Kidzania , Singapore: How To Reach, Best Time & Tips
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Kidzania Tours & Activities

About Kidzania

Kidzania Singapore, an interactive theme park in Singapore built exclusively for children combines fun, learning, and inspiration through realistic role-play. Kids can explore a scaled indoor city with more than 100 exciting dream careers. It is the first of its kind to find its place on an island in Sentosa, Singapore an island city-state. This interactive indoor entertainment park built with the purpose where fun and learning go hand in hand for children aged between 3-17 years of age. Kidzania has made its premises so robust and child-centric that the 81,000sq ft area can be explored by a child indulging in various activities in Singapore.

A day spent at Kidzania makes a child aware of several careers, job roles and the concept of managing money. Kidzania Singapore has 47 plus activities in line for the children to explore, learn and have fun. It also houses a life-size full wing-fuselage of Boeing 307. Certain role plays like that of a pilot, firefighter, construction engineer, dentist, Chef and car designer are extremely popular amongst children. Kidzania runs on Kidoz, which is the currency used at Kidzania.

Children can spend the currency in participating in different activities, shop merchandize from the different retail outlets available inhouse, save or even earn more currency if they are successful in accomplishing a task. Kidzania is an equal opportunity giver, thus it emphasizes providing fun and entertainment to specially-abled children too. The premise is wheelchair friendly, children with hearing and visual impairment too can participate in the activities. Kidzania has a dedicated Early years arena.

An adult can accompany the child inside the premise to help the child explore most of the activities. Kidzania is well equipped with safety measures, CCTV cameras, washrooms and lockers for a smooth and uninterrupted entertainment at the city for kids.

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Essential Information:

Location: 31 Beach View, #01-01/02, Singapore 098008.

Timings: 10.00am to 6.00pm every day.

Price: The ticket price of Kidzania ranges from Rs. 1610/- to Rs. 4340/- depending on the age group and mode of purchase of tickets.

Places to visit near Kidzania Singapore.

Universal Studios Singapore: This enormous theme park, 
Universal Studios Singapore housed within World Resorts Sentosa is one of the biggest attractions in Sentosa island due to its magnificent rides, shows and theme zones. Visitors of every age enjoy the charming theme park which is adorned with 28 rides in 7 themed zones. The one of its kind theme Park has several festivals, programs and occasions marked in the calendar around the year to entertain the guests and you can also buy the tour of Universal Studios Singapore 

SEA Aquarium: 1000 species of marine creatures living in different habitats have been brought under one roof to entice the visitors with the power and beauty of mother nature. More than 100000 marine creatures display their specialties and beauty co-habiting under 50 different habitats. Take part in a few rides and shows like Dolphin feeding, underwater diving and be amazed at 
SEA Aquarium, the wonders of marine life. Book the ticket of Sea Aquarium Singapore

MOSH: MOSH takes pride in being Singapore’s first digital media entertainment facility with hordes of games and shows to keep the visitors glued and entertained for long. The state-of-the-art multimedia technology from Japan has the mission to provide a unique play to learn experience. The main attractions of MOSH are Doodle aquarium, World of wonder, Firework party and Paper plane adventure.

iFly Singapore: Experience the joy of real free-fall and sky-diving at this adventure zone where every little activity is related to jumping or diving from a given height. Dive through wind tunnels to experience zero gravity, glide through gently and have a tandem fall from 12,000 to a sudden 3,000 feet and feel the adrenaline rushing.

Wings of time: This out of the world laser show is a much talked about the show which is a beautiful combination of water fountains, laser lights, audio and 3D effects. A beautiful story is narrated with an excellent and engaging visual display. This awe-inspiring water and light show conducted at night are not to be missed.

Skyline Luge Sentosa: This huge luge located in Sentosa has four tracks cruising through Jungle Trail, Kupu Kupu trail, Dragon Trail and Expedition trail. Riders can control the self-driven car with the handle and experience the ride.

