15 Floating Markets in Bangkok - 2021 Updated (With Reviews)
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With oodles of malls and luxurious places to add to your shopping experience, the floating markets in Bangkok bring you closer to the riverside shopping culture. Each market is unique in its own way, making it confusing for the travelers which one to visit first.

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The mouth-watering food, the scenic beauty, the funny-looking street snacks and, the insight to the local lifestyle, this place is a beautiful contrast of the old and modern Thailand one would love to cater to. The popular Bangkok floating markets including the Damnoem and the Amphawa floating market are flocked with tourists all over the world caters are wholesome treat to visit the upscale water markets. 

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The long-tail boat tours along the Bang Nok Kwaek brings out the best of your Bangkok floating market tour. The historical roots and tempting food have made these markets a must-visit place for history and food lovers.

Here are the best floating markets in Bangkok:

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Last Updated: 08 Feb 2021
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Thailand reopens for travel for all countries including India Updated: 08 Feb 2021

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Amphawa Floating Market

Image Credit : shutterstock.com

The second most popular Bangkok floating market price ups all the sweet tooth with a varied range of desserts to nibble over them all day at reasonable rates. The local food carts offer an array of unusual eatables to munch including the weird-looking helmet crab egg salad and very funny looking ice-cream sandwiches.

Adding to the nightlife, watching the fireflies over the boat ride isn’t a sight one should miss! And not to skip the fascinating experience of eating over the small wooden tables which are not available everywhere. Other than the food, the local handicrafts,  herbal soaps, and souvenirs will take away your heart to get something back for your beloveds. The exclusively sold ‘I love Amphawa’ t-shirt from the local textile will remind you of the magnificent moments you spent here!

Funny looking food and beautiful local handicrafts.

Amphawa, Amphawa District, Samut Songkhram


Khlong Lat Mayom Floating Market

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Image Credit : expique.com
Khlong Lat Mayom Floating Market is one of the top three biggest floating markets in Bangkok, Thailand. Being extremely colorful and traditional, Khlong Lat Mayom Floating Market is one of the top tourist attraction spots of Bangkok. The place is big enough to offer a spacious shopping experience to its tourists.

Highlights: Khlong Lat Mayom Floating Market shows a perfect picture of Thai culture and daily life of the people of Thailand. Though the place is quite famous, still a lesser number of foreigners are found wandering around this marketplace. The Khlong Lat Mayom Floating Market is the exact replica of Thai life and its cuisine. The place offers an inside story of deep, authentic Thai traditions and foods. The dishes offered are extremely delicious and worth spending on.

Location: Khlong Lat Mayom Floating Market is located just 20 km away from the City of Bangkok.
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Visit Damnoen Saduak Floating Market

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The popular floating market in Ratchaburi, known as Damnoen Saduak Floating Market, is one of the largest floating markets in Bangkok. Sellers arrive early in their boats laden with tropical fruits, flowers, and other fresh produce, creating an exuberant and vividly colorful scene that has been captured by photographers around the world.

: It’s best to take a trip early in the morning to see the market at its busiest and most colorful. Hire a long-tail boat and make sure you bring your camera to capture this quintessential image of Thailand. It is also worthwhile exploring the nearby canals to gain an appreciation of how the locals live.

Ratchaburi province

 INR 2,030
           Baht 900
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Floating Market Tours Explore All (7)

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Bang Khu Wiang Floating Market

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Bang Khu Wiang Floating Market is an old traditional marketplace of Bangkok, Thailand. Typically famous for its fruit and fish market centers, the place offers an exclusive range of authentic Thai dishes, which one cannot resist. Open, throughout the week, Bang Khu Wiang Floating Market offers a gamut of local dishes for its tourist to sample and savor.

Highlights: The authentic range of classic Thai food that is available in the marketplace of Bang Khu Wiang Floating Market is the best attraction reason for tourists. Apart from that, the traditional essence, that the market offers is also a desirable experience. Bang Khu Wiang is one of the best Floating Markets in Bangkok which is a perfect place to enjoy Thailand farm-fresh food items.

Location: Bang Khu Wiang Floating Market is located at the bank of Noi-Khlong Om River. To reach this marketplace, the best experience is to take a boat ride from Chang Pier River.
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Bang Nam Pheung Floating Market

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Image Credit : wayfearer.com
Bang Nam Pheung Floating Market is better known as Bangkok's riverside market. A little away from the urban hub of the city, Bang Nam Pheung Floating Market is a perfect place to spend a weekend holiday with your friends or loved ones. The marketplace is an excellent paradise for food lovers.

