Nerf Action Xperience Overview

Nerf Action Xperience is a fun play zone and gaming area which is divided into several zones which reflect the thrill and essence of many different and amusing games. From Camp Dune to Zombie City, this place offers many adventure options for your little ones. A day here will surely be filled with so much excitement while indulging in several challenging activities.

For an unforgettable experience for the children, the Nerf Action Xperience is the perfect surprise for a day out with the kids. It lets them explore an action-packed day out with their dear ones. The indoor entertainment center is the primary hub of the entertainment center where you can learn how to handle a blaster while improving the accuracy inside the themed zones - Conquer, Challenge, Compete, and Create. Additionally, if you're planning a trip to Singapore, consider checking out Singapore tour packages from India for a hassle-free and exciting adventure.

As you make your way through, each of the adrenaline rushing zones offers you the perfect opportunity to unleash the best of the gaming experience. The Complete Zone has two group plays - Camp Dune and Zombie City that are absolutely fun and challenging. The blend of these highlights helps kids to explore a fun day out at the Nerf Action Xperience.

Create is absolute fun where you could literally splash your imagination on T-shirts and tote bags only to carry them home as souvenirs. Conquer Zone is all about clearing the obstacles on your way before ascending to the summit of an Ice Cliff. Challenge Zone is where you could race with your fellow gamer in terms of Reflex, Agility, Accuracy, Strength, and Speed.

Finding hard to crack the zones? No worries for there are MAX PROs who will always help you and fellow players proceed your way up in each zone as a trusted gaming partner. At Nerf Singapore, so many fun-filled experiences await your presence to explore the power packed adventure scenes that you can be guaranteed of the best times of your life with your buddies here. So, what are you waiting for? Book tickets now, and be ascertained of an astounding gaming experience!

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• Experience new age gaming possibilities at the multiple-themed activity zones that lets you explore an action-packed day through various thrilling landscapes and exciting challenges.
• Drop by the themed zones to engage in family-friendly activities where you can foster relationships with fellow players.
• Indulge in a fun shooting game, where each of them features exciting challenges and children love defying the odds with NERF guns.
• Make most of the Kick-Off pass and access the ‘complete and conquer’ zones.
• Explore the indoor entertainment center, the primary hub of entertainment centers. It offers the perfect opportunity to experience the best gaming possibilities at the various adventure zones.
• Seek the assistance of an on-site NAX PRO who joins those coming in pairs or by yourself as a trusted gaming partner.
• Explore the exciting, fun combo packages where kids can make their preferred pick and indulge in a rare gaming experience.
• Relish refreshments and hot piping coffee at the café located inside Nerf Action Xperience.

Best Time To Visit

The best time to enjoy the best of Nerf Action Xperience is during the early morning hours as this is the time when the crowd is less. The lesser crowd results in easy chances of opting for activities without standing in queues and any other hassle.

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Other Essential Information

Here is the list of best places to visit & things to do near Nerf Action Xperience

1. Marina Bay Sands: An ideal destination for those looking to explore a luxury that is rare to find. It is an integrated resort that lets you witness the sprawling city skyline of Singapore. Boasting luxurious accommodation amenities, an infinity pool, and an upscale spot for your luxury shopping indulgence, it offers a mesmerizing view of the city.

Offering 55-story towers of hotel rooms and luxury suites helps you make most of the resort services with a personal butler accompanying you throughout.

2. National Museum of Singapore: The oldest museum of the city, the National Museum of Singapore, dates back to 1849. It is a museum that is primarily dedicated to the country's rich history boasting robust architecture. Known as a prominent landmark of culture and architecture, it is a powerhouse of the history and culture of Singapore.

It is also one of the prominent national monuments that are also the largest museum in the world.

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3. Gardens by the Bay: Gardens by the Bay is a popular, horticultural attraction that is guided by its vision to be the most enticing garden in the world. Boasting enriching garden artistry, it presents the plant kingdom with a new dimension.

In addition, it is an educational hub that lets visitors explore a wide array of species, temperature climates, and tropical habitats. Opened in the year 2012, it attracts visitors worldwide for its iconic Supertrees and cooled conservatories. Also Book Now: Gardens By The Bay Tickets

4. Singapore Flyer: Located in the heart of Marina Bay, the Singapore Flyer is a giant observation wheel offering a 360-degree view of the city. By offering a panoramic view, it is situated 165 meters above the ground.

The height offers stellar views of the city, which is furthermore magnified by the fully air-conditioned glass capsules taking you on a half journey of breathtaking scenes. It also offers a direct view of the iconic sights of the city. 

