20 Holi Events In Bangalore 2020: 9th & 10th March Holi Parties

Holi Events & Parties in Bangalore

Indulge in a colourful extravaganza by enjoying the holi events in Bangalore. Promising a day to remember with activities like rain dance, heart-thumping music and numerous adventure sports, these holi parties are definitely not to be missed.

These events have a line up of celebrity DJs, live food counters and many more things to keep you entertained throughout the day. The holi parties in Bangalore are a great way to enjoy the festival away from home promising a memorable time smearing colors on each other. 

Attending a holi party in Bangalore offers a fun-filled time with your loved ones as you get to dance your hearts out in the most happening places of the city. One can find a number of parties across the city which offer varied experiences like camping, trekking, indoor and outdoor games etc. 

Groove to the best tunes and make your holi celebration in Bangalore memorable this year by having a day out at these parties. These holi parties in Bangalore are sure to help you forget the worries of life and enjoy an amazing day to bask in the festive fervour. 

Here are the best Holi events in Bangalore:


Holi at Nandi Hills Campsite

Holi at Nandi Hills Campsite
Add some colors to your holi party in Bangalore by indulging in an adventurous camping holiday at Nandi Hills. In the middle of the beautiful landscape of Nandi Hills, this is one of the best holi celebrations in Bangalore where you can enjoy with your friends and family.

With a campfire during the night and the chilly winds to greet your face in the mornings, Nandi hills campsite is an enjoyable retreat for all the vacationers to have a memorable Holi celebration. Moreover, it’s a good place for nature lovers to enjoy Holi amidst the lush green landscapes. 

Location: Nandi Hills 

Timings: Check-in: 04:00  pm Check Out: 10:30 am

Holi at Ramanagara Campsite

Holi at Ramanagara Campsite
Enjoy a Holi party in Bangalore away from the noise of the city when you retreat to celebrate it with camping in Ramanagara. This place is known for its amazing adventure activities like kayaking, swimming, canoeing, coracle riding etc. It is a paradise for adventure activities who wish to celebrate the festival of colors with some thrilling experiences.

This adventure camp is a great getaway for all those who are seeking to combine relaxation and adventure in the best way possible. Some of the highlights of camping in Ramanagara are trekking and cave exploration, rain dance with music and campfire. 

Location: Ramanagara

Timings: Check in: 12:00 noon and Check out: 12:30 pm (next day)

Holi at Kanakapura Campsite

Holi at Kanakapura Campsite
Have an offbeat Holi party in Bangalore amidst the nature camps at Kanakpura. This is a campsite known for its enjoyable adventure activities with both outdoor and indoor games. People here can go for a trekking experience to see a panoramic sunrise at the picturesque Arkavathy river.

The guests here can also choose to opt for a rain dance party with music to celebrate holi or spend some time chilling by the swimming pool. 

Location: Kanakapura

Timings: Check-in at 4 PM, Check out at 4 PM

Rang De at I Bar

Rang De at I Bar
One of the most happening holi events in Bangalore can be witnessed at the I Bar The Park Hotel in Bangalore. The event promises a time where you get to dance to the tunes played by celebrity DJs and have a memorable time with your friends and family.

There is also going to be a pool and a rain dance event where you can bring out the party animal in you. Rang De at I Bar also promises rain dance with great tunes on a huge sound system, live dhol and live food counters.  
Timings: 10 am to 7 pm 

Location: The Park Hotel (I-BAR & AQUA), Bangalore

Rangotsav at Ivyrossa Hotel and Resort

Rangotsav at Ivyrossa Hotel and Resort
Explore a thrilling way of holi celebration in Bangalore by enjoying the Rangotsav party with your friends and family. This is an enthralling pool party which boasts of having the largest open Holi arena in Bangalore. People here can play with organic colors and dance to the beats of Punjabi dhol. 

The amazing party is going to be a memorable event for all the lovers of the festival of Holi since there is going to be a number of activities like rain dance, holika dahan(bonfire), flea market, CO2 cannons etc.  To add more glitz to the party, there is going to be photobooths, live food and beverages counters and non stop music by the best DJs. 

Location: Ivyrossa Hotel and Resort

Timings: 10 am to 6 pm

Festival Pichkari 2020 At Fortune Select

Festival Pichkari 2020 At Fortune Select
Bring your colorful water cannons to enjoy one of the best holi events in Bangalore. This place is going to enthrall you with some scintillating bollywood and commercial music with a pool party on the eve of this festival. Fortune Select is going to have a dazzling line up of DJs who are going to pump you up with the beats of best dhol music.

And to cater to your tummies, there are going to be live counters of food and thandai.  The superb party is definitely a not to be missed event for the Bangaloreans to go crazy with your folks to celebrate Holi. 