Highlights: The basic highlights of the place include the growing Thai market, on both sides of the narrow tunnel. The place offers an authentic chain of traditional Thai restaurants, right by the side of the river bank. Seafood and Thai desserts are very famous. Aside from these, the place also offers a range of other Thai products including clothes, traditional Thai decors, Thai plates and so on. Also, check out the list of
 the most famous places to visit in Bangkok   

Location: Bang Nam Pheung Floating Market is located 30 km away from the city, near a place known as Chang Wat Samut Prakan.
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Sightseeing Tours Explore All (45)
Explore All (45)

Taling Chan Floating Market

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Taling Chang is one of the 50 districts of Thailand, which makes the point evident that Taling Chan Floating market is one of the most renowned floating markets in Bangkok and busiest marketplaces of Thailand. Taling Chan Floating market offers a colossal range of Thai cuisine. The smell and essence of the place are overwhelming and gives a warm welcoming feeling.

Highlights: Taling Chan floating market is an ideal idea to spend a day out of the city's urban livelihood, riding on a long tail boat and enjoying some Thai special shopping. The floating market not only offers a range of seafood and delicious prawn dishes but also offers some huge range of Thai homemade decors and fresh fruits. The barbeque grilled fish topped with some Thai leaves and served hot on the boat, just makes the day more impressive.

Location: Taling Chan floating market is located 10 km away from the city of Bangkok.

Price: The boat ride charges INR 230
The boat ride charges 100 Bahts. 
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Tha Kha Floating Market

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Tha Kha Floating Market, located 20 km away from the city of Bangkok is a compact yet authentic marketplace of Thailand. Especially famous for its exotic range of prawn dishes and green farm veggies, the Tha Kha Floating market attracts tourists from all over the globe.

Highlights: Located at the bank of the Amphawa canal, the lush greenery and chilling climate, make this small and compact floating market in Bangkok a wonderful place to spend a day. The boat rides along the market shop doors with tropical flowers peeping out to see the tourists. The smell and colorful atmosphere of the Tha Kha Floating Market is incredibly beautiful to describe in words. This is very popular among the floating markets in Bangkok.

Location: Tha Kha Floating Market is located 20 km away from the main city, near the canal of Amphawa, Bangkok, Thailand.  
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Bang Khla

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Image Credit : advidi.com
What do you feel about lunch arranged by the side of the riverbank market? Bang Khla is exactly one of the best floating markets in Bangkok of this kind. Mostly structured as a small village in the district of Bang Khla, Bang Khla floating market is a famous tourist market of Thailand.

Highlights: Bang Khla floating market in Bangkok is an extraordinary experience for both tourists and local Thai people. Mostly surrounded by the local Thai people of Thailand, Bang Khla offers a gamut of Thai dishes and delicious meals. The sweet tooth Thai tradition offers a variety of desserts and Ice cream, especially homemade in the Thai houses. The village is well centered by a transportation system. Hence, it's quite easy to reach the place. Spending an hour or two, in the essence of Thai culture is a mesmerizing experience.

Location: Bang Khla floating market is located in the district of Amphoe in Bangkok, Thailand.
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Bang Nok Kwaek Floating market

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The century-old Bangkok floating market tour will land you up in less crowd and more authentic Thailand food with no compromise over the taste. This once abandoned market is less populated and brings in the peaceful vibes to the ones luring for escapism.

The synthesis of beauty and tempting food cannot be more heart elevating bringing along the edge to eat in the vintage atmosphere. Unlike the others, it is untainted by tourists making the small boat rides along the canal even a better experience to cater. 

The retained authentic and ancient flavors of Thailand with less crowd and more peace.

Amphoe Bangkonthee, Bang Khonthi, Thailand

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Muang Boran Floating Market

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Also known as the ancient city, this floating market in Bangkok is home to cultural diversity in the vicinity. An open-air museum that depicts replicas of the five regions of Thailand is the major attraction of this place. Each of the replicas defines the original buildings commendably.

As this market opens it at 9 am you do not have to sacrifice the morning sleep to rush the market. It is more of a commingled traditional old floating market with a diversified cultural feast.

The diversified culture and the replicas of old buildings.

Bang Pu Mai, Mueang Samut Prakan District, Samut Prakan 

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Koh Kret Island Floating Market

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The artificial island near Bangkok, which was made after a canal was dug approximately 300 years ago in the are, is now a favorite getaway for the locals of the city, and attracts an equal number of tourists from outside as well. The place is famous for the kind of environment that the place curates, the pottery markets, and other shopping avenues like the ever famous floating market of the area.

