Flying Hanuman Overview

Flying Hanuman is an adventure hub where one can experience the adrenaline rush by taking part in daring activities. Set in the lush rainforest of Kathu Village, Flying Hanuman offers an array of adventure sports with the backdrop of the beautiful hills of Phuket. The place facilitates aerial activities like zip lining, spiral stairways, sky bridge and abseiling points. Experts and guides are available to take care of the protection and safety of the visitors.

An ultimate place to relish the taste of adrenaline-raising experiences right in the middle of lush woods, Flying Hanuman is a haven for all adventure enthusiasts. It promises lifetime memories with its immense zipline adventures in the serene jungle of Kathu Village. For those seeking budget friendly Thailand packages, Flying Hanuman offers an affordable yet thrilling escape into nature's embrace. Explore the breathtaking landscapes without breaking the bank, ensuring an unforgettable adventure that won't strain your wallet.

Themed on Lord Hanuman, a Hindu God, this park lets you enjoy extreme adventures like he used to do in its Avatar (reincarnation). The park is spread over an area of 80,000 square meters of green. A zipline adventure park, here you can sail through the sky like Hanuman and even enjoy a range of other adventures like abseil, skywalk, climbing staircases, sky rail, etc.

Located in the middle of the lush rainforest, this adventure park takes care of the environment and lets you witness the beauty of the hillsides of Phuket. The highest platform here is 40 meters high, whereas the longest zipline lets you cover a distance of 400 meters.

The park takes care of all safety measures and uses state-of-the-art equipment and cables. Even the staff and guides are experienced and certified professionals. They are very amiable and take care of the safety of all visitors at every point of the adventure. 

A Thai restaurant is also present on the premises, where visitors can satisfy their hungry souls. Several cameras cover all adventure spots and click photos and shoot videos without the knowledge of the participants. They can see and buy these candid shots to take back home as timeless mementos. Indeed, an incredible place to spend a cloudy day with your family, friends, or partner, Flying Hanuman creates some fabulous stories to cherish forever.

The park offers three courses, all of which include round-trip transfers and Flying Hanuman premium collection T-shirts along with different adventures. All courses offer unlimited fun and excitement and include several memorable experiences, including ziplines, platforms, sky bridges, spiral stairways, abseiling points, and a wilderness walk. Course A has meals and seasonal fruits included in the package, whereas Course B and C have only seasonal fruits on the offer.


• Flying Hanuman is one of the most thrilling and environment-friendly places in Phuket to experience some fascinating adventures amidst greens.
• It features adventures for all aged 4 years and above, making it ideal for families, friends, and couples.
• It comprises several ziplines, platforms, sky bridges, spiral stairways, abseiling points, rails, and an exciting wilderness walk.
• Ensures complete protection and security with state-of-the-art equipment and safety measures.
• It provides two well-trained and experienced guides with each group ensuring ultimate safety.
• There are a number of high-tech cameras installed to capture candid pictures and videos that visitors can see and buy after their adventures.
• It serves herbal juices at the starting of the adventure, which are absolute delights.

How To Reach

Local transport: Flying Hanuman can be easily reached from Phuket via taxi, blue songthaews or renting a self-drive car. There are buses running from Phuket to Kathu every 30 minutes on all days. One can board the bus to Kathu and then take a cab to Flying Hanuman which is only ten minutes from Kathu village. You can also reach Flying Hanuman from Phuket via Phuket Wake Park which is a 20 minute drive from where you can go to Flying Hanuman in just 4 minutes. 

Best Time To Visit

Flying Hanuman is open on all seven days of the week. However, the place gets a little busy between 11 AM - 12 PM. Early mornings are less crowded and the weather is also pleasant for the adventure activities. Winter months of November to February and the summer months of March to May are the ideal time to visit.

Other Essential Information

Places to eat near Flying Hanuman

1. Pizzeria Al Fiume: A culinary gem near the Flying Hanuman, this restaurant serves fresh and lip-smacking pizzas at a reasonable price. The variety on the offer includes both veg and non-veg authentic pizzas, offering a great value of money.

