Siloso Beach, Singapore - 2020 (Photos & Reviews)

About Siloso Beach

Facing the majestic deep blue ocean is the most happening beach of Singapore - Siloso beach. Packed with tons of restaurants, bars and an array of activities, the beach is perfect for a vacation with friends and family. Surfing in an automated wave pool or in the ocean, soaking in the sun or just chilling at one of the themed restaurants, the activities at the Siloso beach are for both adventure and leisure lovers.

Day or night, the beach is open round the clock. Delicious and tempering, there are a number of restaurants, eateries, and bars with international cuisine and delicious delicacies in and around the beach. During the day, visitors can enjoy a number of activities including kayaking, cycling, rollerblading, skimboarding among other thrilling activities. As the sun sets the thrill on the beach continues with parties, live music, celebrations and more all night every night.

The beach is also home to a number of extraordinary events that are held throughout the year. Additionally, this beautiful beach is in the heart of Sentosa Island. From theme parks like Universal Studios to luxury beach villas, everything is right around the corner of Siloso beach. In other words, Siloso is perfect for a warm, sun-kissed vacation by the beach. 

Essential Information

- Location: Siloso beach is found on Sentosa Island of Singapore. 

- Timings: Siloso beach has no particular timing. However, the restaurants, café’s and bars have their own opening and closing schedule. In totality, we can consider between 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM as an ideal time to be at Sentosa beach. On weekends there are a lot of restaurants on the beach that are open till 2:00 AM as well. 

How to reach Siloso Beach from Airport?

Taxi: The fastest means of transport from Singapore airport to Siloso beach is through a taxi.

MRT: If you are not carrying massive luggage you can also take the MRT (local railway network). There is how you do it:
          Head towards the Changi MRT terminal at the airport.
          From Changi MRT Airport station take an MRT for Tanah Merah Station.
          Get down at Tanah Merah and take another MRT to Joo Koon.
          From Joo Koon to Outram Park and head towards the purple line also called NT line here.
          Finally take an MRT to Harbourfront and then to Sentosa Express.

Things to Do in Siloso Beach

1. Wave House: Start your day with the thrills of surfing only much safer with the Wave House. Apart from loads of drinks and exciting food options, the place exhibits The Double Flowrider - an adventurous flow boarding experience. The ride produces non-curling and bumpy waves that go up to 32kmph, in other words, it’s safe for rookies and exhilarating for experts.

2. Flying Trapeze: Test your limits with Flying Trapeze. From little kids to elders who are looking to pump up their adrenaline, the trapeze is a fun, exciting experience on the Siloso beach that everyone should try.

3. Mega Adventure Park: Iced with fun and topped with thrills, the mega-adventure park offers 4 extraordinary activities. Megaclimb – An exciting rope course fixed with 36 obstacles, MeageJump – A free fall simulator that goes up to 15 meters, MegaBounce – A bungee jump and MegaZip – also known as Asia’s No. 1 Zipline that goes 450m at 60kmph over the Siloso beach.

4. Ola Beach House: The thrills at Sentosa beach have a new name and it’s Ola Beach House. Decorated with tons of watersports, outdoor activities, drinks, disco, and a party, the Ola Beach House is the most happening place on the beach. Not just that, visitors who also love to sit in solace in the sun and enjoy the panoramic view of the ocean can choose Ola Beach House.

5. AJ Hackett Sentosa: Experience Singapore’s best bungee jump with a walkway bride of 40m called the sky bridge and the best Sunset point in Sentosa named the Sunset Deck. The giant swirl and the bungee jump, 47m in height are the two options available for adrenaline junkies to explore.

Best Time to Visit Siloso Beach

Sentosa Island is famous for its year long rains. But between the months of March and April and December and January, the showers are less regular. Siloso Beach is perfect for a visit around these times of the year.

Tips for Visiting Siloso Beach

- Every beach has its own set of guidelines that need to be followed. At Siloso swimmers are asked to swim between the red and yellow lines. This marked area is safe to swim and is protected by Beach Patrol Officers at every other point.
- Swimming in water after consumption of alcohol or drugs is not at all suggested.
- It is better to swim with friends and not alone.
- Kids cannot be left alone on the beach; an adult should always accompany them.          
- There are a ton of outdoor and water activities that visitors should definitely try.
- The Siloso beach never sleeps. In order to optimize your time at the beach spend at least 2 days, one day and one night.
- Be cautious, there are a number of sea creatures in the water; some of them can be dangerous. 
- Basic first aid is available with the Beach Patrol Officers.
- Read all the instructions carefully before any activity.

Best Hotels to Stay at Siloso Beach

1. Siloso Beach Resort: Right on the beach, amidst all the fun and excitement is the Siloso Beach Resort. The resort has 196 rooms accompanied with amenities like LCD TV, refrigerator, Wi-Fi, complimentary toiletries and more.

2. Shangri La’s Rasa Sentosa Resorts & Spa: Pure luxury mixed with comfort, the Shangri La’s Rasa Sentosa Resort is the perfect spot for a vacation plan by the beach. The resort offers a dazzling view of the South China Sea along with top amenities including an outdoor pool, free Wi-Fi, a spa, a gym among others.

3. Bay Hotel Singapore: Awarded as the largest boutique hotel in all of Singapore, the Bay amalgamates The On-Site Street with 50 bars and restaurants curating delicious delicacies from around the globe. Their top amenities include Wifi Lobby, a swimming pool, parking space, a pet’s area, and a gym.

4. Zen Rooms People’s Park: Designed with a hint of Singapore’s culture and decorated with luxury, The Zen Rooms People’s Park is affordable, comfortable and elegant.