Held on weekends, the Koh Kret floating market is famous for bringing the local attractions of the region and on display for you to buy and enjoy. Collect pottery, fresh produce, cutlery, and other kitchen requirements as you float on a boat past other boats occupied by Thai women wearing traditional clothes and the traditional conical hats made of straw, giving you the best experience of the Bangkok floating markets.

Highlights: This floating market is surrounded by other markets as well like the pottery market as well.

Location- Nonthaburi, which is about 12 km from the center of Bangkok
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Kwan Riam

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Kwan Riam is popularly known as the central floating market, situated at a distance of 30 km from Bangkok city. The market covered a huge area and offers an authentic range of fresh food and Thai meals, one can ever imagine.

Highlights: The Kwan Riam floating market is traditionally a weekend market. It opens on Saturdays, Sundays and any other public holidays. Generally, people offering alms to the monks gather this place on weekends. Hence, the Kwan Riam floating market is a quite busy market of Bangkok outskirts. The essence of traditional touch in the marketplace is quite realistic and offers a colossal gathering of joy and victuals.

Location: The Kwan Rium market is located quite in between Soi Saereethai 60 and Soi Ramkhamhaeng 187, 30 km away from the city of Bangkok.
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Wat Sai Floating Market

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Get acquainted with the impeccable canal-side lifestyle and venture in the Chom Thong district to see the original Thai life with a wide variety of food, fruits, and plants at reasonable prices. The much-celebrated waterway to this floating market in Bangkok is a sight to admire and is a much-acclaimed tourist ecstasy.

If your paleophile you cannot afford to keep it off you’re list as it is the home to old Ho Klong, a drum tower of Ayutthuyan architecture,  a royal Chinese-style dwelling of King Rama III, and the jewel-laden Buddha image. Get drenched into the Chinese culture and cherish the mural paintings portraying ‘The Romance of the Three Kingdoms’, the Chinese tale of Sam Kok. 

Tourist attractions plating insights into Chinese culture.

 Ekachai Rd, Bang Khun Thian, Chom Thong

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Lam Phaya

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Image Credit : amazingthaitaste.com
Situated near the Tha Jeen River in Bangkok, the Lam Phaya floating market is one the authentic weekend market of the province. The floating market is located at a distance of 25 km from the main city, yet very elegant and has a homely feeling of rural Thai culture. One of the best floating markets in Bangkok Lam Phaya is very famous among tourists and Thai people.

Highlights: The Lam Phaya floating market is a very eminent weekend market of Bangkok city. Many local Thai people from Bangkok, travel to Lam Phaya floating market on weekends to spend a splendid day away from the high cultured restaurant-style eating.

The place offers a range of traditional Thai food, cooked by the exclusive habitats of the Lam Phaya village. The magical hands and species of the local people of Lam Phaya have developed this floating market in Bangkok as the lunch hub for tourists to enjoy some exotic Thai seafood and goodness of green farms.

Location: Lam Phaya is a small village situated at the bank of River Tha Jeen, near Bangkok city, which has emerged as a weekend market.  
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Don Wai

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Image Credit : theflyingkids.com

 A foodie’s abode, this Bangkok floating market tour is indeed a blissful place for anyone who lingers around food. These seven days open floating market does not make you lure for the weekdays fancy your heart with the delicacies they have in store.

The old Thai-style houses preserved since the reign of King Rama VI will definitely leave you awe-struck, adding an unusual treat to your trip. Though this market is off the popular list if you are one of those up for the off-beat destinations, this is your go-to place.

A paradise for food lovers and the old Thai style houses are the major reasons to visit.

Tha Talat, Amphoe Sam Phran, Chang Wat Nakhon Pathom

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Newly Added Bangkok Experience

