Best Water Sports in Phuket

Phuket Water Sports Packages

Duration Price
Similan Island Tour By Speedboat10 hours
INR 4,999
Scuba Diving In Phuket For Certified Divers9 hours
INR 9,162
Kayaking Phuket8 hours
INR 5,849
Racha Island Diving in Phuket10 hours
INR 6,305
Phuket Fishing Tour1 day
INR 3,789

Unveil the secrets of marine life while you witness the nerve-wrenching water sports in Phuket. The scenic town is known for its picturesque beaches and that's what makes it a perfect spot for water activities. One can challenge the waves with jet skiing or just explore the depths of the ocean with scuba diving.

If you travel to Thailand from India and looking for a combination of the best views of sunset and sunrise along with water adventures then you can straight head to Patong beach as this place is famed for that. From the dazzling nightlife to the buzzing shopping arcades, this place has everything but something which makes it remarkable is Phuket water sports.

Apart from the ones mentioned one can even try hands-on sea kayaking, flyboarding, kite surfing, and several other water sports that are available in Phuket. Make sure that you cover each and every beach as each one of them has something unique of its own.

Whether you are planning a trip with your loved one or your family, this place will not disappoint you at all as it holds a whole wide range of thrilling water activities which are just perfect for a vacation.

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Phuket Water Sports FAQs

What are the best water sports in Phuket?


The best water sport to start your trip to Phuket is undeniably snorkeling. Dive deep into the depth of waters and witness the vibrantly coloured troops of fishes. If you wish to experience a lighter version of diving then snorkeling is the things for you. While your traverse the Andaman sea you can gape at the corals and other striking creatures of marine life.

Location: Ao Sane, Paradise Beach, Patong in Kathu, and Kata Noi

Price: Starting from INR 6000 per person.

Scuba Diving

Dive deep inside the water and come across the wonders of water. This is a once in a lifetime experience where you can go deep into the ocean and explore the marine life. From the sharks to the cute little starfishes, here you can spot each one of them that form the Andaman sea. Apart from that, this is one of the best activities for exploring marine life and is done under the supervision of trained professionals. Make sure you make a video so that you can capture this moment forever.

Location: Patong beach

Price: Starting from INR 8,000 per person.

Sea Kayaking

The lighter version of Phuket water sports is definitely sea kayaking. With this activity, you can tour the beauty of unexplored islands and witness the lure of the explored ones. While you tour the bay, you can cross the limestone caves and outcrops that are arched along the waters and add up to its charm.

Location: In the Mueang district of Phuket John Gray’s Sea Canoe and Phang Nga Bay

Price: Starting from INR 2000 per person.


Gaining popularity with every proceeding day, this is an adventure for all types of visitors. Whether you are a trained one and wish for the high tides then you can head to Kata beach but if you are a beginner then Kamala beach is the place for you. You can sail on the water with a light weighted board and after you have had the activity then you can relax at the beach itself.

Location: Kata Beach, Kamala Beach, Surin Beach, and Kalim

BeachPrice: Starting from INR 400 per person.


Looking for kitesurfing? Make sure you book the trained ones only! Popular among the travellers this is a once in a lifetime experience and it takes you to the emerald blue waters of the sea. With this activity, you can float on a light paddle board and hold the grip of the kite that will be attached to it. Do not forget to clench your fist well, as if you lose the grip you’ll be all drenched.

Location: Kite Zone Phuket at Muang Phuket, Kalim Beach, and Kata Beach

Price: Starting from INR 2500 per person.

Jet Skiing

Don't let the gushing water settle down your excitement and have the best water experience with jet skiing. This is an activity which anyone can witness whether you know swimming or you don’t! With this, you can cut through the rushing waves of the sea and feel the nerve-wrenching adventure that will tickle a sensation in your spine. You can ride the jet-ski on your own or opt for a trained professional who will drive it for you!

Location: Kata Beach, Patong Beach, and Kamal Beach

Price: Starting from INR 1300 per person.

Wake Boarding

Call it thrilling, exciting, or adrenaline pumping! This one on the list of Phuket Water sports is a combination of all of it. In this, you can hold the grip of the rope that will be tied to the speed boats and as soon as you start balancing on the board you will be pulled by the boat at gushing speed! Make sure you hold down the grip and avoid falling as this is what this activity all about! BALANCING! Make sure that you have the best time as the water will keep splashing on your face.

