Penang Tourism, Malaysia 2020 (50 Tours & Activities)

Tourist places in Penang include all kinds of places like beaches, forests, temples, museums and so on which is a must visit for every individual. This place has a rich Chinese culture and is known all over the world for this culture and tradition. The locals consider Penang to be the food capital of Malaysia as it has an array of lip-smacking traditional dishes that can be found in the streets and almost anywhere in Penang. Penang considers tourism to be it's only income source so one can easily find different types of hotels and resorts ranging from luxurious ones to budget ones. The Arulmigu Karumariamman Temple is one of the greatest attractions present here.


Being located in Indonesia, this Indian temple is believed to have the largest sculpted pillar in Malaysia. Then the water edges present in Clan Jetties is a perfect fishing spot for all those who love this activity. One can witness the majestic sunset by sitting on wooden planked walkaway built over the water. One can visit the Bukit Mertajam Recreational Forest to carry out adventure activities like Trekking, Rappelling, Canyon Swing and so on. The special thing about Penang is that it offers a mixed bag of activities that the tourists can do over here. They can go out on a food tour where they can taste some of the very famous and delicious local street food presents here.


One can visit the small street markets and indulge in some shopping while in Penang, they can buy some traditional Chinese lamps, antique jewelry and so on. Tourist places in Penang also houses a large number of beaches which are all equally good and the perfect place to relax and feel rejuvenated. There are some National Parks and Adventure Parks that tourists can visit while in Penang to experience something different than the regular sightseeing. Overall Penang is the perfect place for a vacation with family and friends in almost any season.

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Tasted the dishes like prawn Hokkien mee, Penang rojak and oyster omelet. It was a delightful experience.
its a very beautiful and nice place really recommended to be there,the grandeur of the place is mesmerizing.
This tour was amazing.. The driver picked us up on time and gave us a brief description of the areas around.. The park itself was a lot of fun..

People Also Ask About Penang

  1. Travel advice

    • You can fly to Penang Bayan Lepas International Airport which is 30 kilometres away from the George town. Within the city you can take a taxi or hire a private car, and use public transportation to get around.

    • Do not travel in isolated places or travel alone in the dark.

    • Do not get into taxis known as Kereta Sapu that do not have proper registered license plates or numbers.

    • Do not accept rides from strangers.

    • Be careful of your luggage at crowded places as there are bag snatchers in the area.

    • Men and women are groped in public buses. Keep emergency numbers handy should you want to report such an incident.

    • Be careful of taking water sports activities at the Batu Feringhi beach. Also, there is a risk of being stung by the jellyfish.

    • Avoid visiting the Kerachut Beach during monsoon as it witnesses strong currents.

    • Look both ways when crossing roads, vehicles do not stop when pedestrians are crossing the road.

    • Do not keep your valuable on the table when eating at open restaurants or street stalls, they might be easily stolen.

    • Eat only with right hand and when giving or receiving gifts use only right hand.

    • Wear fully covered clothes when you visit temples.

    • At social gatherings, greet the elders before you greet other people.

    • Ask for permissions before taking pictures of the locals.

    • Toasting for drinks is not a common practice anywhere in Malaysia.

    • Do not keep your hands inside your pockets while walking the streets of Penang as it is considered a suspicious activity by locals.

  2. Drinking law

    The legal age for purchasing and drinking alcohol is 18 years of age for non- Muslims. Muslims have no legal age of drinking in this country, as it is against the law for Muslims to drink.

  3. Our Recommendations: What you can’t afford to miss?

    Beaches and water sports

    Visit the Teluk Duyung beach, Muka Head, and the Pantai Kerachut beach on this island as they are pristine and secluded. You can go beach hiking and take boat rides at these beaches. The Teluk Duyung beach as known as the Monkey beach, is one of the popular beaches of this island. You can camp and go on treks at  The Penang National Park. You can also hike at the Botanic Gardens in the Penang Hills. Also, present is a golfing resort at Seberang Prai. At the Batu Feringhi beach jet skiing and parasailing are the water sports and outdoor activities available. At the Pulau Payar Marine Park you can take to snorkelling activities. You can go on cycling trails at the Balik Pulau and nearby fishing villages.

    Sightseeing heritage sites

    Visit the Cheong Fatt Tze to get a view of Chinese architecture, China Town for its exotic view and sightseeing, Clock Tower, the splendorous waterfront promenade Esplanade, Fort Cornwallis for a view of canons used in war, Little India for shopping and historical excursions, Penang Museum and Art Gallery for historical paintings and relics, and the Penang War Museum. Most of these historical sites are unique and depict the war history during the times of Second World War.