Bangkok Top Attractions

Places To Visit In Bangkok
23 January 2020
It should be a must in Bangkok visit, specially with kids. Hotel pickup service was fantastic, in time. Children enjoyed most the orangutan and dolphin shows. Better to skip the river cruise which I felt like wastage of money. The last part of coming out through the open zoo was fantastic- all openly moving animals including lions and tigers were roaming near the bus.
The best experience of sea life till date. It overseeded my previous experience at underwater world pattaya. Getting tickets was hassle free - just show the QR code and get your ticket from Information Desk. Best feeding shows observed here. The sea otter feeding show was specially enjoyable with the otters asking for more food by shaking their hands above their chests. Next the penguin show, diver show, sea life 3D show, shark feeding show, etc. were awesome. You can chill around as it is cool inside with cafeteria everywhere. Those sharks in giant aquariums really amazed me and they are living in harmony with other fishes for the past 10 years (as learnt). The ambience was great with dim lights everywhere. A great place for kids to enjoy. There were numerous fishes as well, including the famous Giant of Siam - an Amazon fish.
"awesome experience. with good food, breeze views. loved it."
13 May 2019
Best jungle tour ever! Safari world is great where you can observe wildlife closely that includes birds, giraffes, rhinos, etc. The main attractions are tiger feeding and lion feeding inside safari world (which we were lucky to see) where a woman in the rear of the car inside a cage feeds the tigers and the lions from inside. As learnt only she can come near to them as they know her scent. It was nearly a half an hour tour through the jungle life and it was a thrilling experience. The Marine park was also great with many human and animal shows such as Orangutan show, Cowboy stunt show, Spy war, Bird show, etc. and the notable Dolphin show which was best among all. Guys please do not miss this show. The international buffet was also great with varieties of dishes though you can try out Indian buffet as well. Thanks to thrillophilia for making this trip memorable.
Superb experience here at Safari world. It was a really organised tour with staff picking up at Century Mall and having a bus tour through the jungles of Safari park. The shows at Marine world were great - the best ones being the Dolphin show and the Spy war that were thrilling and awesome. The other shows included tiger show, elephant show, cowboy stunt, sea lion show, etc. The international buffet lunch was great too with different varieties of dishes prepared using chicken. There was Indian buffet lunch too. An ideal place for children to visit. It is one of my most memorable zoo visits in Thailand. If you are lucky you shall get a Thai massage from elephants in elephant show. The guide Sam explained all to us in Safari world and was really helpful. Thanks Thrillophilia for making this visit wonderful.
09 November 2020
A very wonderful place to spend half day taking pictures & selfies with our famous actors, actresses, politicians,social activists, freedom fighters of all time. Try to allocate half day as you will be busy with taking pictures & videos of real life wax statutes.
It was a totally amazing experience. Everything was very well coordinated and arranged. All thanks to Thrillophilia for this amazing trip.
The package tour was well organized by Thrillophilia.All transfers and arrangement was provided as per tour itinerary.Accommodation and food were very nice.
I booked this from Bangalore to Bangkok with my partner while we were on a vacation. And it truly did feel like one, as we travelled the whole day visiting places though we had long days, but still we felt energetic, because we had nothing to worry about, we did a lot of shopping and enjoyed the nightlife. It was all possible only because it was preciously managed and looked after. Cheers to the team.
I booked a trip this trip from Kolkata, tough it was not my first time being there, but still was a different experience as this time I wasn’t the one worrying about anything, we had and tour operator for that who has managed and booked everything for us in advance and it was undoubtedly one the best journey I have ever had.Thank you.

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People Also Ask About Bangkok

  1. What are the best things to buy from floating Markets in Bangkok?

    While you visit the floating markets in Bangkok, do not miss to sample all the traditional Thai snacks served in an amazing way.

    1. Organic Fruits and vegetables: The floating market is always filled with a colourful and fresh harvest of exotic fruits and vegetables. You must make sure to at least buy the ones which are not found in your area.
    2. Local Handicraft: Handmade tribal handicrafts are a beautiful sight to catch which will look even more beautiful in your hand. So, make sure you pick a few bags, pouches, and other items from the options.
    3. Herbal Soaps: Carved soaps are sure a treat to the eyes, but herbal soaps are a treat to your body. Thai people make amazing herbal soaps to fit different skin types and cure different skin issues so make sure to pick a few suited to your needs.
    4. Traditional Thai decor: As good as the handicrafts, locals also create some beautiful traditional decor pieces. You must grab a few of the Thai decor items to put in your house to brag about your amazing trip.
  2. Which is the best Floating Markets in Bangkok?

    Although one can’t choose one best floating market in Bangkok, Khlong Lat Mayom Floating Market is the most renowned market in the city. All the tourists definitely flock to the market to purchase exotic fruits and vegetations, Thai handicraft and home decor, trinkets and much more.

  3. How far are the floating markets from Bangkok?

    Khlong Lat Mayom Floating Market is just 15 km away from Bangkok. You can easily reach there by hiring a cab which will not take more than 20 minutes.
  4. Is Bangkok floating market open on weekdays?

    Yes. Almost all the Bangkok floating markets are open on weekdays. They usually open by 09:00 AM and remain open until 03:00 PM. However, there are certain markets which stay open till 12 in the midnight too.

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