnetic coaster in Southeast Asia where you can experience jaw jittering drops and speeds and multiple climbs that will certainly make you squeal in excitement. 

Splashworks- It can be a great workout for those having strong biceps as in this sport you have to make your way through obstacles to reach your goal. You may have to cross a tightrope or walk the balance beam and jump off a high platform to create a massive splash. 

Blue Water Bay- It's worth trying for the real thrill and chill seekers. Whether you want to wet yourself or stay dry is completely up to you. But, you will be kept afloat by gigantic waves at every 15 minutes. Wear a life jacket to float on the crest of waves. 

Spiral Washout and Whirlpool Washout- in the Spiral Washout you will enter a funnel and slide at a great speed down a dark tunnel with twists and turns before escaping into an exit poll with a splash. Comparatively, the Whirlpool Washout is a more relaxing sport in which you will be spinning in a whirlpool into an apparently impossible small entrance. 

Adventure River- Grab a tube or wear a life vest and float leisurely on the Adventure River. You can enjoy spotting the Squid Bridge, the Grotto and many more things to excite you. Adventure River is a favourite of kids as well as adults.

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Places to Shop and Dine at Adventure Cove Waterpark 

There are many restaurants in Singapore for Food Lovers. There are a host of dining and shopping outlets at the Adventure Park that will give you the experience of a fulfilling outing at one of the largest waterparks in the world. Whether you want to have your best pick of any merchandise stuff or enjoy lip-smacking global delicacies there everything at the waterpark to cater to your taste. 

Check out on the places of dining and shopping from the list below:

The Bay Restaurant- Amidst the thrills and spills at the Adventure Cove Waterpark the restaurant allures guests with its breezy ambience and scrumptious Japanese fusion food. It is a perfect dining stopover after the day’s adventure. The operating hours are between 10 AM- 6 PM.

Reef ‘n Wave Wear- Travelling without shopping in singapore is something most of us cannot think about and what if you land up at a place where collectables, cool gift items, ethnic souvenirs, flip flops, swim apparels and many more things can be got under the same roof? Reef ‘n Wave Wear is a nice shopping place where you can spend a few hours while your kids enjoy the children’s rides. The operating hours are between 10 AM -6 PM.

Blu Ice Treats- Need to energise yourself between your day out at the water park? Stop a while for a corn dog or a sandwich or a revitalizing beverage and replenish your energy at the Blu Ice Treats. The undersized stall also serves snacks and refreshing beverages. Operating hours are between 10 AM -6 PM. 

Hot Dogs and Drinks Cart- Foodies shouldn’t be upset on their visit to the waterpark as it is ready to pamper your taste buds with hot dogs, nasi biryanis, cold drinks and mash. And the best part is you can get all of this under one rooftop at the Hot Dogs And Drinks Cart. The operating hours are between 10 AM- 6 PM.

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Places to visit near Adventure Cove Waterpark 

The Adventure Cove Water Park is a highlighted destination in Singapore which attracts visitors of all ages to make their Singapore trip more interesting . There are various places of amusement near the Adventure Cove Waterpark which you must check out on your trip:

Port of Lost Wonder- If you are looking for complete family entertainment package look no further beyond the Port of Lost Wonder which houses a wide and varied range of games and activities for kids and adults. Some of the best games of the water park are Bubble Party, Hatch Patch and many more water plays. There are theme picnic spots, live entertainment shows, dining areas and catchy outlets where kids and adults can have a great time. The opening hours are between 10AM- 6:30PM.

Katong Wet Playground- Housed in the 112 Katong Mall, it is the perfect destination for those who want to spend a gala time in water all day long. The best water sports at Katong Playground include bucket machines, swings, humongous mushroom fountains and wet slides. The rubber padded floors of the indoor water park makes it a safe zone for your kids to play and have a blast. The opening hours are between 10AM -10PM.

Universal Studios- It is one-of-its-kind theme parks in entire South East Asia which includes amusement options for family, kids, couples and youngsters. Universal Studios is one of the seven themed parks based on Hollywood where you can enjoy unlimited fun, food and frolic in an artificial environment. 

Sentosa Island- The pristine island is located in the southern coastline of Singapore which is one of the best sightseeing destinations for tourists. Sentosa Island is home to the popular attractions. Tanjong Beach, Tiger Sky Tower, Palawan Beach and others that you can explore in Singapore cruise tour. Along the coastline you can spot bars and restaurants that make the nightlife at Singapore lively and exciting.

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Tips for Visiting Adventure Cove Waterpark 

It is one of the best things to do for couples in Singapore. However, you should know a few things before going. Here is a list of things you should consider before planning for a trip to the Adventure Cove Water Park:

- The adventure rides and games usually get jam-packed in the later part of the day. So it's recommended that you should avail them before venturing for the other attractions.

