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51 Things to do in Phuket


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    • The greatest advantage of being in Phuket is that you will find many things to do in Phuket. No matter whether it is raining or it is sunny you simply can’t overlook the profane beauty of Phuket. You can take a walk through the Kata Noi Beach which has some breath taking scenery. You can take a deep dive and swim to relax your senses.

      When in Phuket, you simply can’t miss the chance to visit Phang Nga Baywhich will bring you closer to nature and make you witness some beautiful lagoons and caves. And if you want to know how the people of Phuket used to live then it is best to visit the Old Phuket town which has some fine bakeries, local shops and much more. The Prompthep Cape Viewpoint has drawn the attention of whole lot of tourists during evening to watch the sunset.
    • Adventurous Things to do in Phuket

    • 01Scuba Diving in Phuket

      Image Credit : Arend Kuester

      One of the top 10 places in the world for scuba diving, Phuket is the perfect place to explore the deep blue sea. It is also one of the most preferred destinations where you can achieve your PADI certification. The best way to see around however is to take up a day trip from the Phuket Island to the coasts of Phi Phi and the Racha Island. Whether you are an amateur or an experienced diver, Phi Phi has something in store for everyone. The underwater scenery is a mixture of diverse marine life and the curious wreck of the King Cruiser near the anemone reef. There is also an enthralling diving option at Shark Point which has been named after the Leopard sharks that dwell at the bottom. If you want to see exactly what the sea has in store then take off further to Similan and Sun islands.

      Image Credits : Neil Rickards

      Location: Phi Islands and Racha Island and other dive sites off the coast of Andaman Sea

      Best Time: The best time to visit this place is during the month of November to April

      PriceThe approximate price starts from 2,900 to 4,200 THB depending on the number of dives and the location

    • 02Surf through the wind while Kitesurfing

      Kitesurfing, without further ado, is one of the quickest growing thrilling games in Phuket and the island has all it takes to be a prevalent area for some kitesurf lovers. Kitesurfing is not the kind of game that one can simply snatch some rigging and take off; it can be risky to endeavour without any fundamental learning. Nai Yang Beach comprises of shallow waters and delicate breezes of the south-east drift, thus, is the most idyllic location for beginners to indulge in this exciting adventure activity. No matter which location you choose, but the availability of instructors make sure that you have fun while ensuring that you are safe while boasting your acrobat skills during this activity.

      Location: Nai Yang Beach, Phuket

      Price: The approximate price starts from 2000 THB

    • 03Phuchada Safari

      Image Credit : Je.T.
      Phuket Elephant Rides was the first name decided for this safari tour which later got changed in 2008 to Phuchada Safari. Established in 2003, this safari tour is dedicated to having all round entertainment with elephant trekking, monkey shows, ATV adventures, Snake shows and the unique fish spa service. If all the events does not seem alluring then one can try for packages with two or three activities. It is a funny and entertaining place and a perfect hangout destination with friends and family. Kids can have a gala time with the animals and enjoy them up close like never before. Another attraction in the jungle is riding a quad bike which can turn out to be a unique experience

      Image Credits : GinkgoTelegraph

      Location: Wiset Rd, Karon, Mueang Phuket

      Timings: 9:00am to 5:00pm
    • 04Paramotor Flying Trip in Phuket

      Paramotor Flying Trip in Phuket
      • h20 Minutes
      • lPhuket
      • NNNNN1 review
      • supplier
        Code: 7108664
      About the Activity:
      • This is an activity which demands no prior experience or training. Invoke in the thrilling moments while you do para-motor flying in Phuket.
      • Para-motor flight is one of the safest forms of aviation. It assures low air speed and inherent stability, hence this flight is considered as favourite for the general public.
      • Arrive at Phuket airpark that is located 25 minutes away from Phuket town and Patong area.
      • Soar like a bird with the help of well trained pilots and fully efficient equipment by your side. It is a 20 minute long adventurous activity takes you up to 1000 feet height.
      • The activity is available everyday at 06:30 AM and at 04:00 PM.
      • Watch Thailand in a different view from above and rivet in the air circulating around you wholly.
    • 05Adventure Stand up Paddling Tour with Snorkeling in Phuket

      Adventure Stand up Paddling Tour with Snorkeling in Phuket
      • h3 Hours
      • lPhuket
      • NNNNN1 review
      • supplier
        Code: 4867441
      About the Activity:
      • Set out for a fantastic and adventurous stand up paddling and snorkeling tour in Phuket for three hours, get amused while you win over the waves.
      • Choose any time between 09:00 AM and 06:00 PM for the activity that starts from Bliss beach club on the Bang Tao beach.
      • Stand up paddling is one of the favorite water sports in today's world that is considered as a recreational activity too for even a family. 
      • Those who are already a paddler, it can be taken as a competitive sport as ocean and lake racing as well as wave surfing.
      • Indulge in long distance paddling, surfing and yoga and you can make it sure that the buoyancy offered on the board is incomparable.
      • Wind up this 3 hour tour after a satisfying session of stand up paddling and snorkeling. 
    • 06Private Boat Day Tour (6 People) to Phang Nga Island

      Private Boat Day Tour (6 People) to Phang Nga Island
      • h10 Hours
      • lPhang-nga
      • NNNNN1 review
      • supplier
        Code: 3697302
      About the Activity:
      • This boat trip will take you to the famous Phang Nga island near Phuket which will obviously be a beautiful experience you could expect while you are in Thailand.
      • Get picked up from your hotel or place of residence around 07:00 AM and reach Chalong Marina to start off with the trip.
      • The bay of Phang Nga extends over a spraling area of around 400 square kilometer in the Andaman Sea, in the crossing of the provinces of Phuket, Phang Nga and Krabi.
      • Escape into one of the most celebrated world heritages, witness the natural and wild beauty coming to pay a visit in the Kingdom of Siam.
      • Make use of the wide swimming spots to let yourself be comfortable and relaxed, the blue waters will be nourishing you throughout.
      • As a complement to this beauty, a dense forest of mangrove and sea grass run along the coast.
      • Wind up your tour by 05:30 PM and get dropped off to your hotel/ residence.
    • 073 Days Stand up Paddling Tour in Phuket

