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What You Should Know More About Hong Kong

  • Travel advice:

    • You can get to Hong Kong by air and rail. You must, however, adhere to certain laws and regulations laid by the city.

    • The city is clean, so do not spit on the roads.

    • Hong Kong is one of the most expensive cities, so do not forget your wallet when you go out or dine at any place.

    • Do not walk quickly in the crowded areas or try to get somewhere quickly as this can cause inconvenience to the side walkers and pedestrians.

    • Do not try eating Pizzas in Hong Kong as the toppings can be meat from exotic animals that you might not eat or feel squeamish about. Always stick to the local cuisine.

    • Learn to say greetings in Cantonese language to get by, even though the locals know to speak English.

    • Do not forget to bargain in the local shops.

    • Hong Kong has many options for shopping, sightseeing, and many other things to do.

    • Do not stick to just one set of things; explore as many options as possible when in Hong Kong.

  • Drinking laws

    In Hong Kong you can drink in public areas, you only have to be above 18 years of age to be able to start drinking.

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    Heritages, churches, and museums

    You can take a day long tours to visit the heritages, churches, and museums. You can visit the Ping Shan Heritage Trail which is one of the ancient sites of Hong Kong. You can also visit the Man Mo Temple, Wong Tai Sin Temple, Po Lin Monastery, and the St John’s Cathedral which is one of the oldest churches in Hong Kong. You can visit unique museums called the Dialogue in the Dark in Kowloon where you feel the area and the artifacts of the museum in complete darkness using your non visual senses. The Hong Kong Museum of Art has contemporary art in ceramics, terracotta, and also has Chinese paintings.

    Nature and wildlife tours

    You can visit the Lantau Island and enjoy fishing, camping, hiking, and enjoying your time on the secluded beaches of this island. In the waters of this island, you will also find pink colored dolphins. The Sai Kung Peninsula is a challenging coastal area with breathtaking view and scenery. You can also visit the Yan Chau Tong Marine Park for many outdoor activities. The Ocean Park is an amusement park that has many activities for kids and family.


    There are many beaches that you can visit and explore in and around Hong Kong. The Repulse Bay is an urban beach and has many facilities for children. The Shek O is popular for young people and is sprawled with many eatery joints and easy transportation available. You can enjoy the view of the clear water and go on beach hiking at the Hung Shing Yeh beach

  • What you will like here?

    City tours and adventure activities

    There are many fishing villages in and around Hong Kong which also prove to be good camping sites. There are beaches in the nearby island where you can reach through ferry boats. You can use most of these beach sites for camping activities and adventure tours. These are places that you can explore. Additionally, you can explore the city for its view, historical significance, and getting to know the cultural delights of the city. You can explore the beaches, sail and take ferry rides to the nearby islands and beaches.

    Food, shopping, and nightlife

    The local cuisine is a must try. Even vegetarians get many options to dine at the restaurants. You can visit the pubs and get the best of time, as there are hardly any restrictions in the city. They are filled with live music, and you can also go night shopping in many areas in Hong Kong. There many rooftop bars and restaurants that offers the best of international cuisine and drinks.

    You can shop at the Ladies market in Kowloon and buy fashion, jewelry, artifacts, souvenirs, and many other clothing and food items. The temple street market opens at 5 in the evening and is open till the midnight of the next day. This is one of the touristiest places for night shopping. Jade market has jewelry in precious and semi precious stones.

    Horse racing and events

    Horse racing is one of the most favorite activities of locals in Honk Kong. You can take a short course in horse racing or visit the city during any of the golf tournaments. This island city is also a hub to many local festivals. Especially, do not miss the boat racing festival. Most of the festivals of Hong Kong are exotic and colorful.

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