2. Le V Restaurant: Right from food, ambiance to views, this restaurant offers a great package to its customers. The restaurant specializes in French dishes with a touch of Mediterranean flavors. It also has a great selection of Italian wines.

3. Thong Dee: The Kathu Brasserie: Another great destination near Flying Hanuman, this restaurant serves traditional European recipes, authentic Thai cuisine, and in-house specialties. The dining experience here is exclusive with its cozy ambiance with jazzy harmonies playing in the background. 

4. Poo Nurntong Restaurant: Known for authentic Thai food and hospitality, this roof-top restaurant lets you relish your favorite recipes while witnessing beautiful sunset scenery. Having its specialty pineapple fried rice is indeed an amazing experience!

5. The Orchid: Serving Asian and Thai recipes, this restaurant is another good option to have your meals near Flying Hanuman. From snacks to curries, everything here is lip-smacking and fresh. The Papaya Salad and fried banana and pineapple with ice cream are a few of its not-to-be-missed treats.

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Places to stay near Flying Hanuman

1. Serenity Lakeside Resort: A 3-star property near Flying Hanuman in Phuket, it offers comfortable rooms, great services and modern amenities. Surrounded by lush landscapes, this resort has a restaurant, outdoor pool, free Wi-Fi, free parking space and much more.

2. Andamantra Resort and Villa Phuket: Offering stunning views of Patong Bay, this resort is one of the premium destinations in Phuket for a relaxing stay. Well-equipped rooms, 4 restaurants, 3 outdoor pools, a spa, a gym, free Wi-Fi, free parking are a few of its amenities that make the stay a memorable one.

3. Sensitive Hill Villas: A beautiful gem situated on the hill overlooking stunning Patong Beach, this boutique resort features 21 well-designed rooms, an outdoor swimming pool, free private parking, free Wi-Fi, a fitness center, and above all warm hospitality.

4. Phuket Wake Park: Another reasonable yet comfortable option near Flying Hanuman, it provides cozy accommodations complete with essential modern amenities. It also features an outdoor swimming pool, free Wi-Fi, free private parking, a fitness center, a bar, a terrace, and a shared lounge. It also has an in-house restaurant that serves authentic Thai recipes to its guests. They also serve free breakfast on the property.

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Tips to Visit Flying Hanuman

1. Book your package online beforehand to avoid any last-minute disappointment.

2. Visit the adventure park only if you meet the eligibility criteria for the adventures like physical & medical fitness and weight.

3. Do not take part in the adventures if you have a heart condition or you are pregnant.

4. Wear comfortable clothes, which are not flowy but cover your shoulders.

5. Wear comfortable shoes, if possible closed-toe boots.

6.Bring an extra pair of clothes for change.

7. Leave all your belongings in the locker that you can take on rent.

8.Cover yourself (all open areas) with insect repellent as you will be in the middle of lush woods.

9. Follow all guidelines and listen to your guides sincerely to have a lifetime adventure experience.

10.Bring your own raincoat or hire one from the park as rain can happen anytime.

11.Reach the park at least 30 minutes before the playtime, if you are visiting the park on your own. 

12.It assures a comfortable and hassle-free trip with packages including pick & drops and meals. 

13.It offers a range of packages H1, H2, and H3, that visitors can choose from as per their convenience and budget.

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Experience something beyond imagination with a zipline adventure in Flying Hanuman. The park is one of the most serene locations in Phuket to have this experience and fly like Hanuman, a Hindu God, in the air. It has 28 ziplines and one dual zipline that make you witness the beauty of the Island from as high as 400 m. This eco-friendly adventure involves several obstacles and sky bridges. The longest zipline at the park lets you cross over 400 m of distance amidst breathtaking scenery.

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 Sky Bridges

Sky Bridges

Face your height fears with this adventure, which will make you walk at a height from one platform to another. The sky bridges at the Flying Hanuman are made up of bamboo and ropes that help you transfer to an entirely different world of rainforests. From high above in the sky, you will witness amazing verdant scenery and get to experience an ultimate adventure. While FH1 and Fh2 courses require walking over 3 sky bridges, FH3 has only 1 sky bridge in its package. 

