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Pattaya Floating Market Admission Ticket - Flat 25% off

Pattaya Floating Market Admission Ticket - Flat 25% off

3.0 33 Reviews
Coral Island Trip (koh Larn) near Pattaya - Flat 30% off

Coral Island Trip (koh Larn) near Pattaya - Flat 30% off

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3 Islands Hopping Tour with Snorkeling - Flat 25% off

3 Islands Hopping Tour with Snorkeling - Flat 25% off

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The Sanctuary of Truth Admission Ticket, Pattaya - Flat 22% off

The Sanctuary of Truth Admission Ticket, Pattaya - Flat 22% off

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Colosseum Show Ticket, Pattaya - Flat 15% off

Colosseum Show Ticket, Pattaya - Flat 15% off

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Nong Nooch Tropical Garden, Pattaya - Flat 28% off

Nong Nooch Tropical Garden, Pattaya - Flat 28% off

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Shared City Transfers between Pattaya and Bangkok - Flat 25% off

Shared City Transfers between Pattaya and Bangkok - Flat 25% off

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Kaan Show Admission Ticket - Flat 20% off

Kaan Show Admission Ticket - Flat 20% off

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Yunomori Onsen and Spa, Pattaya - Flat 20% off

Yunomori Onsen and Spa, Pattaya - Flat 20% off

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Underwater World Pattaya Admission Ticket - Flat 20% off

Underwater World Pattaya Admission Ticket - Flat 20% off

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Flyboarding in Pattaya - Flat 16% off

Flyboarding in Pattaya - Flat 16% off

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Colosseum Show Ticket, Pattaya - Flat 15% off

Colosseum Show Ticket, Pattaya - Flat 15% off

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Cartoon Network Amazone Ticket - Flat 15% off

Cartoon Network Amazone Ticket - Flat 15% off

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Frost Magical Ice of Siam Ticket - Flat 20% off

Frost Magical Ice of Siam Ticket - Flat 20% off

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Ramayana Waterpark in Pattaya - Flat 17% off

Ramayana Waterpark in Pattaya - Flat 17% off

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Kaan Show Admission Ticket - Flat 20% off

Kaan Show Admission Ticket - Flat 20% off

4.0 23 Reviews
  • If you are looking for a beguiling range of interesting activities you will find many things to do in Pattaya. You can indulge in the pleasures of nation’s lively party street. The sights and sounds that the Walking Street provides is simply terrific. You will be truly mesmerized by the architectural beauty which is displayed by the jaw dropping Sanctuary of Truth. This sanctuary emphasizes on the importance of the religion, philosophy and art on human development.

     If you are somewhere close to the grand theatre you should definitely watch the Tiffany’s Cabaret shows where you witness the performers wearing the most dazzling costumes. To make Pattaya look even more beautiful you can visit Nong Nooch which has landscaped gardens, flowers and other displays amongst others.

  • Must Do Things: Thrillophilia Recommendation

  • 01Parasailing

    Image Credit : Aj Garcia
    Get wings and soar in the sky with Parasailing in Pattaya. Soar like a bird in clear blue sky with the incredible view of vast stretch of ocean underneath, golden coastline and lush countryside. Feel the adrenaline flow through your body as you experience the thrills of parasailing in Pattaya. This activity is considered as one of the best things to do in Pattaya. 

    It is a low cost adventurous sport that can be done by first timers and experts alike. If you wish to glide through the wind with your other half, you can ask for a bigger parasail. Take the exhilarating parasailing through the winds to experience the most unforgettable ride of your life.

    Location: Parasailing is available in most of the parts in Pattaya. Koh Larn Island is the most popular destination. Pattaya beach and Jomtien beach are other areas to take parasailing.

    Price: The price for a short Parasailing trip in Pattaya will be around 500 Baht to 600 Baht.
  • 02Snorkelling at Far Islands

    Snorkelling at Far Islands
    Image Credit :  nicoyogui
    Snorkelling in the balmy and shallow water of Pattaya islands is one of the best things that you can do with family. The warm beaches and coral reefs of the islands provide the best snorkelling experience of your life. This is the best thing to do in Pattaya on an adventure day outing.

    Swim with the colourful tropical fishes and small sea turtles and explore the reefs in Pattaya. The tour boat will take you to the beautiful coral island and the boat staff will brief you about the snorkelling tips including the things you will see and where to go for snorkelling. Jump in to the pure beauty of ocean and experience the mesmerizing sea life.

    Location: Far Islands are the perfect place in Pattaya to go for snorkelling. The islands are located around twenty kilometres from Pattaya.

    Price: Per person price for a snorkelling trip is around 1500 baht. It is inclusive of hotel pick-up, guide, lunch, snorkelling gears and soft drinks.
  • 03Try Hot air balloon at Soth Beaches

    Try Hot air balloon at Soth Beaches
    Image Credit :  Narisa
    Pattaya is a beautiful land of amazing beaches, stunning landscapes, and incredible night life. Once you set foot on the Pattaya soil there is no way you cannot fall in love with it. However, if you really want to enjoy the panoramic view of the city, make sure you get yourself a hot air balloon ride.

    When the balloon slowly rises up in the air the true beauty of Pattaya unfolds before your eyes. When you will see green sea blending into the hazy horizon, you will know that every bit of your trip to this city was well worth it. Since the balloon ride happens at the time when the dusk is giving way to the dark, the skyline is all bedaubed with a host of breathtaking colours.

    Location: Beaches at South Pattaya

    Timing: Available throughout the day

    Price: Usually 300 Baht before noon and 1000-1200 Baht afternoon and evening
  • 04Scuba Diving

    Scuba Diving
    Image Credit :  skuds
    Experience the abundance and beauty of sea life and coral reef with Scuba diving in Pattaya. Whether you are an experienced diver or a first timer, with diving centres in Pattaya, you can feel the rich beauty of ocean and see the splendour with your own eyes.

    The massive corals, wrecks and shoals of fish will leave you wanting for more. Even if you do not have swimming experience, you can enjoy scuba diving in Pattaya. There are many shops that provide you certified courses at a reasonable price.

    Location: Most of the scuba diving centres in Pattaya are located in Ko Lan, Ko Sak and Ko Khrok. For experienced divers Ko Man Wichai and Ko Rin are ideal places.

    Price: For two dives including coral and wreck dive is 3,000 Baht. The duration depends on the number of dives. You can even get packages for 25 days diving.
    Discover Scuba Diving at Pattaya

    Discover Scuba Diving at Pattaya

    NNNNM24 Ratings

    h8 HourslPattaya

    Starting from


  • 05Visit Sanctuary of Truth (Prasat Sut Ja-Tum)

    Visit Sanctuary of Truth (Prasat Sut Ja-Tum)

    The Sanctuary of Truth is an amazing wooden building right on the beach in the Northern part of Pattaya. The building has been under construction now for more than 20 years, and it might take another 15 years before it is finished. 

