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Telaga Tujuh Waterfalls

One of the most beautiful natural formations of Langkawi, Telaga Tujuh is an awe inspiring view to observe. According to the island’s myth, the waterfall had captivated the hearts of fairies and hence they transformed it their bathing place. Therefore, it is believed that the waterfall and its springs have several healing powers and medicinal value. You can either hike up to the Gunung Mat Cinang or use a cable car to reach the place.

Highlights: The water fall also has 7 absolutely gorgeous pools and hence the name Seven Wells Waterfalls is derived from this. There are few food jaunts for refreshments, namely ‘The loaf’, ‘Eagle Fruit juice and Snacks’ and ‘Dropstone café’. The waterfall is surrounded by frondescence of sintuk and local lime plants.

Location: Gunung Mat Cinang

Hours taken: 3 – 5 hours including transportation. (5 hours if you decide to take a dip)

Dataran Lang (Eagle Square)

Dataran Lang that is also popular as the Eagle Square is one of the most known manmade attraction in Langkawi. It is a huge sculpture of an eagle poised to take flight. It is said to be the ideal place for those postcard-perfect holiday photos courtesy its fancy miniature fountains, terraces and bridges.

Dataran Lang is located besides the welcoming views of Kuah Bay in the southeast corner of Pulau Langkawi.

Highlights: The sight of Eagle Square greets the visitors to the island by way of a ferry ride. It is a massive 12 meter tall statue situated on the most recognizable monument of the island. Certainly the best place to view the ferries ply across the harbor.

Best Time: Eagle Square is open 24 hours however the best time to visit the place is certainly early in the morning or late in the evening when sun is at its best.


Batu Hampar Beach

Batu Hampar Beach is a public beach that is filled with rock formations at both the ends. You can find many trees, mangroves and coconut trees here.

Highlights: Batu Hampar Beach does not have any public facilities like shower or toilets however, since it is exclusively used by the Sheraton hotel guests, they enjoy the access to the hotel amenities including beach chairs, towels, umbrellas and even washrooms located adjacent to the beach. Chairs and umbrellas are also found here.

Location: Situated in the Pantai Kok area in a place known as the Teluk Nibong. Batu Hampar Beach on the western coastline of Langkawi, lies in front of the hotel Sherataon Langkawi Beach Resort.

Price: There is no entry fee to go to this beach.

Best Time: Batu Hampar Beach is a public beach hence you’ll find it open 24 hours of the day.


Underwater World Langkawi

Langkawi’s underwater world is one of the beautiful aquariums in the whole of Asia and is the largest marine freshwater aquaria in South East Asia. It was incorporated in the year 1995 and since then, it has been growing popularity. Today, it is not only referred to as a marine world entertainment, but rather, people come here as a form of education and knowledge tour.

Highlights: There are 10 free attractions included in the aquarium for the tourists namely: The tropical forest, Freshwater, Marine life, Temperate, African penguins and more. You can also feed African Penguins, Rockopper Penguins, Furseals and Tunnel Tank in the Aquarium. The best way to get connected with nature, understand the underwater life and realize their importance in the eco system - That’s all about Langkawi Underwater World.

Location: Zon Pantai Cenang, Langkawi

Price: Starts from $10

Best Season: Throughout the year

Timings: 10 am to 6pm

Pantai Tengah Beach

The Pantai Tengah Beach is the longest stretch of the beach in the Langkawi. Popular amoungst the young families, the beach has a few basic chalets as well as a few big all-inclusive resorts.

Location: Pantai Tengah Beach is located just near the southern road bend of Pantai Cenang. It is believed to be the continuation of the much popular Pantai Cenang.

Highlights: If the truth be told, there is not much of sightseeing here but that of course is a case with most of the islands here in Langkawi. Despite that, it is a great place to unwind and relax. Spas are in abundance here and you can actually find a tour operator who’ll guide you across the island. Shopping outlets may be sparse but the nightlife scene is something that speaks of the vibrancy of the place.

Best Time: Open daily but definitely a must visit during the night hours.


Natural Salt Water Jacuzzi, Air Hangat Village

Ayer Hanghat Village is a multifaceted set in the north of Kuah Town. But what makes it world famous is its three tier natural salt water hot spring wells (one of the three in the world). In the past, it was just a hot salt water spring for the tourists; now the management has actually converted it into a recreational center, with Jacuzzis, fountains and small ponds filled with pumped natural spring water. There is nothing more enriching than embracing the raw nature; hence this place is must for all tourists.

