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  • Pune is becoming one of the hottest spots these days and people are rushing to this destination to explore its beauty. With a number of places to visit near Pune, one cannot deny the beauty and good time this place has to offer. As we know that Pune is a gifted with wonderful getaways and astounding hill stations. Sandwiched between the Western Ghats in the south and the Sahyadri scope of mountains towards the north and best of the entire destination is located at a very accessible place. The Western Ghats offer a lot of cookout spots close Pune to take into account a wide range of voyagers – Be it the verifiable fortresses, completely clear shorelines, pleasant greenery or streaming waterfalls. It is known for its sanctuaries and delightful sustenance and in addition weekend getaways near the city. There are a few fortresses and treks which one can indulge in Pune. 

    Shaniwar Wada royal residence is a mainstream goal as it was the seat of the Peshwas and stands declaration to the grand Maratha run the show.  A treasure trove for the history lovers, cultural fans and the leisure seekers, Pune in Maharashtra truly qualifies as a happening tourist destination in India. Be it during the summer, winter or monsoon, Pune never ceases to amaze its visitors with all the stunning and exciting places within its proximity. Whether you are a nature lover or seeking for pleasant moments with family and friends, an adventure junky or simply want to cut-off from the rest of the crowd, Pune's nearby places can answer all your calls!

    Here are some of the best destinations to visit near Pune:

  • 01Lonavala

    Image Credit : photosinframes

    One of the twin hill stations near Pune, Lonavala lies on the Sahyadri Ranges and is adorned with all the marvels of the Deccan Plateau. Located around 64km from the main city-limits; and 96km from Mumbai, this gorgeous hill station is a must visit place neat Pune and.

    Nestled amidst scenic hills and mountains that wears an evergreen blanket round the year, this hill station also proves to be an ideal place to visit near Pune in monsoons. In addition to the untouched beauty, one can also enjoy several engrossing and exciting activities during this period.

    With the advent of the monsoon, as this hilly retreat gets adorned with the enchanting green shade, it makes Lonavala an ideal camping destination near Pune. One can also join in for some fun-frolic moments in a farm and enjoy nature trails, farming and experience life with the horses. If you want more about the horse, you can make it to Aundoli; located around 7km from Lonavala, and learn more about horse-riding and other techniques related to it.

    Distance from Pune: 64km

  • 02Maval Takve Lake

    Maval Takve Lake

    Located on the western parts of Pune, Maval boasts of being one of the best and stunning bio-diversity regions. Embraced by the captivating Sahyadri Ranges of the Western Ghats, this scenic village is around 38km from Pune and is the origin point of several rivers in Maharashtra.

    While in Pune, take a short drive to this quaint hamlet and participate in or enjoy a wide range of water and adventure activities near the Maval Takve Lake. On offer here, there are activities like kayaking, river swimming and crossing.

    Distance from Pune: 38km


  • 03Durshet

    Image Credit : Himanshu Sarpotdar

    A natural home to scenic patches of lush and evergreen forests, Durshet serves as an idyllic destination for picnics near Pune. Located around 98km from Pune, this forest range in the Sahyadri Mountains is also the home to the gurgling Amba River that hosts a number of delightful activities like swimming, boating and others.

    For the adventure enthusiasts, Durshet offers plenitude of options for trekking, rappelling, ziplining, wall climbing, Burma Bridge, Tarzan Swing, rafting and several others. If you are planning for a leisure experience, you can avail offbeat stay experience along with rice plantation, nature trails, valley crossing and other rural activities.

    Distance from Pune: 98km

  • 04Rajmachi


    Clad in history and ancient tales, the quaint village of Rajmachi is also among the best places to visit near Pune in monsoon. Located around 78km from the city limits, this hamlet is embraced by the enchanting charm of the Sahyadri Mountains and the historic Rajmachi Fort serving as the main attraction.

    With the fortified Shrivardhan and Manaranjan forts as the fortified structures, a trek to Rajmachi Fort is a must for the adrenaline junkies. Taking you to an astounding height of 2,710ft, this hike trails through the dense thickets, easy yet thrilling terrains and finally takes you to the summit, where you can revisit history along with enjoying panoramic views of the surroundings.