    The Sanctuary of Truth is completely made out of wood, and all the delicate carvings are done by hand. Each of the four corners has a tower with figures from Thai, Cambodian, Indian and Chinese beliefs and legends. One must visit this place and add this to the itinerary.

    Highlights: Visiting the Sanctuary you will join a tour group with an English speaking tour guide, who will be able to explain about the concepts and ideas behind the building. Pass by the workshop and you can see a huge number of craftsmen working on the ornate sculptures, all of them hand carved from wood.

    Location: Naklua Road, Pattaya

    Timings: Opens every day from 8:00 - 17:00

    Price: 700 Baht for adults and 500 Baht for children.

  • 06Jet Ski at Pattaya Beach and Jomtien Beach

    Jet Ski at Pattaya Beach and Jomtien Beach
    Image Credit :  Dean Croshere
    With the year-round tropical environment, long stretch of sandy beaches and lapping ocean waves, Pattaya is a great destination for enjoying all types of water sports. If you love the speed, riding the Jet Ski will give you an enthralling experience.

    Run against the mighty ocean tides on the high-speed watercraft, let the waves lift you on air and fly through the haze of ocean water. Jet Skiing is one of the most adventurous water sports that can be enjoyed by parents and teenaged children alike. Even a beginner can enjoy the ride with a few basic instructions.

    Location: Jet Skis are available on several locations in Pattaya. The Pattaya beach and Jomtien Beach are two most popular destinations for those who are looking for some water sports adventure.

    Price: For a half an hour ride you can rent the Jet Ski at an average price of 700 Baht.
  • 07Stroll the Streets of Pattaya

    Stroll the Streets of Pattaya

    Walking Street is a red light district in the city of Pattaya, Thailand. It is a tourist attraction that draws foreigners and Thai nationals, primarily for the nightlife. The area includes seafood restaurants, live music venues, beer bars, discothèques, sports bars, go-go bars, and nightclubs. It is the most popular street and the night party makes it one of the best things to do in Pattaya.

    Walking Street is a carnival of shopping, eating and exhilarating nightlife that can't be beaten. From 7 pm to midnight and someTimingss till 2 am it is closed for any vehicles so you can safely walk and enjoy it. 

    Highlights: There are a few places that can’t be missed while visiting Walking Street; Club Insomnia, FLB, GoodFellas, AngelWitch are few among many. 

  • 08Pattaya Dolphin World

    Pattaya Dolphin World
    Pattaya Dolphin World situated in the city of Huay-Yai in Pattaya has become one of the city’s greatest amusement venues including Coral Reef Aquarium, Fish Farm, and a research centre. 

    This unique facility has been primarily developed to educate and entertain visitors of all ages while emphasizing the need for the conservation of dolphins and other endangered aquatic species in a safe manner and making it one of the best things to do in Thailand. The major draw of the facility is undeniably it's 45 minutes long fantastic performance by dolphins wherein they dance, juggle, paint and even play basketballs.

    Timings: Opens daily from 9 AM to 5 PM.

    Price: Approximate price starts from 300 Baht.
  • 09Visit Pattaya Night Bazaar

    Visit Pattaya Night Bazaar
    Image Credit :  calflier001
    Visit the Pattaya Night Bazaar to have a pleasurable shopping experience. Unlike the outdoor markets which become too crowded and hot during the day, Pattaya Night Bazaar offers you the opportunity to shop in the relaxing covered and air-conditioned structure. This is one of the best places to visit in Pattaya.

    It is a perfect place to buy souvenirs of your journey or to shop for trendy summer outfits. There are a number of shops inside which sells an assortment of items that you can buy as souvenirs like Thai Crafts, furniture and more.

    If you are looking for summer wares, you can get a lot of them at a very reasonable price. Whether it is jeans, t-shirts, shorts, tops, hats or scarves, you will find everything here. Pattaya Night Bazaar also sells a number of accessories like scented soaps, shoes and also bags and luggage. This major Thailand tourist attraction is also known as Made in Thailand Market.

    Location: Pattaya Second Road, South Pattaya
  • 10Go Karting near Bali Hai Pier

    Go Karting near Bali Hai Pier
    Image Credit :  cobaltfish
    Experience the thrill of speed with Go Karting in Pattaya. Let the adrenaline rush through your body when you manoeuvre the high speed Go-Kart on the racing track filled with drops and hair pin turns. Go-Karting is an excellent way to spend adventurous moments with family and friends.

    Even small children can enjoy the thrill of these racing karts. Whether you are on a fun filled vacation with family or on a corporate trip and looking for team building exercise, Go-Karting tracks in Pattaya is sure to offer you a day filled with adventure.

    Location: There are several locations where you can go for experiencing Go-Karting in Pattaya. Easy Go Kart track is a renowned race track next to Bali Hai Pier. This thrilling and adventurous sport can also be experienced at Pattaya Kart Speedway and Bira Kart.

    Price: The average price for 800 meters race track is 600 Baht.
  • 11Wakeboard at Sukhumvit Highway

    Wakeboard at Sukhumvit Highway
    Image Credit :  Ingolf Zeiner Petersen
    Pattaya is more than just a scenic destination. It is a place that offers amazing opportunities to enjoy the adventurous water sports. Experience the excitement of slashing the mighty ocean waves at a speed of thirty to forty kilometres per hour while you ride a wakeboard and pulled by a high-speed motor boat.

    Even if you are a beginner, by following a few basic guidelines you can experience this thrilling water adventure. So instead of just relaxing on the beautiful Pattaya beaches explore this lively water sport and have fun gliding on water.

    Location: Wakeboarding is available at Lake Land Cable Ski in Pattaya. It is a freshwater lake located on Sukhumvit Highway. It is just 5 km away from the main Pattaya city.

    Price: For a couple of hours the rate per person is 300 Baht. You can rent wakeboard for a whole day in just 500 Baht.
  • 12Ziplining at Khao Kheow

    Ziplining at Khao Kheow
    Enjoy the breathtaking view of the lush green jungles close Pattaya while you glide through the zip lines. The zip lines system in Pattaya is 3 km long with 26 platforms to glide your through Khao Kheow Open Zoo over the dense forest canopy.

    The exhilarating activity is sure to make the adrenaline in your body rush. You can also enjoy the add-on activities which include a course of forest and treetop obstacles like hanging bridges, Tarzan jumps, Flying Swings and many more. The tour will also include a visit to the neighbouring Khao Kheow Open Safari Park to experience the amazing wildlife, flora and fauna. 
    This activity is considered as one of the best things to do in Pattaya. 

