Chalong Bay Rum Distillery Phuket Overview

Chalong Bay Rum Distillery is Phuket’s award-winning distillery that manufactures exotic rum and gin from the sustainably grown Thai sugarcane using traditional French techniques. Guided distillery tours and workshops about the art of making cocktails and mocktails are main attractions of the distillery. The in-house restaurant and bar offers a fine dining experience in a tropical environment for the luncheon.

Chalong Bay Rum Distillery happens to be one of the popular names in the handcraft rum industry that binds together traditional French art of distillation with the rich heritage of Thailand. It still uses traditional copper imported all the way from France to keep up the art of the century-old distillation process. Chalong Bay Rum Distillery has been able to produce an award-winning rum of incredible character, smoothness, and originality that makes their work stand out. The main credit however goes to the 100% natural Thai sugarcane contained within the corked bottles of Rum.  

Taking an exploration tour of the distillery during your Thailand trip, you will get to know more about the inner workings of the distillery as well as get a glimpse of the rum-making process. You will also get a chance to discover the magic of spirit creatures and the process of crafting rum from the sustainably grown Thai Sugarcane. 

The makers of one of the best rums in the world make sure that you get to enjoy the purity of all its ingredients. With a novel approach, the makers have involved a state of the art and innovative approach towards sustainable production, craftsmanship, and boosting local enterprise. The local farmers play a major in the rum-making process by being true partners sticking to the core traditional values. 

While you are on a trip to the distillery, you will get to explore the sugarcane fields where the best sugarcanes are grown. You will get a chance to have a glimpse of the juice-making process, a peep into the fermentation process, and the state of the art distillation process. A sip of the rum at the distillery is inevitable and at the end, you can taste the best rum crafted with love.

History of Chalong Bay Rum Distillery

The Chalong Bay Rum Distillery is a great place to visit for a relaxed morning or afternoon of rum tasting. The Chalong Bay Rum Distillery's objective is to make really unique handcrafted rum using sustainable production methods that combine the French skill of distillation with Thailand's rich sugarcane legacy.

It seems weirdly reasonable to construct a boutique rum distillery on a tropical Asian island. Sugarcane, the root ingredient of rum, is native to Thailand, which is currently the world's fourth-largest producer. For example, they barely produce 40,000 liters of distilled spirit per year, which is a tenth of the Caribbean's smallest industrial distillery.

Bacardi, on the other hand, manufactures 100,000 bottles each day at a single factory in Puerto Rico. The distillery is proud of its environmental credentials, using only the finest Thai sugarcane supplied from local farmers and harvested by hand.

And, unlike mass-market items, the soil here produces "high-quality molasses," which is distilled nearby to keep it fresh. Chalong Bay's creative workmanship has resulted in an award-winning rum with great flavor, allowing the 100 percent natural Thai sugarcane housed within to shine through.


• A rare blend of rum that has been crafted with passion making use of sustainable farming approaches and age-old distillation methods.
• Get to know more about the rum-making process starting from the sugar fields to the bottling unit passing through juice making, fermentation, and ageing processes.
• Get to taste the very first drop of rum from the barrels that have aged for a considerable time.
• Peep into the age-old traditional values and culture used in making an award-winning rum of incredible character, smoothness, and originality.

How To Reach

By Car or Taxi: The Chalong Bay Rum Distillery is located at a distance of 7 km. It takes about 15 - 20 minutes to cover the distance by Route 4201. 

By Tuktuk: You can also reach the distillery by taking the most economical local transport of Thailand in just 30 minutes from the city centre.

Best Time To Visit

The best time to visit Chalong Bay Rum Distillery is in the evening, when the sun is about to set offering a mesmerising sky for you to cherish with your snacks and beverages. For a less crowded experience visit the place during morning hours.

Other Essential Information

1.How the rum is done

The rum manufactured at Chalong Bay Distillery is made by distilling sugarcane juice taken from Thai sugarcane that is organic and pesticide-free.