      3 Days Stand up Paddling Tour in Phuket
      • d3 Days
      • lPhuket
      • NNNNN1 review
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        Code: 4867441
      About the Activity:
      • Be a part of three day long stand up paddling tour in Phuket with the mixture of surfing, paddling and snorkeling.
      • You can start the activity from Bang Tao beach at any time between 09:00 AM and 06:00 PM for three hours on Day 01, Day 03 and one and a half hour long sessions of paddling on Day 02.
      • Stand up paddling is the fastest growing water sport in the world and is a relaxing recreational activity for the whole family, as well as a superior core workout.
      • For the more serious SUP lovers, there is an option to indulge in competitions too that take place in the form of ocean and lake racing, as well as wave surfing.
      • Indulge in long distance paddling, surfing and yoga on your board without any fear, the board is highly compact and fit.
    • 08Bungee Jumping

      Amongst the most popular land activities in Phuket, Bungee jumping certainly is an excursion that must be on everybody’s bucket list! One of the most famous locations in Phuket for this adventure activity lies about 20 minutes outside the city centre of Patong. The location overlooks a calm and quiet lagoon that is engulfed in rich forest lands. The centre follows the rules and dos and don’t’s of Bungee Jumping to the T and are skilled in their operations. The jump rises to about 165ft and gives you a bird’s eye view of the entire beautiful setting that has thrilled people for over 20 years. You can also have the added thrill of being dunked in the water at the end of the jump and can choose between tandem and solo jumps.

      NOTE: The minimum weight for this activity is 35 Kg catapult max in pegged at 82Kg.

      Timings: 09:00 AM to 06:00 PM

      Price: The approximate price starts from 2200 THB to 3300 THB depending on inclusions in the package.

    • 09Surfing

      Image Credit :

      If you are ever in Phuket during the non touristy months of April to November, surfing is one of the best adventures to throw yourself into. The chance of you catching a great wave is highest in the month of October to November, however be warned that in order to be allowed to surf on these waves you need to have sufficient experience and most importantly all safety equipment in place. The beaches of Phuket are without the high waves and surfs that other surfing destinations enjoy, but the pursuit is pleasurable nonetheless!

      Image Credits :

      Location: All over Phuket but especially at Kalim, Kamala, Kata, Nai Harn and Surin Beach

      Best Season: April to November

      Price: 150 to 2800 Baht for renting surfboards depending on duration of the rental and 1,500 to 9,000 Baht for surfing lessons depending on duration of the course.

    • 10Fun-filled Parasailing

      Image Credit : Peter Cartledge

      For all those who are looking to have a great time on their next trip to Phuket and not want to just laze by the beach, parasailing is certainly a fun and pleasurable activity. The coasts of Phuket have wonderfully clean beaches, making parasailing an interesting option for those who want to see their captivating beauty from up above. Although most of the beaches will offer the same activity, the most popular are the ones that take place on the Patong Beach. The parasailing is accompanied by a person who will normally seize hold and steer you safely. The weather is required to be calm as quiet winds help in having a better experience.

      Image Credits : Merrillie Redden

      Location: All over Phuket but mainly on the Kata and Patong beaches.

      Best Time: The best time for this activity is during the month of May to October

      Price: The approximate price starts from 1000 THB

    • 11White Water Rafting

      Image Credit :

      Although new to Phuket, white water rafting is fast becoming one of the most enjoyed adventure sports in Thailand. In absence of any major rivers in Thailand, the adventure majorly takes place in the Phang Nga province. You can enjoy this eco friendly adventure sport for a length that differs from 5km to 7km but is equally challenging and exciting. The rapids can be classified under Grade 2 to Grade 3, and an essential training is conducted before every course to ensure your utmost safety. You can also combine this adventurec package with other activities such as elephant trekking, ATV Ride Etc.

      Image Credits : Neil Rickards

      Location: Phang Nga

      Best Season: Year round but preferred more in the months of June to November.

      Price: 1000 to 1600 Baht depending on inclusion of other adventure activity packages.

    • 12Play with the water while Wake boarding

      Image Credit :

      Perhaps one of the most interesting and exciting sports to ever have been played inland, wake boarding in Phuket is a truly exciting pursuit that attracts adventurers across all ages. Although it is still gaining in its popularity and preference, Phuket has to dedicated centers for wake boarding and flowboarding. Since wake boarding involves riding short waves while performing acrobatic maneuvers as you are towed behind a boat, it is practiced equally by amateurs and professionals. The Phuket Wake Park is a cable ski operation on a lake near Kathu Waterfall. The well equipped adventure park has all the safety regulations in place and is perfect for anyone who wants to try their hand at this exciting sport.The next place is Anthem water park  which is preferred by many due to its popularity as a venue for 4th Asian Beach Games.

      Location: Cherng Talay and Kathu waterfall

      Best Time: The best time for this activity is durung the month of May to November

      Price: The approximate price starts from 900 THB to 1500 THB depending on duration of surfboarding. Packages are also available for long term memberships.

    • 13Enjoy the serenity with an Elephant Trekking

      Image Credit :  iris

      Popular amongst adventure enthusiasts in Phuket, elephant trekking is an incredible experience that is a little off the beaten track. Although the activity has long been under suspicion for mistreatment of these gentle giants; things have considerably improved since the employment pf elephant camps in 1994. Most of the elephant camps are located near the resorts of Patong and Kata Beaches.  Elephant camps allow you to ride to ride the back of this loving creature or simply interact with them. The most popular destinations for these camps are; Siam, Patong Beach, Kok Chang Elephant Camp and Sea View Elephant Camp. At the Sea View Elephant Camp, which is relatively new, you can also explore other adventures such as ATV and Paintball.