    Khao Kheow Open Zoo located in Chonburi province is 90 mins drive from Pattaya.

    Price: The price of Zip lining tour starts from 3000 baht per person. Pay extra to combine the zip lining and forest obstacle course for a more wholesome experience.
  • 13Watch Pattaya Cabaret Show

    Watch Pattaya Cabaret Show
    A visit to Pattaya is incomplete without enjoying the nightlife and the nightlife in Pattaya is not whole until you have watched the Pattaya Cabaret Show. There are three main places where the cabaret shows are performed in Pattaya.

     Alcazar Cabaret Show, where 400 ladyboys give a stunning performance of dance, drama, music and comedy, Tiffany Cabaret Show, which was the first to popularize transvestite cabaret in Pattaya with its dazzling performance, lighting effect and music and Thai Alangkarn Show, which showcase the multifaceted Thai culture to the tourists. 
    This activity is considered as one of the best things to do in Thailand. 

    Watch the mesmerizing performance of gifted artists, witness great choreography and theatricals and enjoy the captivating lighting effect and music.

    Location: The three shows are located at North Pattaya, Chonburi.

    Timing: Shows start From 6 PM daily except for Thai Alangkarn Show which is open only Thursday to Tuesday

    Price: You can enjoy the show in Rs 710 per person.

    Colosseum Show Ticket, Pattaya - Flat 15% off

    Colosseum Show Ticket, Pattaya - Flat 15% off

    NNNNM41 Ratings

    h1 HourlPattaya


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  • 14Pattaya Cruise Tour

    Pattaya Cruise Tour
    Take a Cruise excursion to experience the breathtaking beauty of Pattaya with a white stretch of sandy beaches glittering in the sunlight, sparkling blue water on a backdrop of tropical trees and lush green mountains.

    The enthralling Pattaya islands offer you a great opportunity to spend time in the luxury of the cruise in the midst of captivating natural beauty and tranquillity. With diving, swimming and snorkelling opportunities, you will also get to explore the myriad sea life and coral reefs of the beautiful islands of Pattaya.

    Spend relaxing and luxurious time on the deck with drinks and cuisines and take in the surrounding beauty with the Cruise tour in Pattaya.

    Location: located just a few miles away from Pattaya coast, Koh Larn, Coral Island, Ko Phai, Ko Khrok, Ko Khram along with a few others are ideal for a cruise excursion.

    : Full day cruise tour may cost 1500 baht per person.

  • 15Amazon Fishing Park

    Amazon Fishing Park

    Amazon Fishing Park is one of the finest sports fishing parks in the city. Amazon has lakes stocked with some of the biggest and most elusive fish; you would pay a premium to have this kind of experience in the wild.

    Fish including Alligator Gar Fish, Great White Sheatfish and Red-tail Mystus are all pulled out of the waters on a daily basis and offer a real challenge for even the most experienced angler.

    Highlights: The facilities are quite basic with nothing fancy but the staff at Amazon do all they can to make your day beautifully comfortable, from setting up your line to bringing you food and refreshments, you literally don’t have to lift a finger.

    Location: Bang Lamung District, Chon Buri, Pattaya

    Timings: Opens from 8:00-20:00

    Price: 4,500 Baht for adults

  • 16Art in Paradise

    Art in Paradise

    Art in Paradise is a fun and fresh take on an art gallery that has closed the divide between art and spectator with three-dimensional paintings that are interactive and laugh-out-loud funny. 

    Through clever use of shading and borders, artists have painted directly on to walls to create stunning images that trick our eyes. The gallery has over 100 individual art pieces in ten themed sections, covering optical illusions, wild animals, nature, past civilizations and reproductions of classic art along with witty ones.

    Highlights: Photography is not only allowed but encouraged in this gallery. Art in Paradise also houses a small charming café where you can grab a bite.

    Location: Banglamung, Chonburi

    Timings: Open from 9:00 – 21:00

    Price: 500 Baht for foreign adults and 300 Baht for foreign children. 150 Baht for Thai citizen. 

  • 17Visit Splashdown Waterpark

    Visit Splashdown Waterpark
    Enjoy the thrilling water adventure games at Splashdown Water Park in Pattaya. Experience the unlimited fun with eight attractions including the world’s tallest waterslide, famous Big Blob which lets you jump and soar high in the sky, Big Red Ball, a path of large and bouncy Red balls and Zorb Mountain, a 70 m lush mountain to roll down.

    Refresh yourself with the delicious cocktails, soft drinks and cold beer available at the Splashdown Bar. Stop by the restaurant for a hearty meal of fried chicken and fries and satisfy your sweet tooth with chocolates and ice creams available at Splashdown Mini-mart.

    Location: The Water Park is located in Pong, on highway 36 near the Bira International race track.

    Price: Ticket price for Thai nationals is 650 baht. For non-Thai nationals it is 1500 Baht. The entry fee for non players is 200 Baht.

    Timing: 9 AM to 5 PM
  • 18Nong Nooch Tropical Botanical Garden

    Nong Nooch Tropical Botanical Garden

    Nong Nooch Garden is a beautifully landscaped park and can easily make for an all-day trip. The entire area is more like a theme park, with daily cultural shows, restaurants and accommodation as well as a vast area showcasing individually themed gardens. Visiting this place is a must thing to do in Pattaya.

    A leisurely stroll through the botanical park is like taking a journey around the world, through its many famous gardens, whether 17th-century French garden, Stonehenge, or European Renaissance garden.

    Highlights: An interesting feature is a skywalk; a shaded 1.1km elevated walkway that takes you through various gardens. Apart from the botanical park, Nong Nooch Garden features daily shows at the Thai Cultural Hall. Other activities include paddle boats, elephant rides and cycling.

    Location: Sukhumvit Road, Pattaya

    Timings: Opens from 9:00- 17:00

  • 19Elephant Trekking at Elephant Village Park

    Elephant Trekking at Elephant Village Park
    Pattaya with its dense tropical forests and elephant sanctuaries is a great place to go for trekking while riding on the majestic elephants. It is a great way to spend time close to nature and watch these mighty animals in their natural habitat. You can interact, communicate and care for the royal animals on a day spend on training and trekking.

    By doing so, you also get the satisfaction of contributing towards the protection of the elephants. Here you can watch elephants playing football, watch the elephant show to learn about these wild yet gentle animals, trek on the elephants’ back to the lush green countryside of Pattaya and witness the techniques of wild elephant capturing demonstrated by villagers.

    Location: Elephant Village Park and Chang Siam Park are ideal places to go for elephant trekking.