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5. Artscience Museum: A museum integrated inside the Marina Bay Sands has to be nothing less than extraordinary! It is an iconic landmark enunciating a more profound knowledge of culture, science, art, and technology. The structure resembles a hand which symbolizes a welcoming hand to the city.

It features 21 gallery spaces boasting creations of the most famous artists in the world. Emerging as a significant landmark of the city, it is primarily visited by locals and visitors worldwide. Book Now ArtScience Museum Singapore Tickets

6. See Merlion: Popular as the city's official mascot, Merlion is a mythical symbol that stands for Singapore. The statue is located at Merlion Park, which is a must-see attraction. The statue is 8.7 meters tall, with a fountain of water shooting out from the mouth.

The park is free to visit and boasts several cafes, souvenir shops, and restaurants inside.

7. Take a visit to Buddha Tooth Relic Temple: A majestic hub of worship, the temple is a powerhouse comprising the relics and wisdom ideas of Buddhism. Recognized for its religious artifacts, it is a magnificent five-story temple.

It boasts an extensive collection of information that encircles Buddhist culture and history. Housing a theatre and a teahouse inside is a must-visit spot for all. The design of the building drew its inspiration from the Buddhist Mandala, which is a widespread culture of the Buddhist representing the majestic universe.

8. See Helix Bridge: Inspired by a unique geometric arrangement resembling the DNA setting of human beings, the bridge is a famous walkway enclosed by stainless steel structures and a modern LED lighting system. A 285 meters long bridge, Helix Bridge is the largest bridge exclusively for pedestrians.

The construction incurred a total cost of a whopping $68 million and is a popular postcard of Singapore today. It has bagged a number of prestigious awards for the impeccable design it has managed to achieve.

9. See Marina Bay: Bagging the exclusive prize for being the fastest developing area in Singapore, Marina Bay has transformed itself in epic proportions. It houses an extensive array of marvel collections, including Sands SkyPark, Marina Bay Sands, Gardens by the Bay, and more.

The area encircles various entertaining and exciting things to indulge in. It is the perfect reflection of a powerful modern city with the best of modern amenities in one single space.

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Places to Eat near Nerf Action Xperience

1Al Borgo: One of the popular dining spots in Singapore, Al Borgo lets you explore the best of traditional Italian food in the hi-tech city. It offers the most authentic Italian dishes that taste a lot like your home food cooked with love.

Featuring a cozy and comfortable sitting space, it is graced by the best Italian chefs in the world. A few must-tries are oven-baked pizza, exotic pasta, and a lot more. 

2Tsukiji SushiDai Singapore: Located in Marina Mandarin Hotel, the dining spot is a Japanese culinary expert. It serves fresh Japanese cuisines amidst a fine setting space.

Decked with elegant ambiance, the place serves authentic Japanese cuisine coupled with warm hospitality. It does not offer a la carte menu, instead it is graced by a sushi bar with counter seats. Its produce is directly flown from the Tsukiji market in Japan. 

3Hotpot Culture: A keeper in Singapore, the hotspot culture is an authentic Singaporean restaurant. It boasts the popular catches from the ocean with its signature local dishes.

Located at Bencoolen Street, the dining spot has a few signature sauces, which make the dining experience a lot more exotic. Its authentic local dishes amidst a classy ambiance make it a popular dining spot in the city.  

4Ya Kun Kaya Toast: The story of the restaurant started back in the 1940s as a coffee stall. However, today it has attained the significance stature of a café selling toast products, coffee, and soft-boiled eggs. Founded by Ah Koon, he partnered with Chinese immigrants to set the business up.

After 15 years of operation, the spot got shifted to Lau Pa Sat and is presently managed by his dynasty. 

5Shallots: A house of European-style cuisine, Shallots offers a hint of Asian flavors. Catering to the individual palates offering a large variety of food, the dining hub is a blend of both European and Asian cuisines.

Located near the Marina Square Shopping Mall, it is also largely visited for its extensive wine collection. It covers wines from all over the world, both the Old World and the New World. 

6Attap House: The dining spot is the perfect place to enjoy the good old coffee in Singapore. Known as the hub of delicious local cuisine amidst a cozy environment, it is designed for warm dinners and good conversations.

It serves an all-day breakfast menu, along with refreshing desserts and drinks. Designed to enhance an overall dinner experience, the Attap house is a popular dining spot.

7. IstanBlue Mezze & Grill: Boasting a unique selection of Turkish cuisine, the IstanBlue Mezze & Grill offers traditional Turkish dishes cooked with expertise. Offering a large variety of Turkish and Mediterranean dishes cooked over a charcoal fire.

Cooked in a traditional manner, the dishes are cooked in a professional Turkish style. The relaxing setting ideally makes it an ideal choice to commemorate the rich flavors of the cuisine. It brings the best authentic flavors of the Middle East to the city.