5. Costa Sands Resort Sentosa: Apart from the usual hotel rooms, the resort offers interesting accommodation options like rustic freestanding huts. Their top amenity includes free Wi-Fi, a swimming pool, parking, flat-screen TVs and more. An in-house café is available for quick snacks and bites. One of the most happening places on the beach, the wave house is right around the corner from the resort.

6. Village Hotel Sentosa By Far East Hospitality: A little away from the beach but value for money, the Village Hotel homes tons of exciting amenities and comforting accommodation options. In house restaurant, a swimming pool, Wi-Fi, a bar and a gym are some of the hotel’s top features.

7. Le Méridien: Absolute class and undeniable luxury are offered by this beautiful hotel by the beach.  Fully air-conditioned rooms, a swimming pool, in house dining options with delicious cuisines are some of the top amenities of Le Méridien. Additionally, the room service, gym, and business centers are open round the clock.

Best Restaurants to Eat at Siloso Beach

1. Ivy Restaurant: Right in the heart of the Siloso beach is the Ivy Restaurant. Packed with delicious cuisines, the restaurant is fluent in French, European and Fusion delicacies. Visitors can take a break from the thrills of the beach and enjoy an appetizing meal here. 

2. Mambo Beach Club: Delicious food, a panoramic view of the ocean and an astonishing nightlife, the Mambo Beach Club is the perfect place for wine, dine and party by the bay.  The clubhouse serves various cuisines from around the globe. The excitement and thrills of the day dwell into the night with Mambo’s vibrate nightlife.

3. Co Nut Ink: A beach without an ice cream corner is impossible. The place serves one of the best ice creams in all of Singapore. Affordable, yummy and complimentary coconut water with every order of ice cream, Co Nut Ink is best for people with a sweet tooth.  From little kids to adults, their menu is innovatively designed to fulfill everyone’s craving for some delicious ice cream.

4. Ola Beach Club: From breakfast to dinner, the Ola Beach House offers an array of dishes and drinks. Apart from the dining options, it is also an excellent choice to relax, lay back and chill; beachside.

5. Coastes: Vibrant ambiance, the perfect place to spot the sunset and tones of cuisines with local flavor, Coastes is one of the most preferred restaurants by visitors. Live Music, free Wi-Fi, Wine and beer, takeout are among a list of top features of the restaurant.


Q1. What is there to do at Resort World Sentosa?

Packed with a number of theme parks, aquariums and waterparks, there are tons of things to do at Resort World Sentosa. Start with Southern Asia’s number one, Universal Studios theme park accommodates 7 movie theme zones, 24 rides and an endless array of fun and excitement of your favorite movies coming to life. Home to more than 100,000 marine animals, the S.E.A aquarium is absolutely jaw-dropping. Adventure Park, Dolphin Island, Kids Club, the list of wonders at the resort is endless.

Q2. How do I get to Siloso Beach?

The best way to reach Siloso beach from the Airport is by using a Taxi service. It’s easy, affordable and fast. There are other ways too including the MRT which is Singapore’s railway line. But, taking the MRR means, stopping at several points, plus there is no direct stop from Airport MRT to Siloso so you’ll need to change MRT's a couple of times.

Q3. What is Siloso Beach famous for?

Siloso Beach is considered to be of the most happening places in Singapore. The breezy beach hosts tens of restaurants and bars. It is also home to one of the grand Bungy jumping platforms in Singapore. Apart from that, there are other water sports, outdoor activities and beach fun the visitors can enjoy. Furthermore, the beach is open round the clock, from early morning, walks by the beach to thrilling water sports during the day accompanied with the glitz and glam of the clubs at night, there is so much to explore at the Siloso beach.

Q4. Is Siloso Beach free?

The beach is not completely free. If you enter via a taxi or through MRT into the Sentosa Island there are a separate set of fairs applicable. However, entry into the resort world is completely free of cost. You can also walk into the Island from Vivocity which is free.  

Q5. Do you have a wheelchair and stroller rental?

No, no wheelchairs or baby strollers are available for rent on the beach. 

Q6. How long does it take to visit and view the entire Siloso Beach?

There are a lot of attractions and restaurants at the Siloso beach. From Bungy jumping to flow boarding, the spread of activities here cannot be completed in a few hours. To completely optimize your visit to the beach you should at least spend 2 days here. Take one day to explore the thrills and adventurous in the day time and the next day explore the nightlife at Siloso beach.

Q7. Where can I find lockers in Siloso?

All lockers are available near the restrooms of the Beach. The lockers come in 3 different sizes i.e. small, medium and large. The charges for the lockers are as follows:
Small - 23.5cm(L) by  45cm (B) by 26(H) - $1 per use
Medium - 39cm (L) by 45cm(b) by 32cm (H) - $2 per use
Large - 42cm (L) by 45cm (B) by 54cm(H) - $3 per use
Q8. Which Sentosa beach is the best?

The Siloso Beach is without a doubt the best beach on Sentosa Island. There are a number of awesome water and outdoor activities along with tons of restaurants and bars to explore on the beach. The accommodation options here are also very luxurious and rich.

Q9. What food is Siloso Beach known for?

With tens of restaurants and bars on the beach, there is a wide array of appetizing cuisines available. But, the visitors come to the beach to enjoy Italian, American and Western dishes the most.

Q10. Can you swim at Siloso beach?

Yes, you can swim at the Siloso beach. However, there are certain guidelines that the swimmer needs to follow including swimming in between the red and the yellow line and being cautious of dangerous sea creatures. Additionally, swimming when drunk or under the influence of drugs is not allowed.

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