Highlights: Submerge yourself in a beautiful experience; relax and rejuvenate your mind and body in Air Hangat Village. The place also entertains the tourists with cultural shows, gift and souvenir shops, Malaysian dance and Batik painting.

Location: Jalan Air Hanghat

Price: Free Best Season: All year long

Timings: 9 am to 6 pm (last entry 5 pm)

Taman Lagenda Langkawi

Taman Lagenda Langkawi is an artistically beautiful landscaped folklore-themed park. Commenced in 1996, this open-air ‘garden museum’ has the Kuah waterfront as well as several colourful statues. Spread all across the park, these statues have signboards in English that presents the details of myths that are associated with every specific sculpture.

Highlights: Taman Lagenda Langkawi is a 50-hectare compound with a total of about 17 colourful sculptures that bring forth legends including legends of heroic giants, mythical birds, evil ogres and beautiful princesses. It also has four manmade lakes and a narrow strip of beach with walking trails for the joggers.

Location: Taman Lagenda Langkawi is situated besides the Kuah jetty and is about 400m from the jetty. It is located within the walking distance of several of the island’s duty-free stores in Kuah. Here you can get chocolates and alcohol at good bargains.

Price Range: Free

Best Time: Daily, 9am to 7pm


Ayer Hangat Friday Night Market

Ayer Hangat Friday Night Market is a night market organized in the Ayer Hangat every Friday night. The market usually starts in the afternoon or early evening and is extremely local. This market has a little bit of everything. So, if you wish to browse the local side of Langkawi over the touristy side, this is the place to go.

Highlights: Food is the highlight of the place since it is exceptionally delicious. Nasi Kerabu is one of the most popular dishes here.

Location: Ayer Hangat Friday Night Market is located in close proximity to the Tanjung Rhu Beach, on Jalan Tanjung Rhu.

Food prices: Food is budget friendly and the street food prices prevail. The nasi kerabu will cost you about 5 MYR ($1.37)

Best Time: The market starts at about 5 pm on Friday and goes on till late in the night.

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What You Should Know More About Langkawi

  • Travel Advice

    • In Langkawi and in Malaysia as a whole, the taxi drivers are a little canny. They are seeking a chance to deceive you. So, if they get to know that you are an uninformed tourist, they’ll leave no chance to overcharge you. Hence, it is a good idea to know about the destination you are traveling to, its approximate fare and other important things. You must either sit in a metered taxi or cab or negotiate the fare before sitting in the taxi. This will prevent a case of over charging.   

    • Thefts are a routine affair here. So, make sure you keep your valuables and cash in a safe place. Never flash your important stuff or valuables in public.

    • Do not go to crowded places with too much cash in your pocket.

    • Avoid keeping your wallet in back pocket of your denims.

    • Traffic is a common site in Langkawi. So, always have patience whenever you are riding with public vehicle.

    • In case you have rented a vehicle for self drive, make sure you follow the local rules. Sometimes the rules prevalent maybe different from the ones prevalent in your country.

    • Keep the beggars and touts at bay.

    • Have a copy of your ID with you always.

    • Do not over indulge in alcohol.

    • Always drink bottled mineral water. Check the seal before purchasing a bottle.

    • Never let anyone mislead you.

    • Monkeys are notorious beings here. They tend to snatch away the eatables and even mobile phones sometimes. So, make sure you put everything in your handbags when you see a monkey around.

    • Do not indulge in narcotics of any form. It can land you in a deep soup.

    • If indulging in street food, check the quality.

  • Drinking Laws

    For Non Muslims, the legal age for drinking in Langkawi is 18 years. On the other hand, there is no legal age for drinking for the Muslims as it is against the law.

  • Our recommendations: What you can't afford to miss?

    Langkawi Sky Bridge

    It is a 125 meter long curved pedestrian bridges that offers a thrilling view of the breathtaking Telaja Tujuh waterfalls, Gunung Mat Cincang and the surrounding islands of the city. Nestled about 700 meters above the sea level, the bridge is very well accessible via the last station of the Cable Car ride. It is a robust bridge that is capable of accommodating about 250 people at a time. Relaxing and enjoying the cool breeze are few important things people do here.

    Eagle Square

    Eagle Square also known as the Dataran Lang is a dazzling 12 meter tall sculpture of an eagle waiting to take a long flight. It is displayed on the zenith of the elevated platform. It is a beautiful place to see and is only a 5 minute walk from the Kuah Jetty. Several malls, restaurants as well as duty free shops can be found here.