Location: 10 am to 10 pm 

Timings: Fortune Select Trinity

Gulaal 2020 at Pebble- The Jungle Lounge

Gulaal 2020 at Pebble- The Jungle Lounge
Hosting a lineup of DJs with names like DJ Hassan, DJ Martin D'souza, DJ Oppozit, DJ Sara and DJ Rhea, Gulaal 2020 is going to be a wonderful event for music lovers. The place is going to be splashed with an infinite supply of organic colors to smear on the faces of your loved ones and will be a treat for your ears as there is going to be fantastic music from all genres and the Punjabi dhol to get you to the floor.

Some of the major highlights of this holi celebration in Bangalore include water filled balloons in 15 drums, water props, rain dance set ups, live food counters, etc. 

Location: Pebble, The Jungle Lounge, Palace grounds, Bangalore, India

Timings: From 10 am

Zone By The Park Holi Party

Zone By The Park Holi Party
Get ready to be submerged in the vibrant colors of Holi by joining the festive extravaganza at Zone By the Park in Electronic City. It is one of the most attractive Holi parties in Bangalore that promises two days of stunning Holi experience. It offers a great time with many activities like DJ music, dance lighting, live dhol artists, live performances, holi games, special thandai stalls, photo booth etc.

This holi party in Bangalore also has great facilities to make your experience better with special parking, seating arrangements, volunteer service etc. 

Location: 26-A, Electronic City Phase I, Neeladri Nagar, Electronics City Phase 1, HSR Layout, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560100, India

HOLIKA Zombie Holi Festival 2020

HOLIKA Zombie Holi Festival 2020
Celebrate this Holi with a twist by bringing out the dancing zombie in you at the HOLIKA festival at the Tag in Adventure Grove in Bangalore. One of the most offbeat holi parties in Bangalore, this place is a trendsetter for the youth who want to indulge in thrilling adventure sports and have a relaxing retreat during the festival of Holi.

It is a 2 day festival which promises amazing music by renowned DJs, rain dance, dance lighting, live dhol artists, holi games, food and flea market, photo booth etc. 

Location: TAG – The Adventure Grove 76/1, Jamia Masjid Road, Lakshmipura, Vidyaranyapura)

Celebrate the Festival of Colors at Prestige Garden- Estate Club and Resort

Celebrate the Festival of Colors at Prestige Garden- Estate Club and Resort
This is a 3 day open air festival which promises to be one of the best holi celebrations in Bangalore which can be enjoyed at Prestige Garden in Electronic City. The party offers a surreal break from the humdrum city life and allows you to soak in the festive vibes with full fervour.

Some of the star attractions of this party include the open pool, rain dance, thandai, bollywood and commercial music, mini concert stage, number of food stalls and a plethora of organic colors for everyone to play with. 

Location: Prestige Garden- Estate Club and Resort

Bangalore's Biggest Holi Festival at The Park

Bangalore's Biggest Holi Festival at The Park
Get ready to have one of the most memorable Holi of your life with a party at The Park in Bangalore. This place is known to host an awe-inspiring holi party every year and this year they are only going to set their standards higher for the festival of Holi in Bangalore.

One can experience a fun Holi here with a colorful pool party and rain dance. There is also going to be great Bollywood music and Punjabi dhol that is surely going to get your feet tapping at the dance floor. The artist line up here includes names like Anlee, Deyo, Krish Hart, Sufyan etc who are going to play 12 hours of non-stop music.

They also promise great facilities for the event like baggage counter, colour balloons, live food counters with bhang snacks and thandai, vodka panipuri etc. 

Location: The Park

Navrang Holi Festival at Aloft Hotel

Navrang Holi Festival at Aloft Hotel
This is going to be the season 3 of Navrang Festival that is going to enchant you with its festive colors at the Aloft Hotel in Whitefield. The grand holi festival is hailed to be one of the best holi parties in Bangalore where you get to indulge in a number of fun-filled experiences with dazzling music.

It is going to host many celebrity artists like Dj Hussain , Shasha, Akshay Rana, James Mitthal, Shivans, Arun, DJ MOON , Dj Ritu,  Dj Rash, Dj Zac etc. Navrang Holi festival promises to make it a memorable day for you with unlimited Punjabi dhol, bar, colour blast and rain dance. 

Timings: 7th, 8th & 10th MAR | 12:00 PM onwards 

Location: Lawan area, Aloft Hotel Whitefield, 17C, Sadaramangala Road, Off, Whitefield Main Rd, Opposite ITPL, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560066

Holi Mahotsav 2020 at Fairfield By Marriott

Holi Mahotsav 2020 at Fairfield By Marriott
Take your holi celebration to new heights by having a grand festive celebration at the Holi Mahotsav in Fairfield by Marriot in Rajajinagar. It has a lot of exciting activities where you can dance to Bollywood music played by the best DJs in a huge open air set up at the hotel.

