Phang Nga Bay Overview

Phang Nga Bay is a picturesque destination between Phuket and Krabi known for its splendid backdrop. The site is famous for the archaeologically significant vertical limestone karsts that extend magically out of the emerald green sea water.Phang Nga Bay houses small islands that are rich in mangrove forests, beds of seagrass and varieties of flora and fauna. Outdoor activities like boat trips, canoeing, snorkelling, swimming and kayaking are also available here.

Locally known as Ao Phangnga, Phang Nga Bay is a land whose caves and islands seem to defy gravity. It is mostly overlooked by a majority of travellers due to its much-more famous neighbour Phuket. But Phang Nga Bay is one of the most magnificent places you could ever visit during your Thailand tour. The bay is around 20 kms north of Phuket so it is easily accessible by boats. This stunning site comprises 42 islands and is popular for its mangrove trees, numerous species of flora and fauna, and dense beds of seagrass. 

December to January are the best months to visit this place when the weather is pleasant and you can experience more activities. The distinctive feature about this place are the sheer limestone cliffs emerging vertically out of emerald-green water. This place got its fame after being featured in the famous James Bond movie, ‘The Man with the Golden Gun’.

The bay, with its limestone islands, soft white sand, and stunning beaches, is a great destination for a leisurely day trip. Its marvels include James Bond island, Koh Panyee, Samet Nangshe viewpoint, and Hong group of islands. The most famous tourist spot here is the Phang Nga Bay national park which is a geological wonder filled with startling rock formations, islets and sunken caverns. 

You can also explore many other fascinating caverns on your kayaking sea expedition. If you plan to visit the bay in March, you can also participate in the turtle release fair which is a 7-days event, held to release turtle hatchlings. Phang Nga Bay is one of the most highly recommended places to visit in Phuket with its mesmerising views and turquoise waters. 


• An incredible feature of Phang Nga bay is the crystal clear limestone cliffs emerging vertically out of emerald-green water.
• James Bond island and Koh Payee is the center of attraction with tremendous views and plenteous natural life.
• Phang Nga Bay also has numerous beaches for visitors to explore and relax at, including white sand beach, Pak Weep beach, Laem Haad beach, and Bangsak beach.
• Ao Phang Nga National Park is a protected area with one of the largest mangrove forests in Thailand.
• Khao Lak is a popular tourist destination for trekking and rafting. Explore unspoiled rivers with bamboo rafts while experiencing exotic fruits and nature at its best.

How To Reach

  • The closest airport you can fly to is either Phuket or Krabi. Then you can take a minivan or a bus to Phang Nga Bay
  • Phang Nga Bay does not have a railway station of its own. The nearest railway station is Surat Thani, then you can take a tax or a bus
  • You can also take a rental car from Bangkok and reach here by road but it will take approximately 12 hours to reach here.

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Best Time To Visit

The ideal time to visit Phang Nga bay is between the months of December to January when the weather is pleasant and suitable to visit the Bay. The sea is also calm during this time making the water sports and kayaking safer and enjoyable.

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Other Essential Information

National Parks in Phang Nga Bay

Phang Nga is a magnificent place with mindblowing national parks. One of the marvels is Ao Phang Nga national park with its natural beauty located between Mueang Phang Nga district and Takua Thung district. You can find a lot of limestone tower karst islands here. It protects one of the largest native Thailand mangrove forests and is home to varied wildlife.

 Another such gem is the Phang Nga Bay Marine national park. It was declared as a Ramsar site or protected wetlands under Ramsar convention in 2002. It is also home to shallow marine waters and wetlands comprising 28 different species of mangroves. These mangroves consist of seagrass beds and multi-colored coral reefs. Visitors also get the opportunity to spot 82 different types of fish,88 species of birds and a variety of reptiles, mammals and amphibians. Some of them are also endangered animals globally such as the black finless porpoise, Asiatic dowitcher, the dugong and the Malaysian plover. 

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Shopping In and Around Phang Nga Bay

Bang Niang Market: Located on Phetkasem road, Bang Niang market is a must-visit place if you are shopping buff. This lively market is held between 10 AM to 10 PM, everyday. You will find more than 100 stalls selling various products like t-shirts, accessories, beachwear, etc. You must definitely try the delicious Thai street food on your visit here. 

