Phuket Bird Park Overview

Enter the Phuket Bird Park, a lush green well-designed park having 1000 birds belonging to 100 different bird species from Asia, South America and Africa. Known to be the largest bird park in Thailand, you will feel enthralled looking at the colorful birds such as Hornbills, at one of the bird shows doing a series of tasks and tricks.

Phuket Bird Park is the largest bird park in Thailand that is spread over an area close to 48560-square-meter land. It serves as the home to about 1000 different species of birds that have come all the way from Asia, Africa and South America. Apart from native and migratory birds, you will also come across some of the exotic birds like African crowned cranes, hornbills, Nicobar pigeons,ostriches and emus.  Heading out on a wildlife tour during your Thailand holiday package, you will also be able to spot turkeys, chickens, fiery-coloured Siamese pheasants, and red-billed blue magpies.

The park is home to alluring natural beauty that is dotted with beautiful gardens, lush green landscapes, and cascading waterfalls. During your visit, you must make sure that you spend time witnessing the innovative as well as impressive bird shows where these innocent creatures show off their skills. You can also have an interactive experience with some of the exotic members of the park like macaw, hornbill, parrot and many more. 

The park has also got three eateries that serve delectable local Thai as well as international cuisines. You can quench your thirst and delight your taste buds with the delicious bites. The park is also home to a souvenir store from where you can purchase lovely souvenirs and take them as memories to keep your trip alive all through your life.


• Get a chance to visit the largest bird park in Thailand spread over 48560-square-meter land.
• Spend time capturing the views of more than 1000 birds like macaws, hornbills, eagles and many more.
• Explore the park with your loved ones and come across over 100 exotic bird species from Asia, Africa and South America.
• Head out on a complete wildlife tour witnessing some exotic birds like African crowned cranes, Nicobar pigeons, hornbills, ostriches, and emus.
• Get a chance to feed the creation, let them perch on your bare arms, and witness the impressive shows where these innocent creatures show off their skills and knack for entertainment.

How To Reach

By Local Transport:

The Phuket Bird Park is located at a distance of 8.5 km from the city centre of Phuket. It takes about 17 minutes to cover the distance by Route 4201. You can travel to the park on a tuk tuk or else you can also hire a cab for the transfer. 

Best Time To Visit

The best time to visit the park would be in the early opening hours of the place, when the weather is pleasant, offering a good glimpse of their outdoor exhibitions and you can also catch one of the three Phuket Bird Park Shows. The schedule for the show is 10:30 AM, 1:30 PM and 3:30 PM.

Other Essential Information

Places to visit near Phuket Bird Park

1. Karon Beach: Located 12 km on the west of Phuket Bird Park, Karon beach stretches up to 5km of beautiful white sand making it one of the longest beaches in Phuket. You can enjoy surfing or swimming in the blue Andaman sea or just relax on the beach and enjoy some delicious food from a number of beach restaurants and resorts.

2. The Big Buddha: This huge white structure of Buddha (in meditating position) is almost 10km away in the west from the bird park. You can come and click pictures here to remember your visit to Phuket. Also, it is an ideal place to watch the sunset and spectacular views of Phuket beaches.

3. Kata Beach: The Kata beach is near Karon beach and the same distance as well from the bird park. Being one of the most visited beaches in Phuket, Kata has all the facilities and activities for visitors. From splendid views of the sunset in the blue Andaman sea to relaxing lounges and Thai massage in one of the exotic resorts, kata has got it all.

4. Wat Chalong: This 19th-century temple in Phuket is probably the most sacred place for the locals of Phuket. The visitors come here to know more about Buddhism and to offer prayers from Lord Buddha.

5. Phuket FantaSea: Phuket FantaSea is a must-to-watch thing on your bucket list of Phuket. The spectacular cultural extravaganza includes a colorful theatrical show, a Thai and intercontinental buffet restaurant, and a long shopping street.

6. Kamala Beach: Kamala Beach is on Kamala bay and on the north of Phuket Bird Park. This long beach goes 9.5 km in length. Several resorts, villas, and hotels are situated on it where you can stay and relax on the serene soft sand for a while.

7. Kata Noi Beach: Kata Noi beach is adjacent to Kata beach towards its south. It is a small golden sand beach where you can relax for a while and enjoy the natural lush green Phuket forest at the back. You can enjoy the banana boat ride here in the calm waters or also do parasailing and other water adventure activities.

8. Surin Beach: With Kamala beach to its south, this is probably the most distant beach from the Phuket city center making it the silent one as well. This beach is not visited by a lot of people due to its location. However, you can spend some hours in the surreal and peaceful vicinity of this little beach.

Places to eat near Phuket Bird Park

1. The Boathouse Restaurant: If you want to enjoy Continental and Thai fusion cuisines, Boathouse restaurant might be the best place to stop by. This classic restaurant not only serves delicious seafood but also pure vegetarian dishes that are gluten-free. The Boathouse also arranges candlelight for romantic dinners on request.

2. Baan Noy Restaurant: Less than a mile away from Phuket Bird Park, this beautiful restaurant is situated in the lush green forest of Phuket. Baan Noy serves a number of dishes on its menu including European, Thai, American, and Asian cuisines. The special dishes of the restaurant are Red Snapper and Pad Thai.