    Price: The combined price of elephant show and elephant trekking is 2500 baht per person.

  • 20Flyboarding

    Flyboarding in Pattaya - Flat 16% off

    Flyboarding in Pattaya - Flat 16% off

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  • 21ATV at Jungle Adventure

    ATV at Jungle Adventure
    Leave the hustle and bustle of the city aside to explore the calm and serene countryside of Pattaya on an ATV. The ATV Pattaya Jungle Adventure will take you on a guided tour off road away from the beaches, clubs and shopping malls to experience the miles of green stretches of farmland, jungles and creeks on a ride that you will never forget. Add this activity to the things to do in Pattaya itinerary.

    Venture the real Pattaya on Polaris 330cc Trailboss ATV Quad bikes and 360cc Fun Buggy's. These bikes are extremely easy to ride and even a first timer will be able to drive it comfortably.

    Location: ATV Pattaya Jungle Adventure is located next to Lake Mabprachan Resort ten kilometres away from central Pattaya. It is 20 minutes away from Pattaya Beach.

    Price: For a two hours trip the prices are 2800 baht for ATV Quad Driver, 3600 baht for Buggy Kart Driver and 1500 baht for Passenger /child.
  • 22Visit Pattaya Park Tower

    Visit Pattaya Park Tower
    Pattaya Park Tower is a very popular tourist destination which offers you a splendid panoramic view of the breathtaking beauty of Jomtien Bay and the glittering Pattaya city. This Pattaya attraction offers you the ultimate thrill of your life with challenge activities like Tower Jump at the height of 170 m and Sky Shuttle.

    It is the first and the highest tower on the seaside in Pattaya. The 55th floor of the tower has an observation deck while 52nd, 53rd and 54th floors have revolving restaurants providing delicious and sumptuous meals and seafood with lunch buffet and dinner. You can also get luxury accommodation at Family suites, Bungalows and Townhouses.

    Location: Thappraya Road, Jomtien Beach, 5 km from Pattaya city bus terminal and 8 km from railway station.

    : The Pattaya Park Tower is open from 11 AM to 10 PM.

    Price: The entrance fee is 200 baht per person.

  • 23Khao Chi Chan (“Buddha Mountain”)

    Khao Chi Chan (“Buddha Mountain”)

    Buddha Mountain is arguably the most splendid religious symbol in Pattaya. The image of Buddha sitting cross-legged, with one hand resting on his knee and the other in his lap, is engraved into the northern face of Khao Chi Chan. 

    The surrounding area is steeped with natural beauty, while Khao Chi Chan is its most prominent landmark and attraction; other facilities have sprung up around it to take advantage of the high level of passing trade in the form of Thai and foreign visitors to this remarkable place.Visiting this place is a must thing to do in Pattaya.

    Highlights: The grounds in front of Buddha Mountain include a temple, with saffron-robed monks a common sight, so appropriate clothing is recommended (clothing that covers shoulders and legs above the knee). Beyond this, there are no fees or restrictions on entering the grounds and getting up close to the awe-inspiring image.

    Location: Na Jomtien

    Timings: 08:00 – 17:00

  • 24Take a Boat Trip to the nearby Island of Koh Lanta

    Take a Boat Trip to the nearby Island of Koh Lanta

    Stretching from Klong Dao on the northern side and Bamboo Bay on the southern, Koh Lanta is probably amongst the most favored beaches in Thailand. The sheer size of the coastline is what attracts most beach bums to this stunning getaway.  

    For the adventurists, the popular places for diving are on the coasts of Hin Daeng, Hin Muang and Ko Haa. Lanta, is the pride and joy of Krabi and can be easily reached thanks to its relatively flat and accessible geology.

    Location: Krabi Province

    Highlights: Visit the Ban Saladan Tourist Centre, Khao Mai Kaew Caves, Visit Ko Lanta Noi and the Lanta Old Town, a diverse and culturally rich village. 

  • 25Visit Chang Siam Park

    Visit Chang Siam Park
    Image Credit : permanently scatterbrained
    It is must visit Chang Siam Park, located at the centre of the forest, in Pattaya to observe and interact with elephants in their natural habitat. If you are fascinated by the charming elephants and want to have an authentic experience among them, you will get this opportunity at Chang Siam. It is a famous Thailand tourist place to visit.

    Interact closely with elephants, learn to feed them and give them a bath and ride them. Here, you will not be a tourist taking a ride on an elephant, but you will be as a friend, learning to understand, interrelate and communicate with the elephants and experience the harmony between human, wildlife, and nature. You can also visit the adjoining zoo or take a hike through the forest to enjoy the waterfall.This is one of the best places to visit in Pattaya.

    The Chang Siam Elephant Park is located just 20 minutes drive from Central Pattaya.

    One-day training and trekking price for one person is 1,800 Baht.

  • 26Dirt Bike Riding

    Dirt Bike Riding
    Enduro Madness - Full Day Dirt Bike Riding in Pattaya

    Enduro Madness - Full Day Dirt Bike Riding in Pattaya

    NNNNM27 Ratings

    h8 HourslPattaya

    Starting from


  • 27Million Years Stone Park & Pattaya Crocodile Farm

    Million Years Stone Park & Pattaya Crocodile Farm
    Image Credit : Aziz J.Hayat

    The Million Years Stone Park and Crocodile Farm has been designed to attract tourists with bonsai type trees, fossilized trees, colorful flowers, stones, water, and so on. The crocodile show is performed several times a day in order to respond to the need of visitors coming to the farm in different times. 

    Although its name indicates only crocodile farm, there are also other animals present inside the farm. Along the pavement, visitors can see amazing form of giant stones, a plenty of flowers, and dwarf trees.

    Highlights: The major attraction of this destination is obviously the crocodile show where the staff wrestles and play with the crocodiles. The park also features a restraint and the adventurous can try a few crocodile delicacies that the restaurant is famous for.

    Location:  Bang Lamung District, Chon Buri, Thailand.

    Timings: Opens from 8:30 -18:30

    Price: 300 Baht

  • 28Horizon Bar, Hilton

    Horizon Bar, Hilton
    True to its brand name, Hilton Group’s Horizon Bar is luxury and elegance personified. Situated on the 34th floor, this bar provides an excellent view of Pattaya city, especially when visited after sun set.

    This Pattaya attraction tends to get too crowded during weekends; hence it is better to book your seats in advance. Take your cameras along with you, as you can capture some exciting images of the Pattaya city line during the night hours from this bar.

    Highlights - There are 3 private dining rooms in this bar and guests can choose one of them for a superior quality experience. During sunset hours, there are promotional offers where you get one cocktail free when you buy one. Ginger Vodka is a must try here.

