Haad Pak Phra Beach Overview

Located near the Sarasin Bridge, Haad Pak Phra Beach is an exotic location with a superb tropical setting. It is one of the least visited beaches in Phuket and a great place to taste and shop for fresh seafood.

One of the most intriguing sights you will see on this beach is some local women and children knee-deep in the pool of dried white jellyfish laughing and chatting exuberantly. This secluded paradise offers a peaceful retreat away from the bustling tourist areas. Including Haad Pak Phra Beach in your Thailand itinerary ensures a tranquil escape with breathtaking scenery, making it an ideal stop for those seeking a serene beach experience away from the crowds. Some people may not be able to stand the smell, but if you get past it, you will realize that you are watching one of the rarest things in the world. The beach is a great place to enjoy the best seafood cuisines. Tanoon Seafood restaurant also offers water sports facilities.

Highlights: If you find yourself unperturbed with the smell and jellyfish sting, you might even ask the locals to have a dip in the pool of white jellyfish.

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