    Distance from Pune: 78km

  • 05Kamshet

    Image Credit : Karthik Chandrasekariah

    Around 45km from Pune, Kamshet is such a destination that can be visited by almost all the types of travellers. Also, since it lies only 16km from popular hill stations like Lonavala and Khandala, it experiences a large number of tourist influx.

    As Kamshet is cosseted by several scenic villages, it makes it for an ideal destination to participate and experience the best of farm stays with options like nature walk, swimming and others. For the thrill seekers, it offers various for paragliding; join any of these experiences and witness the aerial beauty of the region. The salubrious nature and serenity that exists in Kamshet also qualifies for a not-to-miss place near Pune for couples; it is such a place, where love exists in every corner and just needs to be felt!

    Distance from Pune: 16km

  • 06Panchgani

    Image Credit : Sankarshan Mukhopadhyay

    The discovery of Panchgani; also known as 'Paachgani', is credited to the British Rule in India. It was back in the 1860s, this scenic hill station in Satara district of Maharashtra came into everyone's notice. Located around 100km from Pune, this gorgeous hilly retreat is nestled amidst five captivating hill of the Sahyadri Range; thus the name Panchgani.

    The scenic locales of Panchgani serves as an ideal host to several activities in Pune. Be it an adventure junky or a nature lover, couples looking for pleasant moments or smaller groups yearning for rural activities, this hill station has all! Among the most popular activities, you can enjoy river swimming, bamboo rafting, bullock cart & tractor rides, rifle shooting, star gazing, boating, waterfall rappelling, ziplining, nature stays, rock climbing, farm stays and several others in Panchgani.

    Distance from Pune: 100km

  • 07Lavasa

    Image Credit : Prateek -

    Located around 57km from Pune's city limits, Lavasa or the first private planned city in India is a heaven for the nature lovers. Cossetted with stunning hills and evergreen pastures, this hill city spreads around 25,000 acres and is known for its peaceful ambience, serenity and gorgeousness.

    On your next visit to Pune, make it to this beautiful hill city and explore its grandiosity on a jovial segway ride. Navigate through the quaint lanes of Lavas, ride steadily through its opulent beauty and discover the charm and appeal of Lavasa. You can also join in for an adventure stay with several enthralling activities like Burma Bridge, ziplining, rappelling, open lake swimming, archery, jungle trek and camping.

    Distance from Pune: 57km

  • 08Wai


    On your visit to Wai, you can be a witness to the enchanting beauty of the Krishna River flowing through the pictorial hills and valleys, the astounding ghats and pious temples. Around 89km from Pune, this magnificent city has always been a hotspot to the Hindi Film Industry; it has served as the background for many blockbusters.

    No matter you are looking for some fun-filled moments or yearning to pump up your adrenalines, this is the perfect place for you! While camping amidst the scenic environs of Wai makes it a favourite holiday spot, its adventure options like raft building, river crossing, trekking, ATV rides and others makes it an ideal spot for the thrill seekers.

    Distance from Pune: 89km

  • 09Pawna Lake

    For those of you who are looking for some time away from the hustle and bustle of daily life then this place is a must visit for you.  The Pawna lake is a man-made lake which is shaped by the waters of the dam by a similar name. Situated close Lonavala in Maharashtra, this curious goal is the ideal spot to invest some calm energy in the organization of family and companions. The backwaters of the lake compensate for an excellent view which is improved complex amid the rainstorm season.

    The Lohgad, Tikona and Tungi Forts are likewise found adjacent which makes it the ideal end of the week getaway near Pune. Lying appropriate in the lap of beautiful magnificence, the Pawna Lake is a laid back goal ideal for enjoying Maharashtra's charms. This lake is acclaimed for a host of activities such as paragliding, advanced kiting and ridge dancing.

    Distance from Pune: Pawna Lake is located at distance of 60.9 km from Pune.

