Monkey Hill In Phuket Town Overview

Monkey Hill in Phuket Town is the fundamental attraction for people who love to see these human-like creatures doing their mischievous antics. It is the tallest hill in Phuket that contains a vast range of unique macaques. You can either feed them with little treats or watch them performing tricks, you will also find some recreational and jogging spaces.

Monkey Hill Phuket is a forested hilltop abode where you will come across monkeys roaming around and having fun with the visitors. The best part of visiting Monkey Hill during your Thailand tour would be standing on the observation platform to capture stunning panoramic views of the surrounding area.

This place is very often visited by tourists who love to spend time watching the frolicky creatures indulge in mischievous activities. It is fun, isn’t it? Coming over to this place, you can feed them seeking assistance from the experts. However, you need to be a bit quick and should follow the instructions of the tricky local man. 

The Monkey Hill Phuket happens to be a massive tourist attraction that gives you a chance to view a wide range of unique macaques. Apart from monkeys, you will also come across some recreational and jogging spots where you can spend some leisure time.

You will also come across many locals relaxing over there and this also gives you a chance to learn about the culture and way of living of the residents.You will also come across a shrine at the bottom of the hill where you can offer your prayers and seek blessings from the lord. 


• Come across a group of mischievous monkeys munching away fruits and other foodstuffs.
• One of the highest hills in Phuket offers mesmerizing panoramic views of the city as well as surrounding landscapes.
• Home to some of the popular TV and radio stations where tourists can spend time in relaxation as well as jog daily.
• Capture the scenic views of the Phuket town and city from the specially constructed observation tower
• Indulge in the unique performances by the local man named Pae Hog (aka Uncle Hog) with the monkeys.
• Get to spend time at the colourful shrines devoted to 3 holy spirits: Toh Sae Dang, Toh Sae Dam and Toh Sae Kaow.

How To Reach

By Air- You can travel to the Phuket Airport and take local transportation to reach Monkey Hill in Phuket Town. Tuk tuks and taxis are readily available from the airport to your destination. Take a motor ride or an exciting trek to reach the top of the hill.

By Road- There are no direct trains to Monkey Hill. However, you can take a bus from the Phun Phin Railway Station and travel for 5 hours to reach your final destination.Here you can take an adventurous trek or ride a motorbike to reach the top of the hill.

Best Time To Visit

If you want to catch a glimpse of the breathtaking views of Phuket and spend some time with the natural creatures, you must visit this place in the early hours of the morning or late evening. This time remains cool to trek to the Monkey Hill and interact with the monkeys. Monkey Hill in Phuket Town is an all-year-round destination.

Other Essential Information

1.The Big Buddha

This stunning monument is certainly at the top of everyone's "Must-Do in Phuket" list, and it is indeed a jaw-dropping site with breathtaking panoramic views.

You may even hike from the bottom of the slope to the top if you're up for a challenge! This will take around an hour to finish, and don't forget to wear a hat and sunscreen because there isn't much shade along the way.

2. Karon Beach

Karon Beach is notable for its large beach and small town, as well as the large hotels that flank the frontage road. Karon Beach has a wide infrastructure, it's rather metropolitan, yet you don't feel too close to the city, which is what makes this small paradise so great. There are numerous restaurants and pubs in this area, in addition to a great beach.

3. Kata Beach

4. Wat Chalong

Wat Chalong is a significant location and Buddhist place of worship where people come to worship almost every day for decades. They get to learn more about Buddhism during their stay.

A portion of Lord Buddha's bone is claimed to be kept in Wat Chalong's grand pagoda. Take your time viewing the pagoda, which has a variety of Buddha sculptures and exquisite wall paintings telling Buddha's life storey.

5. Phuket FantaSea

Phuket FantaSea, inspired by Thailand's exotic past, not only exhibits the country's charm but also blends old Thai heritage with cutting-edge technology and extraordinary effects.

So, let your imagination run wild as you immerse yourself in the Kamala Kingdom fantasy and marvel at the wonders that await you.

6. Kamala Beach

Because it is hidden in a steep-sided cove bordered by nodding palms and scattered with large stones, it also has the feel of a secluded beach.It is, however, not a well-kept secret, as can be seen from a popular viewing point along the seaside road. So, if you're looking for peace and quiet with your lover, great service, and a beautiful beach with wonderful sunsets, Kamala Beach is the place to go.

