Science Centre Singapore Overview

If you are someone who is fascinated by different science related illustrations then the Science Centre of Singapore is the must visit place for you. The engaging and interactive exhibits here not only let you have fun for the day but also give out a plethora of knowledge about various scientific phenomena. The centre also hosts various interactive shows in which people can participate. 

Science Centre Singapore is a leading institution that offers engaging, interactive and immersive exhibits to rekindle the love for science in visitors of all ages. It is located in Jurong East and houses more than a thousand exhibitions spread over fourteen interactive galleries.

It is also renowned for its largest collection of educational material comprising diverse topics like the human body, plants, animals, optical illusions, planet and climate change, etc. Additionally, if you're planning a trip to Singapore, be sure to check out our Singapore tour package for an unforgettable experience!

Here, visitors get a chance to discover more about the distinct aspects of science through daily shows, demonstrations, and exhibits that are specially designed to make learning not only interactive but interesting too.

Get into the center of the earth by a superficial crack in the surface to learn about the different layers of the earth, or explore more about the plant's life cycle at the Eco garden, the place has something for everyone. Not only this, the place lets you understand different types of phobias one can experience and leads you to the measures required to recover from those fears.

Learning the safety precautions through the Fire Tornado Demonstration show, or exploring the ecosystem, or gazing into the stars at the Observatory are few other attractions that enthrall the visitors with ingenuity at Science Center Singapore.

Omni-Theatre, Snow City and KidsSTOP are other fascinating activities that make the visit to this Science Center Singapore an unforgettable one. It is one of the most visited places in Singapore that deserves a visit with family, friends, and kids. Daily shows and demonstrations are held here and are designed to make learning and exploring Science concepts an exciting and engaging activity.

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• Science Centre Singapore gives you a once in a lifetime opportunity to learn more science with your loved ones at one of the top science centres in the whole world.
• It lets you explore one of the ultimate learning institutions and also gives you a chance to discover various branches of science that will inspire the forthcoming generations.
• You will be able to witness a wide range of butterfly species and also learn more about their journey starting from an egg to a mesmerizing winged adult.
• Science Centre Singapore lets you be amazed at the Omni Theatre which is one of the latest and brightest 8K Digital systems. It is truly going to give you an out of this world experience.
• The centre lets you stop by some of the beautiful exhibition halls where you will also come across the Renaissance Man and Da Vinci as well.

How To Reach

You can easily reach Singapore Science Centre from Singapore Changi Airport either by taking a bus, MRT, car or cab.  

1Bus: You can pick any of bus lines 36, 97, 24, or 197 from PTB2 terminal which drops at BLK 124 stop, a few meters away from the center.

2MRT (Subway): This is the cheapest means to reach the Science Center Singapore from Changi Airport. The nearest MRT station is Jurong East from where you can either walk or take a bus to reach the destination.

3Car/Cab: The quickest and comfortable mode to travel is either by a taxi or car but travel by taxi is a costly affair.

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Best Time To Visit

As Singapore experiences a pleasant, tropical climate all year-round, the best time to visit Singapore Science Center is any time of the year.

1. Dry Season (February to August): The months between January and April prove to be the best period to avoid the rainy season and the crowded museum. During this time you get a higher chance of sunny days and lower precipitation and you can enjoy the diversity of the Science Museum with less hassle.

2. Wet Season: From September until February, this period is very charming but not for those who do not like to get soaked in continuous rain or increased humidity.

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Other Essential Information

Exhibitions at Science Centre Singapore

1. 3D - Printing the Future: The Young Sustainability Champion initiative, presented by Temasek Foundation and organised by Science Centre Singapore, seeks to raise awareness, motivate, and inspire students to generate creative solutions to crucial challenges in Environmental Technology and Research.

Participants can join the Science Centre Singapore's new online "I am a Young Scientist" portal and accomplish the project's main sustainable development tasks. Participants who finish the programme successfully will be recognised and given badges and e-certificates. Additionally, there will be additional competition and showcase chances for great performers.