     - Just around 1km from Walking Street.

    Price - Quite steep; you might need to shell out around Rs 850 per bottle of wine.

  • 29Visit Naklua Fish Market

    Visit Naklua Fish Market
    Naklua Fish Market is one of the best and largest fish market in Pattaya selling a wide assortment of seafood, both fresh and cooked. This market gives you an opportunity to savour the freshest seafood at a very reasonable price. There are many barbeque stalls where you can take your freshly bought seafood and get them cooked.

     At a very nominal fee, they will cook you the mouth watering dish which you can enjoy in the nearby Lan Pho Park. The market is not only popular among the locals but a large number of tourists also visit the place every year. A visit to the nearby Naklua village will take you away from the hubbub of city to witness the slow paced Thai life.

    Location: Located just 10 minutes from Pattaya Beach Road and right next to Naklua Beach.

     Price: The seafood can be bought here at very reasonable price.

  • 30Visit Louis Tussaud’s Waxworks

    Visit Louis Tussaud’s Waxworks
    Image Credit :
    The Louis Tussaud’s Waxworks Museum in Pattaya has sixty-eight wax statues mostly from the entertainment industry. There are nine zones of waxwork with each zone dedicated to different categories of celebrities from pop stars to political leaders. You can see wax statues of Tata Young, Will Smith, Miley Cirus, Tiger Woods, Bruce Lee, Michael Jackson and many other celebrities from the entertainment world.

    It also has wax statues of political leaders like Mahatma Gandhi, Hitler and Dalai Lama. The major attractions for children are the statues of famous Harry Potter, the protagonist of a renowned magical novel series for children, Princes Diana, Dracula and villains from Batman.

    Location: The wax museum is located in Royal Garden Shopping Mall, Pattaya.

    Timing: You can visit the museum from 11 AM to 11 PM every day.

    Price: The price per person for adults is 600 baht. The price for children is 300 baht.
  • 31Visit Wat Chai Mongkon

    Visit Wat Chai Mongkon
    The incredible land of Pattaya is very well known for its amazing lifestyle and some mesmerizing beaches. However, there the place has so much more to offer than that. Wat Chai Monkhon, a marvellous agglomeration of beautiful temples is one thing you will not want to miss. Especially if you are someone who is in love with the style of Sino Thai, then you must certainly stroll in and around this monument.

    A quintessential Thai construction, this place is perfect sanctuary for those seeking tranquillity and transcendental experience. It is in perfect contradistinction to the astir and buzzy parts of the city. You will spot many tourists as well as locals here. Visit this temple anytime between 2 to 4 pm so that you can enjoy taking beautiful pictures. 
    Add this activity to the things to do in Pattaya itinerary.

    Location: Less than 5 km southeast to Ayutthaya

    Timing: Remains open till 6PM

    Price: The part of your Pattaya tour package

  • 32Hard Rock Café Pattaya

    Hard Rock Café Pattaya
    Image Credit :
    If you are a rock and roll lover, you will surely love Hard Rock Café Pattaya. The place with its American ambience and lively atmosphere provides unlimited entertainment to the night owls like you, who would love to explore the nightlife in Pattaya.

    The restaurant itself is an excellent property located amidst a canopy of pine trees.

    – Do not miss to shop from Rock Shop in this café, as you get to shop from exciting souvenirs. Night parties are made more lively and exciting at Hard Rock Café, thanks to the talented DJs who perform here. You can enjoy food and drinks here until 2 in the morning. The café offers a great choice of food and drink that attract people from all countires who come here.

    Location - In close proximity to Floating Market & Walking Street.

  • 33Jomtien Beach

    Jomtien Beach

    With a 6 km stretch of sand, Jomtien beach is a perfect place to find some quiet time from the hustle and bustle of Pattaya in Thailand. You can spend a leisurely day on the sandy shores of the beach or indulge in the various activities provided near the beach. 

    Highlights: If you do not love relaxing on the beach, there are myriad of things to indulge in.  Either you can carve your hunger in some of the finest restaurants in the area or you can have a peaceful walk in the renowned botanical gardens. If you are looking for some water sports, enthralling water parks are waiting for you near the beach. There are even some of the awe-inspiring sites, highlighting the authentic Thai culture and religion.

    Getting There: This beach is only 9.6 km from Pattaya. The visitors can take direct buses from the city to the beach.

  • 34Visit Anek Kuson Sala

    Visit Anek Kuson Sala
    Anek Kuson Sala also known as Viharn Sien is an enticing Chinese temple turned museum with exclusive collection of Chinese artefacts. Here you will find some of the unique artefacts including terracotta figures of Buddha followers, arhats and other terracotta figurines of horses, sepulchres, chariots and soldiers. It also has umpteen numbers of paintings, sculptures and earthenware and bronze ware.

    There are many figurines of Chinese gods and a jade statue of Guanyin. Besides the famous artefacts, the structure is also admired for its beautiful architecture. The museum is located in the Wat Yansangwararam Temple complex, next to a splendid lake. Upon entering, you will see two stone Peking lions and other Chinese mythological figures.

    : 20 kilometers away from Pattaya City, the museum sits on the beautiful Wat Yansangwararam Temple complex next to the lake.

    Timing: 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM

    Price: Admission ticket is 50 Baht per person.

  • 35Visit Elephant Village

    Visit Elephant Village
    The Elephant Village in Pattaya is a safe sanctuary for those elephants where they can live as close to their natural habitat as possible. It offers you a once in a lifetime opportunity to spend time close to this magnificent creation of nature. Visiting this place is a must thing to do in Pattaya.

    The sanctuary inhabits and cares for former working elephants which are ill or suffering injuries. This is a great opportunity for you to do your part in saving and caring for these elephants. It is a non-profit sanctuary and the fee that is paid by you goes to improve and provide facilities to these elephants. You can watch the training show and go for elephant trekking in this unique sanctuary.

    Location: The Elephant village is located 7km off Sukhumvit.

    Timing: Elephant show starts at 2:30 PM.

    Price: Price for Elephant Show is 500 baht per person. Price for elephant trek is 2000 baht per person.

  • 36Mixx Discotheque at Walking Street

    Mixx Discotheque at Walking Street
    Mixx Discotheque is easily one of the best nightclubs in Pattaya when it comes to interiors and design.

    This place, which has been one of the hot favourites of party animals in Pattaya for a long time now, has two clubs, in which guests can sit and enjoy their drinks along with the scintillating dance performances of the Russian beauties, Thai women and well-known DJs. Rouge Club and Cyrstal Palace are the two clubs of this place. 
    Add this activity to the things to do in Pattaya itinerary.