That implies all of the raw materials required to distill the spirit were farmed and gathered by Thai farmers themselves. Sugarcane juice is fermented first, then distilled to make rum.

The sugar is converted to alcohol during the fermentation process, which is then evaporated via a series of tubes in the French copper still.

Because water and alcohol evaporate at different temperatures, the separation happens spontaneously as the two gasses travel through separate tubes.

The tubes are subsequently cooled, allowing the gas to return to a liquid state. The distillery produces and bottles all of the Chalong Bay Rum on site.

The labeling procedure is solely done by hand, and there are no production machines for it. The fact that perhaps the rum is made from sugarcane rather than molasses, a byproduct of sugar production, distinguishes it from the majority of commonly produced rums such as Bacardi.

2. Cane Crush Restaurant

 Conclude your tour with a lunch or dinner at Cane Crush, a wonderfully built restaurant facing the distillery, to round out your experience. The restaurant offers Asian-inspired dishes, vegetarian alternatives, and a range of drinks made with Chalong Bay's award-winning rum and fresh, local ingredients.

In the calm tranquility of the sugarcane garden, diners can explore different and enticing flavor combinations as they experience Asian inspired cuisine. The skilled head mixologist and Cordon Bleu graduate chef have created a one-of-a-kind food and cocktail matching menu using global award-winning rum and seasonal, local ingredients.

In addition, the restaurant offers a Cocktail Workshop wherein guests may learn how and when to mix and stir with the restaurant's unique and skilled house winemakers.

3.Chalong Bay Rum Distillery Collections

1. Pure Series: The Chalong Bay Pure Series Rum is finely crafted and aged with 100% first-press organic sugarcane to give you a whole new refreshing vibe. 

2.Tropical Note Series: The Tropical Note Series of Chalong Bay Rum are finely crafted vapor-infused spirits that are distilled from 100% organic sugarcane. In order to make it just wonderful, it is vapor infused during distillation with natural thai botanicals. 

3.Spiced Series:The spiced Series Chalong Bay Rum is a white spiced fine cane spirit that is distilled from 100% first-press organic sugarcane & infused with 9 Thai and southeast Asian botanicals. 

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Places to see near Chalong Bay Rum Distillery 

1.The Big Buddha: Big Buddha is one of the island's most important and renowned monuments, boasting panoramic views of Phuket Town, Kata, Karon, Chalong Bay, and more. The entire body of the statue is built of reinforced concrete, which is coated with magnificent Burmese white jade marble that gleams in the sunlight. The sights of the picturesque view are damn beautiful which makes it a must-see destination. 

2. Karon Beach: Karon Beach in Phuket is one of the island's longest beaches, boasting white sand and views of the Andaman Sea. Windsurfing conditions are good at Karon Beach in Phuket, and there is plenty of room to manoeuvre the board. On Karon Beach, you may go sea kayaking, banana boat rides, waterskiing, and wakeboard, among other activities.

3. Kata Beach: Kata Beach is one of Phuket's most popular beaches due to its blend of natural beauty, amenities, and activities. Hundreds of people come each day to soak in the sun and swim in the warm sea, which is typically as flat as a pancake, perfectly transparent, and turquoise in colour. There are also a plethora of eateries serving Thai, seafood, and international cuisines where you may get rid of your hunger pangs. 

4. Wat Chalong: Wat Chalong, the most important of Phuket's 29 Buddhist temples, attracts hundreds of visitors every day. Many locals report that the temple is frequently visited by miracles, and it is also noted for playing a critical and healing role in the fights between Chinese secret societies. When visiting this temple, make sure you wear modest clothing that isn't too revealing.

5. Phuket FantaSea: Phuket FantaSea is a 60-acre ethnic amusement park on Phuket's resort island which has become the pinnacle in nighttime excitement. It not only highlights Thailand's charm and beauty but also incorporates cutting-edge technology and spectacular effects to enhance historic Thai customs. So, let your imagination go wild as you immerse yourselves in the Kamala Kingdom fantasy and gaze at the wonders that await you. 