7. Surin Beach

Surin Beach is known for drawing visitors looking for a calm hideaway away from the hustle and bustle of the metropolis. The area's dazzling blue seas and spectacular corals attract giant whale sharks. As a result, it's a great place to hang out! 

8. Bang Tao Beach

Bang Tao Beach is a serene and peaceful location that draws visitors who want to leave their worries behind and do nothing more strenuous than reading a book.There are various beachfront hotels and beach clubs, which makes for a very active evening atmosphere. Bangtao, on the other hand, remains one of Phuket's most family-friendly beaches.

Tips to Visit Monkey Hill Phuket :

1. You must visit this place during the daytime as you need to trek uphill and the walkway to reach the top is steep and requires a lot of time. 

2. You should always keep your guard while feeding the monkeys as they are pretty unpredictable. 

3. As per the timings of Monkey Hill Phuket, visitors are not allowed between 7:00 AM to 8:00 AM and 4:00 PM to 7:00 PM.

4. You should carry a first aid kit with you as well as some snacks as the trek is going to be time consuming. 

5. It is also suggested to put on comfortable shoes with a decent amount of grip. 

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Point of Interest for Monkey Hill In Phuket Town
Experiences at Monkey Hill Phuket

Experiences at Monkey Hill Phuket

Planning a trip to Thailand? For all zoophiles and travel enthusiasts, Monkey Hill in Phuket is just a treat for the eyes and a perfect remedy for the heart.Situated in Phuket Old Town, Monkey hills are one of the most charismatic tourist destinations that offer the most spectacular hilltop views with delightful interactions with wild monkeys.

Home to over 400 primates, visiting this tourist site is a perfect recreational activity and a pleasant break from the otherwise loud and crowded cities of Thailand. To reach this destination, tourists can take a bus or a cab, to the bottom of the monkey hill, from then you have a variety of options to reach the hilltops, either by scooters, taxis or just by taking a pleasant walk on the marked pavements sided by viridescent trees to the top.

The best time to climb up the hill is in the morning, with the cool and calming breeze and a perfect escape from the irksome humidity of Phuket. The walk up to the top is around 3.5 kms, on the way to the top you’ll come across local restaurants with mouthwatering Thai cuisines, at the bottom of the hill, locals also sell snacks like bananas and peanuts,to feed the primates. The early evening time also provides breathtaking views of the sunset from the top.

About 100 meters from the start of the ascend, you’ll find a bunch of these adorable monkeys waiting to be fed by the passing tourists, as per locals these primates are completely non-aggressive and rather clingy, playful and cute creatures. They are harmless, wholesome creatures with some of them even posing for tourists with cameras! 

If you are lucky, you’ll find a man known as Pae Hog, famous among the locals, and quite a friend of these monkeys, known to put up an extraordinary show with the primates.

Monkey Hill Viewpoint

Monkey Hill Viewpoint

The climb to the top might look like a tiresome and tedious job, but the amazing view from the peak is equally pleasing, and thus it’s all worth the effort!

Monkey hill is a perfect mix of flora and fauna, along with the monkeys, tourists can also find other cute animals like dogs and pigs on their way up.

On the hilltop, amongst the greenery, the place offers some incredible bird views as well. Multiple platforms are built on the hilltop, which renders a beautiful cityscape of the entire Phuket.

A trip to Monkey hill is the most perfect and relaxing escapade, and thus deserves to be on your bucket list on your next trip to Thailand-The land of Smiles!

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Tourism Board Alliances

Monkey Hill In Phuket Town FAQs

Is it safe to visit Monkey Hill Phuket?

Yes, it is safe to visit Monkey Hill Phuket but you also need to be very careful during this activity. It is a matter of fact that monkeys are highly unpredictable and can be dangerous at times. It is at all times suggested that they should not be fed by hands and you should also not irritate them by your actions.

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Is Monkey Hill Phuket worth visiting?

Yes, it is worth visiting Monkey Hill Phuket as you will get to spend some wonderful time with the cool creatures. You will get to enjoy beautiful views of nature as well as a wide range of species. The monkey will jump off your body and grab the bananas and nuts so you should be careful during your trip.

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How to reach Monkey Hill Phuket?

By Taxi: You can easily reach Monkey Hill Phuket by taking a cab from the city centre. It takes about 15 minutes to cover the distance of 3.8 km via Montree Road.

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Is it allowed to feed Monkeys?

It is allowed to feed monkeys in Monkey Hill Phuket. You should be very careful while feeding them as the slightest irritation can change things. You should make sure everything happens under the supervision of the well-experienced tour guides.

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