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Traveller Tales from Silvassa


Deenabandhu Devar

23 January 2016

Wow, it was like a dream come true place for me. The resort is located on the banks of the river which makes it further more appealing. I wish I had little more time in hand. Great experience guys!!!


Ameyatma Embranthiri

23 November 2015

Amazing place! Great time...The resort is located on such a beautiful place - Had a peaceful time. A completely refreshing experience.


Daksha Johar

27 January 2016

WOW. Yes, it was a great stay here. I had participated in the amazing games and it was great. It was not additionally charged too. I wish the staffs had been more prompt and energetic in their service....

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Chatur Tandon

10 October 2015

This was like the Wonder La. When I visited Dadra, I took an extensive adventurous package of treks, camps, etc. As a closure, I took this, and I was surpised. I was expecting some relaxing day, but it...


Ahalya Reddy

27 June 2015

There were a lot of things that were worth mentioning like the forest visits, the games, the strolls in the nature trails but the food was not great.


Sumitra Dwivedi

28 August 2015

With this stay and water park activities in Silvassa, Dadra and Nagar Haveli, I had a great time. After tiring visits to the forests there for a research, we picked this package to stay over. This was ...


Bala Talwar

09 October 2015

This is an amazing place. The service was good. However, the ambiance was not that great. From outside this place looks all classy but once you get into the room, it is all very cheap looking. I wish t...

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Ghanashyam Dhawan

21 November 2015

It was a good experience. My cousin got married in this resort, and he took this package for close relatives. The stay was awesome. They had a big hall specifically set for weddings. The whole experien...


Gauranga Abbott

30 November 2015

I had an amazing stay here. It was a great experience. While that was being said, the food was average. However, apart from that everything else was perfect. Overall it was good way to spend a weekend

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