5. Kamala Beach: Kamala Beach is a lovely long beach with clean waves and coconut trees that is a popular family vacation. There are numerous beach eateries and retail opportunities, as well as some outstanding hotels with direct beach access.

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Places to Stay near Chalong Bay Rum Distillery 

1. Bunta House: Bunta House is a decent accommodation option in Chalong, Phuket Province, near Tiger Muay Thai and MMA Training Camp. You can have a pleasant stay here for a reasonable fee. This hotel also provides complimentary bike tours to nearby locations.

2. Anchan: Anchan Boutique Hotel offers comfortable rooms with modern décor and a lounge area, as well as an outdoor swimming pool and an on-site restaurant. The hotel is in a fantastic position, and the Big Buddha temple is about 15 minutes away by car. 

3. Baan Boonta: Baan Boonta is a decent and reasonably priced place to stay. For guests to stay in, the lodge features well-kept rooms with excellent design. It is conveniently located near Chalong Beach and the Chalong Bay Rum Distillery, making a stay here quite easy.

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Places Eat near Chalong Bay Rum Distillery

1. Mountain Breeze Bar & Restaurant: This hillside eatery is fashioned in the manner of a rustic hut, with an open, roof-covered deck, and it's a terrific place to eat while taking in the views of Phuket. Fish with Curry Sauce, Chicken with Basil Leaves, Glass Noodle Soup, Lamb Shank, and a variety of exquisite Pizzas are among the Thai and Western treats on the menu. 

2. Hogfather BBQ: Hogfather BBQ & More is a traditional American BBQ restaurant that specializes in high-quality grilled meats such as ribs, brisket, and hamburgers. Hogfather is noted for its large assortment of craft brews. The laid-back ambience, combined with the welcoming personnel, makes for a fantastic brunch, lunch, or supper experience. 

3. Sala Mexicali Chalong: Sala Mexicali provides a distinctive menu of fresh, healthy, and tasty California style salads, Mexican cuisines, Tex-Mex, and American BBQ meals, allowing you to experience the true flavors of Mexican food. Sala Mexicali's welcoming ambience allows customers to unwind and enjoy themselves.

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Point of Interest for Chalong Bay Rum Distillery Phuket
Tour of Chalong Bay Rum Distillery

Tour of Chalong Bay Rum Distillery

One of the most intriguing attractions in Phuket is a tour of the Chalong Bay Distillery. If you only have one day in Phuket and have already visited all of the tourist attractions, this is a nice trip to take.

You'll be given a mojito made from their wonderful product when you arrive for the 30-minute tour. Expect a little distillery when you arrive, rather than a large factory.

Exhibits on each wall explain why this rum is distinct from other rums in a variety of ways. Learn about the creation of the globally award-winning Chalong Bay Rum during a tour of the distillery.

This all-natural rum is made with the finest Thai sugarcane and traditional French distillation methods. As a consequence, you get a clear, flavorful rum with high-quality alcohol that's suitable for all your cocktails.

Later, take part in a cocktail lesson to understand how to create rum-based cocktails including the Mojito and the Ti'Punch.

At the conclusion of the tour, you will have the opportunity to sample a variety of flavored rums and also pure form. So, as a shot of Chalong Bay Rum fills your tongue, savor the clean taste of fermented sugarcane.

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Chalong Bay Rum Distillery Phuket FAQs

Is it safe to visit Chalong Bay Rum Distillery?

Yes, it is definitely safe to visit Chalong Bay Rum distillery as you will be assisted by an expert tour guide who will take you through all the processes and give you the required knowledge about the process of rum making.

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Is Chalong Bay Rum Distillery worth visiting?

Yes, it is surely worth visiting Chalong Bay Rum Distillery as you will be able to learn more about the age-old methods of rum-making as well as the continued approach of binding together traditional French art of distillation with the rich heritage of Thailand.

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