Madame Tussauds: 
Madame Tussauds is the famous wax museum has been a major draw amongst visitors in Sentosa Island. It has wax figures of several celebrities and famous personalities worldwide. Take a selfie with Barack Obama, fight with Jackie Chan, pose with mesmerizing Bollywood stars or take a stance with an action hero. Also, Book the tickets of Madame Tussauds of Singapore.

Adventure cove waterpark: The 
Adventure cove water park embellished with water slides, aquarium, wave pool, tunnels and tubes. One can enjoy the entire day indulging in different rides, relaxing in the lazy pool, snorkeling or just watching the marine creatures leisurely swim by and you can also buy the ticket of adventure cove waterpark.

Trick eye museum: This internally renowned and unique museum has a huge array of interesting 3-dimensional artwork for interactive optical illusions. Take selfies and pose for pictures in front of the 3D drawings and make them come to life.

Things to do in Kidzania Singapore:

Several interesting things can be explored and learnt at Kidzania Singapore. Out of the 47 interesting activities and role plays, here is a list of a few popular attractions amongst kids.

Climbing a Building: Defeat the fear of heights and learn new techniques to scale heights. Press the buzzer once you accomplish the task and take pride in being the winner. 

Dental clinic: Learn the basics of oral hygiene and take part in the process of a dental procedure. Earn a toothbrush, mouthwash and toothpaste complimentary.

Departmental store: Learn the basics of retail trading here while you play the role of a store manager. Fill your basket with all that you want to buy and earn points in Kidoz.

Fire station: There is a fire in a famous city hotel within Kidzania, the brave little firefighters don the firefighters dress carry their gadgets and go all out to douse it.

Ice cream factory: Everyone loves to eat ice cream, learn the secret ingredients to make ice cream and be equipped to make it at home the next time. Walk away with a stick of your favourite ice cream as a gift.

Police station: If you are courageous enough to guard the city of Kidzania, don the uniform in blue and guard the city, lookout for signs of danger and check the crime.

Pizza chef: customize and create your pizza with your favourite toppings and relish the tastiest pizza in town.

Makeup studio: Visit the makeup studio for a complete makeover using paraben-free and lead-free aesthetic cosmetic products.

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Best Time to Visit Kidzania Singapore:

Kidzania at Singapore is open round the year thus can be visited any time of the year. The months from November to January and April to June are peak hours as most of the children are on holidays and love to indulge in activities and enjoy the city exclusively made for kids.

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Tips for Visiting Kidzania Singapore:

- Book online to receive the best offers and discounts on ticket prices.

- Reach the venue early to enjoy the different activities and rides at leisure.

- Have a detailed look at the Kidzania floor map and start with the activities.

- Start with the not-so-popular jobs first and then queue up for popular jobs.

- Check out for certain jobs that have points or meals as prize money.

- Activate the Kidzania Debit card as soon as you reach the venue.

- Avail a Kidzania Pazzport to enjoy uninterrupted entry to Kidzania worldwide.

- Opt for a University degree to earn more Kidzania points.

- Check out for age, height and weight eligibilities as certain jobs have strict norms for participation.

- It is recommended to visit on a weekday to avoid the weekend rush.

- Prepare a lanyard for the kid.

- It is advisable to accompany the child in case the child is not confident to explore alone.

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How to reach Kidzania Singapore from Airport?

There are a couple of ways to reach Kidzania from Changi Airport. The fastest mode of transport is by car which takes a mere 25 minutes to reach. Along with the line 36 bus, the subway too can be availed to travel from Changi Airport to Kidzania.

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Kidzania Singapore Attraction Pass Types:

Annual Pass: The Kidzania annual pass is available at Rs. 20,160/-for children aged between 3-17 years of age where the pass holders can enjoy unlimited day admission with exclusive permission on entry, food and retail.

Corporate annual pass: Single card and Dual card packages are available for corporates willing to extend this offer to their employees and their families.