  • 10Khandala

    Image Credit : Alosh Bennett

    The twin hill station to Lonavala, this is one of the most beautiful places to visit near Pune for couples. Located only 69km from the main city-limits and around 3km from Lonavala, its scenic beauty and allurement has caught the attention of the Hindi Film Industry.

    Whether you are an adventure junky or a nature lover, a leisure seeker or a backpacker, this gorgeous hill station is the place for you. While in here, you can enjoy activities like sightseeing, visit nearby attraction points and indulge in an array of adventure activities.

    Distance from Pune: 69km

  • 11Nagothane

    Image Credit : Khalil Sawant

    At times, wonders do arrive in small packages; and Nagothane is the perfect explanation for this saying! Around 132km from Pune, this quintessential destination is tucked away amidst scenic hills and is adorned with the fascinating beauty of the Amba River.

    While in here, visit the pristine beaches that are still hidden from the usual crowd and spend pleasant moments; the evergreen settings around the beach will soothe your mind at an ease! During the stay, you can also enjoy several enthralling activities. To name a few, there are white water rafting, kayaking, river crossing, flying fox, mountain biking, banana & bumper boat ride, waterfall trek and jet ski.

    Distance from Pune: 132km

    You can also check out some of the beaches near Pune for a perfect weekend getaway.

  • 12Mahabaleshwar

    Image Credit : Balaji Photography - 2.8 Million Views and Growing

    Looking for a great weekend then this hill station is a must visit destination for you. Another beautiful hill station in the Western Ghats, aside from its strawberries, Mahabaleshwar is likewise notable for its various waterways, superb falls, and grand pinnacles. Mahabaleshwar is a slope station situated in the Western Ghats, in Satara locale of Maharashtra. Known for its spellbinding excellence and the wonderful strawberry cultivates, the city includes antiquated temples, schools, manicured and rich green thick woods, waterfalls, hills, valleys. The British-assembled manors, cabins, and homes around the town just add to the general appeal of the city. Mahabaleshwar is additionally well known for its strawberry gardens and honey. The city is unquestionably among the most looked for after the end of the week getaways from Mumbai. Enchanting perspectives, alluring valleys, peaceful lakes will definitely make your vacation a special one.

    Distance from Pune: Mahabaleshwar is located at a distance of 117.3 km from Pune.

  • 13Kolad


    A picturesque village on the banks of the gurgling Kundalika River, Kolad in Raigad district of Maharashtra takes the pride of being one of the best water holiday destinations near Pune. Located around 144km from the main city; and around 117km from Mumbai, this hidden hamlet has become a sought after destination for the water sports lovers across the country.

    Well, while the Kundalika River makes it such an engrossing destination, its lush and green outlook makes it a serene holiday destination. Camp stays with activities like Burma bridge, trekking, treasure hunt, target shooting, foot cricket, ziplining, barbeque and musical sojourn are some of the offerings of Kolad. For the aqua sport fans, they can plunge into the Kundalika River and indulge in white water rafting, kayaking, river crossing and several others

    Distance from Pune: 117km 

  • 14Revdanda Beach

    Revdanda Beach

    For the beach lovers, who want to laze around the playful sands and bask the sun while lazing around the beach, Revdanda near Alibaug proves to be an ideal destination. Located around 154km from Pune and 125km from Mumbai, a visit to this sandy retreat is about fun frolic, exciting moments and revisiting history.

    Hidden away from most of the crowd, this pristine beach is a befitting destination to enjoy camping with friends, family and colleagues. While during the daytime, you can indulge in activities like water sports and beach games, nights will bring an added amount of fun and excitement. Lakeside camping, make your own barbeque, bonfire and star gazing are some of the activities that can be best enjoyed at this scenic place to visit near Pune.

    Distance from Pune: 125km

  • 15Harishchandragad


    A visit to the historic Harishchandragad Fort in Ahmednagar district of Maharashtra tells the many different tales of a bygone era! Located at a soaring height of 4,671ft, this ancient structure in the Sahyadri Ranges of the Western Ghats; around 162km from Pune, is all about revisiting history, having a tryst with the lush beauty of the nature and overcoming the challenged offered by the exhilarating terrains.

