Koh Khai Island Phuket Overview

Khai Island comprises three beautiful islands located 10 kilometers on the East Coast of Phuket, namely, Khai Nai Island, Koh Khai Nai, and Koh Khai Nok. Among the three, Khai Nai Island is the biggest island that is perfect for swimming and snorkeling activities, while Khai Nui Island is the smallest one with mesmerizing coral reefs and ideal snorkeling opportunities. 

About 10 kilometers away from the East Coast of Phuket lies three small, uninhabited islands - Khai Nai, Khai Nok, and Khai Nui that are collectively known as the Khai Islands. If you're planning a Thailand trip package, consider including the Khai Islands for a memorable and picturesque experience. These islands brim with outlandish beauty and are one of the trending destinations near Phuket to sunbathe, island hop, and capture stunning pictures. The island is also blessed with favorable natural conditions for watersports and Khai islands have become hotspots to snorkel and swim near Phuket. The islands are so small that you can walk through their length and breadth in less than 30 minutes. Blessed with serene white-sanded beaches, turquoise green clear waters, shallow shoreline, abundant coral reefs, and more than 100 species of huge shoals of colorful tropical fish, a trip to the Khai islands ascertains an enthralling experience. Khai Nai is the largest of the three islands and is a great place to swim, snorkel, and explore the underwater world. 

Khai Nok is the second largest island and it resembles the shape of an egg. Khai Nok has better facilities than the other two with recliners, sun loungers, and umbrellas scattered on its beach and other amenities like toilets and a souvenir shop. Khai Nui is the smallest of the three; yet, it is also the best of the three to snorkel and swim. The best part about swimming in Khai islands is that the fishes are found right on the shallow waters of the beach itself and these marine animals are so used to human interaction that they just swim along with you.

Tourists can visit the Khai islands during their Phuket tour by taking a speedboat from Phuket pier which takes just about 15 minutes to reach. Many boat operators have full-day and half-day Khai island packages which you can choose to visit all the three Khai islands, stopover there, leave no stone unturned, and have fun swimming, snorkelling, and sunbathing.


• Enjoy a day trip to the three beautiful, uninhabited islands near Phuket - Koh Khai Nai, Koh Khai Nok, and Koh Kai Nui which together make the Khai Islands.
• Marvel at the beauty of the white-sanded beaches, turquoise waters, intriguing rock formations, abundant coral reefs, and thriving shoals of colourful fishes at the Khai Islands.
• Visit Khai Nai, the biggest of the three Khai islands and enjoy swimming, snorkelling, and sunbathing on its serene beaches.
• Explore the aquatic kingdom of Khai Nok by snorkelling in its clear waters.
• Shop for souvenirs like shell jewellery and sarong at the souvenir stall in Khai Nok.
• Head to Khai Nui, the smallest of the three Khai islands that are also considered the best snorkelling spot for snorkelling.
• Relish a refreshing drink at the bar in Khai Nok.
• Spread out a beach towel, get sun-soaked, and rejuvenate yourself basking in the beauty of the island.

How To Reach

By Air- You can take a direct flight to Phuket or Krabi to visit the Khai Islands, and get a ferry ride from there to reach the Island. 

By Water- After reaching Phuket or Krabi, you can avail yourself of the ferry services that will take you to Khai Island. Ferries generally take around 90 minutes from Krabi or Koh Lanta and 120 minutes from Phuket to reach Khai Island.

Best Time To Visit

Although Khai Island is a year-round destination, the best time to visit the island is between October and May. During this time, the island enjoys the perfect humidity and warm weather for sunbathing and swimming. No matter whether you are an adventure enthusiast or a nature lover, this time remains favorable for all kinds of activities on Khai Island.

Other Essential Information

Things to do at Khai islands

Explore the island on foot: The Khai islands are uninhabited and are so small that you walk through each island in just about 30 minutes. Walk through the white-sanded beaches, gaze at the natural rock formations and capture as many pictures as you can in this whimsical tropical paradise.

Swim in the warm waters: All the three islands - Khai Nok, Khai Nai, and Khai Nui have shallow water and gentle waves in their beaches which make swimming in the Khai islands extremely safe and pleasurable not just for adults but for children too. Colorful tropical fishes are found thriving even close to the shores that you would be literally swimming with them in the Khai islands. While both Khai Nai and Khai Nui do not have stalls to buy swimming gear, there is one souvenir shop in Khai Nok where you can buy sarongs. The beaches of the islands have small rocks at their beds and hence, it is advisable to carry your own swimming shoes.

