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Jewel Changi Attraction Tickets highlights

  • Visit Jewel Changi Airport and see the world's tallest indoor waterfall, Rain Vortex, a nature-themed tourist attraction.

  • Enjoy various attractions like Discovery Slides, Foggy Bowls, Petal Garden, & Topiary Walk in the Canopy Park.

  • Wander around Singapore’s largest hedge maze and take-in the picturesque views of Jewel Changi at the end.

  • Gain access to multiple attractions in the Canopy Park, including giant sky nets, bouncing and walking nets and slides.

Operating Hours
Jewel Changi Airport
Canopy Park - Jewel Changi
Timings: 24 Hours


Jewel Changi Airport
78 Airport Blvd., Singapore 819666

Jewel Changi Attraction Tickets cancellation_policy

  • If cancellation are made 1 days before the date of travel then 100.0% of total tour cost will be charged as cancellation fees
  • If cancellation are made 0 days to 1 days before the date of travel then 100.0% of total tour cost will be charged as cancellation fees
  • In the event of unforeseen weather conditions, union issues, government restrictions, or any other circumstances beyond human control, certain trips or activities may be cancelled. In such cases, alternate feasible options will be provided. However, a cash refund will not be available.
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Jewel Changi Attraction Tickets overview

About Jewel Changi Airport, Singapore:

Jewel  Changi Ariport is a nature-themed park and retail complex. It features a stunning glass and steel dome housing a lush indoor garden, the Rain Vortex, the world's tallest indoor waterfall, and various dining, shopping, and entertainment options. Enjoy a range of attractions like Canopy Bridge, Foggy Bowls, Discovery Slides, Hedge and more. It is home to over 280 retail and dining options, including international brands and local favorites.

About Jewel Changi Attraction Tickets:

  • Explore some eye-catching attractions at Singapore Changi Airport and spend an amazing time during a layover.
  • Roam around this nature-themed park and be amazed by its wonderful architecture including doughnut-shaped design with a combination of glass & steel.
  • See the HSBC Rain Vortex, the tallest indoor waterfall in the world, and admire its outstanding design inspired by Singapore’s tropical rains.
  • Head towards the Canopy Park spread over 14,000 sqm of area, and enjoy 9 play attractions in this recreational wonderland.
  • Walk at a height of 25 meters from the ground through the Manulife Sky Nets and have an adventurous experience.
  • Visit the beautiful Shiseido Forest Valley and spend an amazing time in this beautiful tropical rainforest.
  • Have an unforgettable feeling as you walk on the Canopy Bridge, situated at a height of 23 meters above ground level.
  • Enjoy a game with clouds with your little ones as you visit the Foggy Bowls where they will play with the bowls of mist.
  • Head towards the new playground, Discovery Slides, and play on 4 slides, including a family slide, two glass-covered spiral slides, & a steep drop slide.
  • Explore the transcendent Mirror Maze and admire its various reflections & lush greenery as a roof.

How to Reach?

  • By Bus: The following bus services will stop at Terminal 1’s basement bus bay: 24, 27, 34, 36, 53, 110, and 858
  • By Car: Take the route via TPE from the city centre. It will take you approximately 30 minutes to reach the Jewel Changi Airport.
  • By Train: Take the Mass Rapid Transport (MRT) to the Changi Airport Station from anywhere in Singapore, as the city is well connected by MRT. You can reach the Jewel Changi Airport from the station by taking a walk of about 10 minutes.

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Jewel Changi Attraction Tickets faqs

What is Jewel Changi Airport Best Known For?

Jewel Changi Airport is best known for being a multi-dimensional lifestyle destination for international travellers, and Singaporeans. It is also best for being the top tourist spot as it houses attractions like Rain Vortex an indoor waterfall, Petal Garden, Discovery Slides, Manulife Sky nets, Foggy Bowls, and Canopy Park’s Topiary Walk besides Hedge Mirror, Hedge Maze, and Canopy Bridge.

What makes Jewel Changi a must visit attraction of Singapore?