- If you are travelling with kids there are many things to do with kids here. Don’t miss out the Seahorse Rideaway, Rainbow Reef, Big Bucket Treehouse and Splashworks that are specially designed for the little guests. The best adventure water sports for adults are Spiral Washout, Riptide Rocket and Pipeline Plunge.

- The Ray Bay and Shark Encounter will give you good value to your money. You don’t even need to be an expert diver for trying these games.

- Most of the water sports in the Adventure Cove Water Park are in the sunny outdoors. Make sure you apply sunscreen and condition your hair properly before venturing on the rides. 

- You can use photography and videography only for personal use. 

- Do not bring any personal floating device as life jackets are provided by the park management. 

- Children under the height of 122 cm must be accompanied by an adult.

- Take shower before entering the pools or going on a water ride. 

How to reach Adventure Cove Waterpark from Airport? 

Take a taxi from Changi airport that will drop you at Resorts World Sentosa within 40 minutes. Another convenient mode of travel is by taking an East West Green Line train up to Tenah Merah Station. From there take another train that goes up to Joo Koon. Your first stop will be at Outram Park MRT to take a Purple Line and arrive at Harbourfront.

From Harbourfront you can take Sentosa Express Monorail or RWS8 bus to your final destination.

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Q1. Can I take food inside the Water Park?

Outside food or any beverage are strictly not allowed to take inside the park premises. 
There are many restaurants and food carts across the water park where you can enjoy dining at cheap rate. Your best value for money is offered by the Bay Restaurant where tasty snacks and beverages are served at affordable price.

Q2. When did Adventure Cove open?

The Adventure Cove Park which is housed by the largest ocean aquarium of the world The Marine Life Park opened up in November 22nd, 2012.

Q3. What should I wear to Adventure Cove?

There is no dress code as such to follow in the Adventure Cove Water Park. The permissible dresses to wear at the water park are full body swimwear, bikini, board shorts, swim shoes, booties, goggles, swimming suit, round neck T-shirt, wetsuit and body suit. 
Dresses that you are not permitted to wear are undergarments, jeans, jackets, dresses with buttons and zipper, diapers, napkins, shoes, slippers and long skirts.

Q4. What is "Shark Encounter" in Adventure Cove Waterpark?

In the Adventure Cove Park you can feel the thrill of being surrounded by the hammerhead, silvertip marine predators from the proximity of a few inches. You can watch the sharks face to face through a visual pod in a special encounter. You can also touch their manta rays and swim with them from a safe zone. You can even choose to dive with the sharks or get submerged in a glass enclave being encircled by the apex predators.

Q5. Are there nursing rooms and baby centres within Adventure Cove Waterpark?

Yes, there are baby centres located near the Grotto Level 2 and the entrance plaza near the locker area.

What are the things that I should carry to Water Park?

Here's a list of things to carry in the Adventure Cove Park:

- Do carry sunscreen while going to the water park.
- Bring an extra set of dry clothes before visiting the water park.
- Since the ground is very hot and rough being made of concrete, carry a pair of thongs and waterproof shoes. It is dangerous to walk barefoot on the ground.
- Cover your phone with waterproof shield.
- Carry a pair of goggles, swimsuit, towel and water.

Q7. Is there any locker facility available at water parks?

Yes, there is a locker facility outside the bathroom at the water Park. It is chargeable in which you have to pay a one time locker charge for accessing the locker for unlimited time throughout the day of visit in the Adventure Cove Water Park. Lockers are available in small (360mm x 370mm x 500mm) and large (910mm x 370mm x 500mm) sizes. The daily rental for the lockers are SGD10 (for small) and SGD20 (for large) during the working hours of the park.

Q8. Can you hire towels at Adventure Cove Waterpark?

No, there is no provision for hiring towels at the Adventure Cove Waterpark. So it's recommended to take your own towels along with you. Buying towels from the park retail outlets may be too expensive.

Q9. Is Adventure Cove suitable for toddlers?

There is no age bar for visiting the Adventure Cove Park. However, there are some rides such as the Seahorse Rideaway or the Big Bucket Treehouse, Wavepool and Low Splash Pool that are suitable for children. But, kids with height greater than 107 cm can enjoy the rides being accompanied by their parents. The only limitation is one of the parents need to keep an eye on the kid. In a nutshell, the Adventure Cove Park is an ideal fun for grown up kids. 

Q10. What are the safety measures for kids at Water Park?

Following are the safety measures for planning for a visit at the Water Park:

- Guard your skin
- Keep your kid hydrated
- Learn swimming
- Use life jackets
- Follow rules
- Convenient meeting location- Keep your child informed about a meeting point in case he is lost and isolated from the group. In case they are unable to find the place by themselves, ask them to take the help of the security guards or the park employees.

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