TT Plaza: TT Plaza is a huge market like shopping center along the Phetkasem Road. stretched to over 2,000 meters this shopping plaza is like Ali Baba’s cave as you can find anything and everything here from electronics to toys and much more. Few stalls in front of the building offer finger-licking good kebabs and pancakes, which you will surely like!

Tailor-Made clothing: With over 15 custom tailor shops you can surely find the perfect suit for you in Thailand. Visitors also make a pit stop at Khao Lak and Mark One Tailor for body-fitted pieces. 

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Other Islands To Visit in Phang Nga Bay

1. Koh Panak: Koh Panak is a tiny island located in the prettiest bay of Thailand. It is a green, blue, rocky landscape with an immense cliff on one side and a lagoon called ‘Hong’ on the other. The must thing to do here is visit the caves which you can only do via kayaks. You can also enjoy incredible sunsets from this magnificent island. 

2. Koh Hong: koh Hong group is a group of 4 islands comprising Hong islands, located off the coast of Krabi. This wonderful group of islands offer breathtaking views, blue lagoons, soft white sandy beaches and multi-colored coral reefs for you to explore. It is a place where you can enjoy it all - snorkeling, sunbathing, scuba diving, hiking, fishing, etc.

3. Kudu Yai: Kudu Yai is an appealing and unusual creek surrounded by sharp rock formations. The island is untouched by mass tourism so you will only find a few people enjoying a swim or clicking pictures. This island is as beautiful as James Bond island but without the huge crowds of people. You can kayak around this island and savor the great landscapes.

4. Koh Yao: Located right between the tourism duo of Phuket and Phi Phi island, Koh Yao Noi island is one of the friendliest islands in Thailand and is easy to get to. This place has some of the best restaurants that cater to all your food swings.

5. Koh Nok: Koh Nok Phao is a natural tourist attraction with exquisite beaches, perfect for leisure time. Most of the villagers are fishermen so if you have a keen interest in fishing, this island is perfect for you. It is ideal for you to commute on rental scooters and explore the eateries and vegetation on this island. 

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Resorts in Phang Nga Bay

1. Aleenta Phuket resort: Aleenta Phuket Resort is an award winning luxury resort with guaranteed leisure time and great entertainment facilities. They can arrange for private dining in your rooms with Thai cuisines and Mediterranean dishes. They also have golf, diving, gyms, readily available for their guests.

2. Akyra beach club: Another such luxurious resort is the Akyra beach club with a relaxing waterside location situated at Natai beach. They provide a great number of amenities such as a spa, gym, boating tours and yoga to make your stay as luxe as possible. They also offer event spaces if you want to host a crazy party or gathering.

3. Treehouse Villas: Located in Koh Yao Nai, Treehouse Villas is Thailand’s most popular treehouse villa escape accompanied with private pools. You can find personalised massage sessions and traditional Thai lunch services in your room. The resort can also arrange pick and drop shuttle services for you from the airport.

4. Paradise Koh Yao: As the name suggests, Paradise Koh Yao is a hidden gem of a resort located in the remote corner of the Koh Yao Noi island. Away from the crowds, it is built in a laid-back and natural setting to give the guests a sense of privacy. All the exotic villas and rooms are nestled in a private, tropical forest type setting. 

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Insider Tips for Visiting Phang Nga Bay

-The best time to visit Koh Panyi is before lunchtime, to avoid the hassle of crowds.

-Please stay close to the beaches while swimming in deep waters to avoid negative consequences.

-Always carry a water bottle, sunscreen and cameras for maximum enjoyment.

-It is advisable to appoint a tour guide for you to get better understanding about the limestone cliffs and caves around the area.

-The Wat Suwan cave is surrounded by monkeys on all the sides, so it is highly recommended for you to leave your personal belongings and edible items in the car before entering the cave to avoid it getting snatched by them.