1.) Cactus Garden - Changi Airport has a Cactus Garden that features cactus plants and arid plants that is one of the most relaxing attractions in Singapore. The rooftop bar is a perfect place to grab a drink or to simply marvel at the spectacular views.

2.) Kinetic Rain sculpture - If you have Changi airport attraction tickets, be amazed by the world's largest moving sculpture at Changi Airport Singapore. The kinetic rain structure can be admired while waiting for a flight or crossing the terminal one. Local artists created these copper plated aluminium drops of rain, and witnessing this beauty is a must.

3.) Enchanted Garden - An array of flowers and motion sensors create an unforgettable experience in the enchanted garden at Changi Airport. Enjoy the soothing sounds and motion sensors with lights on a carpet and the enormous floral arrangements. 

4.) Harry Potter Wonderland - Make sure you don't miss out on this amazing yet realistic installation of Harry Potter Wonderland. With the magical snow and well-lit lights, it creates a magical look, making Changi Airport a must visit for all the potterheads.

5.) Steel Bloom - It is impossible to avoid the Steel Bloom at Changi Airport, an exceptional place to capture stunning pictures. With its natural surroundings, this 6 metre high metal structure stands over a Koi Pond, and enthrals visitors.

6.) Giant Slide - You can whizz down one of the world's longest and highest slides with the Changi airport attraction tickets. For adults and children, speed and height are different. It is indeed a great spot for adults and kids if you love adventure.

What are the activities at the Canopy Park?

1.) Canopy Mazes - Each maze in Jewel offers a completely different experience. The hedge maze is a perfect place for a leisurely walk or a fun run through the landscaped space. Visitors embark on their journey through imaginatively curated touch points in the mirror maze, on the other hand.

2.) Sky nets - Sky nets - Have a fun and thrilling experience at the Jewel Changi airport with sky nets as you bounce your way among the trees in the canopy with the bouncing net, 8 metres above the ground ,and walk on the walking net that is five storey high.

3.) Foggy Bowls - Foggy Bowls seem to be very popular with toddlers. This simple playground consists of bowl-shaped platforms covered by artificial grass that occasionally releases mist.

4.) Topiary Walk - Topiary Walk features plants and flowers made into life-sized topiary animals. Expect huge queues to take selfies with the two orangutans! Pink elephants, red crocodiles with open mouths, and singing birds are among the beautiful animals found here. 

5.) Petal Garden - Obviously, the Petal Garden is a flower garden. A flower-decorated arch and small ponds make this a great selfie spot.

Are there any height and/or age restrictions to visit the attractions?

There are no minimum age or height requirements. The following attractions are height and safety restricted for your safety: Discovery Slides, Manulife Sky Nets - Bouncing, and Manulife Sky Nets - Walking. For instance Children below 110 centimeters of height are not allowed to play at Changi Experience studio, Manulife Bouncing, and walking nets.  Thus, refer to individual attraction's pages for details. 

Does the Changi Airport sky train stop in Jewel?

No, The Changi Airport SkyTrain does not stop in Jewel. It is not served by the Changi Airport sky train, rather only passes through it. Take the Changi Airport sky train at Terminal 1 to Jewel if you prefer not to walk from Terminals 2 and 3.

What are the best things to do in Singapore?

1.) Visit the S.E.A. Aquarium - Discover more than 100,000 aquatic creatures at the stunning S.E.A. Aquarium in Singapore. Join the immersive audio-visual programme and enjoy the light and sound effects.

2.) Have Fun at Universal Studios Singapore - Get a taste of the Sesame Street crew, the Madagascar squad, and the minions at the world-renowned Universal Studios Singapore. Rides like Battlestar Galactica: Human vs Cyclone will give kids an adrenaline rush.

3.) Visit Jewel's Canopy Park for a fun day out - Take your kids to Jewel's Canoy Park for an indoor playground. A glass bridge offers sweeping views of Shiseido Forest Valley as they bounce on the netting, weave their way through mazes, and enjoy the views.

4.) Visit the Changi Jurassic Mile - Kids will love the Changi Jurassic Mile, which displays life-size dinosaurs. Watch over 20 different dinosaur species, such as parasaurolophus, velociraptors,& tyrannosaurus rex.