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Tips for Visiting Nerf Action Experience

- It is necessary to adhere to a few insider tips at the Nerf Action Xperience to make the most of the experience.

- In order to ensure the most comfort, make sure you have athletic clothing. The clothing material must not only be comfortable but also must be stretchable in nature. This will help you make most of the offerings and experience a comfortable day outing. 

- You also must make most of NERF Action Xperience grip socks which are priced at SGD3.50 per pair. The socks are extremely high quality and made of a material that assures comfort. It is a breathable material that prevents your feet from sweating.

- Make sure you know the opening hours and public holidays and plan your visit accordingly. Weekends are mostly crowded. 

- You can also book a timeslot at your convenience.

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Day Wise Timings
Open Today
Normal Timings:
12:00 PM to 08:00 PM
Normal Timings:
12:00 PM to 08:00 PM
Normal Timings:
12:00 PM to 08:00 PM
Normal Timings:
12:00 PM to 08:00 PM
Normal Timings:
12:00 PM to 08:00 PM
Normal Timings:
10:00 AM to 08:00 PM
Normal Timings:
10:00 AM to 08:00 PM
Point of Interest for Nerf Action Xperience


This zone is designed to let adventure enthusiasts and corporate junkies explore a thrilling experience. We conduct the NERF-style physical play at a varied level and through different landscapes. It lets you conquer the challenges amidst the harsh conditions by overcoming your fear through the high terrains.

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This is another zone that transports you to a high-energy training circuit. The zone has been specially designed to work on the crucial NERF skills. However, make sure you have grip socks handy required for the challenges in the zone.

How to Book: Aj Hackett Bungee Jump Sentosa Flat



Navigating through the NERF worlds is what the zone is all about. It is designed with a high-octane design that reflects the intensity of NERF battles. The design boasts a powerful, action-packed design featuring the NERF battles.

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The zone involves activities where you need to fill in the blanks using the best of your talent, your imagination. The zone is entertaining with no specific laid-out rules. It encourages visitors to maximize their creative expression and opt for the preferred color and aim at the target. It is a highly creative zone to maximize your unlimited creative possibilities. The zone needs you to be equipped with grip socks.

The zones must be booked online to explore the different facets of games altogether. Unlocking different zones is a place that must not be missed out upon. It unfolds various challenges and thrilling adventures which are going to be cherished by the adventure mongers. Individuals of all ages, from young to adults, are going to love exploring the zones. 

Navigate your way through the zones to experience a fun-filled and entertaining time at the Nerf Action Xperience. However, make sure you are equipped with the proper clothing and gear needed to explore the zones.

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Tourism Board Alliances

Nerf Action Xperience FAQs

What should I wear to the Nerf Action Xperience?

You must wear something comfortable and stretchy. The clothing material must be an athletic clothing piece ideal for a day full of fun surprises. You can buy socks at the venue, which come at SGD3.50 per pair.

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What are the timings of Nerf Action Xperience?

Nerf Action Xperience is open all days, from Monday to Sunday. However, the timings vary. It is open from 12 pm-8 pm from Monday to Sunday and 10 am-8 pm on Saturday and Sunday. Keep an eye on the timings on public holidays, which can vary.

Can I bring my own food?

No, you cannot bring your own food at Nerf Action Xperience as it offers a variety of restaurants and cafes inside for visitors to dine in and grab a quick coffee. Bringing your own food to the venue can cost you a fine.

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Is there any age/ weight limit?

No, there is no age/ weight limit at the Nerf Action Xperience. Anyone and everyone of any age limit and weight capacity can visit it to experience the thrill it promises. However, it is suggested not to bring a child below 2 years of age.

Is Nerf Action Xperience safe?

Yes, Nerf Action Xperience is completely safe and introduces multiple safety measures for the safety of the visitors. It offers NERF blasters and safety goggles for added precautions. Keeping the current covid-19 restrictions in mind, it is conducting temperature checks and disinfecting all types of equipment and surfaces regularly. Besides, there are hand sanitizers available to spray as per one’s need.

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Nerf Action Xperience Reviews

Abhishek Pathak
Reviewed: 19 Mar 2020
If you’re looking for a fun two hours of mindless adrenaline, I’d definitely recommend Nerf Action. I visited with a couple of friends, and we went with the Conquer adventure challenge. Thanks Thrillophilia!!
Anasooya Jain
Reviewed: 05 Feb 2020
My cousins and I love adventure games, and NERF Action Xperience was the best place for us to visit. Thanks to Thrillophilia, we saved a lot of money, and spent many hours playing nerf battles. Our favourite was the Camp Dune and the Glacier.

Why Choose Thrillophilia