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Test your strength with this adventure that will make you descend from a good height in deep woods! Flying Hanuman features 3 abseil points that are at different heights and offer great fun and excitement. If you choose the FH1 or FH2 course, you will have to descend all 3 abseil points. The FH3 course comprises only 1 abseil point.

 Spiral Staircase

Spiral Staircase

Another star attraction of Flying Hanuman, Spiral Staircases also test your energy and stamina. It lets visitors walk at tree canopy height and offers unprecedented views of the surrounding landscapes. You will climb up or go down 3 spiral staircases if you have chosen either FH1 or Fh2. Whereas, FH3 will let you walk only 1 spiral staircase.

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 Honeymoon Sling

Honeymoon Sling

Wondering which activity is most suited for honeymooners or couples? Well, Flying Hanuman can fill your honeymoon in Phuket with refreshing and thrilling memories. Although every activity at the park is full of fun and excitement, ziplining with your partner holding his hand is truly romantic. Flying Hanuman has a dual zipline that allows couples to fly together through parallel cables to make them enjoy a blissful time right in the heart of nature.

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Jungle Roller Coaster

Jungle Roller Coaster

Flying Hanuman promises everything extraordinary from ziplines, abseil points, skywalks to its Jungle Roller Coaster Ride. The ride will let you scream with joy as the ride zooms through the jungle at a good speed. Enjoy different curves and twists with your family or friends while witnessing the spectacular views of the beautiful lush surroundings. The coaster ride is another adventure at the park that will leave you with everlasting memories of speed and thrills. 

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Flying Hanuman FAQs

What kind of dress and shoes should we wear?

You can wear whatever you want but we recommend comfortable clothes that are not flowy, preferably a light shirt and short pants. Your clothes must cover your shoulders to avoid contact with the zipline. 

In footwear, we recommend sports shoes or sneakers as you will be required to walk amidst the jungle, climb staircases, etc.

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Can I skip the zipline or abseil if I join the activity?

No, you can’t skip any of the activities as the whole adventure runs on a pre-fixed pattern that requires going from one platform to another. And, zipline takes you to another platform.

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Is Flying Hanuman safe?

Absolutely yes! Flying Hanuman is one of the safest and eco-friendly destinations in Phuket to enjoy adventure experiences right in the middle of the jungle. The ziplines at the park can hold multiple tonnes of weight and are regularly inspected for signs of wear. All safety equipment is of a high standard, and guides and staff are extensively trained and certified. Proper sanitization and Covid-19 related measures are also taken care of.

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Is there a weight limit?

Yes, the maximum weight limit for this adventure is 120 kg.

What is the age limit?

The Flying Hanuman is a great destination for all as it allows visitors of ages from 4 years to 70 years. Though visitors that do not lie within this age limit can also come, they need to sit and wait in the lobby or restaurant as they can’t take part in the adventures. 

Is outside food allowed?

No, outside food is not allowed in Flying Hanuman. It has a restaurant within the premises, where you can have a range of fresh herbal juices, salads, fried nuts, etc. It also offers packages that include Thai meals for lunch.

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Flying Hanuman Reviews

Prem Asan
Reviewed: 20 Dec 2019
This was my first-time experience of zip-lining in Phuket and visited here with my husband. The guides were helpful and Highly recommend.
Baladitya Sethi
Reviewed: 09 Feb 2019
This was the second time my partner and I booked this activity, again from Thrillophilia. We have always loved their packages, and this one has been our most favourite. We loved the Flying Hanuman experience, and also saw views of the islands, hills and forests of Phuket. Highly recommend this one.
Sumathi Sumathi
Reviewed: 04 Mar 2019
This is one of the best adventure packages that I came across while planning my trip to Thailand. Thrillophilia offers passes for a number of courses at Flying Hanuman. It’s a mix of adventures, including ziplining, skyline, climbing and much more. There are supervisors to guide you through it, but ... Read More

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