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Kiztopia Tickets highlights

  • Visit Kiztopia, spread over 18,000 square feet of area and explore play areas which include obstacle courses, giant slides and a big ball pit.

  • Explore some indoor zones with your kids and take part in various exciting activities, such as Ninja obstacle courses and cooking activities.

  • Engage in educational activities that promote learning through play, including hands-on experiences and interactive exhibits.

  • Book Kiztopia tickets & enjoy interactive activities that promote learning through play, from sensory play experiences to creative arts and crafts sessions.

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Kiztopia Singapore
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Timings: 10:00 AM to 09:00 PM


Kiztopia @ Marina Square
Marina Square, #01-09, Singapore 039594

Kiztopia Tickets cancellation_policy

  • If cancellation are made 1 days before the date of travel then 100.0% of total tour cost will be charged as cancellation fees
  • If cancellation are made 0 days to 1 days before the date of travel then 100.0% of total tour cost will be charged as cancellation fees
  • In the event of unforeseen weather conditions, union issues, government restrictions, or any other circumstances beyond human control, certain trips or activities may be cancelled. In such cases, alternate feasible options will be provided. However, a cash refund will not be available.
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Kiztopia Tickets overview

About Kiztopia, Singapore:

Kiztopia Singapore is an indoor edutainment center designed for children aged 12 and below. Located in Marina Square, it offers a variety of interactive play areas and educational activities. The facility features themed zones like the Hero Square, Art Wall, and Play Mart, providing opportunities for imaginative play, creativity, and physical activity. Kiztopia also hosts special events and workshops, making it a popular destination for families seeking a fun and enriching experience. With safety and learning at its core, Kiztopia aims to foster social, cognitive, and physical development in children through engaging and interactive play environments. Kiztopia tickets Singapore grant unlimited access for a single visit, allowing children to enjoy interactive play areas and educational activities.

About Kiztopia Tickets, Singapore:

  • Visit the famous indoor playground in Singapore and explore a diverse range of playing zones with different themes for your little ones.
  • Explore the Art and Craft Zone in Kiztopia and enjoy various artistic activities, such as painting and crafting.
  • Introduce basic scientific concepts to your kids through hands-on experiments and demonstrations and enhance their knowledge of STEM.
  • Enjoy various amazing games in different game zones like the Mini basketball court and soccer area.
  • Have an immersive experience as your little ones will play an amazing ball-throwing AR game through the AR Wall.
  • Visit the Cosmic Space, see five sets of 5-7 meter-long slides, and have futuristic fun with various climbing structures and a swing.
  • Encounter beloved characters from children's stories and cartoons during special meet-and-greet sessions. 
  • With Kiztopia Tickets in Singapore, let your child embark on a journey of playful learning, and create unforgettable memories in a world of wonder and excitement.

How to Reach?

  • By Car: Kiztopia is located 14.5 km away from the city centre. You can reach Kiztopia in 22 minutes via Upper Thomson Rd route.
  • By Bus: Take a bus from Aft Windsor Pk Rd station to Bayfront Station, which is 900 m away from the Kistopia. You can reach the location on foot in 12 minutes.

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Kiztopia Tickets faqs

What is the cost of Kiztopia tickets Singapore?

The cost of Kiztopia tickets in Singapore varies depending on the age of the child and the day of the week. Typically, ticket prices range from SGD 28 to SGD 48 per child for a single visit. It's advisable to check the official Kiztopia Singapore website or ticketing platforms for current pricing details and any special promotions that may apply.

How long Kiztopia tickets Singapore are valid?

Kiztopia tickets Singapore are typically valid for a single visit on the date of purchase. It's important to use the ticket on the specified day and during the designated hours of operation. Check the official Kiztopia Singapore website or ticketing platform for any specific terms regarding ticket validity and usage.

What is the minimum age required to book Kiztopia Singapore tickets?

There is generally no minimum age requirement to book Kiztopia tickets Singapore, as the venue caters specifically to children up to 12 years old. Parents or guardians typically purchase tickets for their children to access the indoor playland's various themed zones and activities. For specific guidelines or recommendations, it's advisable to check the official Kiztopia Singapore website or ticketing platform before booking.

Do we have to buy separate Kiztopia tickets Singapore?

Yes, separate Kiztopia Singapore tickets are required for each child. Ticket prices vary based on the child's age and the day of the week. It's recommended to purchase tickets in advance through the official Kiztopia Singapore website or authorized ticketing platforms to ensure availability and avoid potential queues on the day of your visit.

What is the difference between Kiztopia Singapore and Kidzania?

Kiztopia is Singapore's latest indoor playground for kids filled with ball pits. It offers basic activities like scooping the beads, and pulls the banana boat. Kids can pick up cooking, driving, go to role playrooms, play at the bouncy castles and trampoline arena.

Kidzania Tickets offers ‘real-world’ venues for children to explore. Children can fly airplanes, cook meals, and role-play using interactive media. Also, the price of Kiztopia Singapore Tickets is different from that of Kidzania.

What is the suitable age for kids to enjoy at Kiztopia?

The Kiztopia Singapore Tickets are only meant for kids aged 12 and below. Each ticket accounts for the entry of one child and one adult.

What are the Famous zones to explore in Kiztopia?

Kiztorative Fun: A creative zone where kids can engage in arts and crafts, promoting imagination and fine motor skills through various craft activities.

Bouncy: An inflatable zone where children can bounce and play in a safe and controlled environment, providing energetic fun.

Kizmo's Zone: A dynamic play area featuring interactive games and challenges that stimulate physical and cognitive development.

The Petite Explorer: A designated area for toddlers to explore and play safely with age-appropriate activities and structures.

Kiztopia Town: A miniature city where children can role-play different professions and scenarios, fostering imaginative play and social interaction.

Is storage facility available at Kiztopia?

Yes, there are lockers available at Kiztopia where you can store your belongings during your visit.

Is photography permitted at Kiztopia?

While commercial photography is not permitted, you can use your phones to click pictures while at Kiztopia.

Are outside food and drinks permitted inside Kiztopia?

No. Outside food and drinks are not allowed inside Kiztopia. You can visit their in-house cafes to grab a bite to eat during your visit.

How big is the Kiztopia Singapore?

Kiztopia at Marina Square is spread in 18,000 square feet. It offers a spacious and diverse indoor play area for children. Inside the space, there are various themed zones, including play structures, interactive games, and creative activities, providing ample space for kids to explore, learn, and have fun.

What are the things to do at Kiztopia Singapore?

  • Adventure Zones: Explore themed play areas like Jungle Gym and Ball Blaster for active play and obstacle courses.
  • Role-Playing Activities: Engage in the play area at the Kiztopia Town. Here, kids can experience various professions in a miniature city setting.
  • Arts and Creativity: Participate in arts and crafts activities at Art and Craft Studio, promoting imagination and fine motor skills.
  • Educational Workshops: Join interactive workshops that combine learning and fun, covering topics from science to storytelling.
  • Birthday Parties: Host memorable celebrations with themed party packages, including exclusive playtime and catering options for children and families.

What are Kiztopia Singapore opening hours?

Kiztopia at Marina Square operates from 10:00 AM to 9:00 PM daily. These hours may vary during public holidays or special events, so it's recommended to check the official website or contact them directly for any updates before planning your visit.

Is Kiztopia wheelchair accessible?

Yes, Kiztopia is wheelchair accessible. If you are someone with a disability, you can easily take a wheelchair to roam around. The attraction features ramps and elevators to access different areas easily.

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