2. Butterflies Up-Close: Witness a butterfly's remarkable development from an egg to a gorgeous winged adult. The butterfly faces several challenges and threats during its life cycle, with only around 1 in 20 eggs surviving to adulthood. You'll learn more about how a butterfly behaves, interacts with its environment, and survives each stage of its life cycle to reach adulthood.

So come inside Singapore's first and only indoor butterfly habitat, where humidity and temperature are meticulously controlled to guarantee that plants and butterflies thrive.

3. Da Vinci - The Exhibition: This exhibition, which features the greatest collection of Leonardo da Vinci's findings in Southeast Asia, is a hands-on investigation of da Vinci's life, study, and art. Over 50 completely built, life-size inventions, over 15 fine art studies, and dozens of breathtaking displays are on display at the exhibition.

Over the course of ten zones, visitors will learn about Leonardo da Vinci's intricate beginnings and lifetime accomplishments in Renaissance art, physics, optics, and music, military, aviation, engineering, hydraulic systems, and more.

4. Future Makers: Learn about the range of opportunities that modern engineering provides for individuals and communities – from very specialised to highly specialised with multi-disciplinary and cross-disciplinary partnerships, from classic divisions to biomedical and nanotech material sectors.

Watch four industrial robotic arms dance to a video that narrates the story of modern engineering and the difficulties it poses while carrying huge format screens.

5. The Mind's Eye: This exhibition has been carefully designed to provide you with a new perspective. Look at exhibits of various optical illusions to see how things aren't always as they seem. An appearance of empty space is generated by strategically placed mirrors that reflect the background, concealing where the rest of your body should be!

It's a wonderful method to discover how our visual system uses shortcuts and how we may use them to our advantage.

7. Scientist for a Day: At the do-it-yourself laboratory, you may pretend to be a scientist for a day! The exhibition's facilitators, volunteers, and, when possible, guest scientists will lead you through the stages of the Scientific Method.

Discover Tesla's amazing Plasma Ball, a clear glass device filled with noble gases and including a high-voltage electrode in the centre. Place your fingertips on the ball and observe the lovely discharge shine.

8. Earth Alive: You may learn about the factors and processes that drive Earth's evolution in this exhibition. Get a sense of some of Earth's physical functions through dynamic, engaging exhibits and captivating visual displays!

The displays are divided into three spheres: Geosphere, Hydrosphere, and Atmosphere, which represent Earth sciences and systems. An interactive kiosk can also be used to trigger and combine visualisations.

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Competitions at Science Centre Singapore

1. Drone Odyssey Challenge: It's an intriguing drone-based competition that promises a lot of fun while also instilling technical skills, creativity, and an awareness for modern technologies. This competition, which is open to students in grades K-12, will have competitors programme their programmable drones to fulfil tasks in various scenarios.

2. International Science Drama Competition: The International Science Drama Competition is a once-a-year competition that allows contestants to combine their love of science with acting. This is an international competition with teams from Singapore and around the world, and it will be a fantastic opportunity for you to show off your skills and compete on a global stage. 

3. Singapore Science Buskers: The goal of Singapore Science Buskers is to continue to improve each individual's communication skills through creative science expressions. Participants will still give a presentation and do a "show-and-tell" on any science topic – busking – with grading based on judges' criteria and public vote.

Science busking is a fun, participatory method to learn about science. It can be very fulfilling and is an effective approach to communicate science.

4. Singapore Amazing Flying Machine Competition: An annual competition where local and international flyers come together to show off and test their creative flying machine designs. The exhibition offers students a one-of-a-kind opportunity to push the boundaries of innovation by developing and building incredible flying aircraft.

The tournament also allows students to put their newly acquired aerodynamics knowledge to use and their passion for aviation. 