      Image Credits : david reid

      Location: Katim, Nai Harn, Kata Noi, Patong Beach and Chalong.

      Best Time: All Year Round.

      Price: The approximate price starts from 1,450 THB

    • 14Flying Hanuman

      Image Credit : The Eggplant

      Flying Hanuman is an adventure like no other in Phuket and is one of its most peculiar and enduring tourist attractions. It is, in fact, the best way that you can see the jungles of Phuket, freely and in all their natural glory. The activity basically involved being suspended on a zip line and cruising over the deep jungles of Phuket. What makes it special is that it is one of the safest, environmentally aware and highest quality assured adventure with all safety equipment in place. You can truly experience a rush of adrenaline and adventure as you flit from tree to tree suspended through a 40m high tightrope. The Flying Hanuman has 8 platforms, two sky bridges, three spiral stairways, a sky rail, a 20-minute wilderness walk as well as a meal and a seasonal fruit bowl included in the package.

      Image Credits : Dave Gingrich

      Location: Wichitsongkram Road, Kathu

      Best Time: All year

      Price: The approximate price starts from 3,490 Baht and 3,250 Baht depending on the inclusions of the package

    • 15Kayaking

      Image Credit :

      The landscape around Phuket is a strange and yet captivating combination of limestone formations (karsts), caves, tunnels and lagoons that are called hongs. One of the most pleasurable activities is to explore these on a sea canoeing expedition or kayaking. Imagine sailing through narrow passages between rocks and coming across magnificent caverns, unexplored beaches and rollicking waves!  One of the most popular destinations for kayaking is the James Bond island that offers breathtaking views of the Phang Nga Bay. Relax for a while and enjoy sunbathing and meals on this treasure trove before heading back.

      Image Credits : pixelant

      Location: James Bond Island and Phang Nga Bay

      Best Time: The best time for this activity is during the month of May to November

      Price: The approximate price starts from 3,250 to 20,000 THB depending on duration and distance of kayaking.

    • 16Swim with the fish while Snorkeling

      Image Credit :

      When it comes to snorkelling the first destination that comes to our mind is Phuket. It is located a quick distance away from the 36 beaches of the island. They are easily accessible and thus, make snorkelling a top draw amongst tourists who want to do something apart from relaxing at the beach. At these destinations you can expect to swim past anemones, colourful parrot fish, vibrant coral that sparkle as they catch the sunlight. Take a breath and swim down to see some of the most colourful and joyous wonders of the sea, which are easy to explore as Phuket has a warm sand and waves.

      Image Credits : YANG HAI

      Location: Ao Sane Beach, Kata Noi, Paradise Beach, and Ya Nui are amongst the top 5 places for snorkelling in Phuket

      Best Time: The best time to visit this place is during the month of November to May

      Price: The approximate price starts from 1900 to 7800 THB depending on duration and destination chosen.

    • 17ATV Riding

      Image Credit :  Greg Strosaker

      The hinterlands of Phuket and Phang Nga provinces are a treasure to explore and one of the best ways to do that is to embark on an ATV Ride through the fascinating landscapes. On an ATV Ride, you can expect to rush through the tracks through rainforests, mangroves, plantations, waterfalls and even hills. The ATV rides can last from anywhere between an hour to 3 Hours and are often coupled with other adventure activities such as rope walk, trekking and a challenging rope bridge ride. All the rides are through unexplored tracks and are replete with all safety instructions and instruments.

      Image Credits : Greg Strosaker

      Location: Phang Nga Province

      Best Time: All year round

      Price: The approximate price starts from 3,273 THB

    • Fun Things to do in Phuket

    • 18The Tiger Kingdom

      The Tiger Kingdom is a great combination of tourism with wildlife preservation. The preservation provides the opportunity to get up close and personal with several Indochinese tigers of varying ages and sizes that have been raised by hand in captivity since birth. The vicinity also boasts facilities to camp for the night with several amenities.

      Location:  Located right next to the Go-Kart track in Kathu at the foot of Patong Hill.

      Things to Keep in Mind: Before entering the visitors are asked to leave the belongings outside in a locker, remove your shoes and wash hands.

      : Open daily from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM

      : The approximate entrance fee is around 800 Baht

    • 19Visit Surin beach

      Image Credit : asco
      Lovely and naturally beautiful Surin Beach-based in the west coast of Phuket is a highly entertaining place for the visitors as well as the locals. With panoramic beauty comprising of fine white sands and aqua blue water it is a place to enjoy natural extravaganza. There are high-end hotels, restaurants and entertainment areas to enhance the beauty of the location.

      Image Credits : asco

      Highlights: There are a number of activities which can be enjoyed in the most sought after Surin beach. This includes enjoying a spa treatment, surfing and even trying out the enjoyable Thai classes to learn some delicious and mouth melting Thai food. For spa resorts, one needs to visit the 5-star hotels Twin Palms Phuket Hotel and Ayara Hilltops.

      Best time: For surfing the ideal time is from May to October though in other times also one can do the same. Twin Palms organise the cooking classes.
    • 20Visit Khao Rang Hill View Point

      Image Credit : Chindit76
      When it comes to enjoying tranquillity and harmonious natural environment then one of the best locations in Phuket is to visit Khao Rang Hill View Point. Based in the north western side of the city this summit is the second highest in Phuket. Covered with verdant greenery, the location promises unparallel fascinating views of the city, the south eastern coast and also the gigantic Phuket Big Buddha.