    Highlights - This joint is preferred by Russian tourists mainly because most of the girls who perform here are from Russia. Due to its high maintenance, the club charges its guests more than what its contemporaries charge; however it is worth every dime, as services are of top class here.

     - Walking Street.

    Price - Around Rs 400 per beer, but you get two beers when you buy one anytime until 1AM, which is exactly when the club starts getting a large number of visitors.

  • 37Watch Alcazar, The Lady-Boy Show

    Watch Alcazar, The Lady-Boy Show
    Image Credit : John Shedrick
    Alcazar is a just the right example of the magnificence of world-famous nightlife of Pattaya. This one of its kind transvestite cabaret show of Pattaya is considered to be the best in the world.

    It was first established in 1981, and since then the show is entertaining people with the lovely performance of extremely talented and stunning ladyboys, extravagant costumes, superior choreography, amazing theatricals, astounding music and enchanting backlighting.

    The state-of-the-art theatre, with perfect light and sound system and a capacity of entertaining 1200 people, serves the tourists and locals alike with the amalgamation of modern technology and brilliant shows. It is a great way to spend fun time with family and friends. 
    Add this activity to the things to do in Pattaya itinerary.

    : Pattaya 2nd road

    Timing: The show runs for approximately 70 minutes. Daily show starts at 5 PM, 6:30 PM, 8 PM and 9:30 PM.

    Price: The price is 600 baht per person.

  • 38Lucifer Disko TK

    Lucifer Disko TK
    This is yet another famous nightclub located on Walking Street in Pattaya. The club offers great and uninterrupted music from the time it opens around 9PM till it closes (around 5am the next day) for its guests.

    Highlights - There are 2 areas of enjoying music here. The area at the front is quieter, where a live band plays Western music and where salsa dance performances take place. From here, you can also get to see the night life of Walking Street. The area at the back is noisier with rock music at its full flow, performed by well-known DJs. The club is relatively huge; however it gets jam-packed during weekends. So you need to come as soon as it opens to get a good view of the girls and performances.

     - Walking Street. The huge neon logo of the club makes it easily identifiable.

    Price - Close to Rs 220 per beer.

  • 39Try Fishing

    Try Fishing
    Image Credit :  yamuhaton
    Pattaya offers you opportunity to go for both freshwater and deep sea fishing. Throughout the region you will find the shops to rent the required gears for fishing. Whether you are a beginner or veteran you can enjoy the fishing experience with many fishing parks in Pattaya.

    You can learn techniques like spearing, trapping, hand catching etc. Moreover these parks have on site kitchens to serve you the tasty meal prepared from your catch. You can catch arapaima, alligator gar, Mekong giant catfish, striped catfish, spotted featherback, rohu, barramundi, tilapia and many more species of fishes in Pattaya.

    Location: There are fishing parks throughout Pattaya. Some of them are Amazon Fishing Park, Pattaya Fishing Park and Giant Fishing Park. Fishing village of Bang Saray offers you the opportunity of experience deep sea fishing.

    Price: At a range of 4,500 Baht you will get the transportation, fishing equipments, guide and meal.
  • 40Paintball

    Pattaya offers you a multitude of sports activities to make your holiday the most unforgettable time of your life. Paintball can be played in team or individually. It is a fun and adventurous sport which you can play with your family and friends.

    Just take a paintball marker and tag your opponent by splashing them with beautiful colours. You can enjoy paintball at both indoor and outdoor fields in Pattaya. Enjoy activities like capture the flag and spend the whole day attacking opponents with colours.

    Location: You can enjoy this amazing and vibrant game at World at War Paintball Park which is located in South Pattaya at Thepprasit Road. Jomtien Paintball World at Jomtien Beach Road and Pattaya Paintball Club at Soi Bonkai are also popular sites for enjoying Paintball.

    Price: Price depends on the number of bullets. On an average you can get around 50 bullets at 400 baht.
  • 41Visit Tuxedo illusion Hall

    Visit Tuxedo illusion Hall
    If you love illusion and magic tricks, you must visit the Tuxedo illusion hall in Pattaya to view some of the most incredible tricks by professional illusionists. Spend a fun-filled evening with excitement, enjoyment, and thrill.

    The Tuxedo illusion hall is the first in Thailand to perform live illusion shows. This Pattaya attraction includes all kinds of trickery and illusions, so clever and exciting that you will marvel it long after the show. Click photos with the illusionary headless body and other illusions. It is a great entertainment for kids as well.

    The Tuxedo Illusion Hall is located on Pattaya 2nd Road. The first floor has a wall of illusion and the second floor consists of theatre where the shows are performed.

    Timing: It is a one and half hour show. The timing is 1 PM to 9 PM.

    Price: The price is around 100 baht per person.
  • 42Alangkarn Pattaya Show

    Alangkarn Pattaya Show
    The Thai Alangkarn Theater Show in Pattaya is the largest epic culture theatre in Pattaya which presents nightly the most mesmerizing and award-winning cultural performance of Thai myth and history. The Alangkarn Theatre is a splendidly designed gigantic theatre with a capacity of 2,000 seats.

    It is the most popular live culture performance in Pattaya with a Hexa stage large enough to include a band of elephant performers on stage and some of the most breathtaking stage scenes to ever be seen including pyro technique fireworks. 
    This is an amazing place to visit in Pattaya and should top your bucket list.

    The Thai Alangkarn Theater Show in Pattaya has an option for dinner and show with a full Thai and International buffet after the performance.

    Location: Sukhumvit Rd, Na Chom Thian, Sattahip District

    Timings: 6:00 PM onwards. Open daily except on Wednesdays.

    Price: Approximate price ranges from Rs 1200 to Rs 2500
  • 43Spa Experience at 7spa

    Spa Experience at 7spa
    Spa Experience at 7spa

    Spa Experience at 7spa

    NNNMM28 Ratings

    h4 HourslPattaya

    Starting from


  • Other Things to Do in Pattaya


    Must do things in Pattaya

    44. Pattaya Lakeland Cable Ski
    45. Pattaya Shooting Park
    46. Experience the SKY Pattaya Rocket Ball Ride
    47. Enjoy the Flight of the Gibbon
    48. Explore the Koh Samet island
    49. Pattaya Golf
    50. Skydiving with Thai Sky Adventures
    51. Pattaya Cart Speedway
    52. Eat at The Glass House
    53. Visit Sriracha Tiger Zoo
    54. Relax at three kingdom park
    55. Explore the Mini Siam
    56. Visit Monster Aquarium
    57. Visit Bali Hai Pier
    58. Take spa at Royal Garden Spa
    59. Sunset at Pattaya Viewpoint 
    60. Have fun at  Pattaya Park
    61. Try Thai Masaage at Among Thai Massage
    62. Visit Viharn Sien
    63. Enjoy nature and fine wines at Silverlake
    64. Thani Pattaya Tai village culture and the arts
    65. Visit Wat Yansangwararam
    66. Hike to Phra Tamnak Mountain (Phrabat Mountain)
    67. Eat Annette’s Ice Cream
    68. Visit Anek Kuson Sala Pattaya