    Farms and gardens

    Witness more than 100 species of butterflies at the Butterfly Farm in Teluk Bahang, Penang Durian Farm for tropical fruits, and the Tropical Fruit Farm for fruits and enjoying the scenic view of the nearby hills. You can visit the Penang Bird Park that has fish ponds and aviaries. You can spot sea gulls, peacocks, flamingos, hornbills, and macaws at this park. The Tropical Spice Garden is a valley extended to 8acres of land that has more than 100 varieties of herbs and spices from all over the world. This is a landscape garden that must be visited and is unique to this place.

  4. What you will like there?

    Sightseeing and outdoor activities

    There are many heritage and historical places to visit in Penang that you can visit for their unique Chinese architecture. At the parks and botanical gardens, trekking, hiking, and taking walking trails are available. These areas are beautifully landscaped and you can take photographs of the scenic view of these places. Very few water activities are available at most of the beaches, as tourists mostly visit Penang to get a tranquil time seeing the place around.

    Food, shopping, and nightlife

    There are many popular pubs and bars sprawled across this place. Penang is called the Malaysia’s food paradise. You can gorge on the typical platter, desert, snacks, and drinks that are popular in Penang. For shopping, you can shop for jewellery, clothes, accessories, artefacts, and souvenirs.

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  6. When is the best time to visit Penang?

    Penang is a beautiful place which is open to tourism all year round. The month wise break up for the best time visit Penang is:

    November to January- This is arguably the best time to visit Penang. The weather is chilly and Christmas is also around during this time, making it the perfect time for people to enjoy themselves.

    February to April- During this time, the city is not very crowded as tourists go back to their homes after the New Year celebrations. It is the perfect time to visit for people who want to explore the city and have a quiet vacation.

    May to October- These are the wettest months in Penang and tourism drops a lot during this time. If one is looking for a quiet and cheap vacation, then this is the best time for them as one gets heavy discounts on everything during this time.

  7. How to reach Penang?

    Penang is one of the most populous states of Malaysia and hosts several tourists every year. It is very well connected with the rest of the country and the world and one can reach Penang in many ways.

    By Air- Since Penang is amongst the most important states of Malaysia, it has its own airport. The Penang International Airport is just 16 km away from its capital, Georgetown. One can take a bus or a cab from the airport to reach their destination.

    By Rail- Malaysia is very well connected by railroads. One can take a train from Kuala Lumpur to Butterworth. On reaching Butterworth, they can take a ferry to Penang. These services are available to everyone throughout the day.

    By Road- Going to Penang by road is the most convenient way to visit the place. It is connected to the rest of the country by roadways and one can hire a cab or drive their car to Penang.

  8. What are the things to do in Penang?

    Penang is a beautiful city and is filled with sites which one should visit if they are in the city. It is blessed with some gorgeous sites and there are several activities which are available here. Few things to do in Penang are:


    • Visiting the Penang Hill- The Penang Hill is the pride of the place. It is just 820 m above sea level and gives people the much-required comfort from the heat down in the city. One can enjoy the panoramic view of the surrounding from the top of the hill.
    • Adventure Activities- If one is visiting Penang alone, then also they can enjoy themselves by doing several adventure activities which are at their disposable in Penang. There are few adventure parks present in the state where can do this activity.
    • Spas- There are numerous spas present in Penang. If one wants to forget all their stress and wants to relax, then the person can go to any of the several outstanding spas in Penang.
    • Cruise- One of the many attractions of Penang are their cruises. One can go on a cruise excursion in Penang and enjoy the luxurious service of the cruise.
  9. What is the local food of Penang? Which are the best places to taste this food?

    Penang can be said to be the food capital of the South East Asia. It boats some of the world’s finest foods and one is bound to love the local food of Penang. The local cuisine of Penang is similar to the rest of the South East Asian region. Rice, noodles, and soups are the three things which are a must in every Malaysian Cuisine. It is the use of these three food items and their variety which makes the local food of Penang stand out. Spicy coconut noodle soup, crispy duck with rice and fried rice cake strips are some of the local food of Penang. The best restaurants in Penang to enjoy these dishes are:

    • Red Garden Hawker Centre
    • Air Itam Sister's Curry Mee
    • Kimpo Famous Roasted
    • New Lane Hawker Centre
  10. What is the best public transport to commute around Penang?

    Penang is very well connected by roadways, making commutation within the city quite easy. Public transports are widely used in Penang by people to travel within the city. Penang buses run in every 30 minutes and people can buy tickets for a 24-hour ride or a 48 ride beforehand. The unique public transport available in Penang is the ferry. These ferries link Penang islands to Georgetown and Butterworth. One can also book a cab to travel around the city.