    The craggy and uneven trails to the Harishchandragad Fort truly makes it for an enthralling experience with the challenging terrains of the Sahyadri Ranges. With the vicinity, one can also indulge in overnight trekking and enjoy the nocturnal appeal of this historic for; camping and sightseeing around the fort are also equally enjoyed by the adventure buffs.

    Distance from Pune: 162km

  • 16Satara

    Image Credit : Bernard DUPONT

    Located close to the meeting point of the Krishna and Venna rivers, Satara is one of the ancient cities of Maharashtra. Established somewhere during the 16th century, this beautiful city has always been a centre of attraction; from the Mughals to the Maratha rulers, the city has witnessed every dynasty.

    The peace, serenity and wilderness that prevails in the vicinity, makes it an ideal place near to visit near Pune; around 113km from the city. Visitors to this scenic destination can enjoy activities like jungle safari, nature walk and visit to several attraction points. For the ardent bikers, they can indulge in an enthralling biking tour around the Satara circuit and explore its astounding beauty.

    Distance from Pune: 113km


  • 17Malshej Ghat

    Malshej Ghat
    Image Credit : I for Detail.

    Another exotic location which is a must visit for you in Pune is the Malshej Ghat. Known for its amazing beauty with the hill stations you will remain awestruck once you visit this place. A wonderful slope station with its various lakes, waterfalls, and mountains, Malshej Ghat is well known among explorers, trekkers, and nature lovers. Malshej Ghat is a perfect withdraw from the fuss of city life and is a paradise house of normal excellence. Feel the thrill ass you indulge in some amazing activities here. With a uncountable number of waterfalls to wonderfully organized dams and steep, grandiose strongholds, the ghat is an ideal place for nature lovers.  This place is particularly excellent amid storms and is one of the most loved weekend getaways for youngsters from Mumbai, Pune, and Thane.

    Distance from Pune: Malshej Ghat is located at a distance of 118.9 km from Pune.

  • 18Kashid Beach

    Drive around 170km from Pune, and you will reach one of the hidden gems of Maharashtra. Embraced by the captivating beauty of the Arabian Sea, the beach town of Kashid is among the least explored holiday destinations in the North Konkan region.

    Known for its charismatic sands, playful waves and opulent greeneries around, it also qualifies as an ideal place to visit near Pune for couples. Visit this beach town and get soaked with its alluring charm along with some of the beach and water activities.

    Distance from Pune: 170km

  • 19Matheran

    Image Credit : Himanshu Sarpotdar

    Out of the amazing places to visit near Pune Matheran falls at the top of the list. Matheran is conceivably the main exceptional and the movement less slope station in India – because of the restriction on vehicles in this all around safeguarded goal. Driving in Matheran by old rickshaws and toy train is an enchanting and a pleasant affair. Matheran is the littlest slope station of India. It is situated on the scope of Western Ghats at the stature of 800 m (2625 Feet) above ocean level. The name Matheran implies either ‘Forest on Top’ or ‘Woodland overhead’. Soak yourself in the amazing beauty of the region while you visit this quaint little town. Feel the thrill while you trek to some of the amazing forts here or witnessing the beauty of the cascading waterfall you will never have enough of this place.

    Distance from Pune: Matheran is located at a distance of Matheran 125 km from Pune.


  • 20Nashik

    Image Credit : Dominic Rivard

    Classed as a sprawling metro city in Maharashtra, Nashik is better known as the 'Wine Capital of India'. One of the venue grounds for the sacred 'Kumbh Mela' in the entire world, this historic city has been ruled by several dynasties before it fell to the hands of the British.

    The 'Mecca' of wine connoisseurs in India, it is undoubtedly one of the best places to visit near Pune; around 210km from the city limits. Over the years, wine tours in Nashik has gained much popularity among the wine lovers. The growing popularity has also encouraged the vineyards to come up with resorts, villas and other stay options to offer the visitors, a blissful wine tour along with wine tasting, cycling and kayaking around the vineyards.

    Distance from Pune: 210km

    Stay Option: Check out some of the best resorts in Pune for weekend.