3. Cookies at Falang Paradise: Half a mile from the park is this restaurant which serves you almost all the dishes that you wish on the Thai and European menu. However, this restaurant is quite famous for its Barbecue dishes and seafood.

4. Wok Gallery Restaurant: The Gallery's menu is a combination of Thai, Asian and western cuisines that are particularly and flawlessly introduced to be shared by all at a similar table. Whenever you have encountered Gallery's wonderful feel, tasty food, proficient, well-disposed assistance, and awesome view you will genuinely make some extraordinary memories.

Places to shop near Phuket Bird Park   

1. Phuket HomePro Village: For probably the best furnishings and craftworks around, head over to the Phuket HomePro Village. A central hub for home decor items in Thailand's major resort, local people crowd to this spot for their day by day. Travelers visit here for the quality souvenirs such as compositions, humble wooden tables, appealing lampshades, resplendent containers, particular show-stoppers, and home supplies that probably won't be accessible in their country. 

2. Central Festival Phuket: What is considered to be the shopping heaven of Phuket, Central Festival has over 100 outlets that sell everything from attire and extras, books and hardware, office supplies and toys to edibles. This center point is found somewhat outside of the town place and is so exceptional that you could go through a whole day in its monstrous four-story complex.

3. Phuket Central Market: Phuket's Central Market is practically the supermarket of the island given how you get everything from new products of the soil to meat, dried fish, toppings, tidbits, tea, and coffee. Managed inside a huge yellow structure that has four elaborate floors, this location is neighboring a nearby bus station. You will likewise discover handcrafted hats, bushels, and multipurpose equipment alongside garments and shoes at a reasonable price.

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Day Wise Timings
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Normal Timings:
10:00 AM to 05:00 PM
Normal Timings:
10:00 AM to 05:00 PM
Normal Timings:
10:00 AM to 05:00 PM
Normal Timings:
10:00 AM to 05:00 PM
Normal Timings:
10:00 AM to 05:00 PM
Normal Timings:
10:00 AM to 05:00 PM
Normal Timings:
10:00 AM to 05:00 PM
Point of Interest for Phuket Bird Park
African Crowned Crane

African Crowned Crane

The Phuket Bird Park is home to almost a hundred distinct species of birds taken here from all over the world. One of the unique ones is the African Crowned Crane. Their dancing necks entertain a lot of visitors. This critically endangered bird is hard to see anywhere else.

Nicobar Pigeons

Nicobar Pigeons

The colorful Nicobar pigeons can be seen sitting or resting on the branches of trees in the park. This small bird is renowned for its rainbow-colored feathers and neck. You can click the pictures of these pigeons as they are found exclusively in the Andaman sea and its nearby islands.

Hornbills and Ostriches

Hornbills and Ostriches

While the Phuket Bird park has a lot of local bird species to encounter, it is also home to various birds from other continents as well. You can feed the red and yellow-billed hornbills from your own hands or can watch the giant Ostriches running and jumping in their ranches.



The majestic peacock with its glorious blue feathers can be visited and if you are lucky, you can witness it dancing which happens rarely. A lot more birds can be seen like fiery-colored Siamese pheasants, red-billed blue magpies, turkeys and emus.

Tourism Board Alliances

Phuket Bird Park FAQs

Is Phuket Bird Park worth visiting?

Yes, Phuket Bird Park is definitely worth visiting as you will get a chance to come across some of the amazing bird species from Asia, Africa and South America. You will get to have an indulged experience of bird shows and interactive sessions.

How much time is needed to explore the Phuket Bird Park?

You will need at least 3 - 4 hours to explore the Phuket Bird Park. The park is spread over an area of 48560-square-meter land and has got loads of popular spots to enjoy interactive experience. 

Is Phuket Bird Park safe?

Yes, visiting the Phuket Bird Park is completely safe. All the activities and experiences inside the park are carried out in a safe environment making sure that no one is hurt. You will be assisted by expert guides all through your visit. 

What is Phuket Bird Park Island famous for?

The Phuket Bird Park Island is mainly famous for its large area and huge collection of native and migratory birds. The park boasts of some exotic birds that give you an interactive experience during your visit. 

Is there any age limit?

The minimum age for visiting the Phuket Bird Park is 3 years. 

Phuket Bird Park Reviews

Reviewed: 23 May 2022
The bird show was splendid 
Rashmi M
Reviewed: 10 Oct 2019
Visited the Phuket Bird park with my children and we were all really amazed by the experience. There are feeding zones where the birds sit right on your hands as you feed them. Some of the birds even talk, and the supervisors make them spell out whole words. A truly fantastic experience. We got the ... Read More
Vikram Singh
Reviewed: 18 Feb 2019
The Phuket Bird Park is the largest bird park in Thailand, and their tickets are usually really hard to get. Thanks to Thrillophilia, I not only got the tickets, but also saved quite a bit on it. There are hundreds of birds here, and my favourite part was seeing the gardens and waterfalls here, alon... Read More
Swati Verma
Reviewed: 11 Feb 2019
This package is for someone who is an ardent lover of birds. This is the largest park in Thailand with around 1000 birds from various species which also includes some of the exotic birds. We had a great time connecting with nature while taking the wildlife tour.

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