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  • Located in the Krabi Province of already beautiful Thailand, Phi Phi Islands are an archipelago of 6 islands, all of which can easily be called miraculous in their appearance and unreal in their existence. What many call the most beautiful islands in the world, with no shortage of places to visit in Phi Phi Islands, only 2 out of 6 islands are big enough, while the others are so small, they can pass off as just limestone rocks standing tall in the sea.

    You can easily call these islands as the poster boy of Thailand because they have already been in movies (The Beach- Leo Di Caprio). But there is a lot more to these islands than what they let on in the first glance. Marketed as a tropical island, Phi Phi Don is the larger of the two big islands but has no roads of its own, while Phi Phi Leh, the smaller one has no habitats.

    When you approach these islands by a ferry, they may seem like just a cluster of mountains in the sea, which later give way to picturesque beaches, which are the best tourist places in Phi Phi Don.

    You can also go to the beaches of Phi Phi Leh for the stunning and picturesque locations. Despite being small in size, there is no shortage of tourist attractions in Phi Phi Islands, where apart from the 2 large islands, the other can also be accessed as tours because they form part of the National park. If there’s heaven, this place is a modification of that.
  • Famous Islands in Phi Phi Island

  • 01Bamboo Island

    Bamboo Island

    This 600m x 700m island is almost shaped like a heart, has a strip of white sand that goes around its entire perimeter, and right in the middle of the island is green tropical vegetation that looks like Bamboo growing there, which gives it the name of Bamboo island.

  • 02Mosquito Island

    Mosquito Island
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    Shaped like a bent nail, this island is a hotspot for the lovers of water sports and snorkelling, but its beaches are less visited because of hordes of mosquitoes that come out after sunset, making it difficult for sunset beachgoers to enjoy, giving the island its strange name.
  • 03Koh Bida Nok & Nai

    Koh Bida Nok & Nai
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    With no space to land, this southernmost pair of islands is a well-known diving spot; Koh Bida Nok is the larger of the two and is best suited to spot some Zebra Sharks and Stingrays, and cave diving, while Koh Bida Nai gives divers a good swim between rocks.
  • 04Koh Khai Nok

    Koh Khai Nok
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    Called the egg island for several reasons; this place is famous for the photo opportunities that it gives because of the surroundings, the water of Indigo colour and 12 exotic species of fish that are not even slightly afraid of humans as they swim around them.
  • 05Ko Yao Yai

    Ko Yao Yai
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    Located midway Phuket and Krabi, this island is quite popular among tourists for its sandy beaches, rubber plantations, coral-rich waters, mangroves and fishing villages, with the waters nearby having a good number of dive sites. Loh Jark beach has a pier for boats to land on.
  • Famous Beaches in Phi Phi Island

  • 06Phak Nam Bay

    Phak Nam Bay
    The ‘Relax Beach’  is among the most popular tourist places in Phi Phi Islands where people enjoy the calm by lounging in the beach houses. Beach bars that are part of the hotel but are accessible to day visitors, and diving and snorkelling spots are the main attractions here.
  • 07Laem Tong Beach

    Laem Tong Beach
    Away from the bustle of the Tonsai Village, this 1 km long beach on north-east Phi Phi Don is accessible only by boat, making it a secluded and calm spot for relaxing as you listen to the sound of the waves crashing against each other on the seashore.
  • 08Monkey Beach

    Monkey Beach
    Image Credit : amber young
    A 150 metre long, beautiful white-sand beach with the back side being a steep limestone cliff with vegetation that makes for an ideal habitat for monkeys, and that is what gives the island its name, making it unique and one of the best places to visit in Phi Phi Islands.
  • 09Nui Beach

    Nui Beach
    Image Credit : - Marcio Cabral de Moura
    A private ‘Secret Beach’ which is maintained by Nui Bay Member Club. This beach gives the perfect feeling of a tropical beach. Activities like kayaking, snorkelling, beach volleyball, scuba diving and many more are on the offer, all provided by the club.
  • 10Long Beach

    Long Beach
    Claimed to be the softest sand beach in the area, the ever popular Long Beach is a must in places to visit in Phi Phi Islands; it has a rock popping out of the water called Shark Point, where visitors go to get a view of black tip reef sharks.
  • Places to Eat and Drink in Phi Phi Island

  • 11Aroy Kaffeine

    Aroy Kaffeine
    Image Credit :
    A gem of a place located in the Tonsai Village, this café serves some of the most delicious delicacies of the Phi Phi Islands; nestled right between Unni’s restaurant and the Phi Phi Sea Frog Diving Centre, it is a small space with a fairly good variety when it comes to taste.
  • 12Unni's Restaurant