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Point of Interest for Phang Nga Bay
James Bond Island

James Bond Island

James Bond island is a perfect place for all nature lovers to gaze at the amazing nature. Its magnificent limestone formations extending from untouched green water is a beautiful sight for sore eyes. A scene from the infamous James Bond film, "the Man with the Golden Gun," featured Koh Ta-pu. Dozens of longtail boats make a stop on the adjoining tiny, for tourists to click their unavoidable “James Bond” memoir photo.

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Koh Panyi

Koh Panyi

Koh Panyi or Koh Panyee, commonly referred to as “Island of Flag” is a small community island comprising 1,200 people and around 360 families. This island is mostly made up of huge limestone cliffs and people live on huts built with stilts, surrounded by shallow sea. Mostly Muslim community resides in this place so you should dress up decently and not expose too much flesh or you can risk getting a cold shoulder from the villagers. 

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The Cave of the Reclining Buddha

The Cave of the Reclining Buddha

Wat Suwan Kuha or the cave of reclining Buddha is a cave sheltering a reclining golden Buddha. If you feel like going on a long drive, outside Phuket island, you can rent a car and explore this majestic place. The cave is made up of limestone rocks, and with rare jewels embedded into the walls. 

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Laem Haad Beach

Laem Haad Beach

Laem Haad beach lies on the west coast between the Surin and Kamala beaches in Phuket. It is a beautiful strip of soft, white sand spread all over the beach, dotted with giant boulders and nodding palm trees. Most private cruises make a pit stop here for the tourists to enjoy the soft sands, coconut trees and magnificent views. The northern region of the beach is good for bodyboarding and the southern part is popular for snorkeling and swimming. 

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Samet Nangshe Viewpoint

Samet Nangshe Viewpoint

Samet Nangshe viewpoint is one of the most prominent viewpoints of Phang Nga bay with a majestic panorama view of the entire island. It is located on a hilltop just 30-minutes away from Phuket by road, with clear sky. Due to being located at a high altitude and less air pollution, you can also catch a glimpse of the Milky way galaxy at times. You can get awestruck by the amazing sunrise stretching out from the eastern side of the hill. 

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Tourism Board Alliances

Phang Nga Bay FAQs

What is Phang Nga Bay famous for?

Phang Nga Bay island has been acclaimed as an icon for the movie buffs all around the world. It got its fame after being featured in multiple movies like ‘The man with the Golden Gun’ and ‘Star wars 3’. The archaeological sites, and limestone cliffs also have its own significance in the travel world.

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Is Phang Nga Bay worth visiting?

Phang Nga Bay is not just famous for its stunning view of the bay but also a major tourist attraction spot because of boat rides, majestic caves, blue lagoons and tranquil nightlife. You can have both leisure time and adventures in this place which makes it worth a visit.

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What will we see at Phang Nga Bay?

Phang Nga Bay contains plentiful archaeological sites containing intriguing limestone caves and cliffs. A large portion of the area is protected for natural beauty so that it remains with us for a long time. The area is surrounded with beautiful, crystal clear, blue water which also becomes a hub for numerous water sports.

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Phang Nga Bay Reviews

Deepak Goli
Reviewed: 17 Jan 2023
Good experience, crystal sea tours service is very good and Alex is the best. Canoeing is the best part of this tour.
Chaten Dutta
Reviewed: 26 Oct 2019
Thank you to Thrillophilia for this tour. I was picked up from my hotel, a guide was arranged, and I also got to see popular places like the Dolphin Seaway Pier, Phang Nga Bay, Talu Island and so much more during this private boat tour, that too at a great and effective price.
Balachandra Bhattathiri
Reviewed: 23 Oct 2019
My partner and I took the private Phang Nga Bay Island tour from Thrillophilia. We had a car at the doorstep at the designated time, which took us to the landing dock. The boat tour was accompanied by an English speaking guide. We made our way across several islands, although both of us enjoyed Jame... Read More
Brajesh Mehrotra
Reviewed: 27 Mar 2019
Phuket without Island Hopig is not possible. Had a time of my life with such scenic views.
Devagya Verma
Reviewed: 21 Feb 2019
I reserved a private boat tour to phang nga Island to take my family on a private sail. Our captain was quite pleasant and kept us informed about the sights in the area. Our boat was immaculate and well-kept. I would recommend this to anyone looking for a memorable vacation.

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