  • 21Igatpuri

    Image Credit : jeremy Weate

    A delightful gift of the Western Ghats, Igatpuri is another not-to-be-missed hill station to visit around Pune during the monsoons. Located around 240km from Pune, it is often referred as one of the most blissful destinations for the hikers and the outdoor lovers. Its scenic and untouched beauty also makes it an ideal leisure destination that can be visited anywhere during the year and with almost everyone.

    A vacation in this hill station is all about fun and excitement! For the adventure aficionados, they can embark on trekking, hiking, rappelling, fox climbing, Burma Bridge and others. Other activities that can be availed with Igatpuri packages include air hockey, pool table, soccer, TV games, kite flying, karaoke, live ghazals and DJ nights.

    Distance from Pune: 240km
  • 22Jaigad

    Image Credit : Ramnath Bhat

    Jayagad Killa or the Jaigad Fort in Ratnagiri, Maharashtra, is located around 300km from Pune. Sitting graciously on a cliff, the route to this glorious fort is cossetted with the dense vegetation of the Koyna and Chandoli forests. On hiking to the summit of the cliff, one can enjoy promising views of the confluence of the Shastri River and the mighty Arabian Sea. In addition to trekking, the site is also known for exciting wildlife sightseeing options near Pune.

    Distance from Pune: 300km

  • 23Sajan

    Image Credit : kaustubh patil

    Also known as 'Saajan', this beautiful town in Maharashtra is around 216km from Pune and 135km from Mumbai. Though small is size, it is known for its pristine beauty, verdant greeneries and rich historical past. Whether you are a nature lover, adventure junkie or planning for a leisure holiday with family or friends, this scenic town will serve as a loyal host to you.

    With nature camping at resorts as the most popular activity in Pune, the visitors to Sajan can also enjoy adventure options like valley crossing, Burma Bridge, sky walk, net climbing, Tarzan Swing, artificial waterfalls and team games. Other commonly enjoyed activities include rice plantation, tent pitching, country code, backpacking, cooking and several others.

    Distance from Pune: 216km

  • 24Silvassa


    If you are looking for a pictorial holiday destination near Pune that is adorned with all the marvels of Mother Nature, you must visit Silvassa. The capital of Dadra and Nagar Haveli, this city is home to some of the best water resorts and parks in the entire country.

    Visit this gorgeous place to visit near Pune; around 304km, with your family members, friends and colleagues, participate in a myriad list of activities that will make your holiday an exciting affair. While in Silvassa, you can avail resort stays, a wide range of water activities in the water park and a number of indoor games.

    Distance from Pune: 304km

    Other stays: Check out some of the amazing resorts near Pune.

  • 25Sindhudurg

    Image Credit : Ankur P

    Translated to 'Fort in the Sea' in local language, Sindhudurg was previously a part of Ratnagiri district of Maharashtra. Home to the historic Sindhudurg Fort that was built by Shivaji Maharaj during the 16th century, this town is located around 366km from Pune and makes it for a quintessential holiday destination.

    Tucked away between the majestic Arabian Sea and the fascinating Western Ghats, Sindhudurg showcases a semi-tropical climate throughout the year. Its untouched and surreal beauty, warm hearted locals and hospitality, various holiday options and ease of communication makes it a perfect getaway to enjoy homestay experiences. Join any of these experience and enjoy activities like village tourism, sightseeing, agro tourism, cultural activities and nature tourism.

    Distance from Pune: 366km

  • 26Savarkut Village

    Savarkut Village
    Image Credit : demo czar

    A gem in the Konkan region, Savarkut Village in the Sindhudurg district of Maharashtra boasts of its quaint beauty and charm. Tucked away between Mumbai and Nashik, this hidden hamlet is one of the emerging names for adventure games and activities.

    Located along the banks of the alluring Kundalika River, it is known for offering some of the most enthralling rapids for white water rafting and perfect spots to indulge in cliff jumping. Jeep safaris, kayaking, rappelling, flying fox and lake tubing can also be enjoyed in Savarkut Village.

    Distance from Pune: 380km (approx.)

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