  11. What is the local language in Penang and which are the most commonly use greetings?

    Malaysia is a very diverse country and hosts thousands of tourists every year which makes it important for the locals to understand English. English, therefore, is one of the most common languages of Malaysia. People here also understand Penang Hokkien and Mandarin. But the local language of Malaysia is Malay. Just like Malaysia, the local language of Penang is also Malay. Some of the common greetings in Malay are:

    morning- Pagi

    afternoon- tengah hari

    evening- Petang

    night- malam

  12. Which are the best shopping places in Penang and what are they famous for?

    Every person who visits a different city or a country wants to buy things from that place to keep it as a souvenir. People also shop from these places to get a taste of the local culture. The best shopping places in Penang are:

    • Little Penang Street Market- This is a one-day street market which is held only on Sundays. It is the perfect place for the tourists as they get to see the culture of Penang as well as get hold of some really cheap and amazing products.
    • 1st Avenue Mall- This mall is a shopper’s paradise. It offers clothes and accessories of some of the best brands in the world. One is bound to exceed their budget if they go for shopping here.
    • Lorong Kulit Flea Market- This market is a must for every person visiting Penang. The market offers amazing accessories and vintage products to its customers. One gets to test their bargaining skills here and things can be bought for really low prices if one possesses the skill.
    • Chowrasta Bazaar- Chowrasta Bazaar is Penang’s most famous daily market. This market sells food items and can get every item under the sun here.
  13. Which are the famous beaches to visit in Penang?

    Beaches are the best place to just sit back, relax and enjoy the surroundings. One can take a dip in the water if they want or can also try some of the water sports. Penang has a lot of pretty beaches and the beauty of these beaches is amplified at night. Many people flock to the beaches Penang, making the atmosphere in the beaches livelier. Some of the famous beaches of Penang are:

    • Batu Ferringhi Beach
    • Tanjung Bungah
    • Teluk Kami Beach
    • Pulau Kendi
    • Gertak Sanggul
    • Teluk Bahang
    • Jerejak Island
  14. Which are the best temples to visit to soak in the spirituality of Penang?

    Malaysia is a diverse country and different people in Malaysia follow different religions such as Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, and Christianity. Every religion has their own religious places in the country. There are many temples in Penang where people go to the meet their spirituality as well as to see its monumental beauty. Some of the best temples to visit in Penang are:

    • Kek Lok Si
    • Snake Temple
    • Kapitan Keling Mosque
    • Acheen Street Mosque
    • St. George’s Church
    • Wat Chayamangkalaram Thai Temple
  15. Which are the best places to enjoy adventure activities in Penang?

    People do not visit Penang just to explore the beauty of this place. There are many more activities which one can do here except for exploring. One can go for trekking, snorkeling, zip lining, and the likes. Some of the places where one can enjoy these activities are:

    • Penang National Park
    • Escape Adventure Park
    • Penang Hill
    • Georgetown Heritage Walk
  16. Should I visit the Penang Interactive museum? What’s so special about it?

    Penang Interactive Museum is a must-visit attraction in Penang. It is the first 3D museum in Malaysia and amongst the largest in the world. One gets to see several artworks of people in the 3-dimensional form. All in all, it is a wonderful and one should definitely visit the Penang Interactive Museum.

  17. Which are the best nightlife experiences in Penang?

    Penang is a hot destination for all the tourists around the world, making it one of the liveliest places in Malaysia. Due to its liveliness, Penang also has one of the best nightlife in the country. Few places where one can have the best nightlife experiences are:

    • Monkey Bar
    • Soho Free House
    • Hard Rock Café
    • Sand Bar
    • The Press Rooftop Bar
    • Baba Bar
    • Soju Room
  18. Should I go on a Trishaw ride through the streets of Georgetown? What are the different things to see?

    Trishaws are part of the heritage of Penang. People experience a new thing when they go for a trishaw ride. They get to see the site in the city and also get to understand the local culture. One should go on a trishaw ride. A place where one can go on this ride are:

    • The Fort Cornwallis
    • City Hall
    • Peranakan Baba and Nyonya Mansion
    • Kapitan Keling Mosque
  19. Where can one enjoy Watersports in Penang?

    Penang is an island and surrounded by water all around, this makes it the perfect place to carry out water sports. One can do several water sports in Penang such as snorkeling, jet skiing, parasailing, etc. Places where one can enjoy these activities are:

    • Pulau Payar Marine Park
    • Jalan Tanjung Bunga
    • Jalan Batu Ferringhi
  20. Here are the best tips Thrillophilia has to offer for your trip to Penang

    Penang is a very pretty place to visit and one will get the feeling as if they are in heaven. To anyone who is visiting Penang, some useful tips for them and they are:

    • One should not accept anything from strangers and not be out alone in lonely places at night as the city I can be dangerous.
    • One should check the safety before carrying out any water sport.
    • One should leave their belongings unattended.

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