Ko Mak, Phuket - 2020 (Photos & Reviews)

About Ko Mak

A beautiful tiny island in the Trat province of Thailand, Ko Mak is a paradise for beach lovers. With an area of 16 sq KM and a coastline of 27 km, Ko Mak is the third largest island in the Trat Province.

Highlights: It is popular destination amongst honeymooners for its beautiful White sandy beaches and Clear Blue waters. It has a region with amazing coconut plantation and mangrove vegetation along the coastline and has also been home to a few hills. One can explore this tiny, beautiful island on foot, Motor bikes or bicycles. It has a range of various water activities like snorkelling, kayaking, night fishing, etc. and services like Massages to offer.

Location: It is located in the National Marine park 35 kms on the east of the Gulf of Thailand and forms a part of Ko Kut district.

Price: No charges to explore the island. However a room can be booked in one of the 20 resorts with as low as 800 Baht.
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