      Image Credits : wahyubumi

       Apart from scenic brilliance one can visit Wat Khao Rang, a Buddhist temple with a big golden Buddha statue in it. For having excellent eatery in this lovely ambience one can refer to the three food joints available here. Tung Ka Cafe and Khao Rang Breeze are positioned at the top of the hill with magnificent panoramic views of the area. Apart from this one can also try Phuket View which is based on the way to the top, known for its delicious cuisine. 
    • 21Visit Monkey Hill in Phuket Town

      Image Credit : M0les
      The real name of the Monkey Hill is Toe Sae Hill which is probably the highest hill of beautiful Phuket. The reason behind the name Monkey Hill is the presence of troupe of macaques which according to a daily visitor, Uncle Hog, is 400 in numbers. According to him, the macaques live in groups and eats as provided by the locals. They are not aggressive and never attack people like in many temples but small children should be kept away.

      Image Credits : Doc. Di0

      There is a beautiful small shrine at the base of the hill dedicated to holy spirits Toh Sae Dam, Toh Sae Dang and Toh Sae Kaow. Friday is known to be the holy day here attracting many to this temple though the same remains open on all days. Motorbikes are allowed up the hill though the roads to the peak are quite steep. Bikes are allowed only in daytime and after 5pm one can only reach the top by walking.

      Location: Toe sae Road, Phuket 
    • 22Splash Jungle Waterpark

      When the idea is to search for a full family entertainment then nothing matches the Splash Jungle Waterpark. Overlooking the fascinating beauty of Mai Khao Beach, the water park hosts a series of rides in different difficulty levels suitable for kids and adults both. Over six million litres of water remains distributed in the waterslides for a complete fun and enjoyment time here. Added attractions are the Splash Bar and the Spa Village with sauna. There are two in-house restaurants where one can have small filling eateries and loads of snacks options. Though not very large it is one place to enjoy good fun and entertaining time with near and dear ones.

      Image Credits : sarahracha

      Location: Soi Mai Khao 4, Mai Khao,Phuket
      Timings: 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM

      The approximate price starts from 1250 THB adults and 650 THB for kids
    • 23Island Cruise to Phang Nga Islands near Phuket

      Island Cruise to Phang Nga Islands near Phuket
      • h9 Hoursh15 Minutes
      • lPhang-nga
      • NNNNN1 review
      • supplier
        Code: 5595640
      • 9% Off9,502
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      About the activity:

      • Experience  a relaxing and tranquil cruise to the fairyland Phang Na Marine Park and explore the amazing islands of Thailand! 
      • Get picked up from your hotel in Phang-Nga at around 8:00 to 8:45 AM and embark on this exciting experience.
      • Begin cruising around 09:30 AM and spend a day in these magical islands!
      • Enjoy a trip to Koh Hong, revel in the Lagoon and enjoy other activities like swimming and snorkeling.
      • Dig into maouthwatering lunch on-board while cruising through this mystical land.
      • At 02.45 PM reach Koh Pak Bia and enjoy a relishing bath by the .
      • Experience delicious refreshments such as pancakes with chocolate sauce on board before you head back to hotel at around 05:30 PM.
      Phang nga bay information: A national park since 1981, Phang nga is famous for its amazing views of literally hundreds of vertical limestone cliffs rising over the sea , some of them reaching up to 300 meters out of the emerald-green water with caves leading in to stunning lagoons. Many of the limestone cliffs have beautiful stalactites and stalagmites that been created over thousands of years. In the bay there is at least 28 species of mangrove, 88 birds species, and 82 fish species amongst coral reefs.
    • 24Karon Beach

      Karon features the third longest beach on Phuket Island. Located on the west coast, between Patong to the north and Kata (with which it shares a common municipality) to the south, Karon Beach is the second favorite holiday destination in Phuket. Karon Beach road is ideal for taking an evening stroll and is mostly occupied by large resorts interrupted by restaurants and shops (including the popular Karon Bazaar). Karon is centered on Luang Poh Chuan Road, towards the southern end of the beach, which houses excellent restaurants and the ‘hottest’ nightlife spot of the resort town. Here the sea is calm throughout the dry season and the sand is fine and powdery.

      Activities:  The beach has excellent snorkeling and diving spots at its southern end.

      Location: Phuket

    • 25Kata Beach

      The pleasant bay of Kata, just a few minutes south of Karon Beach, entices and charms many visitors with its white sands and clear waters. Very popular with families, Kata is an all round favourite due to its spectacular palm-lined beach, great restaurants, lively but not raucous nightlife and varied accommodation options - all close to the beach. Visitors will find an abundance of shops to browse in, from souvenir and ready-to-wear outlets, to 7-Elevens and local mini-marts, to branded fashion stores.


      Location: Phuket

      Activities: Mom Tri's Boathouse features an art gallery with rotating shows by local artists along with a jazz band, Thai cookery classes and a superb menu.

      Nearby Attractions: Dino Park, Surf House, Kata View Point, Kata Temple, etc.

    • 26Visit Phrompthep cape

      Image Credit : Nixts
      A visit to Phuket won’t be complete without visiting the most photographed destination, Phrompthep Cape. Sweeping through either the Rawai beach or the Naiharn beach several cars and tour buses reach the southernmost part of the hill where at the top, parking the cars loads of tourist and locals set forward to enjoy the fascinating natural show, the sunset. It also has a lighthouse which provides excellent views of the east and south-east part of the island. 

      Image Credits : Nixts

      Highlights: Apart from this spectacular views of Phi Phi Islands, Koi Racha Yai and Koi Racha Noi can also be enjoyed from here. Along with enjoying the view one can cherish dining at the popular Phromthep Cape restaurant. The scenic beauty from here is awesome and  the food is quite delicious and reasonably priced too. 

      Location: Nai Harn- Rawai
    • 27Boat Party

      Image Credit : Sukwendo

      One of the most exciting activities to embark on while you are in Phuket is a private boat party that will take you deep into the recesses of the Andaman Sea along with your closed loved ones and buddies. The perfect built of the boat ensures that you have an unforgettable sailing experience.