    Things to Do in Pattaya with kids

    69. Pattaya Sheep Farm
    70. Ripley’s Believe It Or Not
    71. Ten Pin Bowling Pattaya
    72. Play Football at K Football Stadium Pattaya
    73. Central Festival Pattaya Beach
    74. Frost Magical Ice of Siam
    75. Enjoy a DIY Pizza Buffet with the kids
    76. Bottle Art Museum
    77. Underwater World Pattaya 
    78. Teddy Bear Museum
    79. Go wild at Harbor Land Pattaya
    80. Have fun at Pirate-themed Cruise in Pattaya
    81. Harbor Land Pattaya
    82. Pattaya Boxing world
    83. Cartoon Network Amazone Waterpark 
    84. Ramayana Water Park Pattaya
    85. Big Bee Farm Pattaya

    Things to Do in Pattaya at  Night

    86. FFlic Cliff & Pool Club
    87. Muay Thai Boxing
    88. Planet Earth Beach Club
    89. Siam@Siam Design Hotel Pattaya
    90. Beach Road Soi 7
    91. Soi Buakhao
    92. Iron Club

    Where to Go Shopping in Pattaya

    93. Central Festival Pattaya
    94. Royal Garden Plaza Pattaya
    95. Pattaya Floating Market
    96. Outlet Mall Pattaya
    97. Central Center Pattaya
    98. Mike Shopping Mall
    99. One Tambon, One Product(OTOP Shops)
    100. Thepprasit Road Night Market
    101. Pattaya Night Bazaar



Pattaya Night Bazaar

Visit the Pattaya Night Bazaar to have a pleasurable shopping experience. Unlike the outdoor markets which become too crowded and hot during the day, Pattaya Night Bazaar offers you the opportunity to shop in the relaxing covered and air conditioned structure. It is a perfect place to buy souvenirs of your journey or to shop for trendy summer outfits. There are a number of shops inside which sells assortment of items that you can buy as souvenirs like Thai Crafts, furniture and more. If you are looking for summer wares, you can get a lot of them at a very reasonable price. Whether it is jeans, t-shirts, shorts, tops, hats or scarves, you will find everything here. Pattaya Night Bazaar also sells a number of accessories like scented soaps, shoes and also bags and luggage. It is also known as Made in Thailand Market.

Location: Pattaya Second Road, South Pattaya

Planet Earth Beach Club

This is one of the Thailand’s best open air pool clubs. There are parties almost every single day with different themes. The entire club is situated around a big swimming pool which is constructed in a shady area.

Highlights – There are different sized beds available in the pool which you can get on a first come-first serve basis free of cost; however you can pay for the same and pre book it if you need to book beds for a group. You can relax by the pool and have drinks along with your friends and family when you come here. Do not miss to enjoy the pool under LED lights.

– Off Jomtien Beach Road on Soi 15.

Timings – The bar is open from 11AM to 11PM.

Price – Entry fee into the pool club is THB200 per person, which includes a complimentary drink as well. Minimum of THB1500 for advance booking of small beds for 4 people.


Siam@Siam Design Hotel Pattaya

Bars are what define the nightlife of Pattaya. All the upmarket hotels in and around Pattaya have well-furnished bars that have state of the art technology in them. Siam@Siam Design Hotel is one of them. The bars at this high scale resort contain unique features and facilities, which blow your minds away. Oozing with luxury all around, this hotel is perfect when you want to celebrate any important event in your life.

- This is the first wet bar in Thailand. The Roof-Top Sky Bar located on 24th and 25th floors is a must try in this resort. As you sip exotic champagnes, beers and other varieties of cocktails, you get to enjoy a panoramic view of Pattaya right beneath you. There is a theatre at this bar which airs classic English movies. Don’t miss to enjoy cocktails by the swimming pool when you are here.

Location – Tambon Nong Prue, at about 4min from the Art in Paradise Museum.


Soi Buakhao

If you want to run away from the madness of Walking Street but don’t want to lose out on your share of fun during the nights in Pattaya, come to Soi Buakhao, the quieter sister of Walking Street. Though the place is not as busy or buzzing with bars and pubs like Walking Street, Soi Buakhao has its own share of night clubs that offer guests full value for money.

Highlights - Since it is located in close proximity to most of the tourist sites in Pattaya, Soi Buakhao is an instant hit among foreign tourists. There are lots of hotels here offering cheap yet quality accommodation and other services to guests who are looking for affordable options.

– Totally about 1.5km in length, this area is located between Central Pattaya & South Pattaya Roads.

Price – At certain clubs in this area, a beer costs just around THB30.


Candy Shop

If you are looking for a club that has one of the best music bars in Walking Street Pattaya, Candy Shop is the place to be. The live bands that play excellent music here attract lots of people – both local and foreign. These internationally popular bands perform some of the best hip hop & RnB numbers that mesmerise the young and energetic guests at the bar. The ambience is great, music is soothing, customer service is excellent and overall experience is enjoyable at this club.

Highlights – This is the only open air club on Walking Street. It has got a beautiful patio area , where you can sit and enjoy your drinks as you watch the crowds buzzling by Walking Street. Try out their excellent varieties of cocktails as well.

– Only open bar, so it is unique and easily accessible on Walking Street.

Price – Around THB70 for a beer.


Marine Disco

Marine Disco is the biggest and oldest (been around for 30 years) nightclubs in Pattaya and Walking Street area. The club is located on the first floor of Dollhouse bar and guests can get into the club through an escalator that is located right at the main entrance.

Highlights - The pub is so huge that there are 7 pool tables here that occupy around 33% of the club area. One can find a huge stage where a live music band plays almost twice a week, during weekends. On other days, this stage is used as a big dance floor for guests to showcase their dancing skills. Foreign tourists are the main clients of Marine Disco. You can find a lot of freelancer girls working in this bar, with whom you can make gentle advances, based on your requirements.

– Right in the centre of the Walking Street, it is hard to miss this place.

Price – Around THB100 for a beer.


Iron Club

Located in the busy Walking Street, Iron Club is one of the biggest adult bars in Thailand and is one of the most entertaining too for those who seek spice in their lives. The soothing music of the DJs and the beautiful waitresses here are two of the most attractive features of this bar. The interiors are not too great, but the hospitality of these girls more than make up for the same.

