Helix Bridge Overview

Resembling the design of a DNA, the Helix Bridge Singapore is a perfect backdrop for your vacation pictures. The bridge connects the Marina Bay Area to the City Hall area and whenever you visit here, you will see people roaming around and having fun. To look more like a DNA, this structure gets its corners lightened up to resemble the corners of a DNA.

The Helix Bridge is one of the most iconic architectural splendours of Singapore. The Bridge was officially opened on April 2010 and fully operational by July of the same year. Its design is inspired by the structure of the DNA and symbolises life, continuity and renewal of growth’.

The double helix design used in building the bridge is the first of its kind in the world. The Bridge has two delicate helix structures that set in together to form a tubular truss. Along the Bridge, there are four inner spirals made like canopies to provide shade to pedestrians during the day. If you're planning a Singapore tour package, this architectural marvel is a must-see attraction.

This spectacular pedestrian bridge connects between the Marina Bay area and provides for easy and quick access to the Marina Bay Sands for pedestrians coming in from the Esplanade-Theatres area and the City Hall Area. The length of the Bridge is 280 meters comprising of three 65 meters spans and two 45 meters spans at the end.

The Bridge has five strategically-placed viewpoints that offer a spectacular view of the Marina Bay area. Each night the Helix Bridge is lit up with LED lights providing for a beautifully lit walkway with the most spectacular views.

The LED lights highlight the beautiful DNA structure design. There are the letters A and T as well as C and G that are lit up with red and green lights. These alphabets represent the bases of DNA-Cytosine, Guanine, Adenine and Thymine.

The Bridge is also an outdoor gallery for emerging artists to showcase their artwork and it also serves an excellent vantage point to enjoy the nightly Light and Sound Show as well as many other events such as the National Day Celebrations. The Helix Bridge is a place that connects the cultural, entertainment and recreational activities for the community.

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• This architecturally unique and aesthetic pedestrian bridge is the first double helix bridge in the world
• It was built on reclaimed land and connects Marina South to Marina Centre.
• This is the highest and longest bridge in Singapore, with a maximum height of twenty-nine meters and a length of 1.8 kilometers
• The bridge has been lauded for its spectacular design, which looks like a DNA structure. It has been awarded “World’s Best Transport Building” and other awards in 2011.
• It offers breathtaking views of the Singapore skyline as special cantilevered “viewing pods” have been integrated into its construction.
• The observation decks can only be accessed by hundred people at a time.
• The bridge was made with six hundred and fifty tonnes of Duplex stainless steel and thousand tonnes of carbon steel.
• There are four inner spirals along the bridge made like canopies to offer shade to pedestrians.

How To Reach

  • By Bus- Board bus no. NR1, NR6, 97E, 97, 133, or 106 and get down at Bayfront Avenue. Walk for 5-7 minutes to reach Helix Bridge.
  • By MRT - Reach Promenade MRT Station by travelling by MRT. Get out of Exit A and walk for 10 minutes to reach the bridge.

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Best Time To Visit

The best time to visit the Helix Bridge is at night when you can go for a stroll across the bridge and get a glimpse of the nightlife of Singapore. If you do not want to venture out at night, you can head towards the bridge any time of the day as it is open for 24 hours.

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Other Essential Information

Here is the list of Some Facts about The Helix Bridge

- The lightweight double structured helix of the Bridge is the first one of its kind in the world.

- The structure of the Bridge comprises of 650 tonnes of stainless steel and 1000 tonnes of carbon steel.

- The Helix Bridge was built by the same local company that built the famous Buddha Tooth Relic Temple and Museum.

- The shaded area was purposely and cleverly designed to provide visitors with shelter from the sun and rain keeping in mind the tropical climate of Singapore.

- The lighting emphasizes the DNA inspired design and highlights various curves and shapes. This resulted in a visually captivating structure and the use of LEDs made it energy efficient as well.

- This pedestrian bridge symbolises Life, Continuity, Renewal and Growth.

- The Bridge has a curved structure in order to seamlessly and effortlessly connect Marina Center and the Bayfront Area. With the Bridge, this distance is now covered within a 5-minute walk. 

- The Bridge is built at a height of 8.8 meters above the water level making it easy for recreational cruises and boats to pass under it through the Marina Bay and Marina Channel.