Snorkel and explore the coral reefs: Khai islands are blessed with abundant coral reefs that are a sheer delight to be explored with snorkeling. The best part is that these coral structures are found pretty near the shore and so, if you are a novice snorkeler, Khai islands are the best destinations to hone your snorkeling skills. The brightly colored tropical fishes play a game of hide and seek within the corals and watching them through the crystal clear waters of the Andaman Sea is an experience to cherish for a lifetime. There are no shops to rent snorkeling equipment and hence, snorkelers are advised to carry their own gear. Most boat tour agencies that take you to the Khai island have an option of renting snorkeling gear from them.

Shop souvenirs at Khai Nok: While the Khai islands are uninhabited, there is one souvenir shop in Khai Nok where you can shop for souvenirs like jewelry made from sea shells and beads, sarongs, T-shirts with prints of Khai island, and other handicraft items.

Get sun kissed: Khai islands are known for their pristine white-sanded beaches and laid back atmosphere, where you can spend hours and hours under the shade of an umbrella rewinding yourself and getting tanned in the sun. The Sun does get merciless at times, particularly in the afternoons, and do not forget carrying sunscreens with maximum UV protection formula.

Marvel at the magnificence of Mother Nature: Khai islands look magnificent with untamed beauty and tourists can bask in the beauty of the white-sanded beaches, the turquoise green waters of the sea, and the unique rock formations on the islands.

 Places to visit near Khai island

1. Phuket Elephant Sanctuary

This Elephant sanctuary sprawling over 30 acres of dense tropical jungle is the rehabilitation center for old and injured elephants rescued from abuse. The park hosts several programs for tourists which include activities like sanctuary exploration, observing the huge mammals in their natural habitats, elephant feeding, and elephant food preparation.

2. Phuket Aquarium

The Phuket aquarium has more than 30 tanks of marine creatures like an eel, crabs, shrimps, sharks, spaceships, razorfish,stonefish and many exotic ones. The key attraction here is the tunnel inside the large tank through which you can watch rays, snapper, and sharks swimming around you in enclosures.The fish feeding program at the aquarium is a huge draw for kids and adults alike. There is also a souvenir shop to shop for T-shirts, coffee mugs, keychains, cloth bags, and stuffies with prints of marine creatures.

3.Siam Niramit Phuket: This is a 1760-seat theatre where more than 100+ actors are dressed in more than 500+ vibrant costume stage shows that depict Thailand's culture, history, and heritage.

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Places to stay near Khai islands

1. Yao Yai Resort: This beachfront resort features villas and rooms with amazing views of the beach. The rooms are modest with comfortable bedding and wardrobes. The outdoor pool at the resort overlooking the beach and the sun loungers placed around it are a perfect retreat.

Distance from Khai island: 8.4 km

2. Island Escape By Burasari: Located at Koh Maphrao, this luxury resort has 46 private villas and 204 rooms built and designed using natural materials and sustainable design. The rooms are air-conditioned with astounding views of the landscaped gardens and the resort has private beach access for its guests.

Distance from Khai island: 13.1 km

3. Koh Yao Yai Village: Featuring refreshing rooms that brim with rustic charm, the resort promises authentic rural island life to its inmates. The rooms are air-conditioned and have private balconies. The spa at the resort offers world-class therapeutic massages.

Distance from Khai island: 14.9 km

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Places to shop near Khai island 

1. Jungceylon Shopping Mall: This is one of the most luxurious shopping malls in Phuket that has all major international brands within its roof. The shopping mall also doubles up as an entertainment destination with so many eateries, a theatre, and a trampoline park.

2. Phuket Weekend Market: This market sprawls over 30,000 sq. metres and is divided into three zones - one for fashion accessories, the second for food, and the last for second-hand items. No trip to Phuket is complete with checking out the Phuket Weekend Market that is open every Saturday and Sunday from 4.00 PM to 11.00 PM.

3. Chillva Market: This artistic night market in Phuket Market is full of shops made from recycled shipping containers and gets lively after the sunsets. The market also has an amphitheatre within it where live bands perform during peak hours.

4. Phuket Old Town: The Old Town area in Phuket is lined with local retail shops that sell clothing in vibrant colours and astounding pieces of antiques.

