Pororo Park Singapore Overview

Your little ones will be thrilled to visit Pororo Park Singapore, an indoor playground that is the very first one in Singapore. Visit a well-known park, based on the theme of the animated South Korean Series, “Pororo the Little Penguin”, with the kids and watch them feel delighted interacting with life-sized characters of the series. Kids up to the age of 12 years will love to ride the number of rides such as Pororo Express and participate in various activities.

Explore the very first indoor playground in Singapore, inspired by the beloved animated South Korean series, “Pororo the Little Penguin”. Ideal for families seeking fun-filled adventures, especially for kids aged 1-12, this playground offers an array of attractions and activities. Dive into excitement with the Pororo Express, navigate through the Shark Ball Pool, unwind in the Hinoki Pit, and more! Discover joy and laughter with our Singapore tour packages from India, ensuring an unforgettable experience for the whole family.

Apart from that, the Park also features a classroom where your kids can interact with other kids through various activities or simply get indulged in fun-packed activities like story-telling, drawing, painting, and much more! The prominent location of the park makes it very easy for you to reach the spot, without wasting any time. Moreover, there are endless amazing spots and attractions within the near vicinity of the park where you can get headed once your child gets exhausted from having all the amazing fun.

There is also an amazing cafeteria situated within the Park where the parents, as well as the kids, can dine to get ready for having a second round of fun. One of the most important attractions within the park that attracts the kids the most is the Little Penguin’s House. The kids can actually get into this amazing house and experience the life-like experience of being in Pororo’s actual house! Pororo Park is certainly one of the happiest places for all the kids out there as well as their parents. Watch your toddlers and little ones having fun in the best way possible and make the best out of your trip to Singapore!

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• This indoor playground allows the kids to roam freely throughout the campus and explore all the different attractions and rides, without the fear of getting injured.
• Watch your kids meet the popular character Pororo and all his amazing friends. They even get a chance to dance around and have fun with the life-sized characters at the theatre.
• Pororo Park also features a completely equipped cafeteria where kids as well as their parents can enjoy custom made meals and fun beverages.
• The pretty supermarket allows the kids to wander to their very own imaginary world and cook delicious imaginary dishes for their parents to enjoy.
• Pororo’s life-sized play house is surely one of the major highlights of this unique playground, right out of the animation series, for the kids to enter the world of Pororo.
• Your kids get to ride the fun-packed Pororo Express around the Park and ride the horses at the Pororo & Friends’ Gallop Station.

How To Reach

By MRT: Get off at City Hall MRT Station(N25 / EW13), Esplanade MRT Station(CC3) or Promenade MRT Station(CC4 / DT15) and walk a short distance to reach Pororo Park.

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Best Time To Visit

The best time to visit Pororo Park Singapore is between 10:30 am to 8 pm during weekdays when they allow four adults to accompany one child. You can visit on other days of the week as well if you are okay with two adults accompanying one child. Once you enter the park, you will be allowed to stay inside for two hours only, so plan your trip accordingly.

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Other Essential Information

Places to Visit near Pororo Park Singapore

1. Merlion: One of the most important attractions of Singapore, the iconic sculpture of Merlion, half lion and half fish, with water pouring out of its mouth is situated at the beautiful Merlion Park. This mythical sculpture is actually the national icon of Singapore and is definitely one of the most picturesque sites of Singapore.

2. Esplanade: Situated along the scenic Marina Bay, this theatre and arts center is known for hosting some of the best performances in the world. Apart from that, you can drop by the Esplanade any time of the day, admire its humongous ever-changing visual arts display and soak in the creative vibe.

3. National Gallery Singapore: This Visual Arts Institution is the latest addition to Singapore’s art scene. It houses one of the most amazing collections of art for Southeast Asia and Modern Singapore. The Gallery exhibits more than 8,000 pieces of art from the National Collection of Singapore. Some of the most prominent works that the gallery showcases are Raden Saleh, Nguyen Gia Tri, and Latiff Mohidin.

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4. National Museum of Singapore: If you are short of time but wish to know about the culture and history of Singapore in the best way possible, this is the very place for you to be! Built in 1887, the most interesting as well as exciting space of the museum is the gallery that showcases the history of Singapore over the past 100 years! Also Book Now National Museum of Singapore Tickets

5. Clarke Quay: Willing to explore the glittering nightlife of Singapore? Dance on eclectic music beats? Or catch a pint of beer or two with strangers? Clarke Quay is surely the best place for you to be headed towards. Once the financial hub of Singapore, Clarke Quay is now one of the most happening places in Singapore with some of the best clubs in the city!

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Things to Do near Pororo Park Singapore

1. Visit ArtScience Museum: ArtScience Museum is an amazing place that amalgamates art with science and technology in the best way possible. The museum has a permanent digital museum based on the themes of Park, Nature, Town, and Science. It also showcases some of the most prominent tourist exhibitions from around the world. Also, the world-class architecture of the museum leaves you in awe. Book Now ArtScience Museum Singapore Tickets

2. Explore Singapore Botanic Gardens: A UNESCO World Heritage Site, this 60-acre land of the recreational garden is a perfect spot to relax and rejuvenate. If you are a nature lover, this place is surely one of the best places to spend some peaceful time. The most important venue of this attraction is the National Orchid Garden which holds the world’s greatest collection of exotic orchids.