The ticket is inclusive of unlimited colours and an opportunity to have a great time with your loved ones. It is one of the most happening holi events in Bangalore where you get to meet the nicest people and enjoy lots of exciting activities. 
Time: 10 am to 6 pm

Location: Fairfield by Marriot in Rajajinagar

Holi Party 2020 at Whitefield Vihar

Holi Party 2020 at Whitefield Vihar
Grab your colors to paint this town at one of the most awesome holi events in Bangalore at Whitefield Vihar. It hosts multiple amenities to make it a memorable event for you with rain dance, pool access, customised snacks etc.

The party is sure not to be missed for those who look forward to indulging in outdoor and indoor games along with the festival. Moreover, it has a huge line up of brilliant DJs who promise to make it one of the craziest holi celebrations you will ever have. 

Timings: Sat Mar 07 2020 at 10:00 am to Sun Mar 08 2020 at 06:00 pm 

Location: Whitefield Vihar, Sy no 132/P3, Near Honnamma devi temple, Muthkur, Bangalore, India

Holi Mere Angne mein at Woods, Kanakpura

Holi Mere Angne mein at Woods, Kanakpura
Get ready to swing your body to the mesmerising bhangra beats at this amazing party hosted amidst the lush green landscape of Kanakapura. It is going to have DJ Yudee play non stop music so the party never stops for those who love to play Holi.

The place is a fun retreat to enjoy Holi with your friends as the package includes a set of activities like rain dance with music, buffet lunch, locker facility, etc. Also, visitors here can enjoy adventure sports like paintball, zipline, rope games, paintball along with a bar counter. 

Timings: Sat, 7 Mar 10:30AM - 5:00PM 

Location: Woods, Kanakpura , Outdoors

HOLI-PoolParty at The Chancery Pavilion

HOLI-PoolParty at The Chancery Pavilion
Offering a fiesta of exciting experiences, the holi party  in Bangalore at Chancery Pavilion is hailed as one of the most prominent places to enjoy this festival. It is going to host a pool party where you can unwind with your loved ones and groove endlessly to 8 hours of non stop music.

It has a line up of artists that includes Dj Sha Sha, Dj Akshay Rana, Dj desi Boyzz, Dj Moon, Dj Shivansh, Dj Zac etc. For a fun-filled gathering there is also going to be punjabi dhol, live food counters and colour blast at this party. 

Timings: Sun, 8 Mar 10:00AM - 6:00PM

Location: The Chancery Pavilion Bangalore , Central Bangalore

Ekatvam Holi Music Fest 2020 at The Bangalore Gayana Samaja

Ekatvam Holi Music Fest 2020 at The Bangalore Gayana Samaja
Known as the Ekatvam Holi festival, this is an event which is going to soothe your soul with enthralling music. It is a must visit for music lovers who are wishing to unwind with classical music away from the loud and crazy Holi activities.

It is one of the most creative and offbeat holi celebrations in Bangalore where you can see some amazing music performances by different people. Moreover, it is also a wonderful initiative to witness how music helps the elderly people live a great life and also contributing towards a cause. 

Timings: 21 March at 6:30 pm 

Location: Bangalore Gayana Samaja

Holi 2020 at Taj West End

Holi 2020 at Taj West End
Enjoy the crazy festival of Holi by taking your gang to the Taj West End in Bangalore. The party promises to be a fun filled day for everyone as the Holi celebration is going to last all day long. The party is going to be all glitter and dazzle with more than 8 artists who are going to make you groove to their tunes at the Taj West End in Bangalore. 

Timings: 11:00 AM to 6:00 PM on 10th March 

Location: Taj West End, Bangalore, 25, Race Course Rd, High Grounds, Sampangi Rama Nagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560001

Maaholi-2020 at The Lalit Ashok Bangalore

Maaholi-2020 at The Lalit Ashok Bangalore
Hosting a fantastic lineup of events, Maaholi 2020 is going to be one of the grandest Holi parties at the Lalit Ashok Bangalore. The series of memorable experiences start with Bira Live Stage where you get to see a line up that includes Divine, Best Kept Secret, Lagori and Arjun Amori.

The next is Oneworld Stage where you can dance to a mix of Bollywood and English songs by Suketu, Clement, Vipul Khurana, Jonas Monterio, Gurbax etc. Moreover, there is also going to be techno stage with a line up boasting of SEQ3L, Marisol Grajales, Melcomp B2B Alterlife, Ashtrix, Shane Viegas, Loy, Maulik etc. 
Timings: Sun, 8 Mar, 10 am – Mon, 9 Mar, 1 pm

Location: The LaLiT Ashok Bangalore, Kumarakrupa Road, opposite Golf Club, High Grounds, Seshadripuram, Bengaluru, Karnataka

Rooftop Rain Dance Holi Festival at Rooftop Rain Dance Holi Festival

Rooftop Rain Dance Holi Festival at Rooftop Rain Dance Holi Festival
Gather your folks to have one of the best rooftop rain dance parties for your holi celebration in Bangalore. Groove to the tunes of Bollywood music and get splashed with water at this breathtaking Rain Dance holi festival organised at M.G. Road.