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Traveller Tips For Koh Khai Island:

1. Always carry sunscreen lotion with you while going to this island as the sun does get scorchingly hot in the afternoons.

2. The best time to visit the island is in the mornings as it gets crowded with passing time; particularly during the peak season that you might not find a sun umbrella or a lounge chair to take refuge from the blazing sun.

3.Do not carry anything expensive with you while visiting the islands.

4. Keep your rented snorkelling gear safe. Missing them can cause hefty penalties to be levied.

5. Always wear shoes or slippers while entering the beach to protect your feet from the rocky coast and sea urchins.

6. Carry basic topical antiseptic creams with you.

7. Do not miss carrying your cameras and power banks.

8. Speedboat rides to Khai islands are not recommended for pregnant women, children below 1 year, and people with heart diseases and chronic neck and back pain.

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Point of Interest for Koh Khai Island Phuket
Khai Nai

Khai Nai

Nestled at about 700 meters northwest of Koh Khai Nok, Kho Khai Nai is one of the quaint small islands around the mainland of Phuket. It is also the biggest of the three Khai islands. The island looks postcard-like and beautiful with serene white-sanded beaches, calm and clear turquoise waters, schools of colourful tropical fish, and a handful of water activities.

Snorkeling and swimming are the most popular water activities in Koh Khai Nai that let tourists enjoy and experience the thriving aquatic kingdom. The beaches are well-kept with sun loungers and umbrellas so that you tourists can spend hours here basking in the pristine beauty of the island. Feeding the fish is considered illegal at the island and tourists to this little paradise are strictly advised to refrain from feeding the sea creatures.

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Khai Nok

Khai Nok

Popular along with Koh Khai Nai for the white sanded beaches and turquoise waters, this Khai island is shaped like an egg. It is located in the secluded part of Phang Nga Bay and is almost the size of a football pitch. The island looks extremely picturesque with the green waters of the sea rumbling with the wind as far as you could see. Snorkeling, scuba diving, and swimming are the water sports that tourists can indulge in on this island.

The colourful striped tropical fish on the island are so used to human presence in their habitat that they do not even mind swimming with you. There are beach chairs and umbrellas spread on the beaches to lounge and even a few restaurants and souvenir stalls to freeze your Khai island trip memories like beach jewellery, T-shirts, and other handicrafts. 

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 Khai Nui

Khai Nui

The smallest islet in the Khai islands, Khai Nui is one of the most popular islands near Phuket for snorkelling and for enjoying a laid back afternoon soaking in the radiant sun. This islet lies amidst the clear waters of the sea and is rich in magnificent coral reefs closer to its shoreline and shoals of vibrant tropical fish making it the best place for snorkelling, swimming, and scuba diving.

The turquoise-green waters around the island are warm and shallow enough that it is safe to swim even for kids. As there are no stalls or centres to rent water sports gear, tourists are usually advised to carry their own gear, snorkelling equipment, and towels while visiting the Khai Islands.

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Tourism Board Alliances

Koh Khai Island Phuket FAQs

What will we see at Khai island?

At Khai islands, you will get to see Nature in its pristine form where the beaches are decked with white sand and turquoise green waters. The rich marine life around the Khai islands has magnificent coral reefs and shoals of colourful tropical fishes that can be explored by snorkelling at the Khai Islands.

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How do I get to Khai island?

The easiest way to reach Khai island is to take a speedboat from Phuket Town which takes just about 15 minutes to reach Khai island. Most boat tour operators have boat trips to Khai islands from all major piers of Thailand like Patong, Kata, Karon, Chalong, Bang Tao, Laguna, Cape Panwa and many others.

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Is Khai island worth visiting?

Yes, a trip to Khai island is worth every penny and time. The magnificent while-sanded beaches with green waters are a true delight to the eyes and snorkelling at Koh Khai is considered one of the best experiences in Thailand.

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What is Khai island famous for?

Khai Island is famous for its pristine beauty of tranquil beaches and a plethora of water sports like snorkelling and swimming. The coral reefs and brimming aquatic life of the island lure water enthusiasts from all across the globe.

How much time will it take to get to Khai island?

The nearest prominent destination of Khai Island is Phuket that is just about 10 kilometres away from Khai islands. Many tour agencies operate speed boat services from Phuket East Coast to Khai islands and it takes just about 15 minutes to reach Khai island from Phuket.

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