Location: Phuket Wake Park in Kathu

Price: Starting from INR 600 per person.


Another one in the array of exclusive water activities is Flyboarding. You need not be a trained professional to try this activity as the tips and tricks of the supervisor are enough for a beginner to learn. Once you start with it, you will soon start enjoying it. In this, you can float in the air while the water pressure gauge circulates the water with force. This is an act that defies gravity and one can have a memorable day!

Location: Patong Beach in Kathu

Price: Starting from INR 800 per person.


With this activity, make sure you hold your heart down as the views will boost up the beats to its notch as they are just exceptional. In Parasailing, you can take a 360-degree view of the entire region and fly high above the ground. You will be pulled at high speed with the speed boats and the soft cool breeze will tingle all over your face. If you are here with your bunch of friends or with your partner, then this is the perfect activity for you.

Location: Surina Beach, Patong Beach in Kathu, and Kamala Beach.

Price: Starting from INR 1500 per person.

Banana Boat Ride

Next, in the list of water activities in Phuket is the banana boat ride which is one of the most frequented sports in the region. Even if you are unaware of swimming then also you can witness this sport as all you have to do is ride a banana boat and hold down your grip so that you don’t fall and all the rest is done by a professional. Often each boat can accommodate up to 6 people so make sure you bring your gang along to multiply the fun.

Location: This is available at nearly every beach in Phuket namely, Patong, Karon, Rawai, and Surina

Price: Starting from INR 1500 per person.


Paddle along with the gushing waves of the Andaman sea in Phuket! One of the unique aqua adventures of Phuket, stand up paddling is marking its prominence with every day. If you wish to win over the waves or try something new, then this is an activity for you where you satiate your craving for a new adventure. In fact, if you wish to get your own equipment or rent it both options are available.

Location: Phi Phi Island

Price: Starting from INR 1900 per person.

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What are the best places in Phuket for water sports?

The geography of Phuket is dotted with a number of beaches and that makes it a perfect place for water adventures.

Patong Beach: Located on the west coast of Phuket island, Patong beach is famed for its water adventures. From the kite surfing to the banana boat ride here one can find everything he is looking for. Additionally, the striking views of the bay are a plus to the experiences.

Phi Phi Island: Being a part of Krabi province the Phi Phi island is known for is paddling and one visiting here must not miss out on this adventure.

Kata Beach: Marking its place in the most revered beach, Kata beach is one of the scenic beaches of the region and offers a wide spectrum of water adventures to the travelers. From scuba diving to snorkeling into the ocean depths here one can witness all the aqua adventures.

Phang Nga Bay: Another one known for its aqua activities is Phang Nga Bay. If you wish to kayak along with the bounties of Phuket, then this is your pace to be. With this tour, you can unveil various wonders of water and its marine life.

What are the best places for water sports in Phuket for couples?

1. Paradise Beach: Paradise Beach offers water activities like kayaking, banana boat ride, and much more but tourists are mainly attracted to jet skiing experience. 
2. Laem Sing Beach: Having calmer waves, Laem Sing beach is popular among swimmers and also people who wish to come here to sunbathe.
3. Racha Noi Island: Racha Noi Island is blessed with seabeds consisting of colorful corals and marine life which brings opportunities for scuba diving, snorkeling, glass-bottom kayaking and much more to experience life under the sea.
4. Similan Island: Besides regular water sports, Shark diving is the specialty of Similan Island.
5. Phi Phi Islands: Island hopping is the best water activity to enjoy at Phi Phi Islands.

What are the famous water parks in Phuket?

There is a whole wide list of amazing waterparks in Phuket where you can not only enjoy the pool but can have a whirling splash at the long rides.

Splash Jungle water park: With more than 10 different slides and two pools this is a common name when it comes to waterparks in Phuket. One can either enjoy the long rides or just relax in the pool.

Orchid spa and resort:
Featuring one of the best water parks of Phuket here one can witness one of the longest slides of Thailand and have an action-packed day splashing and splurging at the pool.

Surf house Phuket: Situated on Kata beach this place is a true paradise for the visitors who love surfing. Whether you are a trained professional or a novice, here everyone can have a memorable day.

Rawai VIP Villas and Kids Park: A place where the kids can enjoy the most is definitely Rawai VIP Villas and Kids Park. There are four zones where one can enjoy the waterslides or can play indoor games.

Where can I do Parasailing in Phuket? Is it safe to do Parasailing in Phuket?