       There are extensive food and drink and music arrangements on board often with the inclusion of an MC. The best place to hold a large gatherings, it is a common sight to see one of these boats sailing away in all their glittery glory on the Arabian Sea. There are staging areas, party halls, sun decks, rooms, kitchens as well as a seating area on board! The ideal time to embark on such a cruise in between 02:00 PM to 08:00 PM and it usually starts around the Chalong Bay.

      NOTE: There is often a minimum number of people required for the charter. Do confirm with the operator once.

      Location: Phuket Island

      Timings: All day but preferably between 02:00 PM to 08:00 PM

      Price: Starts from 11,7981 Baht per group.

    • 28Phuket Aquarium

      Image Credit : mynameisharsha

      One of the best tourist attractions in Phuket, Phuket Aquarium is the place where you can see the diverse marine life at its best. There are more than a thousand varieties of colourful, tropical fish and other exotic marine life. The aquarium has various sections such as streams, mangroves, coral reefs and even deep sea! 

      Each of these has been adorned with the particular variety of wildlife that you will find in that area.The exhibits are vibrant, lively and interactive and indeed a pleasure to watch for young and old alike, no wonder then that it attracts more than 300,000 visitors per year. It is located at southernmost tip of the Cape Panwa and is surrounded byy breathtaking scenic beauty.

      Image Credits : Wahyu Wijanarko

      Location: Mueang Phuket District

      Timings: Open daily, 08:30 AM  – 6:00 PM

      Price: The approximate price for an adult is 100 THB and for a child  50 THB

    • 29Know the wildlife better with a visit to the Zoo

      Image Credit : Horizon2035

      Visit Phuket Zoo and appreciate this superbly diverse kind of zoo. Rich tropical gardens welcome you to walk around in the shade of huge trees lined along the islands containing a wide range of exotic creatures. New types of fish, feathered creatures and different wildlife species are received every year and also different brooding projects welcome more and more of off-springs every year.The zoo also trades creatures with different zoos to dispose of abundance stock and get fresh beautiful recruits. The attentive and prepared staff will do their best to keep you entertained and enrich you with an array of wonderful photograph opportunities. Icy beverages, desserts and so on are sold at a few unique areas around the broad grounds so you can sit and rest amid your visit.

      Image Credits : Ahmed Rabea

      Location: 23/2 Moo 3, Soi Palai, Chaofa Road (not far from the Chalong circle, the zoo is very well indicated)

      Timings: Monkey Shows: 09.00 AM, 12.00 PM, 02.30 PM and 04.45 PM, Crocodile Shows: 09.45 AM, 12.45 PM, 03.15 PM and 05.30 PM, Elephant Shows: 10.30 AM, 01.30 PM and 04.00 PM 

      Price: The approximate price is 700 THB per adult and 500 THB per child

    • 30Shop while enjoing the beach air

      Image Credit : Ahmed Rabea

      Patong Beach transforms into an extensive night bazaar as the night approaches, it’s a wild market, and however, is all the more fun if you approach with the right character - simply recall that shopping yields the best results when done happily and with a grin. The majority of the shops here aim to attract the foreign/international tourists, so costs are somewhat higher than they are in Phuket City. The prime night market sprawls down the beach road and into the little optional soil (paths) on all evenings of the week. Right in front of Paradise Complex, another business sector sets up 2-3 evenings a week, in high season, more often than not Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Loads of stuff are aimed to attract the teenage or the youth section of the travellers - recycled pants, offbeat shoes and garments, additionally Thai desserts, orchids, adornments and hair accessories. The hawkers begin setting up this market at around 6-7pm until late.

      Image Credits : Cecil Lee

      Location: Patong, Bangkok

      Timings: Every day at around 06:00 PM - 01:00 AM

    • 31Trip at the FantaSea

      Image Credit :  Travis Longmore

      Inspired by Thailand's rich - colorful legacy,Phuket Fantasea Show,not only just showcases the appeal and magnificence of Thailand, but additionally enhances outdated Thai conventions with the marvel of technology and other impressive special effects both digital as well as manual.The outcome of the above mentioned skills and additions is a staggering 140-acre theme park, stuffed with a huge number of activities and entertainment sectors: a Carnival town with amusements, crafted works and shopping; a 4,000-seat themed restaurant offering a great Thai buffet and other scrumptious cooking styles from all over the world; and an amazing Las Vegas-style theatrical show, where best in class innovation and special effects improve the effortlessness and magnificence of Thailand's myths, riddles and enchantment in a wondrous spectacle sure to charm the entire gang.

      Image Credits : Travis Longmore

      Location: Kammala, Kathu District, Phuket 83120, Thailand 

      Timings: Phuket FantaSea Cultural Theme Park is open every day except Thursday (If Thursday falls on a public holiday, the park may be open as normal). Operating hours are 05:30 PM - 11:30 PM. 

      Price: The approximate price starts from 2200 THB per adult and 200 THB per child

      Ticket to Phuket Fantasea

      Ticket to Phuket Fantasea

      NNNMM0 Reviews

      h3 HourslPhuket


      Starting from


    • 32Phuket Big Buddha

      Image Credit : Eirien

      Phuket's Big Buddha is one of the island's most imperious and adored points of interest on the island. The colossal statue sits on top of the Nakkerd Hills in the middle of Chalong and Kata and, is around 45 meters tallwhich is why it can be effectively seen from far away.

      The grandiose site offers the best 360-degree view of the island, with clearing vistas of Phuket Town, Kata, Karon shorelines, Chalong Bay. Easily reachable by a six-kilometer road drive from Phuket.

      Referred as the Phra Puttamingmongkol Akenakkiri Buddha by locals, it is 25 meters crosswise over at the base. The entire body is developed with strengthened cement layered with Burmese white jade marble that sparkles in the sun, making it a characteristic image of trust.