5. Tan Kah Kee Young Inventors' Award: The purpose of the Tan Kah Kee Young Inventors' Award is to recognise inventors for their creative, practical, and commercially viable ideas that can generate wealth for the country. The Tan Kah Kee Young Inventors' Award aims to foster scientific and technology development in Singapore by encouraging young people to be creative.

6. Asia Drone Championship: The Asia Drone Championship is an exhilarating e-sport event featuring top-tier drone racing from Asia Pacific. This virtual version of the race maintains the same degree of excitement and competition, providing a completely new and unique experience for both racers and e-sports fans.

Racers can compete for enticing prizes and bragging rights in either the Open or Student race categories. Freestyle pilots can enter their creative flying pieces for a chance to win a prize by submitting them.

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Food & Beverage Outlets At Science Centre Singapore

1. Coffee Bee (Halal-certified): The Coffee Bee is a kiosk that offers tasty treats as well as a wide range of specialty coffees. They serve a variety of sweet and savoury treats and are a perfect spot for a coffee date with your special someone!

2. Fountain Microbrewery & Restaurant: This café, which serves contemporary cuisine with a dash of local flavour, has grown in popularity since its start. It's worth highlighting the rustic and retro decor.

Since its inception, this café has gained a reputation for being the first Singaporean food outlet to serve a variety of local cuisine with exceptional aroma. The food at the cafe continues to blow people's minds.

3. Phoenix Indian Restaurant: Phoenix Indian Restaurant serves some of the greatest Indian cuisine in town, with a tantalising menu fit for the whole family, large groups, or meeting up with friends and coworkers. From Kashmiri Naan to Tandoori Chicken, the restaurant's diverse menu reflects the restaurant's efforts to please a wide range of tastes.

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Things to Do near Science Centre Singapore

1. Going Bird Watching at Jurong Bird Park: One of the best things to do near the Science Center Singapore is visiting Asia's largest bird paradise. Here, you can enjoy close encounters with over 3500 colorful birds of almost 400 species in their naturalistic habitats and enormous walk-in aviaries.

2. Enjoying a picnic at Jurong East Swimming Complex: If you want to relax in a breezy whirlpool, after spending time at the Science Centre, then visiting this place is a good bargain. Here you can pick from a dive into the wave pool, or enjoy a cruise down the lazy river, or subdue the water slides, or enjoy watching young ones play at the Kiddy Fun Station. 

3. Exploring the scenic beauty of Chinese and Japanese Gardens: Another exciting thing to do near the Science Centre is to go for a leisurely stroll on the beautiful paths packed with striking shades of beautiful plants and rock formations. Do not miss the chance to enjoy the serene beauty of Jurong Lake and the stunning views of the surrounding flora, fauna and aquatic wildlife. 

4. Shopping: No trip can be complete without indulging in some sort of shopping and various shopping destinations are present near the Science Centre Singapore including Westgate, J-Cube Mall, Jem, IMM, etc.

These offer plenty of opportunities to satisfy the shopaholic in you and provide you with an array of local and international products that you can buy for yourself or loved ones. You can also buy a souvenir from the Curiosity Shop at the Science Center itself which offers science toys, educational kits, and gadgets for kids.

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Tips for Visiting Science Centre Singapore

It is preferred to book tickets beforehand to avoid last-minute disappointment and to choose your preferred slot of time.

It is advised to be at the entrance at least half an hour before the show timings to gain easy entry without waiting for long in queues. 

The best time to visit the Science Center is during the morning time slots as it will be less crowded and you will have plenty of time to explore the different exhibitions and activities.

Plan your visit on off-peak days to get complimentary entry and less crowded halls.

The entry is cheaper for Singapore Residents and it is necessary to show an ID to gain entry as a Singaporean.

Photography is allowed inside the museum and you will find various beautiful locations to capture the memories.

Always check the official website about the activities and timings of the shows before planning your visit to the Science Center.

Though the place is Kids friendly still there are many shows which comprise loud sound and light effects and do not allow entry of little kids.