The event is going to host DJs like DJ Bose, DJ Yankur, DJ Digvijay, DJ Trick, DJ Kevin who are going to make you dance with 7 hours of non-stop music. The festival is also going to have live dhol, holi special drinks and unlimited organic colors. 

Timings: Tuesday 11:00 AM

Location: SkyDeck By Sherlock’s,  MG Road
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"Lovely resort overlooking the lake\nWe (two girls) went from Bangalore to Doddaballapur (Bus no. 285M) and from doddaballapur to ujjani from ujjani it took us 10 \nmins to reach the resort the tour organizers came to pick us up.\nWe went for a short trek to experience the amazing sunset, we returned to the resort to play volleyball, badminton and archery. We spent evening around the lake we enjoyed barbecue and campfire.. The food was delicious. We stayed in a tree house. Next morning we sat on top of a tree to watch the sunrise which was a breathtaking scenery after breakfast we went for trekking which was a fabulous experience as it was our first time we went for an easier trek\nTour organizers were so friendly, we felt as if we were with our family… Staff was very friendly and helpful\nWe've been raving about it to all of our friends and family. Thank you for a stay that was memorable and one of the most enjoyable weekend we ever had.  Staying here was very unique and fun.\n\nAll in all, we highly recommend everyone to visit this incredible place. \n\n"
26 September 2014
It was my first trekking and had loads of fun :) Planning another trip with thrillophilia grp very soon.
"We had taken 7PM-11AM package for 6 people over Diwali holiday. It was well organised and hosted by them. It is located around 75km from Bangalore and drive was also mesmerizing during our time. So, based on overall experience below are my rating:\nHosting: 4/5\nNight Event (Bonfire): 4/5\nTrekking: 5/5( Must attend)\nOutside Activities :5/5( Rapplin, Mud games, kayaking etc).\nFood: 4.5/5\nValue for Money: 5/5\n\nNote: Only thing I didn't like was sleeping in tent. It should have been flat and sponge but rather it was sloppy and uneven. Also, if you close the zip of tent it feels like gas chamber. \n\nOther than this its a must tryout over the weekend...????"
"it's superb experience. .... staff's are amazing. .... superbly maintained. ... the problem is only toilet rooms ..... its clean but less toilets ...... good food ...... natural swimming pool is ultimate. .... must visit place .....for couples this would be the best resort..."
"We booked through Thrillophilia... 2300 for 2days 1 night starting on 1st day 0900 and the camp ends at after a trek followed by breakfast. You will be taken to the mountains in the pic to trek and eventually to a nearby bear cave... The manager guy Anthony is really ambient and so are the staff. They provided us with everything needed without any prior request from our side. You'll be given a camp and according to the package you will be experiencing kayaking, floating or swimming as they call it with life jacket(my 2nd fav) and then you'll have zip lining , rappelling,archery etc., The crew is really ambient and so are the safety instructors... If you're reading this pay pradeep a tip coz he was the reason we enjoyed a lot.... The camp food was awesome and every penny was worth it... Thanks guys Anthony, basavaraju ,pradeep for making this a memorable experience...!"
A few weeks back we went to explore Hampi and it was a fun experience, We had a good family time there. We went to Virupaksha Temple, Kadalekalu Ganesha, Tungabhadra River Ghat, Mahanavami Dibba, and many more temples. The facilities provided on trip was very nice, It was a fun experience. Thanks, Thrillophilia.
01 March 2020
This was a fun day out with my family, I booked this trip from Thrillophilia as I have heard about it. The resort was amazing and well maintained. The staff here is of welcoming nature and their service is good. The food they served is Fabulous and had a lot of varieties. The pool was amazing, will definitely come here next time.
09 March 2020
I and my sister went for this resort to have a break from the daily routine. Very beautiful place with a number of activities to do, especially the ATV ride was super crazy. This is a budget-friendly and enjoyable trip.
15 March 2020
I wanted to spend some time away from the Noisy Bangalore city. I came in contact with Shubham from Thrillophilia and he advised me that I should visit Green Valley Resort. I was amazed when I reached there. This place was so calm and I can easily finish my novel there. I really enjoyed the food at the poolside. Thanks for an amazing experience.
23 February 2020
The Green Valley Resort is a place where you can spend some time away from the chaotic world. This place has an amazing view that you can enjoy from your private cottage. You can park your vehicle at the gates of the Cottage. The atmosphere there was amazing. I had such a great time there and definitely going to visit there.

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