      Image Credits : Jabiz Raisdana

      Location: Big Buddha, Chao Ra Road East near Chalong

      Timings: Every day from 08:00 AM – 07:30 PM

    • 33Wat Chalong

      Image Credit : James Macdonald

      Wat Chalong is one of the most beautiful and dominant Buddhist temples, known for attracted travellers from all over the world. While for the local population, this temple is a noteworthy centre of worship while for foreign visitors Wat Chalong is a source to know and learn more about this beautiful religion – Buddhism. Poh Than Jo Wat is an impressive and colossal Buddhist statues located in the old hall of the temple. Another fun fact about this place is that the temple also boasts a statue of an elderly gentleman called Ta Khee- lek who won a famous local Thai who won numerous lotteries after consulting Poh Than Jo Wat statue. Apart from the grandeur visitors also enjoy the stunning display of around a dozen small shops selling all kinds of souvenirs and visitor’s stuff.

      Image Credits : Simon

      Location: Phuket, Mueang Phuket District, Phuket, Thailand

      Things to keep in mind : Owing to the sacredness of this place it is advisable to maintain a standard decorum while inside: do not position themselves higher than the Buddha image and be considerate towards your dressing. Avoid short dresses, sleeveless and other revealing clothes.

      Timings : The temple is open 24 hours every day.

    • 34Phuket Trickeye Museum

      Phuket Trickeye Museum is an intuitive 3D painting show offering astounding photograph opportunities and fun-filled time. Situated at the intersection of Montri and Phang Nga streets in a substantial two-story building (which used to be a famous film theater until 2002), Phuket Trickeye Museum includes a display of around 100 painted and carved scenes utilizing Trompe-l'oeil (French for 'misdirect the eye') systems, putting guests in amusing incredible world-like circumstances.

      Trompe-l'oeil is an old painting system that requires a specific geometrical ability; the thought is to make a three-dimensional figment on a two-dimensional (level) foundation. Perspectival illusionism rules at Phuket Trickeye Museum, and you are certain to be tricked by the noteworthy canvases in plain view here.

      Location: At the corner of Montri and Phang Nga roads in Phuket Town, right next to Pearl Hotel. 

      Timings: Every day from 09:00 AM – 09:00 PM 

      Price: The approximate price starts from 500 THB per adult and 300 THB per child (101-130 cm in height)

    • 35Nai Harn Beach

      Nai Harn is one of the island's most popular places with in-the-know locals. Great for swimming from November to April, care should be taken in the low season (May-October) when there can be strong undertows. The local restaurants just above the beach make a great place to relax with a sundowner. Further south is Ya Nui, a sandy cove that attracts snorkelers and divers. Another out-of-the way spot nearby is the tiny beach of Ao Sane, a great spot for snorkeling, reached by taking the road that starts at The Royal Phuket Yacht Club car park.

      Activities: Snorkeling and swimming are the two best pass time’s people partake in whilst on this beach.

      Best Time to Visit:  Anytime apart from monsoon season is ideal to visit this beach and take part in a wide array of fun activities. Forget swimming during low season as that can prove to be slightly dangerous.

      Location:  Muang District, Phuket


    • Things to do in Phuket at Night

    • 36Luxury Vip Experience at Hype Boat in Phuket

      Luxury Vip Experience at Hype Boat in Phuket
      • h8 Hours
      • lPhuket
      • NNNNN1 review
      • supplier
        Code: 4821988
      About the Activity:
      • Embark on this exclusive experience of fine dining and sailing on Hype Boat at Phuket.
      • Reach the starting point at Patong Pier on Patong beach between 11:00 AM and 12:30 PM, get a pick up from the hotel at an extra cost.
      • Around 01:00 PM onward the the VIP experience will be started. From 01:15 PM to 02:30 PM, you can enjoy the delicious lunch.
      • Enjoy swimming from 03:00 PM to 04:00 PM and aftermath you will be served scrumptious fruits and snacks.
      • Continue partying until 07:00 PM with pleasing music as well as dancing.
      • Wind up the tour and return to your hotels at around 07:00 PM.
    • 37Visit Karon Temple Market

      Image Credit : Wilson Loo
      Based in the heart of Karon beach, the Karon Market is one of the most popular shopping destinations for both the locals as well as the visitors. The Karon compound stretches for 12,000sqm and on every Tuesday and Saturday, it transforms into a live market selling all kinds of goods. Here one can find a wide collection of many products from T-shirts to bags, Thai style carves to sarongs, swimsuits to beach wear, branded watches, jewellery, souvenir and many other lifestyle goods. One can find good Thai handicraft products in here which are a rare collection and a must buy for all visitors. Karon market is almost like Phuket Weekend Market with unlimited choice goods but at decent prices. The market is also notable for delicious food items like sushi, grilled or steamed meat, fruit shakes etc.

      Location: At Wat Karon on Patak Road, Central Karon

      Every Tue and Sat from 4:00 PM - 10:00 PM

    • 38Visit Old Phuket Town

      Image Credit : Sundays :)
      Old Phuket town comprises the historical part of the Phuket City. Established in the end of 19th century or towards the beginning of 20th century, the place hosts multiple well-crafted mansions and well preserved architecturally beautiful shophouses which look a replica of the Sino-colonial architecture. The overall look of the Phuket Old Town bears huge resemblance to the beautiful Georgetown located in Penang. The greatest attraction is the multiple best in class restaurants and cafeterias, bars and clubs which keep it quite lively throughout the day. It is one of the preferred locations to chill out with friends and family watching the sunset and entertaining in the busy old town streets. In the morning the place is a commercial hub with markets in Ranong Road and Thalang Road. One can find each and everything related to lifestyle and culture of Phuket, available here in reasonable prices. 

      Image Credits : nestsrapee

      Highlights: Once you reach this place you will be delighted at the sight of the grandiose Sino-colonial mansions, which was said to be once occupied by the tin barons 100 years ago.

      Timings: 09:00 AM - 4:30 PM. Closed on Sundays.