- The Helix Bridge has a place of honour in the Left-Handed DNA Hall of Fame because of its left-handed DNA inspired design. It also won the award for the World’s Best Transport Building in 2010.

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Places to visit near The Helix Bridge

a. Gardens by the Bay: This is a spectacular futuristic garden spanning 101 hectares in the heart of the city of Singapore. This unique garden has several rare and unique features such as the Cloud Forest, tree-shaped vertical gardens popular as Supertrees, the Flower Dome is home to the rarest desert plants from all over the world, Dragonfly and Kingfisher Lakes and a Far East Organization Children’s Garden with a 7.5 meters tall tree house and interactive water tunnels. You can book your ticket for this here!

b. Marina Bay Sands Skypark: This spectacular boat-shaped attraction is located right in the centre of Singapore and offers a fabulous 360 degrees view of the whole city. The observation deck is on the 57th floor and it has an infinity pool, restaurants, shops and bars. Get Flat 25% Off Marina Bay Sands Skypark Observation Deck ticket, Book Now!

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c. Marina Barrage: This is a dam built at the confluence of the five rivers of Singapore. Along with its basic usage, the Marina Barrage also serves as a great place for recreation and fun. The reservoir itself offers several water activities such as kayaking, dragon boat race and many other activities. 

d. Art Science Museum: This Museum of Singapore has an iconic architecture and features selections of international touring exhibitions and many renowned exhibitions are held such as The Deep which exhibited the largest collection of deep-sea life ever exhibited in Southeast Asia, Multimedia art pieces by Eric Valli and Dreamworks Animation Exhibitions.

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Best things to do near The Helix Bridge

a. Take in the view from the Singapore Flyer: This is Asia’s largest observation wheel and offers a spectacular view of the Singapore skyline. It has 28 air-conditioned glass capsules that take you on an amazing ride about 165 meters off the ground for about 30 minutes. You can also enjoy some in-flight fine dining or champagne and cocktails.

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 Astonishing Places to Visit in Singapore

b. Get behind the wheels of a supercar at Ultimate Drive: If you like supercars then a visit to Ultimate Drive is going to be a very exciting experience. You get to take your choice of supercars for a spin. Test your driving skills on an official F1 track in a Ferrari F430 F1 Spider or a McLaren MP4-12C. 

c. Enjoy the Lights and Sounds Show: Marina Sands Bay put up a daily Light and Sound Show that tells the story of Singapore’s growth. It is a fantastic experience to watch the dancing fountain jets, lava and mist effects and colourful advanced lasers with a lovely musical score in the background. The show is on every evening and each performance lasts for 15 minutes.

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d. Walk on the OCBC Skyway: This Skyway connects two of the giant supertrees in Garden by the Bay at 128 meters above the ground it offers a splendid view of the magnificent futuristic Garden.

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Places to Dine near The Helix Bridge

a. Cut by Wolfgang Puck: The CUT by Wolfgang Puck is the first restaurant in Asia belonging to celebrity chef, Wolfgang Puck. It serves some of the best steaks in Singapore. The restaurant also features a bar and a lounge.

b. The Soup Spoon: This restaurant in Singapore is famous for its creative excellence in dishing out some of the most delicious soups. The menu has soups from all over the world such as the Boston Clamchowder, Tokyo Chicken Stew, Singapore Chicken and Mushroom Soup and many more.

c. Jumbo Seafood: This fabulous restaurant serves some of the best seafood in Singapore. Their most popular dishes are Classic Chilli Crab, Grilled Jumbo Prawns and Steamed Bamboo Clam.

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d. Royal Satay Sales: Excellent place to taste a variety of mouth-watering satays and other appetizing Indonesian dishes along with an excellent selection of mocktails and beer.

e. DB Bistro & Oyster Bar: This is quite a famous restaurants amongst the locals as well and they serve some of the freshest oysters and lobster dishes in the area. They also have an excellent selection of wine as well to go with your food.

f. MELT - The World Cafe: This is an all-day dining cafe popular for its extensive buffet spread and patisserie. They serve up a wide variety of international cuisine, excellent barbecue selections and a mouthwatering selection of Indian Tandoori items.

