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What You Should Know More About Phi Phi

  • About the destination

    The island city where the land meets heaven at sea – Phi Phi Island is located at the edge of Thailand. The unique waters have magic in them as its one of the visible eco-systems from space with all its trees and sand. One can never get bored of this iconic location in Thailand.

    There are 6 different islands that co-habitat in groups. These 6 different exotic locations make up for the island of Phi Phi. Lying approximately 40km south-east of Phuket, they also constitute a great portion of Hat Nopparat Thara-Ko Phi Phi National park – which is among the biggest homes to abundance of corals and diverse marine life. Incredible limestone Mountains with cliffs, caves and ever-expansive sandy beaches are scattered around the region.

    The primary attraction of the place is probably the national park which covers a total area of 242,437 rai. Apart from that, Phi Phi Don and Phi Phi Lee are among the largest and the most well-known islands around the place. The climate in this region is quite pleasant as well with tropical monsoon winds kissing the sun-kissed surface of the sand dune island. One can even experience rain. The wettest month in Phi Phi is July and the driest is February.

  • Travel advice:

    • Be prepared for physical exertion: If you love adventure sports and water activities, then Phi Phi has a lot on offer for you. It is one of those primary attractions for the backpackers. So, be prepared for a lot of grilling and physical exertion. Make sure you wear comfortable and sturdy clothes and shoes.

    • Plan well ahead of time, and plan well: It is a good idea to attain sufficient information regarding the island, before you make a visit. This will make the adventure and the exploration lot easier. In case you wish to hire a guide to help you with your exploration, make sure you hire one from an agency that is know to you.

    • Take care of your health and wealth: Mosquitoes are a common site here. Do ensure to carry with you a strong mosquito repellant or cream.

  • Drinking laws

    The legal drinking age in Thailand is 20 and it most certainly lies in the interest of restaurant owners and resort managers to enforce this establishment. Illegal substances most certainly are prohibited. Whatever you indulge in, make sure it is in safe limits.

  • Things to do in Phi Phi Islands:

    • Attend a Thai boxing match: There is a place called the Reggae Bar in Phi Phi that offers visitors with the chance to attend a Thai boxing match. It takes place every night and is a thrilling experience if you are in the mood of enjoying a real match in the ring while sipping on beer. The bar also has a large screen television that showcases leading sports matches – making it for a perfect nightlife experience in Phi Phi.

    • Go on a pirate adventure: Visitors can check out Pirate Island Adventures – the two storey shop that is converted into a haunted pirate shipwreck for visitors to gain a real-time authentic pirate experience. It is definitely a fun thing to do. There is a 5D theatre that you can check out for yourself as well.

    • Cook and eat traditional Thai food: The true essence of any new place can be truly experienced after tasting food that is typical to the roots of its location. Thai food is quite popular in the Phi Phi Island region. Imagine yourself not only eating and savoring the delicious Thai food but also being a part of its making procedure. Take a class at Pum’s Thai Cooking School located in Tonsai village and enjoy the culture of Thai food.

    • Booze cruise through the island city: There is plenty of night-life existing in this beautiful island city of Phi Phi. If you are looking for spending a proper night at Phi Phi by partying your woes away then try Captain’s Bob. This place offers a fun and eventful way of discovering some of the most beautiful sports around Phi Phi. The session usually starts from the Tonsai Bay and goes around the main regions while providing its users with food as well as booze.

  • What will you like in Phi Phi:

    • Phi Phi’s local market: Whether you enjoy shopping or not, the island’s local market is the perfect place for you to spend your evening at. The place is filled with beauty galore. Shop from local veggies and fruits to clothes and accessories – all at extremely reasonable rates.

    • Enjoy the fireshows in Phi Phi: As already established earlier – the nightlife in Phi Phi is filled with exciting experiences and endless activities that one can indulge in. Attend one of those spectacular fireshows filled with live music, dance performances and party feelings. What’s more? All of this is extremely affordable as well.

    • Feed the sharks at Ko Phi Phi: One of the most popular activities to do in Phi Phi is to go on an early excursion on the deep-blue sea that hits the shores of the island and feed deadly sharks. Yes, you read that right. This trip usually lasts 6 hours and includes a quality amount on the sea. You will be taken to the Eastern end of the long beach and will be able to not only appreciate the beautiful blessings of nature but also have a thrilling time feeding the sharks.

    • Snorkeling activity in Maya Bay: Phi Phi’s Maya Bay is a popular location for many of the leading Hollywood’s shootings. Leonardo DiCaprio’s The Beach movie was shot at this location. And why not? Given just how beautiful this place is. Experience thrilling activities such as snorkeling or simple seclusion if you may at this beautiful island destination. This is among those must-do things in Phi Phi.

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