    • 39Simon Cabaret

      Image Credit : Wahyu Wijanarko

      Since its opening on October 18, 1991, Phuket Simon Cabaret has built up itself as a business sector pioneer of expert amusement venue. For sheer entertainment, the set outlines are exceptional supporting performers adorned in lavish outfits and glamorous artists. In this, rich and personal theatre with high-tech sound and lighting facilities along with special effects – the show is genuinely universal highlighting cutting edge and customary acts from around the world in English and option dialects. While the visitors come here in search of entertainment but often leave the theatre in a confused state as the show highlights a staggering musical floor show performed by the world renowned "ladyboys" of Simon Cabaret. The greatest "transvestite" supper club show to be discovered privately.

      Image Credits : Wahyu Wijanarko

      Location: Phuket Simon Cabaret, 8 Sirirach Rd. Patong beach, Kathu, Phuket Thailand.

      Timings: Three show is held at 06:00 PM, 07:45 PM, 09:30 PM

      Price: The approximate price starts from 700 THB per adult and 500 TB per child (Maximum height for a child should be strictly 130 cm)

      Ticket to Simon Cabaret Show at Phuket

      Ticket to Simon Cabaret Show at Phuket

      NNNMM0 Reviews

      h2 HourslPhuket


      Starting from


    • 40Siam Niramit

      Image Credit : KevinJewell

      Siam Niramit joins a real Thai buffet with a world-class stage show delineating Thailand's recorded and spiritual legacy. With more than 150 astonishing entertainers and best in class special effects, it's an enrapturing venture. The principal demonstration portrays how Siam turned into a cross-streets where civilisations met, the second how karma ties Thai individuals, and the last demonstration indicates how religious service wins Thai individuals merit in this life. Apart from this, you can visit imitation towns from the nation's countryside locales and purchase Thai handicrafts. Amazing Spectacle on the Word's Highest Stage Held in the epic 2,000-seat Ratchada Theater, the Siam Niramit show gloats an 11.95-meter proscenium –honored  by Guinness World of Records as the world's most astounding stage. Possessing more than half of the whole theatre space, the all-encompassing Ratchada Theater stage is designed to complement the show's fantastic set pieces and an army of entertainers (counting genuine elephants and goats) to reproduce a reasonable feeling of historic Siam.

      Image Credits : KevinJewell

      Location: 55/81 Moo 5, Chalermprakiet Rd., Rassada, Muang, Phuket 83000, Thailand

      Timings: Every day the show begins at around 08:00 PM

      Price: The approximate price starts from 1079 THB per adult and 968 THB per child (Maximum height for a child should between 90- 140 cm)
    • Offbeat Things to do in Phuket

    • 41Catch some fish for your dinner while Fishing

      Image Credit : Del Adams

      If you want to take a break from all the adventure activities and just take some time off for some deep thinking and leisure, then fishing in Phuket is definitely one of the most enjoyable pursuits. The sheer variety of fish that are available of its coast and the deep sea is staggering! You can hope to find some rare species in your bait such as blue and black marlin, sailfish, dog-tooth tuna, giant trevally, jacks and even swordfish. However, the fishing centres all follow a firm catch and release policy which means that no matter how big a fish you catch, you must release it into the ocean with immediate effect. There are various fishing charters available in Phuket, where you can get away on a day long trip in utmost luxury and comfort.

      Location : All over Phuket but especially at the Racha nd Similan Islands.

      Best Time : The best time for this activity is during the month of July to October

      Price: The approximate price starts from 13,900 THB to 1,80,000 THB depending on class of boat used and duration of excursion

    • 42Stand up Paddle Tour in Phuket

      Stand up Paddle Tour in Phuket
      • h1 Hourh30 Minutes
      • lPhuket
      • NNNNN1 review
      • supplier
        Code: 4867441
      About the Activity:
      • Feel some relaxed adventure with this one and a half hour stand up paddle surfing in Phuket with some ecstatic views of the sandy beaches and surroundings.
      • Start the activity from Bliss Beach Club, Bangtao Beach at any time between 09:00 AM and 06:00 PM with the support of your guide throughout.
      • Stand up paddling is the fastest growing water sport in the world and is a relaxing recreational activity for the whole family, as well as a superior core workout.
      • There is the competitive side to the sport for the more serious SUP lovers, which takes place in the form of ocean and lake racing, as well as wave surfing.
      • Experience Phuket in a different way since it houses plenty of bewitching surrounding and the stand up paddle ride will be on the crystal clear waters.
      • Since this is a safe water sport and the buoyancy offered is high, you can use the boards for another recreational activities such as long distance paddling, fishing and yoga.
    • 43Spas and Thai Massage

      Image Credit : Thomas Wanhoff

      In Thailand, the idea of spa combines with the old conventions of natural healing through natural showers, back rub, reflection, and the continuedpursuit for inward and external magnificence. Before the medicine age, the temple was the focal point of learning for all orders, including pharmaceutical.

      One can in any case attempt ancient massage therapy in its unique structure at specific temples, for example, Wat Po in Bangkok, where treatments are offered on a daily basis for a little expense. Most of the luxurious resorts in Thailand offer conventional Thai massage as a feature of their health and fitness centers.

      Image Credits : Echo Valley Ranch

      Pricing: Starting at approximately 300 Baht/Person

    • 44Phuket Seashell Museum

      Image Credit : Amy the Nurse
      One of the prominent attractions of Rawai Beach is the Seashell Museum which hosts a whole range of sea shells from different parts of the globe. Many of these seashells are from Phuket and Thai waters too. Located at the basement near Evason Resort, there are four main exhibitions held with informations shared in both Thai and English language. The collections are wide stretching from the earliest shells found on earth to the world’s largest golden pearl weighing 140 carats. Opened in 1997 the museum has about 2000 sea shells for all to enjoy. The entry fee of the museum is quite reasonable and pocket friendly.