    Unni's Restaurant
    Image Credit :
    A heaven for people who love western food, this joint serves bagels with unique toppings like smoked salmon, meatballs and many more. You can also enjoy large servings of Greek salads, nachos, avocado and feta toast, pasta, burgers, tapas, cocktails, burritos, and much more here.
  • 13The Mango Garden

    The Mango Garden
    Image Credit :
    Rated no. 1 dessert shop on an esteemed travel platform, this place specializes in traditional mango desserts in authentic Thai style, which is very evident in almost all of their creations here. They also serve other desserts of styles from all over the world.
  • 14ACQUA Restaurant

    ACQUA Restaurant
    Image Credit :
    For those who crave a good and filling serving of burgers and fries, this place is a brilliant spot for enjoying it in Phi Phi Islands. You can get a veggie burger with homemade fries and pesto sauce with a taste like never before here.
  • 15Efe Mediterranean Cuisine Restaurant

    Efe Mediterranean Cuisine Restaurant
    Image Credit :
    Quickly becoming the favourite of visitors who appreciate a wide variety of spices, this Mediterranean restaurant is one of the best places to visit in Phi Phi islands for tasty sizzling Kebabs, fresh bread and hummus, falafel and other meat delicacies. It is located in the same lane as unni’s.
  • 16Banana Rooftop Bar

    Banana Rooftop Bar
    Image Credit :
    This bar on the rooftop of Sombrero Mexican Restaurant is a must among the places to visit in Phi Phi Islands for its ambience and viewpoints, where the terrace of the building looks over the Loh Dalum Bay. The theme of this bar is bamboo and thatch for sitting and bars.
  • 17Reggae Bar

    Reggae Bar
    Image Credit :
    It is among the oldest night establishments of Tonsai. It has all the elements of great nightspot like loud music, extremely skilled bartenders working on 5 bars, a big screen for sports viewers, and pool tables. But the main attraction is the Thai boxing ring in the centre.
  • Other Attractions in Phi Phi Island

  • 18Ko Phi Phi Le

    Ko Phi Phi Le
    Image Credit :
    The second largest island, and a must-visit among the places to visit in Phi Phi Islands, it is uninhabited. The cliffs covered with greenery, sandy beaches, corals and Maya Bay attract many group boat tours, but you can also hire a personal boat to reach here.
  • 19Maya Bay

    Maya Bay
    Image Credit :
    Surrounded by 100 metres high cliffs on three sides, Maya Bay is where the famous Hollywood movie ‘The Beach’ was shot. Most of the beaches are visible only in low tide, with the main beach being 200 metres long with soft sand, corals of several colours and exotic fish in the crystal clear water.
  • 20Viking Cave

    Viking Cave
    Image Credit :
    Located at the base of a limestone cliff in Phi Phi Leh, the cave got its name from the paintings on the inner walls of the cave, possibly made by the sailors who took shelter here to survive a storm.
  • 21Loh Samah Bay

    Loh Samah Bay
    Image Credit :
    Located on the other side of Maya Bay, this bay is well-known for its scenic beauty and a small green island in the middle of it.  It is more commonly known for being an excellent snorkelling and diving spot for sighting much exotic fish.
  • 22Ko Phi Phi Don

    Ko Phi Phi Don
    Image Credit :
    The largest and the only permanently inhabited island of the Phi Phi Islands. This island is divided into two parts which are connected by a small strip of land, which is also the setting of the biggest town on the islands and hosts most of the resorts.
  • 23Loh Bagao Bay

    Loh Bagao Bay
    Image Credit :
    This 800 metres long bay is the location of the most prominent hotel in the region, Phi Phi Island Village Beach Resort. It is famous for its natural beauty and the family-friendly beach, which is mostly visited by people staying at the hotel, but other visitors can enjoy it too.
  • 24Pileh Lagoon

    Pileh Lagoon
    Image Credit :
    On the other side of Maya Bay and separated by it with a limestone cliff, this place is lesser known but is also unparalleled in its beauty and the clearest water you will ever see. The water is shallow, warm and crystal clear, making it a great spot to relax.
  • 25Long Dalam Bay

    Long Dalam Bay
    Image Credit :
    On the opposite side of Tonsai village, this beach may seem a little crowded at times, but the picturesque beauty of this place renders it irrelevant. Almost completely surrounded by limestone cliffs, this is one of the best in beaches and tourist places in Phi Phi Islands.

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