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Hotels to Stay Near The Helix Bridge

a.Marina Sands Bay: Marina Sands Bay is an architectural wonder in itself. This is a luxury and lifestyle destination and it is one of the major attractions in Singapore. The hotel has world-class amenities and a spa. The infinity pool on the roof is the largest roof-top pool in the world. Access to the pool is reserved only for guests staying at the hotel. The place also has a massive shopping mall and several restaurants and bars.

b.The Ritz-Carlton Millenia: This luxury hotel is within walking distance to major attractions such as the Marina Bay, Millenia Walk and Helix Bridge. It has world-class amenities including a spa, fitness centre, in-house restaurants and bars serving international cuisines, outdoor pool and kids club.

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c. Mandarin Oriental: This lovely hotel overlooking the Marina Bay features exquisite rooms and a luxurious spa. It is directly connected with the famous Marina Shopping Centre and 10 minutes away from Orchard Road, a shopper’s paradise in Singapore. Floor to ceiling windows offers fantastic views of the Harbour and the ocean. 

d. Pan Pacific Singapore: This 5-star hotel features a beautiful outdoor pool, 6 dining options and a bar and a spa. It is close to several attractions such as Gardens by the Bay, Esplanade-Theatres, National Gallery Singapore and a few others.

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Helix Bridge FAQs

What is there to do in The Helix Bridge?

Helix Bridge is a beautiful pedestrian bridge connecting Marina Centre and Marina South in the Marina Bay area. The Bridge has four viewing platforms offering the most fascinating views of the city skyline and the Marina Bay. It also offers fantastic insta-worthy backdrops for photography. In the evening the LED lights in the inner helix illuminate the path and two coloured letters C & G and A & T becomes the highlight. These bright red and green letters represent the bases of the DNA. 

It looks great in the evenings surrounded by all the city lights all around. The Bridge also offers an excellent vantage point to enjoy the Spectra Light and Sound Show that is held every night. The Helix Bridge also serves as an outdoor gallery for local artists and you can enjoy viewing some of their most fascinating collection of artworks. You can also get a portrait done by one of the artists there.

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How do I get to The Helix Bridge?

By Bus- The nearest bus stop to Helix Bridge is at Bayfront Avenue. You can board NR1, NR6, 97E, 97, 133, or 106 and get down at this bus stop. From Bayfront Avenue it takes a short walk of about 5 to 7 minutes to reach the Helix Bridge. 

By MRT - The nearest MRT station is Promenade MRT Station. Use Exit A of this MRT Station and take a short walk of about 10 minutes to The Helix Bridge.

By Taxi - Taxis are available to take you to Helix Bridge from any part of the city.

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What is unique about The Helix Bridge?

The Helix Bridge is a wonderful and unique architectural wonder that attracts visitors from across the globe. One of the most unique features is its structure which is inspired by the spirals of the DNA. It has gained a place of honor in the Left Handed DNA Hall of Fame because it resembles the left-handed DNA which is the exact opposite of the normal DNA.

The spirals create a shaded path for pedestrians and there are also strategically located viewpoints incorporated along the bridge to give the visitors an excellent view of the city skyline and the Marina Bay area. Each night The Bridge is lit up and provides a well-lit walkway for pedestrians to enjoy the views making it an excellent attraction to visit night or day.

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How long is Helix Bridge?

The Helix Bridge is an architectural wonder and resembles the spirals of the DNA structure. The Bridge is 280 meters long made up of three 65 meters spans and two 45 meters span at the end. It is made up of two delicate helix structures forming a tubular truss. 

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What is the Helix Bridge used for?

The wonderful Helix Bridge forms a connecting link between Marina Center and Marina South in the Marina Bay area. It is a pedestrian bridge and also a major tourist attraction. The strategically placed viewpoints offer a perfect view of the Marina Bay area and the city’s skyline. The shaded structure is an added advantage for those who want to take a stroll along the bridge and enjoy the views during the day. 

The Helix Bridge also provides quick access to Marina Bay Sands for people coming in from the Esplanade and City Hall area. It also provides an excellent vantage point to view the Spectra Light and Sound Show as well as other celebrations such as the fireworks and pyrotechnics during the National Day Celebrations. The Bridge also serves as an outdoor gallery for emerging artists and it is used to display their artworks.

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