B-Kidzanian: This is a loyalty card program available for children below 17 years of age where Kidzania recognizes the most loyal guest and rewards the child with many more activities, points and privileges to have more fun.

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Places to Eat at Kidzania Singapore:

KFC: The global fast-food chain known for its buckets of fried chicken, wings and sides are relished by visitors of every age. The comfort food dished out by KFA has won the hearts of millions worldwide.

Soupspoon: The USP of this restaurant is that they present soup inspired dishes for every occasion. Along with the delicious and healthy soups they also serve salads, sandwiches, flatbreads and dessert. Their Tangy tomato with basil and Mushroom pesto is to die for.

Nasi Warung Café: It is listed among one of the best Cafes in Singapore for Asian dishes like Gado Gado and Rendang rice set which is thoroughly enjoyed by children who have acquired a taste for the cuisine. They also serve fish and chips and Spaghetti meatballs.

Pizza Hut: This global chain of Italian delicacies offers the comfort of having authentic Italian cuisine relaxing in the premises of Kidzania Singapore at Sentosa Island.

Killiney Kopitiam: 
This Hainanese coffee shop can keep your senses all charged up with their fresh brews and teas. Relish the traditionally prepared charcoal-grilled Kaya toast and soft-boiled eggs to perfection.

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1. What is KidZania?

Kidzania is an interactive entertainment city built exclusively for children. It is a chain of indoor family entertainment that has branches worldwide allowing children to role-play various jobs like that of a pilot, dentist, chef, makeup artist, driver, mason or a firefighter. This interactive city promises a lot of fun and learning through realistic role-plays which the children enjoy. One can also earn, save and shop using Kidzania currency.

2. What are kidZos in KidZania?

Kidzos is Kidzania’s currency which the children can earn or spend depending on the various jobs or role-plays they indulge in. Every child receives 20 Kidzos and a bank card by default the moment they enter Kidzania which they can use to participate in activities, shop or save.

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3. What are the things that I should carry to Kidzania?

It is advisable to carry a light jacket for the child as Kidzania is centrally air conditioned and few activity areas require higher cooling. It is recommended to wear proper attire and footwear so that they are comfortable taking part in activities like rock climbing and other adventure activities. Carry your power bank to keep your gadgets charged as the kids might take almost the entire day to explore the interesting activities. Last but not the least be prepared to carry your patience along to brave the queues and get the jobs accomplished.

4. What is the age limit for KidZania?

Kidzania is a city designed for kids aged between 4-12 years of age.

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5. What is the best time of day to visit Kidzania?

It is advisable to start the day as early as 10.00am when it opens doors to avoid rush during the peak hours.

6. Can adults enter KidZania alone?

Adults too can enjoy the different activities and jobs at Kidzania depending on their preference. Though there are limited jobs for adults they can always assist a child or role-play at select activities.

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7. Can Senior citizens also come to Kidzania? How much is the ticket?

Senior citizens can indulge in different jobs and activities to promote entry for senior citizens, the authorities have a different entry ticket exclusively for them. The tickets for senior citizens are priced at Rs. 1750/- and Rs. 1610/- for booking on the spot and online respectively.

8. How long can children stay inside KidZania?

Children can enjoy various activities day long till Kidzania is open, ie. 6.00pm.

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9. Do I need to book in advance for Kidzania?

Though tickets can be booked on the spot before entering Kidzania. But it is recommended to book tickets in advance or online to enjoy uninterrupted rides and avoid the queues.

10. Can we leave KidZania and re-enter?

Re-Entry at Kidzania is not entertained for both kids as well as for adults.

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trip a rewarding experience with family

11. Can adults enter the activity area?

There are certain limited activities in Kidzania which entertain entry for adults, like being a passenger in the Aviation Academy, a makeup artist at the Makeup studio or an audience at the Theatre.

12. Are lockers available in Kidzania?

Lockers are available in Kidzania for children and adults to keep their belongings till the time they enjoy the activities on site.

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