One can enjoy parasailing in Phuket at Kata Beach, Karon Beach, Racha and Coral Island and Patong Beach. These places provide a plethora of options for the same as well as great views to look down on.
Yes, doing parasailing is perfectly safe as experienced team members and instructors will be there to take care of you.

Where can I do scuba diving in Phuket? Is it safe to do scuba diving in Phuket?

You can enjoy scuba diving at Koh Racha Yai, Koh Racha Noi, Shark Point, Anemone Reef, King Cruiser Wreck, and Koh Doc Mai. These places are blessed with breathtaking coral reefs and colorful marine life.
Yes, it is perfectly safe to do scuba diving in Phuket as a team of experts will guide you throughout the experience.

Where can I do Parasailing in Phuket? Is it safe to do Parasailing in Phuket?

One can enjoy parasailing in Phuket at Kata Beach, Karon Beach, Racha and Coral Island and Patong Beach. These places provide a plethora of options for the same as well as great views to look down on.
Yes, doing parasailing is perfectly safe as experienced team members and instructors will be there to take care of you.

What is the best time to visit Phuket for water sports?

The best time of experience water sports in Phuket is from November to February as the water levels are just perfect at this time and the views complement the water adventures. The weather at this time is quite pleasing as it is neither too hot nor too cold, which is just apt for having the most memorable experience of water sports. Also, make sure that you select the early morning slots so that you can enjoy the adventure along with scenic sunrise views.

What are the water activities small kids can do in Phuket?

There is a wide range of water activities in Phuket that kids can do:

Jet Ski: Well, witnessing this sport all alone is not an option but if you are accompanied by an adult then the kids can cut through the waves with a jet-ski.

Sea Kayaking: one of the best water sports in Phuket for kids is unquestionably sea kayaking. With this one can tour the Andaman sea and gape at the scenic views it extends.

Surfing: Another one well suited for kids is surfing! Phuket even offers indoor surfing where you can have the time of your life and sail on the waves with a board.

What is the minimum age required to do water activities in Phuket?

There is no minimum age for most of the water sports in Phuket but for some of them like scuba diving and jet ski, it is necessary for the child to be more than 16 years of age. Make sure that you confirm the age limit before booking any of the water sports for your Phuket vacation.

Can a non-swimmer indulge in water sports in Phuket?

Swimming is not at all a barrier to witness Phuket water sports, but if you are a professional swimmer then its an added advantage for you. Whether you are a trained swimmer or a novice you can absolutely witness each and every water sport. Some sports that need swimming are surfing, wake-boarding, stand-up paddling, and several others. Rest jet-skiing, parasailing, sea kayaking, snorkeling could be easily done without any prior knowledge.

What happens in case of any medical emergency during water sports?

In case of a medical emergency, while you witness the water sports in Phuket, you will be assisted quickly. If there is a minor injury then you will be given the basic medication by the professionals and if the injury is severe then you will be taken to the nearest hospital. Make sure that you book a package that includes health insurance such that in case of injury your medical expenses are covered. Apart from this, if you have any health problem do not forget to mention it to the supervisor before you opt for the sport.

Phuket Water Sports Reviews

Suraj Singh
Reviewed: 16 Feb 2024
Transportation to pier was comfortable. Food in breakfast and lunch was great. Snacks and water/cola was provided throughout the tour. Fantastic Tour guide and staff assisted and guided throughout. Snorkeling was done twice and experience was great. Overall a great value for money.
Suraj Singh
Suraj Singh
Suraj Singh
Janani RL
Reviewed: 11 Dec 2020
Similan Island has some of the best beaches and adventure options in all of Thailand. We booked a tour to the islands while in Phuket. We were picked up and transferred on a well-operated speedboat, and spent the morning snorkeling and swimming on the beach. Overall, a very memorable experience. A p... Read More
Lakshmi Dubashi
Reviewed: 09 Oct 2019
This package is for someone who loves exploring Islands. And, if you have a thing for adventure go for a day out at one of the best snorkelling spots of Phuket- the Similan Islands. This tour was totally worth it and all thanks goes to Thrillophilia!
Patel Rameshbhai
Reviewed: 18 Feb 2019
My cousins and I all love water sports, and this tour was the best choice for us all. Not only did we explored the different islands, we also got the chance to snorkel, swim and even play beach sports here. The islands truly are beautiful.

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