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3. See Marina Bay Sands Singapore: If you wish to experience the best of luxury and soak in some of the most prominent views of Singapore, you surely cannot miss out on this one. This 55-story marvel is actually a luxurious resort, with spots for shopping as well. To admire the beautiful skyline as well as the coast of Singapore, it is a must for you to spend some time on its extravagant observation deck.

4. Visit Gardens by Bay Singapore: You surely cannot miss out on the huge 25-50 meters tall beautiful tree-like structures, that are actually vertical gardens and aid to alternative energies. Flower Dome and Cloud Forest are two of the most important attractions of these Gardens, which are actually conservatories, housing some of the finest plants from around the world. You can get onto the 128 meters long skywalk situated high in the sky in between two majestic Super Trees.

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5. Have Fun at Tayo Station: If you are planning to visit Singapore with Kids, this place is absolutely a must-visit. This 10,000 square feet indoor playground is based on a South Korean animated series and is perfect to have some fun time for children aged 1-12, with its amazing rides, activities, as well as interactive play stations.

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Best Places to Eat near Pororo Park Singapore

1. MTR Singapore: Wish to gorge on some deliciously authentic South Indian food in Singapore? Just head on to MTR Singapore! Not only does the place offer a great dining experience but would surely leave you licking off your fingers. Do not forget to try out their special Pudi Idli and Bonda Soup.

2. Peppermint: For an international buffet experience, Peppermint is surely going to be your very first choice. They serve an endless buffet of freshly prepared Asian as well as international cuisines. You can also head up to their terrace to take a walk through their very own urban farm where they have grown their very own edible flowers, herbs, and much more!

3. Atrium Lounge: This unique 5-star restaurant features dining in floating pods over a luxurious reflective pool. It also features Asia’s longest bar with a stunning backdrop of some of the finest wines, beer, and liquor from across the world. It features selected dishes from across the world.

4. Ruth's Chris Steak House: Undoubtedly the best Steak House in the whole of Singapore, the restaurant is also famous for its amazing collection of wines. It is surely a perfect pick for a date night and a hardcore steak experience.

5. The Rose Veranda: Situated within the majestic Shangri-La Hotel, this elegant dining space is known for its amazing high tea experience. The place serves an eclectic 3-course high tea and is well known for its amazing interiors and out-of-the-world service. You can try out their signature tea or pick one from the range of 30 exotic tea options. 

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Places to Shop near Pororo Park Singapore

1. Marina Square: Marina Square is one of the best places to shop around Singapore. Built on 5 levels, this amazing shopping mall provides you with an endless shopping experience and has several eateries as well spaces for kids to get indulged. Also, the mall keeps featuring amazing discounts on most of its outlets throughout the year.

2. Millenia Walk: This place is popular due to the presence of Harvey Norman, one of the world’s best flagship stores, specializing in electronics and furniture. Apart from that, the mall also features some of the finest designer outlets for you to fulfill your dressing needs and greeds.

3. Bugis+: This 10-story shopping mall is surely a shopper’s paradise. If you love window shopping, there is certainly no place better than Bugis+. The mall also features several amazing salons as well as an amazing cinema hall to help you get refreshed for the second round of shopping!

4. One Fullerton: One Fullerton is one of the prominent parts of Singapore’s amazing Marina skyline. It is a perfect combination of heritage and future. This riverfront mall is surely one of the most scenic shopping and dining venues in Singapore. It is surely a favorite amongst locals as well as international tourists alike.

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Tips for Visiting Pororo Park Singapore

- Everyone must wear socks inside the park. Ensure to carry some extra ones for your kids!

- There are onsite lockers available within the site where you can submit all your belongings for a more immersive and tension-free experience. However, the service shall be available only for 2 hours.

- Due to limited space, no more than 2 adults are allowed to enter the premises with 1 kid.

- Outside food and drinks shall not be allowed within the park.

- The Park is wheelchair friendly and a stroller can also be easily maneuvered throughout the property.

- 1 Pororo Park ticket only allows an in-time of 2 hours.

- Ensure that the age of your kid is suitable for the rides and activities that he/she is willing to get indulged in before finalizing your visit.

- A maximum capacity of 122 per playstation has been limited as per government rules and regulations.

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Day Wise Timings
Open Today
Normal Timings:
10:30 AM to 08:00 PM
Normal Timings:
10:30 AM to 08:00 PM
Normal Timings:
10:30 AM to 08:00 PM
Normal Timings:
10:30 AM to 08:00 PM
Normal Timings:
10:30 AM to 08:00 PM
Normal Timings:
10:30 AM to 08:00 PM
Normal Timings:
10:30 AM to 08:00 PM
Point of Interest for Pororo Park Singapore
Hinoki Pit

Hinoki Pit

Perfect for kids above 12 years of age, it’s a sensory play space, loaded with aromatic Hinoki Wood, sourced all the way from South Korea for the kids to dig in and have some fun. It has been carefully designed to stimulate various senses of small kids and ensure high safety.

