Night Safari, Singapore: How To Reach, Best Time & Tips
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Night Safari Tours & Activities

About Night Safari

The Night Safari in Singapore is the world’s first night-time wildlife park. The park has been seen as one of the major attractions in Singapore ever since it was established and also has won umpteen awards for the best attraction in the city awarded by the government of Singapore. Close to 1.3 million visitors come here annually and take great pleasure in experiencing this innovative and thrilling location. Adventure-seeking visitors just love to embark on this thrilling ride where about 100 different species and over 2500 resident animals have made their homes.

The Malayan tiger, Asian elephants and the Tapir are a few endangered animals who have found permanent homes to this region. The dense rainforest spread on a 35-hectare land can be accessed and seen by a 35-minute tram ride with running commentary on the animal seen. You can also explore the jungle with walking trails where you will encounter a lot of friendly animals on your way to click pictures with. Walking tours are much more popular because a lot of animals do get missed out on trams which get covered up on your walking tour. You can also take a comfortable stroll towards two giant aviaries where you will see the flying squirrels and flying foxes go about their business.

Singapore authorities have done a commendable job in conserving the dying species at its venue and houses many animals who are found only here. Apart from experiencing the wildlife, love the jungle by taking treks with groups or with family. Envision the animals when they perform at the exclusive night show and impress you with their antics. You can also take the Safari adventurer tour package with an expert guide occupying you throughout the journey. If you love your tram rides then you will also enjoy the award-winning gourmet express on the moving tram and gather experience of a lifetime.

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What Not to Miss at Night Safari

Predominately there are three activities that you can engage in while you are here namely: Wildlife tours, a range of activities and dine out. Let us get exploring each activity.

Wildlife tours – The safari adventure tour is regarded as one of the best in the world. The buggies are inviting and when you hop on them, it will make you love nature and jungles when the wild ride starts. The leopard trail can be a very exciting journey for you to discover the wild and it cannot be missed. The night safari wildlife tour has been receiving rave reviews from people all across the globe and surely will be enjoyed while you are here.

Discover wild cats and a lot more – You should not be missing the chance to meet the indigenous Malayan tiger and the lions along the leopard trail. Get engaged and up close with the keepers of the animals who would be more than happy to provide you with details about these animals. You can also enjoy the Pangolin exhibit along the fishing cat trail and the naughty wallaby along its trail.

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Dine out - 
If you are a food lover then you will certainly enjoy Non-veg and Vegetarian meals option. The Ulu Ulu Asian buffet and the Ulu Ulu Indian meals is a great way to satiate your hunger tingles in a 300 seater Safari restaurant. If you love ice-creams you can also enjoy them at Ben and Jerry’s situated at the park’s entrance.

There are also activities galore at this expansive park which makes it a complete entertainment and exploration package.

Go shopping – 
Engage in buying some wonderful keepsakes from the gift and souvenir shop located at the entrance of the park.

Thumbuakar show – Get ready to be enthralled when these brave warriors will present a performance with tactics, agility and use fire as their props

Creatures of the night show – You will be taken for a surprise when these animals come out in the open and showcase their skills and talents in this popular show.

An evening in the wild – Enjoy a gourmet dinner in an unforgettable evening by getting to know these animals closer and all this in the first-ever tipi tent!

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Places to visit near Night Safari Singapore 

Go for the wild discoverer tour – Do not miss this tour and this place where you just need to hop on the well-maintained buggy with an expert guide out to show you the most popular exhibits and some interesting tales about the animals and how they are kept here with extreme care and safety. If you are not scared, do not miss the chance of feeding the white rhinos and baboons!

Don’t miss the River Safari tour – This river-themed zoo is unmissable because apart from the visitors enjoying the reservoir cruise it also doubles up like an aquarium. Nestled between the zoo and the night safari this is an offbeat location and one of its kinds in Asia.

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Rainforest Lumina – The first multi-sensory tour in Asia, where you can discover wildlife with the benefits of technology which show animals in different forms, running, walking and even dancing! Become a part of this extensive zoo that blends artistic appeal and technology.

Kranji War Memorial – Located about 4 km from the safari, this location features graves of war heroes and is located in the northern side of Singapore. 

Mac Ritchie Nature trail – Experience serenity in its truest form at the Mac Ritchie Reservoir which is a part of the water catchment system of Singapore. There are trails which surround the park and are full of lush green vegetation and fresh air.

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Other Essential Information About Night Safari

Visiting the night safari is a complete package in itself and there are many options on the premises for you to enjoy and shop. The safari is thoroughly enjoyable as well as tiring which will give rise to your hunger tingles. Some of the best places to dine here are:

Ulu Ulu Asian Buffet – This is a unique dining experience to be enjoyed in a 300 seater restaurant. This rustic outing will be a different experience for dining yet authentically cooked Asian flavours can be discovered here.

Ulu Ulu Indian Buffet – Get into this restaurant if you love Indian dishes and want to hog on some of the delectables of this multi-cuisine outing. A hearty meal and a great adventure is surely the best idea to have fun.

Ulu Ulu Safari Restaurant – This restaurant is located at the entrance of the Park and pretty famous for its chicken delicacies.

Ben & Jerry’s ice creams – Your ice cream cravings can be satisfied in this outlet located just at the entrance plaza.

Jungle Rotisserie – If you love smoky meats then enjoy it at the Jungle Rotisserie amidst the fiery Thumbuakar performance completing the treat.