    Gunung Raya

    Located at an altitude of 881 meters, Gunung Raya is the highest peak in the city. If legends are to be believed, the mountain is cursed form of Mat Raya who once lived here. It is immensely popular destination for hiking. You can spot mountain hawk eagles, flying foxes, leaf monkeys, great hornbills, squirrels, macaque monkeys and white bellied sea eagles here.

    Langkawi Wildlife Park & Bird Paradise

    One of the best sightseeing attraction of Langkawi the Langkawi Wildlife Park & Bird Paradise houses more than 150 species of birds like toucans, parakeets, canaries, flamingos, eagles, hornbills, owls and ducks. Another attraction here is the manmade waterfall which is 15 meters tall.

    Langkawi Art in Paradise 3D Museum

    Langkawi Art in Paradise 3D Museum is an important tourist attraction of Langkawi that has over 200 alluring artworks that look nearly art life when captured in a picture. This museum is regarded as the biggest 3D museum of Malaysia. It is a three storey building that has nine interactive zones.

  • What you will like there?

    Discover a UNESCO World Geo Park

    In the year 2007, the majestic archipelago of the Langkawi was declared as the Southeast Asia’s first UNESCO World Geopark. Putting forth a history of 550 million years, it has some of the most intriguing and naturally evolved gems that are not worth missing.  The city has largely been shaped by the volcanic activity, erosion, plate tectonics and ocean submersion. As of today, several rock formations have also shaped the natural habitats. This indeed makes Langkawi a must visit tourist attraction.  

    Embark on a mangrove safari

    Delve into the spectacular limestone caves, wetlands and the secluded caves that can be accessed only by boat, to get the real flavor of Langkawi’s sightseeing. If you need to go ahead and explore further there is an exquisite natural oasis coupled with wildlife to keep you entertained. Langkawi possesses a wonderful bunch of surprises for the tourists. The forests of the sea are bona fide sites that are worth a visit. You can easily spot some monitor lizards, walking fish, eagles and fiddler crabs. Indulge in the wonders of rich ecology of Langkawi with a naturalist or a guide led boat safari from the beach resort. In this boat ride, you can learn from the guide how the mangroves have successfully contributed so well in this region.  

    Sail among picturesque islands

    Langkawi is a group of 99 islands that are all surrounded by placid waters which offer ideal sailing condition for island hopping and sunset cruise. In the past few years, Langkawi has become one of the most prominent boating destination that has four marinas which play a host to several prominent events like the Royal Langkawi International Regatta. Attending this event is indeed is an important thing to do in Langkawi.

    Go on a cultural tour

    Undertake a guided bicycle tour which meanders across the rural villages of the city to revel in the agrarian beauty of the rustic wooden houses that lie amidst the pervasive vistas of the rubber plantations, mud-soaked water buffaloes and the lush paddy fields. You can even find the local fishermen coming back with their day’s catch in the village of the Kuala Teriang. One important local tradition you’ll find here is milk tea being served with deep fried banana fritters which is widely loved but can be availed in the afternoon only.


    The Malay food can just impress anyone. Its sheer variety in the delicious dining options reflect the best in the Malaysian cuisine. But then, it is way more than that. Langkawi and Kuala Lumpur are indeed the finest place to indulge in the finest culinary delights. Here you not only get the Malay dishes but also cuisines such as Indian and Chinese. You can also relish on the native to inter continental and gourmet dishes. The traditional dishes here are characterized by the sweet smelling aroma, spicy flavor and the highly curried ingredients. Favorite Malay cuisine is known as Sambal which is made of lime juice, prawn paste and a hot paste of the chilies. Usually eaten with rice, this is one cuisine you simply cannot miss out in Malaysia.

    Ride a cable car to Mat Cincang Peak

    Another important thing to do in Malaysia is taking a cable car ride to the Mat Cincang mountain range. It is one of the oldest rock formations of the South east Asia. In order to explore it completely, you must take a thrilling aerial ride over the bushy forests at a height of 2,323 feet. It will assure invigorating views of the Langkawi coastline, surrounding islands and the peaks.

    Spot birds on Gunung Raya

    Gunung Raya is the highest peak in Langkawi. You’ll need to undertake a 13 km trek to reach the peak. The view atop is completely worth it all. From top of the peak, you can see the Mat Cincang Mountain, islands of the Thailand as well as the Kuah harbour. Bird watching is an important activity here. There are over 190 different species of birds found here. The place is in its full bloom during the months of April and October

    Relish on the underwater wonders

    At the Pulau Payar Marine Park, you can try out some interesting water sports like snorkeling or diving. It is one of the best marine park of the region and is enveloped by well-protected coral reefs that has several marine species. The mesmerizing marine life of the Andaman Sea is worth a watch.  

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