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About James Bond Island

Khao Phing Kan popularly known as James Bond Island located in Ao Phang Nga National Park of Phang Nga Bay. Located to the north-east of Phuket, James Bond Island is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Phuket.  James Bond Island is a part of the Ao Phang Nga National Park which is a protected area due to the various destructions done by the tourists. 

Khao Phing Kan was featured in the James Bond movie “The Man with the Golden Gun”. Hence, the island is popularly called as James Bond island. Another popular thing which is located along the coast of the land, is a 20-meter tall Islet called Ko Ta Pu or Khao Ta Pu. The islet is very popular for its unique structure and is visited by tourists in large numbers. There is a local legend about Ko Ta Pu that explains its unique structure.

It goes like this - Many years ago, a fisherman used to go fishing in the waters near the Islet. Every time he used to go fishing, he used to catch many fish. One day, he failed to catch a single fish and instead caught a nail. Furious by this, he broke a nail in two pieces and threw one piece in the water. Later, this nail grew to be Ko Ta Pu. 
From boating to diving in the blue water, one can enjoy the scenic beauty of James Bond Island. Other than this, one can eat the popular and mouth-watering Pla Mook Haeng (dried squid) along the James Bond Island.

How to Reach James Bond Island

There are two ways to reach James Bond Island. One from Phuket and another from Krabi.

From Phuket: One can take a boat from Phuket Jetty to James Bond Island. On your way, you can visit Phang Nga Bay, Au Port, etc. It takes around 1-1.hour to reach. 

From Krabi: This is the long route covering around 80 km. One can take a tour from Krabi Beach that will take you through many places and finally to James Bond Island. You may have to book your tours 1-day before your visit as there are already booking done on the Krabi island.

Best Time to Visit James Bond Island

The best time of the day to visit James Bond Island is during the evening as more and more marine animals can be spotted on the beach shore. The best time of the year to visit James Bond Island is from November to April as the climate is suitable and mild.

During this period, you may witness surprising rain showers but they add to the beauty of the Island. 
If you are planning to visit the island and avoid the crowd, then visit the island in October.

What Not to Miss at James Bond Island

Places to Visit near James Bond Island

Phuket is the best city in Thailand that has many modern and natural places to visit. 
Below are some places to visit near James Bond Island.

1. Ao Phang Nga National Park- 
Ao Phang Nga National Park comprises three islands - Mueang Phang Nga, Takua Thung, and James Bond Island which are spread over an area of 400 sq.km. The national park also has a few rivers flowing between these three islands. The national park has been very popular and is highly visited by tourists from across the globe. 

Located near the national park, Phang Nga Bay Go for Scuba Diving in the azure waters of Phang Nga Bay. There are also other sports activities like rock climbing, snorkeling and much more. 

2. Ao Phang Nga Beach- 
The white sand of the beach and blue water of the Andaman Sea make Ao Phang Nga beach a perfect place to spend an evening. Activities like Canoeing and Kayaking are available on this beach and one can enjoy them. Sit along the white sand of the beach and eat some hot and steamy barbeque food items. 

3. Ko Panyi- 
This magnificent village is located on the outskirts of the Ao Phang Nga Beach and is one of the finest tourist attractions in the locality. One can enjoy a pleasant day on the small beach near the village and in the evening, take a walk among the village streets. Located close to the beach, Ko Panyi is often visited by tourists who visit James Bond Island. 

4. Ko Panyi Rock Art- 
Located near the Ko Panyi village, the caves of Ko Panyi have many paintings and art on them. These paintings are said to be of prehistoric times and include drawings of fish, elephants, goats, horses, and many other animals. 

5. Phi Phi Islands- 
Phi Phi Islands, a group of Islands are one of the finest islands near James Bond Island. One can take a speedboat or jetty from James Bond Island to reach Phi Phi Island. One can learn about the oldest human settlements of Thailand in the Phi Phi Island. Bamboo Islands, one of the six islands of Phi Phi is a very beautiful island surrounded by coral reefs. One can sleep in tents near the Bamboo Island Beach and enjoy the night sky with some barbeque food and drink. 

Things to Do In James Bond Island

From adventure rides to souvenir shops, there are a lot of things to do in James Bond Island. 
Below are some of the things to do in James Bond Island.