Highlights – Visit the bar for its music and customer-friendly services. All your requests are granted with a smile by the girls working in this bar. Do not miss the Jacuzzi performances if you want ultimate excitement. Heineken beers are served chill, just the way you want, at this place.

– Walking Street, just opposite to Soi 15.

Price – A draught Heineken costs around THB85 and cocktails are around THB125.


Sukhawadee Mansion

Sukhawadee Mansion is on the right side of Sukhumvit Road while one arrives from Bangkok to Pattaya. It is one of those structures that one definitely cannot miss! It is considered to be a legacy to the Thai Kingdom and there is no other legacy like this to be found elsewhere in the whole country. The pastel colors that are employed to harmonize the different parts of the mansion are worth the admiration. Cameras are not allowed inside the mansion, as there are few areas where you are not allowed to take photographs. The most interesting thing here is the inclusion of Chinese Figure that is considered as a hailer of good fortune.

: Conference/ Meeting Rooms, Cafes, Restaurants, Location: Bang Lamung District, Chon Buri, Thailand. It is undoubtedly the best place to visit if you have ample of time and money with you but the visit is worth it.

Tuxedo illusion Hall

If you love illusion and magic tricks, you must visit the Tuxedo illusion hall in Pattaya to view some of the most incredible tricks by professional illusionists. Spend a fun-filled evening with excitement, enjoyment, and thrill. The Tuxedo illusion hall is the first in Thailand to perform live illusion shows. Here you can see all kinds of trickery and illusions, so clever and exciting that you will marvel it long after the show. Click photos with the illusionary headless body and other illusions. It is a great entertainment for kids as well.

The Tuxedo Illusion Hall is located on Pattaya 2nd Road. The first floor has a wall of illusion and the second floor consists of theatre where the shows are performed.

Timing: It is a one and half hour show. The timing is 1 PM to 9 PM.

Price: The price is around 100 baht per person.

Beach Road Soi 7

There are lots of bars on Soi 7 on the Pattaya Beach Road. These bars are the cheaper cousins to the famous and posh night clubs in Walking Street. Most of these are beer bars which offer great service to guests at affordable rates.

Highlights – Since they are closer to the beach, the bars on Soi 7 are highly preferred by a wide range of foreign tourists who come here from different parts of the world. There are at least 50 bars on this road. Along with dance floors, excellent DJs playing non- stop music, great choices of beverages in the form of beers and cocktails, most of the bars also have pool tables with beautiful Thai women who will give guests company, provided you pay for them.

– Close to the famous Pattaya Beach.

Price – Around THB90 per beer.


Club Insomnia

If there is one place in Pattaya where guests are entertained by high-voltage music and light shows all through the night on all days of the week, it is Club Insomnia. The ambience in this club is very energetic and you can see a large number of international tourists having a whale of a time here.

Highlights - As some of the world’s reputed DJs play scintillating techno music plays on in the background, the dance floors of this stylish night club is open for guests. Colourful laser shows add to the exuberance of the atmosphere in this club. The bar is located on the ground floor with the dance club above it.

– Walking Street.

Price – Around THB150 to THB200 per beer; however, every day, you can avail 50% off on your drinks during happy hours (10 to 12 in the night).



One of the exclusive discotheque areas in Pattaya, Lima Lima is a modern nightclub that offers great music and a brilliant ambience for its guests. There are a couple of spacious dance floors where guests can let go of all their inhibitions and dance till they have had enough of it. This nightclub has already partnered with many international music giants like Bob Sinclair, Prodigy, Blake Jarrell and many more. The club’s inauguration was in style as it was launched by a performance from TIESTO, the world’s leading DJ today.

Highlights - Lots of international dancers perform at this nightclub and this is something that you wouldn’t notice much in other clubs.

Location – Bali Hai Plaza, towards the end of Walking Street.

Price – Around THB150 for a beer.


Airport Club

As the name indicates, Airport Club is based on the theme of an airport and is one of the most entertaining bars in Pattaya. Once you enter the bar, you will get a first-hand feel of the busy nightlife of Pattaya. The bar is crowded almost every day, so you have to book or rush if you want a comfortable seat to watch all the beautiful girls dressed like air hostesses who are waiting to serve you.

Highlights - The interiors are swankier than most of the other night bars in Pattaya. Book a seat close to a Jacuzzi, so that you get to enjoy great dance performances from an awesome location.

– Right next to the Iron Bar, towards the right on Walking Street.

Price – Happy hours are on till 10PM every day, so you can get a good deal on draft beers and various types of cocktails.


FFlic Cliff & Pool Club

FFlic Cliff & Pool Club is one of those restaurants that provides you great food, greater ambience, enjoyable experience and a stronger desire to come back. Enjoy your dinner by the pool right in the heart of Pattaya city. This is considered to be one of the best places in Pattaya if you want to enjoy pool parties.

Highlights - Located atop a cliff by the Cosy Beach, this place offers various options where you can enjoy your drinks. There is a swim-up bar, a large bar and a mini bar where you get bottled beverages at affordable rates. There is enough parking facility for guests here. For its great quality of food and drinks and highly hospitable staff, this place has earned the reputation of guests within a short span of time.

– Phratamnak Hill.

Price – Around THB100 per beer and minimum of THB200 for food.


The Pier Disco Club

This is one of the best places to party all night in Pattaya with friends and family. If you love electronic music, you will never regret your decision of coming here. The place is quite spacious with standard interiors. There are balconies where you can enjoy your drinks as you watch the performances of live bands, DJs and beautiful Thai women that happen across the 6 stages here.

Highlights – The laser show in this night club is the best you will see on Walking Street. Customer service is excellent here and the prices are affordable; hence the place has been regarded as one of the top 5 nightclubs in Pattaya.

– Right at the centre of Walking Street.

Price – Around THB100 per beer; however if you buy a drink for one of the Thai women here, it might cost you around THB200 per beer.


Baccara A-Go-Go

This is one of the swanky bars in Pattaya and guarantees you unlimited entertainment as it has the largest number of girls when compared to other bars on Walking Street. The interiors are stylish and the music flows non-stop, giving you a great deal of excitement. The girls who perform various dances and serve you drinks are very friendly and keep on changing, thereby giving you a lot of variety.

Highlights – There are two floors – ground-floor being the common area where guests get to witness exciting performances form girls and an upper floor which is more private and where girls offer private services. The highlight is the glass floor on this upper floor that offers a free view of the happenings going on upstairs.

– You can find this nicely sandwiched between Soi Diamond and Soi BJ on Walking Street.

Price – On an average of THB7-to THB100 per beer in addition to ladies drinks which come to around THB 100 per beer.

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