The gift shop – This gift shop located at the Park entrance has a great and colourful collection of souvenirs and keepsakes. You will also find creatures of the jungle take away that can be a great gift for someone. A good spread of merchandise that includes cookies, chocolates and Kaya spread is located at this village shop.

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Night Safari Admission Pass Types

There are different packages available for the visitor that combines different activities. For the regular citizens who wish to register, the tickets will cost the visitor $55 for adult and $39 for children aged between 3 and 12. For the non-residents who have booked the tickers online will have to pay $49 for the adult tickets and $33 for tickets for children. There are different ticket types for different packages and they have been segregated as below. 

- The Park Hopper Plus which includes tram rides to Jurong Park, night safari and the Singapore Zoo. The wild animal Carousel ride along with Reservoir cruise rides at River Safari is also allowed in this. The cost of the package will be $99 for adults and $79 for children.

- The second package includes the same package barring the rainforest Lumina entry that is a great saver package. The entire package will cost around $80 for adults and $60 for children.

- If you decide only to opt for Jurong Park and the Singapore zoo, then the cost will be $ 60 for adults and $40 for children.

- The last package offers Safari at the river and the Singapore Zoo which will cost the visitor a $60 for his/her own ticket while the children ticket will cost $40.

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Tips for Visiting Night Safari Singapore

- There are many tips you need to bear in mind before you embark on this tour. We have listed the same below:

- Go on a weekday to save yourself from excessive crowds and unbearable waiting time.

- If you are from outside then we recommend you to visit the river safari, zoo and the night safari all in one day. It will be a long day but it will be worth the effort.

- Arrive at least an hour earlier than the scheduled entry to avoid large queues. It will also give you time to take pictures. 

- Eat your dinner at the night safari.

- Get on the tram ride first because it will be a comfortable ride and will give you the required relaxation after a long day. 

- Take pictures before it gets dark

- Bring umbrellas and raincoats because the rains are unpredictable. 

- Your shoes and clothes have to be comfortable for you to move around.

- Get the aisles to seat for the creatures of the night show because you will enjoy when the animals come really close to you.

- Bring enough snacks and water to keep you hydrated.

- Bring flashlights and wear glow items on the body as it is very dark.

- Keep an eye on your belongings as the authorities do not take any claim for loss

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People Also Ask About Night Safari

  1. How do I get to Night Safari Singapore?

    The Night Safari is one of the most famous spots of Singapore and there are several ways with which you can reach here: 

    - From the North-south lines, you can catch several buses and shuttles especially from stations like Khatib NS14, Woodlands NS9 and the Marsiling NS8.

    - There is also a pickup shuttle from Khatib MRT station to the Night Safari coach bay that is made available every 20 minutes. 

    - If you are coming from the airport then the Singapore airport shuttle is a great option to reach there well on time

    - You can also hire a cab and get there.
  2. How long does the Night Safari Singapore take to visit it whole?

    It will take at least 3 to 4 hours for you to complete the entire Safari. This also includes the waiting time that is required to get on to the open bus that takes you around the bus. The tram ride takes 45 minutes.
  3. Can I bring food into the park?

    Although there are food outlets in the park, it is recommended that you bring food and water along especially if you have kids along. There are multiple spots in the park where you can sit and have a little snack picnic.

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  4. What is unique about Night Safari Singapore?

    The best and the most unique aspect of the park is that it is a night safari. Apart from that, the park has used technology and aesthetics in a great combination to entertain its guests. The park also focuses on captive breeding to help the endangered species. The rarest Malayan tigers are well-kept and maintained well here which makes it a must-visit.
  5. Is night safari in Singapore worth going?

    The night safari is a great and unmissable tour when you are there. It is worth every penny you spend here. A host of shows, great service, well-informed guides and great food is what attracts so many visitors throughout the year. The entire location is well-maintained and planned with areas divided into various animal zones depending on which animal you want to see more. Apart from these, two shows that have gained in popularity are the Thumbuakar performances and Creatures of the night show which has received rave reviews.
    The creatures of the night is an exclusive show where animals display their talents and the Thumbuakar performance has some sizzling performance by well-trained cast and crew who play with fire. If that’s not all, you will find a great place to eat with the restaurants serving great Asian food. If that’s not enough then the unique Gourmet tram ride will be loved by you. The entire tour is surely a worthy tour and will give you fond memories.

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  6. Can I bring the wheelchair or baby stroller in Night Safari Singapore?

    Yes, you can bring the wheelchair and the stroller to the Safari. If you are taking the tram ride then you will fold the stroller or the wheelchair.
  7. Which is the best in Singapore, night safari or River safari?

    These options fall in the same place and it is highly recommended that you take an entire day out and complete both these trips. If you are short of time then we suggest that you choose what you like the most and make an option.
  8. Does Night Safari ticket include tram ride?

    The single park fully priced tickets are not inclusive of tram rides. You have to separately top up the ticket for a tram ride. You can also buy them separately at the tram ticket counters at several points in the park.

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  9. Is it safe for children?

    The park is completely safe but it is always better for you to clutch your children and keep them close.
  10. What are the show timings of Night Safari Singapore?

    The two best shows here are the Thumbuakar Performance which is a 7-minute performance and the Creatures of the night show that lasts for 25 minutes.
    Each show has a different set of timing: -
    Thumbuakar Performance – Daily shows at 6.45 pm, 8.00 pm, 9.00 pm and 10.00 pm
    Creatures of the Night show – Daily shows at 7.15 pm, 8.30 pm, 9.30 pm and 10.30 pm
  11. How many different types of species are there in Night Safari Singapore?

    The Night Safari currently has about 900 animals representing 100 species.

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