1. Boat Ride- 
From Phuket, one can take a boat ride to James Bond Island. The distance of this boat ride is around 25 km and one can enjoy the scenic views of various hills and cliffs. Ths boat ride takes you to different places en route and finally to the James Bond Island. On the boat ride, one can visit places like Mut Cave, Koh Hong, etc.

Also, there are boat rides available at James Bond Island which takes you through and for the island. One can see the unique and magnificent Ko Ta Pu. Tourists are allowed to go near Ko Ta Pu as it is fragile and preserved by the authorities. Click some amazing pictures of the Islet and the azure water. 

2. Explore the Island- 
Relax and take sunbathe on the white sand of James Bond Island. Swim alongside hundreds of small fishes in the crystal clear water of the island. 

3. Souvenir Shops- 
There a few souvenir shops near James Bond Island which have many local gift items. One can buy the popular Koh Tapu or the “James Bond Island Rock” from these shops. 

4. Photography and Videography- 
Pose in the fashionable James Bond pose and click photos. Go for a dive in the crystal waters and click pictures of the rare and finest fish. 

Other Essential Information About James Bond Island

- Location:
Ao Phang National Park, Phuket, Thailand. 

- Timing: Monday to Sunday 6 AM to 10 PM

- Mobile Connectivity: Medium to Poor mobile connectivity

Flora and Fauna of James Bond Island

Ao Phang Nga National Park has the largest mangrove forest in Thailand. Other than mangroves, one can see plants like pandanus, cycads, and euphorbs which grow on soil-less grounds such as the cracks of Ko Ta Pu. Under the shallow waters, one would see plankton in large numbers. Other than plankton, one would also find aquatic plants like seagrass, Halimeda, and red algae. 

James Bond Island is home to around 25 reptile species, 40 species of fish, and 14 species of shrimps. Among the 40 species of fish, one would find around 16 species of manta rays, game fish and sharks. The majority of these fishes are coral reefs, like the butterflyfish.

Other than this, one would also find other animals like the mudskipper, blue crab, humpback shrimp, mackerel, moray eel, rabbitfish, staghorn coral, black sea cucumber, soft cuttlefish, pomfret, scad, anchovies, and many others. James Bond Island is also visited by many birds and a few migratory birds like striated heron, little egret, pacific reef heron and many more. 

Travelers' Tip for Visiting James Bond Island

Here are a few things that you must have when you visit James Bond Island:

- Sun Lotion or Sun Guard Cream
- A pair of Sunglasses 
- Hat or Cap
- Swimming suit
- An extra pair of clothes
- Energy drinks and basic medicines
- Medium-size backpack (waterproof
- Camera and an extra pair of batteries
- Check the weather forecast before visiting the islands. 
- Guide services are available in all the major hotels. Hire a guide if you wish to know in-depth details about the islands
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People Also Ask About James Bond Island

  1. How far is James Bond Island from Phuket?

    Phuket is around 46 km from James Bond Island. To reach James Bond island from Phuket, one can hire the boat service from Phuket Jetty. The boat journey takes you through different places and finally ends at James Bond Island.
  2. Is Phi Phi Island and James Bond Island the same?

    No, Phi Phi Island and James Bond Island are different islands. Both the islands are located between Phuket and Krubi and are situated opposite to each other. Both are Islands are used as locations for movies (James Bond Island - The Man with the Golden Gun and Phi Phi Islands - The Beach).

    Phi Phi Islands are located closer to Krubi and further from Phuket and James Bond Island is located close to Phuket and further from Krubi. Though tours from both the towns are carried to Phi Phi Islands and James Bond Island, tourists prefer going to Phi Phi Island from Krubi and James Bond Island from Phuket.
  3. What should I take to James Bond Island?

    You should carry the following things to James Bond Islands - Swimming suit - Sun Lotion or Sun Guard Cream - An extra pair of clothes - A pair of Sunglasses - Hat or Cap - Camera and an extra pair of batteries - Energy drinks and basic medicines - Medium-size backpack (waterproof) - Garbage Bags
  4. Why is James Bond Island called James Bond Island?

    This island was featured in the 1974 film ‘The Man with the Golden Gun’. People who saw the movie were fantasized by the place. Since then, the island is popularly called as James Bond Land.

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