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Day Wise Timings
Normal Timings:
Normal Timings:
Normal Timings:
Normal Timings:
Normal Timings:
02:00 PM to 05:00 PM
Normal Timings:
02:00 PM to 05:00 PM
Normal Timings:
02:00 PM to 05:00 PM
Point of Interest for Science Centre Singapore
Science Centre Observatory

Science Centre Observatory

 It offers plenty of guided programs for all to stargaze and discover new information about astronomy. It is located next to the equator and houses world-class amenities. It also organizes various astronomical sessions and talk-shows to give a more realistic understanding of the universe.

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Omni Theatre

Omni Theatre

It is not only Southeast Asia’s first 8K 3D digital dome theatre but provides you with an immersive edutainment experience on Southeast Asia’s largest seamless dome screen.

It allows visitors to explore the unmatched views of remote locations on earth and space through a powerful digital planetarium system. The theatre runs diverse digital movies and live planetarium shows to enrich the audience about the various aspects of space.

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Snow City

Snow City

It is another entertaining attraction inside Science Center Singapore and is known as Singapore's first permanent indoor snow center. It comprises a chamber filled with a unique sub-zero environment, a three-story high, 60-meter-long snow slope, Arctic exhibitions, and the Ice Gallery.

The area is filled with next to real sculptures of extinct Arctic species and is divided into different zones to let you learn about their lifestyle and ecosystem. Several snow professionals are also present there to help you learn about the beauty and threats related to Arctic life.

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It is specially designed to make the children of ages 18 months to 8 years learn diverse concepts of science in a fun way. It is one of its kind centers and comprises interesting 20 themed zones like Flight and Space, Tinkering Lab, PlayMaker Studio, Built Environment, etc.

It attracts kids for its interactive and fun-filled activities and also enriches them with knowledge of different science topics through hands-on experiences.

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Tourism Board Alliances

Science Centre Singapore FAQs

What is unique about Science Centre Singapore?

It is a marvelous landmark that helps in promoting interest among visitors through various interactive, imaginative and enjoyable exhibits and shows. It also empowers them with unmatched creativity and potential in the fields of science and technology. Some of the methods that are used in the Science Center and make the place unique are:

Interactive exhibitions displaying the laws and rules of science and technology in everyday life

Organizing regular school programs to make the kids learn easily

Designing scientific magazines and general history guide books

Organizing an array of promotional activities to make people learn science simply.

What is there to do in the science Centre?

Science Centre Singapore is packed with innovative techniques and exhibitions to make kids and adults fall in love with principal and theories of science and technology. It lets you explore the importance of Science in our lives in fun-filled and interactive ways.

There are many wonderful things you can do and enjoy while being at Science Center Singapore including Science shows and Demonstrations, Workshops, exhibitions, KidsSTOP programs and many more. These daily or time to time activities and more than 20 permanent exhibitions help in exploring the different aspects of Science and its influence on our day to day life.

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What is the Science Centre Singapore KidsSTOP™?

Science Centre Singapore is packed with innovative techniques and exhibitions to make kids and adults fall in love with principal and theories of science and technology. It lets you explore the importance of Science in our lives in fun-filled and interactive ways.

There are many wonderful things you can do and enjoy while being at Science Center Singapore including Science shows and Demonstrations, Workshops, exhibitions, KidsSTOP programs and many more. These daily or time to time activities and more than 20 permanent exhibitions help in exploring the different aspects of Science and its influence on our day to day life.

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What are the best activities in Singapore that you can book via Thrillophilia?

How much is parking at the Science Center?

KidsSTOP™ is the Science Centre Singapore's dedicated Children's play area cum learning station. It is specially designed to make kids of age 8 months to 8 years learn easy concepts of Science through different games and activities. The area is spread across 3,000m² and is packed with innovative games, activities, slides, and themed zones, which help make kids involve, ask, examine, and innovate safely and favorably.

There are more than 20 exhibits, which make the kids learn about the concepts of Science, Mathematics, Engineering, and Technology in an interactive manner.

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