      Location: On the way from Chalong Circle to Rawai, Phuket

      Timings: 8:00am to 6:00pm, Open on all days.  
    • 45Phuket Thaihua Museum

      Based in Krabi Road of Phuket, the Thai Hua Museum is on the popular sightseeing destinations in the city. Based in artistically brilliant sino-colonial mansion the Museum is well preserved and forms a primary place to visit in Phuket. The building was previously dedicated to a Chinese school but in 2008, it went through a major renovation and in the same year the museum started. Majorly art exhibitions are held in this location whereas the hall room is used during annual Phuket Old Town Festival.

      Built in 20th century, the building has several rooms which all are dedicated to the display of history of Phuket. Images and token of early prominent influential families of Phuket who came from China can also be found here. For all who wishes to know about the origin of the town and its prosperity down the years can visit the Museum for better knowledge.

      Location: 28, Krabi Road, Phuket

      Timings: 9:00am to 17:00pm, Open on all days. 
    • 46Watch Muay Thai fights

      Image Credit : Marco Crupi Visual Artist
      A trip to Phuket can never be complete without enjoying the ancient art of Thai boxing. The sport requires long hours of training and huge dedication involving every body parts. A sincere watch of the sport show glimpses of the hard work given and the rich culture of the Thai people. Being the national sport of Patong Phuket, this is quite popular and is a must watch for every visitor.

      There are several Muay Thai camps where foreigners can stay and enjoy the fight and its integrities throughout the day. Muay Thai event is quite common in several areas of Phuket and almost every day there is a Muay Thai fight in one or other part of the city. So catching a show is never a problem. Some popular destination for the sport includes Patong Boxing Stadium, Bangla Muay Thay Boxing stadium, Suwit stadium and many others
    • Romantic Things to do in Phuket

    • 47Have a Fabulous Evening of Dining and Entertainment at The Palazzo

      Opened in 2010, the Palazzo is an ideal location to enjoy dining watching a show. Based near Phuket Water Ski located at Kathu, this traditional theatre restaurant combines light entertainment shows with lip smacking dinners. The restaurant offers a set menu of four courses and along with this one can enjoy fabulous shows of live music, drama and comedy.

      Though not fine dining, but the food served here is quite delicious keeping separate menu for vegetarians and kids. The price of the evening is not much and can be considered as value for money.
      The shows organised here is done by eminent artists from all over and are truly good in their art. With music, acrobatics, magic shows the place is an out an out entertaining destination.
      Location: Wichitsongkram Road, Kathu, Phuke
    • 48Romantic Day Trip to Racha Yai Island near Phuket

      Romantic Day Trip to Racha Yai Island near Phuket
      • h9 Hours
      • lPhuket
      • NNNNN1 review
      • supplier
        Code: 5308954
      About the Activity:
      • Embark on this one day sailing trip to visit Racha Yai island to witness the mesmerizing beauty of freshwater lagoon.
      • Meet the team at Chalong Pier around 08:45 AM and then begin your majestic trip to the favorite tourist spot of Thailand.
      • Also, indulge in snorkeling and fishing at the beautiful coral reef and reach the beach of Racha Yai island, rivet in the sight.
      • Enjoy lunch on board while you return from the island around 04:00 PM.
      • Wrap up your tour by 06:00 PM after arriving at Chalong Pier.
    • 492 Day Romantic Sailing Trip to Phi Phi Islands

      2 Day Romantic Sailing Trip to Phi Phi Islands
      • d2 Daysn1 Night
      • lPhi Phi
      • NNNNN1 review
      • supplier
        Code: 5308954
      About the Activity:
      • This two days sailing trip to Phi Phi islands is a perfect fit for you if you are looking forward to have holidays in Thailand.
      • Around 08:45 AM, gather at Chalong Pier to embark on this renowned journey on a catamaran and relax.
      • Meet the anchoring spots where you get chances to do swimming or snorkeling along the coral reefs, witness the underwater world's alluring beauty.
      • Enjoy your lunch around 03:00 PM while you board the catamaran and continue sailing to Phi Phi Don and relish the view of the location thoroughly.
      • By 06:00 PM you will get back to the beach from where you can rivet in the charm of sunset and use the pending time to visit many bars, disco dances and fire shows around the beach.
      • Wake up on board to enjoy the second day which will be filled with snorkeling and visit to the beach.
      • By 11:00 AM start your departure to Phuket and at 04:00 PM approximately, you can reach Chalong Pier to wind up the ceremonious trip.
    • 50Romantic Sunset Sailing Trip For a Private Group

      Romantic Sunset Sailing Trip For a Private Group
      • h2 Hours
      • lPhuket
      • NNNNN1 review
      • supplier
        Code: 5308954
      About the Activity:
      • Get yourself out of the daily humdrum with this sunset sailing to the southern tip of Phuket. The trip is for two hours.
      • Start your trip around 03:45 PM from Chalong Pier, enjoy the sail and the catamaran would be anchored near Promthep cape.
      • Indulge in swimming or snorkeling before you witness the much awaited sunset and take photos to carry the best memories created.
      • By 06:00 PM, travel back to Chalong Pier and wind up the tour with a bag full of beautiful moments spent on the ocean.
    • 513 Days Phi Phi and Lanta Island Romantic Sailing and Diving Trip

      3 Days Phi Phi and Lanta Island Romantic Sailing and Diving Trip
      • d3 Daysn2 Nights
      • lPhuket
      • NNNNN1 review
      • supplier
        Code: 5308954
      About the Activity:
      • Indulge in a three day sailing trip to Phi Phi island and Lanta beach, forget yourself in the reverberating experience.
      • Gather at Chalong beach and begin your trip around 09:00 AM.
      • Travel to the southern point of Phi Phi don and then indulge in swimming or snorkeling while the yacht takes a halt from sailing.
      • Visit Maya bay, explore the beach, and have ultimate fun with music, dance etc.
      • Koh Lanta offers you some exotic and tranquilizing moments and then also visit the Monkey beach to feed them and relax.
      • On the last day spend time visiting a national park and return to Chalong bay to wrap up the tour around 06:00 PM.