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Pororo & Friends' Gallop Station

Pororo & Friends' Gallop Station

A brand new addition to Pororo Park Singapore, this space features an amazing horse and carriage ride to get the kids indulged in their favorite kind of fun. This place is packed with fun colors and characters, which is surely a picturesque view for all the kids and parents.

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Petty Supermarket

Petty Supermarket

 A perfect place for kids to carry their very own trolley and shop for their favorite fake grocery products. Moreover, there is also a playful kitchen inside the Petty Supermarket where kids can pretend to cook some delicious meals for their parents with the products that they picked out from the shopping lanes. Sounds fun right?

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Shark Ball Pool

Shark Ball Pool

This space is surely a craze amongst little kids. They get to dive into a pool of softballs and have a whole lot of fun with one another. There is also a huge shark figure placed inside the pool which attracts the kids. This is a perfect place for kids to play peek-a-boo with their buddies as well as parents, without having to worry about hurting themselves.

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Pororo Express Train

Pororo Express Train

Pororo Express Train is a complimentary kiddie train ride that allows them to take a quick ride along the whole park, admiring all the different stations where they can drop by and have some playful fun. Although there are no tickets, Pororo Express surely does have a strict schedule, be on time if you do not wish your kids to miss it out!

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Pororo's House

Pororo's House

This is surely like a dream come true for almost every kid out there. Straight out of the screen, it is actually a life-sized replica of Pororo’s House! The house actually features small furniture for kids to get onto. The main attractions of the house are the music and the little penguin’s crib.

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Poby’s Jungle Gym

Poby’s Jungle Gym

Time for some workout, surely the kids’ way! This amazing Jungle Gym features a maze-like structure for the kids to explore the various fun-packed possibilities of climbing up and down the playful and colorful structure. The structure is also equipped with various slides from different levels of the structure, which makes the jungle gym all the more fun.

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Tong Tong's Little Theatre

Tong Tong's Little Theatre

This is actually where all the magic comes to life. Kids get to meet Pororo along with his friends exactly right here. Moreover, they even get to interact and dance on fun music beats with all the characters out there. However, the Theatre does have a daily schedule, therefore; if you do not wish your kids to miss out on the fun, do check the timings beforehand.

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Toddler Area

Toddler Area

Situated right next to the cafeteria, this fully padded toddler playground features cute little slides for your little ones. It is the perfect space for the parents to watch their teetering toddlers have some fun, which sips a refreshing coffee cup from the cafeteria. This space is perfect for kids from 0-3 years of age.

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Rody's Toy Store

Rody's Toy Store

This space features the biggest collection of Little Penguin Merchandise and an endless array of Kids Toys. Yes, it's time for you to spoil your kids a little! This space has something to offer for almost all the ages of kids and allows them to pick a toy or two back home, to remember the playful memories that they collected at Pororo Park.

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Eddy's Classroom

Eddy's Classroom

You will always find something interesting happening at Eddy’s classroom, no matter the day or time. Sometimes it’s a birthday celebration, sometimes it’s a coloring class, or maybe even a storytelling session. If your kid is willing to interact with others and playfully learn something new, there could not be a better classroom than this one!

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Loopy's Café

Loopy's Café

Indulging in this much fun would surely make your kids feel thirsty as well as hungry. However, you need not worry, Loopy’s Café is there to take care of the safe. You can drop by this amazing café anytime and grab a bite or two for your over-energetic kid to get back on track to enjoy their day at Pororo Park.

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Tourism Board Alliances

Pororo Park Singapore FAQs

Why is Pororo Park Singapore famous?

Pororo Park is specifically famous amongst kids due to its amazing theme based on a South Korean animated series “Pororo the Little Penguin”. Apart from that, it is also a hit amongst the parents due to its amazing interactive activities and rides that allow their kids to enjoy and learn in the best way possible.

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What are the age limitations?

Pororo Park is perfect for kids ages 1-12. However, different rides and activities inside the park have defined age groups. There are activities and rides for almost all the ages of kids. However, ensure that your kid's activity gets indulged in and approves his age for his very own safety and enjoyment.

What are the opening hours of Pororo Park Singapore?

The opening hours of Pororo Park Singapore are from 10:30 A.M. – 8:00 P.M., all the 7 days of the week.

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How to reach Pororo Park Singapore?

The best way to reach Pororo Park is via MRT. You can get off either one of the below-mentioned stations to easily walk off to the park:

1. City Hall MRT Station

2. Esplanade MRT Station

3. Promenade MRT Station

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Is outside Food allowed?

No, outside food is strictly prohibited within Pororo Park. However, the cafeteria inside is always open for the visitors to satisfy their hunger pangs.

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Reviewed: 27 Nov 2022
Really nice place for child to enjoy whole day 

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